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Tragic Mistake is a TV-Tropes popularized scenario in which the hero/heroine caused a disastrous event through one or more poor decision(s) which costed her, her allies, as well as innocent lives greatly, more than often with tragic consequences.

The literary term for this is "hamartia", an old Greek term from Aristotle's Poetics (and an admittedly vaguely-defined one—it can also be interpreted as a fatal flaw).

Even heroes make mistakes and had one or more part in certain accidents, but certain mistakes best to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, due to the hero/heroine's own flaws, pressure from the others, or both, he/she wind up make a poor decision that becomes the catalyst of a disastrous event that brings the huge impact on their life that made them more miserable than ever ranging from the hero/heroine's tragic downfall to the chain of cataclysms.

While the damage from one's tragic mistake cannot be fully undone, it is not without positive notes. This scenario serves as the crucial part of a hero/heroine's character development as much as the story he/she featured in, albeit one in which he/she entered the point of no return to live his/her life like how it used to be before making such mistake.



  • Harry Potter:
    • Harry Potter: Harry refuses to be taught Occlumency by Professor Severus Snape because of their personal feud which, to his horror, stemmed from his late father James Potter's enmity towards the latter long before his eventual change of heart upon marrying Lily, making him open to Voldemort's Legilimency attack in form of a false vision of Sirius held captive so that Harry could run to his rescue. This results in the all-out fight that ends with Sirius' death since in his impulsiveness Harry also neglected a device which would have allowed him to communicate to Sirius immediately and verify that he's fine.
    • Severus Snape: Snape ruined his friendship (and any chance for romance he might have had) with Lily when he chose to become a zealous Death Eater under Voldemort's command and worst of all, relayed a prophecy to his master which causes him to target Lily's son, subsequently resulting in the murder of her and James. Despite of him willingly take the duty to become Harry's unlikely protector to redeem the aforementioned tragic mistake, Snape's inability to let go of the grudge towards James mainly because Harry and his father not so different in many ways made it rather difficult and only worsen after both failed attempt to teach the Chosen One Occulumency skill and seemingly murdered Dumbledore in cold blood (in reality, the latter was a mercy kill attempt and the plan to ensure Elder Wand's power won't fall into Voldemort's grasp).
    • Professor Albus Dumbledore: Albus Dumbledore's status as the seemingly flawless benevolent and refeved figure both in Hogwarts and the rest of Wizarding World revealed to be stemmed from the fact that he used to be tempted to participate in Grindelwald's plot against Muggle world and lust of power as much as Grindelwald and later, Voldemort did. This soon resulted to the two's confrontation with his brother Abeforth that culminated to Arania's tragic demise.
    • Horace Slughorn: Horace shared everything he knows about Horcrux to Tom Riddle aka. Voldemort in the past, unaware that he would use such knowledge to become immortal and immensely powerful Dark Lord who would commit killing spree and framings to create 7 of his own, including the death of his beloved student Lily. He would finally achieve redemption and closure through sharing his repressed memory pertaining such tragic mistake to Harry and Dumbledore and with it, means to defeat Voldemort once and for all.
    • Percy Weasley: Percy's blind devotion to the Ministry of Magic saw him disowning his family and refusing to believe Harry Potter regarding Lord Voldemort's return, going so far supporting Fudge's smear campaign against Harry and Dumbledore and decision to write Cedric's death as mere accident. It took the downfall of the Ministry that he saw his errors but, by the time he reconciled with them, Fred was among the fallen and thus motivated him to aid his family in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Comic Books

  • Spider-Man: Peter arrogantly refused to stop for five seconds to stop a crook stealing the wrestling manager's money rushing past him, telling the cop chasing the guy it was never his job (along with the fact that the manager had cheated him out of the prize money just before the robber showed up), his life was changed forever; the same crook would later murder his uncle, Ben Parker. While that mistake defined what he is, the lesson was learned in the harshest way possible.
    • Spider-Man (Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film trilogy): Tobey Maguire' iteration of the character]] made a similar mistake, but what made it more poignant than his comic book's case was he lied to Ben Parker that he would go to the city's library to keep the latter in the dark about his plan to participate in the wrestling so as to gain some quick cash to impress Mary Jane with his own fancy car. Regardless, the consequence remains same.


  • Star Wars:
    • Anakin Skywalker: He had made many mistakes prior to this point, but what pushed him irrevocably over to the Dark Side of the Force was his decision to save Darth Sidious instead of letting Mace Windu execute him, leading directly to Mace Windu's murder and leaving him no chance to go back as well as the downfall of the Jedi Order, including Order 66.
      • Another point of no return for Anakin is when he impulsively (and unnecessarily) refuses to see Padmé Amidala and angrily Force-choke his own wife in response of discovering Obi-Wan stowed into her ship before dueling with the latter, ending with him having his three remaining limbs chopped off and getting burned very badly by lava. The old Anakin might have been able to find a way to save his wife from dying in her childbirth, but after waking up in the black suit, he realizes that his own fears ends up murdering her.
    • Luke Skywalker: Sensing the darkness within his nephew, Ben Solo, Luke considered to kill him when he is asleep out of fear that he will end up like his father did as the result. He regrets almost immediately after activating his lightsaber, but is too late because Ben wakes up and sees his uncle with his weapon ignited above his head. Not only this mistake became the definitive action that pushes Ben towards the dark side and assumes his Sith identity Kylo Ren via. influence from Snoke (resurrected Palpatine's proxy body), but also caused a major setback on Luke's dream to rebuild the Jedi Order that in the end, he passed the mission to his final apprentice Rey.
    • Tamara Ryvora: Tamara had made a mistake of joining the First Order believing Jarek Yeager lied to her about the Resistance, however when witnessing the First Order destroying the Aeosian Village for harboring the Resistance, she begins mourned for them and decides to defect from the First Order after receiving promotion to Squadron leader and sent a message to Kazuda Xiono. After turning on the First Order, she reunites with Kaz and Yeager who then moment scolds her for joining the First Order and Kaz stops it. After defeating Tierny and Prye, she returns to the Colossus and apologizes to the crew for her betrayal and they, including Captain Doza and Torra, welcome her back again.
  • Carlito Brigante: Carlito's case revolved around his poor judge of character when it comes about those who he supposedly spare or not; he foolishly spared Benny Blanco simply because he was a reformed man in addition also knew never to trust Pachanga and said he had took care of him but he never found the time.
  • Claire Dearing: Claire's mistake was her naïve belief of cloned dinosaurs in Jurassic World being nothing more than assets as opposed to living beings and therefore dismissive to Owen's concern regarding her and her peers' poor treatment on the unstable I.Rex, which secretly developed as a bio-weapon as opposed of attraction unknown to her. It took the hybrid's vengeful rampage and killing spree which scarred Zach and Gray Mitchell along with survivors in addition of subsequent grisly downfall of the park that she realized her errors and decided to set things right, including stopping the hybrid.
  • Chance: Chance has a fear of going to the "bad place". When Chance, Shadow and Sassy are been put into their cage at the San Francisco International Airport by their owners so that they all could get board on the plane, Chance panics thinking that he and the others will be taken to the dog pound despite Shadow's pleads that they will not take to the dog pound due to his actions that made his owner Jamie Seaver mad, he breaks free from his cage and foolishly returns to the airport lobby ultimately leading him and the others to be left behind as a result of mistaken the San Francisco International Airport for a dog pound.
  • Marty McFly: During his trip to the future, Marty foolishly buy a Sport Almanac book leading to the elderly Biff Tannen who watched him steal both the book and De Lorean Time Machine while he was helping his girlfriend Jennifer in a bid to give the former to his younger self. This in turn, allowed past Biff to be financially corrupt, kill George McFly, unfairly married to the widowed Lorraine McFly, and subsequently having Doctor Emmett Brown declared insane and committed as the result. Luckily, unlike many examples in this scenario, Marty managed to undo the changes by disposing the book with Doc Brown's help and returning everything to the way it was.
  • Supernatural:
    • Dean Winchester: Threatened his brother Sam that he would sever their bonds and walked away from his life as means to convinced him not to drink more demon blood and abandoned Ruby so Lucifer won't free, but backfires with Sam became succumbed with her influence. When Dean decided to rekindle their relationship, he was unable to prevent his brother from freeing Lucifer.
    • Castiel: Castiel believed that he does not need Winchesters' help when attempting to set things right in Heaven as many angels opted to kickstart the apocalypse at that point and resorted to cooperate from demon for the gateway of Purgatory instead, goes so far killing his own brethren who stand in his way, absorbing every single one of souls in Purgatory to put an end of the ensuing civil war, and even attempting to take over God's role in managing the universe only to realize he also absorbed Leviathans who used him as means to enter Earth.


  • Moses: When he attempted to stop a brutal Egyptian guard from excessively whipping the elderly Hebrew Slave, Moses accidentally killed the guard instead, leaving him horror-struck while the slave became grateful, thus kickstarting his abrupt departure from his perceived home and subsequent ascend into the prophet God destined him to be.
  • King Triton: Because of his hatred for humans and learns that his daughter Ariel has fall in love to one whom she saved from drowning, King Triton loses his temper and begins destroying her collections and completely ignoring her pleads to stop, but he then realizes what he has done and leaves her in shame, this also led Ariel to search of Ursula the Sea Witch.
  • Megara: Motions of events that led to Megara's heroic sacrifice that caused his current lover Hercules mourns over her dead body can be traced back from when she made a deal with Hades to save her first boyfriend's life (which in TV Series revealed as Adonis). Unfortunately, he later left her for some other woman, abandoning her and leaving her heartbroken and a prisoner of Hades. This traumatized her so much that she became bitter, though when finally met Hercules whom became her true love, she finally given chance to redeemed herself by sacrificing herself to save Hercules where the process not only to allowed the demigod to reclaimed his powers and freed her from her pact with Hades, but also resulting her demise. Fortunately, she later got better after revived by the demigod whom reclaimed her soul.
  • Princess Atta: Disappointed to see their new allies, the so-called "warrior bugs" whom turned out to be former member of a circus troupe, Princess Atta banished them alongside Flik who invited the group in her fury and naivety that she and her people don't need to be free from the reign of Hopper and his grasshopper swarm. This proved to be her tragic mistake as the princess later learned that Flik was right about Hopper being a ruthless tyrant and that she would've doomed her people into more miserable life as well as ensuring her mother's death had Dot failed to convince Flik and their new allies to return in time.
  • Simba: Because of his naivety, Simba allowed his treacherous uncle Scar to help ensure his success in usurping the Pride through murdering Mufasa, a mistake that scarred him for years to come even after redeeming himself and liberating his home from Scar's reign.
    • For the same reason, he unwittingly made another by banishing Kovu and told his daughter Kiara to stay away from him from there on upon learning that he's the son of late Scar and that the adolescent lion unknowingly participated in the plot to avenge his father and his abusive mother Zira's husband. This angered Kiara who rightfully pointed out that Kovu was innocent and didn't know he was manipulated to begin with all along, leaving Simba gradually remorseful and will never be his late father Mufasa and that it will likely to happen if he still refused to reconsider his actions and breaking the Circle of Life.
  • Tarzan: Tarzan unwisely brings his new human friends, Jane, Mr. Porter, and Clayton, to his adoptive gorilla pack family's lair despite the distrustful Kerchak against him doing so, creating a tension between him and his adoptive parents and worse, allowing Clayton to find and capture all gorillas all while revealing his true colors as ruthless leader of a group of poachers. Though he managed to save the gorillas thanks to Tantor and the escaped Terk's interference, the repentant Kerchak died protecting Tarzan in the struggle.
  • Miguel Rivera: Due to his hero worship for Ernesto De La Cruz, Miguel foolishly believed that he was his great-great grandfather and hoped that he will receive his blessing in order to return back to the Land of the Living. However, his real great-great grandfather, Héctor, revealed to Miguel that Ernesto is a liar, a murderer and a thief because he poisoned Héctor with a toxic drink due to the fact that he wanted to return to his family. He also reveals that Ernesto stole all of Héctor's songs including the famous song that was meant for his daughter, Coco, Remember Me.. And because of that, Miguel realized that everything he knew about his so-called idol was a lie.
  • Cera: Though it's no surprise her ego prone to cause troubles to everyone, including herself, the instance where she unwittingly caused the death of other dinosaurs and endangering her friends' well-being from taking the wrong path counts as her tragic mistake she eventually regretted. As noted by the narrator, what made it even tragic was she was too headstrong to admit her faults until it's too late.
  • Topps: When the Thundering falls stop running due to the flying rocks blocking the water passage in the Mysterious Beyond, he begins to lose his mind and gets an argument with the other Great Valley inhabitants and need to take turns. When his daughter Cera is been bullied by Hyp and his gang by pushing Nod right into them with Cera getting out of the way and Littlefoot getting hurt by them, he thinks Littlefoot did waste the water calling him a bad influence which angers his grandfather saying to him that his grandson is not a bad influence and leading his long lost son-in-law, Bron Littlefoot's father to dislike and hate him, when he learned this. When he gets an argument with Cera claiming the he only want what's best for her, heartbroken, she runs off and again further to lose his mind. He even refuses to let a spike tail drinking from the river and has lose completely his mind. After witnessing Hyp been scolded by his father for putting himself in danger, bullying his daughter and Littlefoot and his friends and leading Littlefoot getting insulted, he begins to understand what really happened and tells him not to yell at him and shows what is right at what he cares. After the Thundering falls finally returns when the block passage is clear, he apologizes for his behavior and earning Bron's trust when he finally meets him.
  • Jack Skellington: In his boredom over traditions he participated him, Jack developed a newfound obsession with Christmas event which intrigued him. However, his lack of knowledge in it saw him unwittingly ruined the enthusiasm of others regarding the holiday event by dressing as Santa. Not only he got shot, his Santa look scared everybody much to his dismay.
  • Kenai: In his anger, Kenai killed Koda's mother for her unintended part in Sitka's death stemmed from their troubles (Kenai's negligence from properly ensuring his and his siblings' captured fishes allowed Koda's mom and her cub to eat them), causing Great Spirits to punish him by turning him into a bear. Though he managed to find redemption upon realizing the bear he killed was the mother of his newfound adoptive brother Koda, Kenai's very ordeal turned out nearly doomed Denahi to make a similar mistake when the latter mistook his bear form as some feral bear that "killed" Kenai until Sitka's spirit showed up to show him the truth.
  • Mr. Incredible: Mr. Incredible's hubris saw him poorly dissuading Buddy Pine from joining him as his sidekick out of concern over his safety, injuring a suicidal man he attempted to save despite the latter against anyone around him to do so, and responsible for a train accident he and Pine unwittingly caused, causing public to turn against Supers and force them into hiding. But the worst of all was indirectly ruining Buddy Pine's innocence and subsequently allowed his eventual rise into Syndrome who slaughtered countless Supers with his experimental Omnidroids so as to make the term "superheroes" redundant to the world.
  • Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup's overconfidence in his ability of being a diplomat and bringing peace to dragons & humans saw him making a fatal mistake in form of recklessly reasoned with Drago Bludvist despite his father Stoick and peers' warnings about the psychopathic villain who had since beyond any hope of redemption, allowing Toothless being hypnotized by Drago's Bewilderbeast and indirectly kill Stoick and becoming Drago's slave as with many others, leaving his confidence is shattered and is struck with grief. Though his friendship with Toothless allowed him to free his beloved dragon and subsequently allowed him to defeat Drago and his Bewilderbeast, he learned that individuals who lost to the darkness can only be reasoned if they wished to and retain their sliver of redeeming qualities.
  • Shifu: When Shifu raised Tai Lung as his adoptive son and taught him ways of kung fu, his pride over the latter's abilities caused him to forget to teach the snow leopard humility and subsequently, allowing his inner darkness to grow and surface as soon as Oogway rejected him for the candidate to become a dragon warrior. As the result, Tai Lung lashed out throughout the valley near Jade Palace before brutally turned against both his adoptive father and Oogway in a fight even when the former hesitated, scarring the elderly red panda and resulted him distant toward the rest of his protégés, Furious Five. Though he failed to redeem his son, he nevertheless managed to find redemption and understand the very tragic mistake that started it all through Po.


  • Digimon:
    • Tai Kamiya: When he was young, Tai Kamiya's younger sister, Kari, almost died due to his own negligence. Tai arrived home to find his sister (who was 4 or 5 at the time), staying home from kindergarten due to an illness. He took her outside to the playground to practice kicking the soccer ball, when she suddenly collapsed onto the ground. She was rushed to the hospital as her illness worsened, and Tai's mother, scolded, slapped and shouted at him much to her husband and their father's shock for recklessly endangering his little sister's life. Kari remained in the hospital for weeks with possibly pneumonia, and almost did not make it. When their parents finally brought her home from the hospital, Kari apologizes to her brother for not being to kick the ball very good, tells him that she will never want to play with him again, causing Tai to break down in tears of guilt.
    • Matt Ishida': When working at Digitamamon's restaurant, he gets an argument with Joe for making accidents which was actually caused by Demidevimon. When Joe was captured by Vegiemon, while Garuromon and Ikakumon are almost defeated by Digitamamon, he finally realizes that he almost broke his friendship and this make Garuromon evolve into Weregaruromon. Digitamamon is not scared at the new Ultimate Digimon, tries to attack him, only to be defeated by it and Matt finally apologizes for his mistakes. When he was tricked by Cherrymon to attack Tai and Agumon, he again apologizes for his mistakes and leaves the group in order not to fight each other.
  • Sayaka Miki: Though it could be said that Sayaka Miki's deal with Kyubey in the first place is the mistake that leads to her downfall, her actual act of Hamartia is when she refuses to cleanse her Soul Gem, because she's full of despair from seeing Kyousuke Kamijou (her childhood friend) accepting Hitomi Shizuki's love confession. Her despair not only turns her into a witch, but also leads to her and Kyouko Sakura's death.
  • Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki: At the conclusion of his sons' trial, he made a mistake in choosing Asura as his one and only successor and casted Indra aside just because the latter blinded by his newfound Sharingan abilities and turned him distant but otherwise still cared towards the others as much as his beloved brother, if not more. As the result, Indra gives in to Black Zetsu's temptations and subsequently locked within eternal rivalry against Asura which lasted for generations; the brothers would reincarnate time and time again through their descendants and the fact of it being part of Black Zetsu's plan to restore Kaguya certainly didn't help either. It took their latest reincarnations, Naruto and Sasuke, made amends with another after sealing both revived Kaguya and Black Zetsu as well as having one last battle against one another Asura and Indra finally reconciled at long last.
  • Shinji Ikari: Shinji utterly refused to take any initiative in saving the pilot of Angel-infested Evangelion Unit-03 (the pilot in question was his former bully-turned best friend Toji in original anime and manga of Neon Genesis Evangelion while Asuka in movie remake series Rebuilt of Evangelion) despite Ryoji Kaji later pointed out that he still could at the time, thus prompting his father Gendo to to activate his Eva's dummy system against his wishes that resulting Bardiel killed with its occupant injured/killed.
    • Shinji's true tragic mistake however, was wallowing too much in both his tragic past and personal issues to the point of distancing himself from the others, especially those who could help him ease and even overcome such pain such as Misato. Had he let them humbled him and properly moving on in addition of more open to others even if it's a little bit since he fully aware of his own faults more than anyone else, he would've not only grew into a better person than Gendo ever did, but also capable to avoid the aforementioned mistake.
  • Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric: The Elric brothers' journey to find the Philosopher's Stone was started from a tragic mistake during which they attempted to perform human transmutation ritual to alchemically revive their dead mother only for Edward lost his arm and leg while Alphonse lost his body and thus had his soul possessing a huge suit of armor to keep him alive. Because of it, they understandably disgusted by those who stoop far lower than they did such as Shou Tucker, who fused his own daughter with his own family's pet dog in cold blood.
  • Saya Otonashi: Saya freed her twin sister from her tower prison upon hearing the latter's beautiful singing voice, only to discover what kind of monster Diva was compared to her when the newly freed Diva slaughters Joel and all his guests at the party as an act of revenge for being imprisoned and used as a guinea pig in his experiments since her birth. Saya never forgives her sister for this and neither herself for her own mistake. She swears to take revenge on her sister and promises to not rest until Diva is dead.
  • Chariot du Nord: During her tenure as Shiny Chariot, the pressure from both unlocking all Seven Words of Arcturus and maintaining her career as the famed stage performer at the same time saw Chariot unknowingly overlooked the growing bitterness in Croix's heart over the lack of progress in their aforementioned quest together to the point the latter eventually turned against Chariot by tricking her said best friend to use Dream Fuel Spirit which severely handicapped her audience's magic potential before stepping into the dark path from that point and onwards. To make matter worse, the guilt from the incident and the audience's rising expectations provoked her to scar the moon with an overpowered Shiny Arc during her final show, costing the witch her worth of wielding Shiny Rod/Claiomh Solais, forcing her into hiding under her current alias Ursula Callistis. Though she managed to redeem herself through guiding her loyal fan Akko, it was not without discovering the latter and Diana among those who affected by Dream Fuel Spirit, a fact that Croix momentarily succeeded in exploit to sever the teacher-student bond that made Ursula briefly consider to kill her former best friend before she could do more harm. But in the end, it was Akko who truly redeem them both.


  • Princess Zelda: In Ocarina of Time, Zelda planned with Link to get to the Triforce before Ganondorf could so they can defeat him, with Link being tasked to find all three Spiritual Stones while she guards the Ocarina of Time with her life. When Link collects the three stones and pulls the Master Sword from its pedestal after opening the door, it had the opposite effect; Link was sealed for seven years, while Ganondorf invaded the Sacred Realm and became the King of Evil as he spread chaos across the land of Hyrule. Zelda disguised herself as a Sheikah, under the name of Sheik, to hide from him until Link is released. While she did not realize it at the time, she deeply regrets her actions and resolved to help Link return peace to her fallen kingdom.
  • Tifa Lockhart: Tifa's decision in allowing Aerith to set out to rescue Marlene, Barret's adoptive daughter, proved to be a mistake she eventually regretted upon learning it allowed her friend's capture by Shinra.
  • Dante Aligheri: Dante's following actions proved to be his tragic mistake which so heinous that it would be count as Moral Even Horizon had he not proved himself being a repentant soul in his quest to save the soul of his love Beatrice Portinari;
    • Having an affair with the captured later vindictive Kurdish prisoner's unfaithful wife (with herself pretending to be his "sister" in exchange for the 2 prisoners' freedom) despite of him already engaged with Beatrice.
    • Allowing himself to be misguided by the false promise of salvation from the local Italian Catholic bishop who blessed him and his fellow crusaders for their upcoming battles to retake the city of Jerusalem.
    • Angrily and selfishly killed their non-Christian captives in the captured Northern Israeli city of Acre despite the order of them being held for the British King Richard I's upcoming negotiation with the Kurdish sultan Saladin.



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Darth Sidious: Lord Vader... can you hear me?
Darth Vader: Yes, Master. (
looks at Sidious) Where is Padme? Is she safe? Is she all right?
Darth Sidious: It seems in your anger, you killed her.
Darth Vader: I...? I couldn't have! She was alive... I felt it! (
crushing everything around him with his Force before freeing himself from the metal stretcher and steps off as the Emperor smirks) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
~ Exchange between Vader and Sidious were Vader, formerly Anakin, realized that he ended up killing Padme.
Rey: Did you do it? Did you create Kylo Ren? (angrily attacks Luke, forcing her mentor to fend himself until she corners him with Anakin's lightsaber, causing the Jedi Master to fall on his back on the ground) Tell me the truth!
Luke: (
recalls the moment of him horrified by dark thoughts in Ben on the night of their fallout) I saw darkness. I sensed it building in him. I'd seen it in moments during his training. But then I looked inside, and it was beyond what I ever imagined. Snoke had already turned his heart. He would bring destruction, pain, death, and the end of everything I love because of what he will become. And for the briefest moment of pure instinct, I thought I could stop it. (past!Luke ignites his lightsaber only to hesitate upon seeing his robotic arm) It passed like a fleeting shadow. And I was left with shame and with consequence. And the last thing I saw were the eyes of a frightened boy whose master had failed him. (Ben caught Luke in the act and attacks with his own lightsaber as he cried, "Ben, no!" as flashback ends)
Rey: You failed him by thinking his choice was made. It wasn't. There's still conflict in him.
~ Luke tells Rey that he was tempted to kill his nephew, Ben Solo, in his sleep after sensing darkness in him, which resulted in Ben falling to the dark side after feeling betrayed by his uncle.
Tigress: Shifu found him as a cub and he raised him as his son. And when the boy showed talent in kung fu, Shifu trained him. He believed in him. He told him he was destined for greatness. It was never enough for Tai Lung. He wanted the dragon scroll. But Oogway saw darkness in his heart and refused. Outraged, Tai Lung laid waste to the valley. He tried to take the scroll by force and Shifu had to destroy what he had created. But how could he? Shifu loved Tai Lung like he had never loved anyone before. Or since.
~ Tigress explaining to Po about Shifu's tragic mistake in training Tai Lung was not to taught him humility, which resulted in him in becoming an arrogant and heartless villain.
King Triton: Any sign of them?
Seahorse Herald: No, your majesty. We searched everywhere. We found no trace of your daughter or Sebastian.
King Triton: Well, keep looking. Leave no shell unturned, no coral unexplored, and let no one in this kingdom sleep until she's safe at home!
Seahorse Herald: Yes, sire. (
King Triton: (
sits on his throne with his hand on his face sadly and ashamed) Oh, what have I done? What I have done?
~ King Triton regretting his tragic mistake of destroying Ariel's grotto, her human collection and the statue of Prince Eric, leading her to run away with Sebastian and Flounder in search of Ursula the Sea Witch.
Cera was still too proud to admit that she'd gone the wrong way.
~ The Narrator describing Cera's mistake of not listening to her friends, and taking the wrong way to the Great Valley, nearly getting them killed.
So we walked and walked. And just for an Iittle change of pace, we walked some more. Questions began racing through my mind. Where were we? How were we gonna get home? Who decided a Chihuahua was a dog? And, most importantly, when were we gonna eat?
~ Chance's tragic mistake of escaping from his cage while loading on the airplane leading him and the others to be left behind out of his paranoia toward "bad place".
Jane: Clayton betrayed us all. I'm so sorry, Tarzan!
TarzanNo! I did this. I betrayed my family. Kerchak was right!
~ Tarzan's tragic mistake of leading the humans to his gorilla family, and betraying his family by disobeying Kerchak's orders.

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