World of Amusement is the Aero and his friends work location and primary setting for the Aero the Acrobat game series.

This area contains the circuses, cabins, ferris wheels, trees, elevators, drop towers, balloons, tents, pools, light bridges, roller coaster, lights and rotors.

In first game, this area was visited by Edgar Ektor when the same was children, but is banned by his dangerous which almost kill a lion. For 20 years when Ektor built his anti-amusement empire, this fun fair is nearby in Ektor's museum of horrors and invaded by his minions. But finally is free by active performer Aero defeats Ektor on museum and expel all the clown thugs.

In second game, all performers this park as Flying Pepperoni's together with others circuses are imprisoned by Edgar Ektor for his thugs invade them and control the all amusement of world include this park. But became full again when Aero destroys the evil express and free all performers.



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