The Zesshou is the symphogear systems strongest, most explosive attack, it is normally used while the user is in a critical situation. The symphogear is not enough to reduce the backfire or load on the body, even if the body has been enhanced. It is a trump card, a double-edged sword.

Backfire DamageEdit

The damage inflicted by the Zessho is determined by the compatibility coefficients, if the coefficient of compatibility is high, less damage will be done. Even though Chris Yukine and Tsubasa Kazanari are recognised as compatible with their relics it is not possible to negate all the damage done by the Zessho, it depends on the body.

Current observationsEdit

The person who was able to suppress the backfire of the symphogear most was Hibiki Tachibana, who surpassed the compatibility limits of the relic Gungnir by fusing with it. This is the reason that the amount of damage inflicted by the Zessho to Hibiki Tachibana was so little compared to others.

Originally, the Zessho is supposed to be emitted through the armed gear to enhance the operational efficiency of energy and negate the damage done by the Zessho. Furthermore, there is a characteristic of each Symphogears Zessho, that needs the user to use an extended armed gear.