Heroic Overview

The world has been out of balance for far too long: it needs the Air Nation back again. I can't let Zaheer destroy it and everyone we love. Help me save the airbenders, then you can worry about saving me.
~ Korra making the sacrifice to save the new air nation.

The Noble Choice is when the hero or heroine is at his or her most heroic stature. The event starts after the Obstacles and Arguments event. This usually happens when the main protagonist does what he or she believes is right for him or herself and for his or her friends, family, or community.

The hero or heroine makes his or her choice to fight the enemy, make amends for his past mistakes, etc. While Noble Choices are spine-chilling, it's the best event heroes can produce.

The Noble Choice is appositive

There are many ways the hero can show us he is making the Noble Choice:

  1. Making a speech to his community, friends, or family.
  2. Standing up to the enemy.
  3. Taking the place of an accused or mistreated person.
  4. Stepping between the enemy and someone special (Copper blocking Amos' gun; Diego blocking Soto's attack on Manny).
  5. Admitting the truth. (Oscar admitting that he lied about being a Sharkslayer)
  6. Giving up his life or personal wants for other people. (Casper giving up his dream to be human again and gives it to Dr. Harvey instead)
  7. Standing up for his people.
  8. Blocking the enemy's blow. (Anna blocking Hans' sword as he tries to kill Elsa, freezing in the process and shattering the sword to pieces)
  9. Confessing his/her love for another.
  10. Going back to face something or someone. (Po returning to face Lord Shen after attaining his inner peace; Nelly going back to aid her friends in battle against the evil Cat King and his army of alley cats to help Jerry Mouse reclaim his kingdom)
  11. Choosing Heart over Duty.
  12. Sacrificing to save everybody. (The Iron Giant sacrificing himself to stop the missile from killing dozens of people)
  13. Choosing to live somewhere in order to keep his friends.
  14. Apologizing for what they've done, whether they're aggressively angry towards the people they've loved, making wrong decisions, etc. (Thorin II Oakenshield developed a mad love of gold over his friends, causing him to commit such acts, until he finally managed to come to his senses and help everyone during the Battle of the Five Armies) (See Obstacles and Arguments)
  15. Rising to power.
  16. Betraying the antagonist(s).



20th Century Fox/Blue Sky Studios

  • Homer Simpson has to find his family and to save the town of Springfield from Russ Cargill.


  • Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman decide to stay in circus instead of returning to the Central Park Zoo.
  • The circus animals deciding to save Alex and the gang from DuBois, despite Alex's earlier deceit to them.
  • After seeing the billboard advertising Mrs. Tweedy's Chicken Pies, Rocky makes his decision to return back to the Tweedies' farm to help Ginger and the rest of the chickens escape.

Warner Bros.

  • Yogi Bear and Boo Boo to tells Ranger Smith to don't give up to save Jellystone Park from Mayor Brown.
  • Neville Longbottom stands up to Lord Voldemort and gives him an inspiring speech dedicated to Harry Potter.
  • After Devon & Cornwall tell Garrett of Ruber's capturing of Kayley and acquiring Excalibur, he immediately changes his mind and turns back towards Camelot to save his love interest.
  • Teen Titans


  • Simba making his choice to return home and save his kingdom.
  • In Toy Story, Woody encouraging Buzz to learn that he is Andy's toy as Buzz chooses to be Andy's toy so he and Woody can escape from Sid.
  • In Toy Story 2, Woody deciding to go back to Andy and inviting the Roundup Gang to his house.
  • In Toy Story 3, Woody deciding to be donated instead of going to college with Andy
  • In Toy Story 4 , Buzz decided to let Woody stay with Bo Peep, knowing that Bonnie will be okay without him.
  • Dot getting Flik and the Circus Bugs' for help to stand up against Hopper. Flik stubbornly refuses and continues to mope until Dot cheers him up with the same philosophy he used on her earlier.
  • Aladdin deciding to save his father from Sa'Luk, despite all his father's selfish actions
  • As Melody reconciles with her parents, King Triton offers Melody a choice to either live with him and Atlantica as a mermaid, or stay human and live with her family. Melody declines the offer, instead choosing to use her Grandfather's trident to dissolve the castle walls--therefore, both human and merfolk can be together in harmony.
  • Kenai choosing to save Koda from his vengeful brother, Denai.
  • In Cars, Lightning McQueen chooses to give up the Piston Cup and help The King cross the finish line, after he is wrecked by Chick Hicks.
  • In Cars 2, Mater deciding to save Lightning McQueen from the Lemons and later to confront Miles Axlerod to expose his crimes to the British crown and government.
  • In Cars 3, Lightning McQueen deciding to help Cruz Ramirez to finshed this her first race in Florida 500.
  • Pocahontas saving John Smith from execution and confessing her love to him, as well reuniting her people and the settlers.
  • Thomas deciding to go against Sir Topham Hatt's wishes and go straight to Knapford in order to stop Sailor John from stealing the treasure.
  • Deadpool: taking a bullet that was meant for Russell leading to both of their redemptions.
  • After locking up all the Halloween monsters in Haunted Halloween, Sarah Quinn returns the manuscript to R.L. Stine.
  • Henry Casey abandons his greed over gold and accepts his quest to help the Haida tribe find the caribou. He even wanted to start a life with Lily Joseph and felt like he was a part of the tribe.



  • In the episode The Gunpowder Plot, Correon decides to help Paul Reynolds return to his own world, after realizing that his knowledge is too dangerous for the Spellbinders. In the final episode Flight, Correon decides to share the Spellbinders' knowledge, when he accepts that the Spellbinders must make their people clever and that things in their world must change for the better.


  • Rollbar refusing to execute the cannibalistic Decepticon Dead End.
  • Princess Zelda steps between a fatally wounded Link and an attacking Guardian, finally unleashing her power she struggled to utilize, shutting them down. When the castle soldiers arrive at the scene, Zelda orders them to take Link to the Shrine of Resurrection, after hearing the voice of the Master Sword that reminded her that there is still hope for Link's survival.
  • Lapis Lazuli returns in time to drop the barn on Blue Diamond and officially joins the Crystal Gems.
  • Cid Highwind chooses to abort the launch of his rocket to prevent Shera who is still fixing one of the oxygen tank which is malfunctioning, from burning her to a crisp and she immediately takes the blame for ruining his dream.
  • The Winchester brothers and Castiel set the Ghost Kid free upon their return from the Scooby-Doo Universe.
  • Katie Walker deciding to not give up in order to win.
  • Worf chooses to abandon the mission and turns back to save Jadzia Dax. This, however, results the death of the Cardassian spy, Lasaran. Sisko reprimands Worf for letting Lasaran getting killed and admits that he would have done the same thing for Jennifer (his late wife) if they had been in that situation.


In the Negaverse, there's never been a Darkwing Duck to guard the city...(gulps)...or a Drake Mallard to be a father. For you Gosalyn... I'll stay.
~ Darkwing Duck choosing to remain in the Negaverse for Nega-Gosalyn's sake.
I've been trying to control you ever since the day we met, and look where that's got us. Everything that happens now... is in your hands. I have faith in you, Raven.
~ Charles Xavier to Raven Darkholme/Mystique before she decides to kill Bolivar Trask, which will set in motion the future events of the apolyptic future, but Xavier's words calm her down and she throws the gun away. Thus, changing the events of the dark future.
(Kili: I will not hide behind a wall of stone while others fight OUR battles FOR US! It is not in my blood, Thorin.) Thorin: No. It is not. We are sons of Durin... and Durin's folk do not flee from a fight. (him and Kili hug) (Thorin then speaks to his company) Thorin: I have no right to ask this of any of you... but will you follow me... one last time?
~ Thorin leading his company into battle during The Battle of Five Armies after regaining his sanity.
I'm not gonna let you go! We're chained-to-each-other-birds, remember?
~ Blu confesses his love for Jewel and Jewel kisses him, awakening the rhythm of his heart and giving him the ability to fly at last, allowing him to carry Jewel in the process and save them both.
Smokey: Kid, are you okay? Lightning McQueen: Smokey, I need Cruz. Smokey: Never mind that now. Lightning McQueen: No, I need her back here now! get her back! Bob Cutlass: Yellow flags still out folks... Hamilton: Hamilton here Call from Chester Whipple Filter. Cruz Ramirez: Chester... Mr. McQueen! Darrell Cartrip: Well the green lights on pit road is opening and everybody's coming in. Lightning McQueen: Get ready guys Luigi, Guido tires, Fillmore, fuel! Cruz Ramirez: Okay, I'm here, what's going on? Lightning McQueen: No, not me... her! Cruz Ramirez: What? Sterling: What is she doing back here? Lightning McQueen: Come on guys, get her set up quickly! Luigi: Okay! Cruz Ramirez: Wait! What's happening? Lightning McQueen: Hey Ramone, got your paints. Ramone: You know I do. Cruz Ramirez: Wait! guys! What are you doing? Darrell Cartrip: Man. I don't understand it. McQueen's just sat there. Something's got to be wrong. Cruz Ramirez: Mr. McQueen! Lightning McQueen: Today's the day Cruz you're getting your shot. Cruz Ramirez: WHAT! Lightning McQueen: I started this race and you're gonna finish it. Sterling: What! she damage the brand. She's just a trainer! Lightning McQueen: No, she's a racer just took me a while to see you. Sterling: That can't be legal. Smokey: (to Sterling) The rules only said the number has to be out there doesn't say who has to wear it. Sterling: No you can't do t... Mater: Hey, did I ever tell you how much I love your mud flaps. Sterling: Get out of my way bumpkin! Mater: I got my the facial flaps the church flaps. Lightning McQueen: Come on guys, we gotta get her out there, let's go! Luigi: Tires, Check! Fillmore: Fuel! Checked! Lightning McQueen: Ramone! Ramone: Best I could do in the time frame boss. Lightning McQueen: Yeah, that'll work. Cruz Ramirez: Why are you doing this! You said it yourself. This might be your last chance. Lightning McQueen: Which makes it my last chance to give you your first chance Cruz this time I want you to take it. Smokey: She's got a beat that pace car out! (She saw the racers on the line on the restart) Sterling: (to Cruz) No, no, no, you can't do that! Smokey: Now or never! Lightning McQueen: What do you say? (She agreed and she drives off to join the racers Lightning calls to her about) Whoa, hey, 25 miles per hour pit speed! Cruz Ramirez: I knew that! Bob Cutlass: Lightning McQueen's team has headed a different car supporting the 95. Darrell Cartrip: I don't believe what i'm seeing. (Jackson Storm's Crew Chief saw Cruz on the screen.) Jackson Storm's Crew Chief: (to Jackson Storm) You're watching this right. Jackson Storm: What the girl in the costume you're kidding me he put her in the race.
~ Lightning McQueen deciding to help Cruz Ramirez to finshed this her first race in Florida 500.
I know what I have to do, but going back means I'll have to face my past. I've been running from it for so long. (Without warning, Rafiki bonks Simba on the head with his walking stick.) OW! Jeez! What was that for? (Rafiki: It doesn't matter. It's in the past.) (Rafiki chuckles. Simba rubs his sore head.) Yeah, but it still hurts. (Oh, yes. The past CAN hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run FROM it...or... LEARN from it.) (SWOOSH! Rafiki swings his walking stick again; Simba ducks.) (Rafiki: Ha! You see? So what are you going to do?) (kiddingly) First... I'm gonna take your stick. (Simba playfully takes Rafiki's walking stick and throws it aside.) (Rafiki: No, no, no, no! Not the stick!) (Simba begins to run back home.) (Rafiki: Hey! Where are you going?) I'm going back! (Rafiki: Go on! get Out of here! WHOOO! WHOOO! (laughs & shrieks in triumph)
~ Simba making his choice to return home and save his kingdom.
"Father, this is the moment I've always dreamed of. But...A life without Meg, even an immortal life, would be...empty. I--I wish to stay on Earth with her. I finally know where I belong. (Zeus and Hera smile' Herc's godly glow slowly fades; Herc and Meg kiss each other)
~ Hercules deciding to stay mortal to be with Meg instead of returning to Mt. Olympus
NO! (Pocahontas throws herself onto John Smith, blocking Chief Powhatan's war club.) If you kill him, you'll have to kill me too. (Chief Powhatan, sternly: Daughter, stand back.) I WON'T! I love him, Father. (Powhatan is stunned, and so is the crowd.) Look around you! This is where the path of hatred has brought us. This is the path I choose, Father. What would YOURS be? (The wind circles around Powhatan and the crowd. He raises his staff.) (Chief Powhatan: My daughter speaks with a wisdom beyond her years. We have all come with anger in our hearts. But she comes with courage and understanding. From this day forward, if there is to be any more killing, it will not start with me.)
~ Pocahontas saving John Smith and uniting her people and the settlers.
It's time for me to bend over and receive my destiny.
~ Bart Simpson deciding to take responsibility for his actions and accept his punishment for his prank
The story of this kingdom is a powerful one. My dad rallied your forces and you made him your king. It was an alliance forged in bravery and friendship and it lives to this day. (The crowd cheers and Mum-bear smiles proudly.) But I've been selfish. I tore a great rift in our kingdom. There's no one to blame but me. And I know now that I need to amend my mistake and mend our bond.
~ Merida making her noble choice.
The curse is not about them hurting you, but about YOU hurting THEM.
~ Norman Babcock defending the zombies.
(Just as Proteus is about to be executed, one of Sinbad's crew members throws a knife at the executioner's axe, breaking it in half. Sinbad and his crew then appear on the dock and he grasps hands with his friend) (Sinbad: I bet you thought I wouldn't make it.) (Proteus: I was... beginning to wonder.) (He and Sinbad hug) (Proteus: The book?) (Sinbad: I did my best. It wasn't enough.) (Proteus: No. You came back anyway.) (Sinbad: How could I do anything else, my friend?)
~ Sinbad returning to Syracuse to sacrifice himself for Proteus
(Dune Runner: We should put it out of its misery.) No, we shouldn't. Cadets or not, we're Autobots — let's start acting like ones.
~ Rollbar refusing to execute the cannibalistic Decepticon Dead End.
(Just as Zira is about to strike Simba, Kiara and Kovu jump into the fray and the fighting stops.) (Simba, surprised: Kiara?) (Zira: Kovu! Move.) (Simba, sternly: Stand aside.) (Kiara, bravely: Daddy, this has to stop.) (The lions are puzzled. Zira tries to intimidate her son.) (Zira, threateningly: You're even weaker than I thought! Get out of the way!) (Kovu, bravely: You'll never hurt Kiara or Simba. Not while I'm here.) (Zira gasps.) (Simba: Stay out of this!) (Kiara, eloquently: A wise king once told me, "We are one". I didn't understand him then. Now I do.) (Simba: But they...) (Kiara: "Them"? Us! Look at them. They are us. What differences do you see?) (The sun begins to shine on the land over the soggy, beat-up lions. After a while, Simba smiles little by little. Kiara does so, and Simba hugs his daughter.) (Zira: Vitani! NOW!) (Vitani, defiantly: No, Mother!) (She walks over to the Pride Landers.) (Vitani: Kiara is right. Enough.) (Zira: If you will not fight, then you will die as well.) (As soon as they hear this, the Outsiders take the side of the Pride Landers.) (Zira, surprised: Wha-where are you going?! Get back here!) (Simba, firmly: Let it go, Zira. It's time to put the past behind us.)
~ Kiara and Kovu making peace with the PrideLanders and the Outlanders and saving the Pride Lands.
(After subduing Don Lino at the Whale Wash, the crowd pushes through Angie, cheering Oscar with fame; Angie sighs sadly and shakes her head and begins to leave) No, wait! Angie! (Lenny: Oscar, get me outta here I wanna get as far away as possible!). (Don Lino: Look what you did to him!) What?! No! it's a big misunderstanding!- (The Crowd begins chanting: SharkSlayer! Oscar can't take it anymore) STOP! I AM NOT A REAL SHARKSLAYER!!! (the crowd gasps; Angie slowly turns around upon hearing Oscar's confession, hardy believing her ears) I lied. Don Lino, shocked: What?) (Crazy Joe: [tearfully] And I'm not a real financial adviser!) Okaaay... [to Lino] It was an anchor that killed Frankie. I didn't have anything to do with it, and neither did Lenny. (Don Lino: [to Lenny] If that was true, why did you run away?) (Lenny: Because you always wanted me to be like Frankie. I'll never be the shark you want me to be.) What is your problem?! So your son likes kelp, so his best friend is a fish, so he likes to dress like a dolphin! So what?! Everybody loves him, just the way he is. Why can't you? Don't make the same mistake that I did. I didn't know what I had... until I lost it. (Unnoticed by Oscar, Angie looks moved in the background) (Don Lino: [close to tears] Can you get me outta this? So I can hug my kid, and tell him I'm sorry?) (Lenny: Pop!) (Oscar frees Lino and Lenny from the Whale Wash machines) (Don Lino: Come here, you. [hugs Lenny] I love you, son. No matter what you eat, or how you dress.") (Angie, approaching: Oscar?) Angie? Oh, Angie... I wish I knew now what I knew then. I mean...i wish I knew... what you knew...I mean, before this... (Crazy Joe: YOU'RE BLOWIN' IT, MAN!) MIND YOUR BUSINESS, ALRIGHT!? It's emotional...And it's pressure! (Turns back to Angie) What I'm saying is just...I didn't need the Top of the Reef. Everything I ever wanted...was right in front of me the whole time. (Angie: But what about being a somebody?) I'm a nobody without you. (Angie smiles widely; Crazy Joe pops out his puppets kissing each other ) You're not helping! hehe (Angie: Oh, Come here, you big, dumb, dummy-head!) (kisses Oscar)
~ Oscar admitting the truth that he lied about being a Sharkslayer.
Dipper! (Dipper: Mabel, hurry! Shut it down!) (Mabel floats over to the shut-down button.) (Grunkle Stan: No! Mabel, Mabel, wait! Stop!) (Soos tackles Stan) (Grunkle Stan: Soos, what are you doing? I gave you an order!) (Soos: Sorry, Mr. Pines - if that is your real name - but I have a new mission now: Protecting these kids!) (Grunkle Stan: Soos, you idiot, let me go!) (Dipper pushes off the from the support beam, hits Stan and Soos.) (Dipper: Mabel, press the red button! Shut it down!) (Grunkle Stan: No, you can't You gotta trust me!) (Mabel begins to cry.) Grunkle Stan, I don't even know if you're my grunkle! I wanna believe you, but-- (Grunkle Stan: Then listen to me. Remember this morning when I said I wanted to tell you guys something?) (Computer: T-minus twenty seconds.) (Dipper, Stan and Soos all scream as the portal pushes them against the opposite wall. Mabel was about to press the shut down button.) (Grunkle Stan: I wanted to say that you're gonna hear some bad things about me. And some of them are true. But trust me. Everything I've worked for, everything I care about, it's all for this family.) (Dipper: Mabel, what if he's lying? This thing could destroy the universe! Listen to your head!) (Grunkle Stan: Look into my eyes, Mabel! You really think I'm a bad guy?) (Dipper: He's lying! Shut it down NOW!) (Grunkle Stan: Mabel, please!) (Computer: Ten. Nine.) (Mabel looks away and lowers her hand to the button. She looks at Stan.) Grunkle Stan... (Computer: Six. Five.) (Mabel lifts her hand from the button.) I trust you. (Mabel floats up.) (Dipper, enraged: MABEL, ARE YOU CRAZY?! WE'RE ALL GONNA--) (Computer: One.) (Dipper, Stan, Soos and Mabel all disappear in an explosion of light as each of them screams. A flash of blinding light engulfs all of Gravity Falls. Then. everything comes down to Earth.)
~ Mabel Pines choosing to trust either her Grunkle Stan or her twin brother Dipper.
Come on Dr. Harvey, you need this more than I do. (Casper taking a fully ghost Dr. James Harvey inside the Lazarus) (Kat trying to talk him out of it: Casper...) This is the way it's got to be. (Casper focus his attentions on the machine as he turned it on as it cause a sound that stuns Kat's classmate. He pull the lever as it was finish) (Both he and Kat wait for the results) (Dr. Harvey popped out of the Lazarus and is once again in his human form) (Kat running towards her father: Dad!) (Kat gave her father a big hug relieve that he is alive) (Dr. Harvey: Oh Kat! Oh Kat!) (Casper watches sadden knowing that he has lost his chance of having a second life) (Dr. Harvey: It felt like strangest dream. I almost we lost each other for a minute) (Kat and Harvey embraced each other again until they heard music coming from Kat's party. (Casper facing Kat) You're party is starting without you. (Kat facing a depressed Casper) Your date's probably waiting.
~ Casper sacrificing his chance for having a second life by given it to a ghostly form Dr. Harvey, so Kat can be with her father.
I guess you're right, Plankton. I AM just a kid. (Plankton: Of course, you're right.) (He turns to Neptune.) (Plankton: Okay, Neptune, time to kill.) You know, I've been through a lot in the past six days, five minutes, twenty-seven and a half seconds. And if I've learned anything during that time, it's that you are who you are. (Plankton: That's right. Okay, Neptune - ) And no amount of mermaid magic, or managerial promotion, or some other third thing can make me anything more than what I really am inside: A kid. (Plankton: That's great. Now get back against the wall.) (SpongeBob talks through a microphone.) But that's okay! (Plankton: Wha-what's going on?) Cause I did what everyone said a kid 'COULDN'T DO! I made it to Shell City, and I beat the Cyclops, and I rode the Hasselhoff, and I brought the crown BACK! (Plankton: All right, we get the point.) (As SpongeBob makes his speech, disco lights come on and smoke gathers around him.) So yeah, I'm a kid. And I'm also a goofball! And a wingnut! And a Knucklehead McSpazatron! (Plankton, coughing: What-what's going on here?) But most of all, I'm... (Plankton: Okay, settle down.) I'm... (Plankton: Take it easy!) I'M... (Plankton: WHAT THE SCALLOP?!) I'M A GOOFY GOOBER! (SpongeBob bursts into singing "Goofy Goober Rock." As he does so, he knocks Plankton into a wall and breaks into a dance.) (Plankton: What's happening? (notices SpongeBob dancing) His dance moves are impressive. But I'M in control!) (He yells to his slaves.) (Plankton: SEIZE HIM!) YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (The army gathers around SpongeBob, but in a blast of light, he turns into a wizard, levitating into the air. His guitar begins to glow and he levels it at one of the slaves, blasting his helmet.) (Fish: I'm free! I've been freed!) (Plankton: Huh?) (SpongeBob begins to blast the helmets.) (Plankton: NOO!) (SpongeBob continues to destroy the helmets, freeing all the sea creatures.) (Plankton: MY PRECIOUS HELMETS!) (Squidward: Huh?) (Mrs. Puff: Oh!) (Sandy Cheeks: Yee-haw!) (Gary: Meow.) (The rest of the citizens of Bikini Bottom are set free.) (Citizens: We're free!) (Plankton: His chops are too righteous. The helmets can't handle this level of rock n' roll! Karen, do something!) (Karen, whooping, is surfing through the happy crowd. Plankton breathes fire.) (Plankton: All right, that's the last straw! Neptune, I command you too - !) (But Plankton is too late; SpongeBob's music sets Neptune free. Mindy gives the crown to her father.) (Mindy: Here you go, Daddy.) (Plankton: I'd... better get out of here.) (He runs to the door and the freed fish burst through the door.) (Fish: Look! It's the wizard who saved us!) (Plankton: Out of my way, fools!)(Everyone runs into the Krusty Krab 2 and repeatedly steps on Plankton, as he screams in pain)
~ SpongeBob SquarePants making his noble speech and freeing the citizens of Bikini Bottom.
(After Terra sent Slade to his firey doom in the lava, the place begins to shake and erupt) (Robin: Terra's power! It's triggered a volcano!) (Cyborg: Big enough to take out the whole city! And way too big to stop!) (Raven: We have to get out of here!) (Beast Boy: Terra! Come on! We gotta go!) I have to stay. (Beast Boy: No!) I'm the only one who can stop it. (Beast Boy: Please, Terra, you can't! It's too late!) It's never too late. (Terra hugs Beast Boy one last time) You were the best friend I ever had.
~ Terra making her noble decision to stay and save the city from the erupting volcano.
Gohan, can you hear me? (Gohan: Is that you, Piccolo?) Yes, it's me. I'm still here. I have a bit of a situation in my hands. (Gohan: Don't tell me you're still on Earth. The last ship already took off.) Yes, I know. I was helping someone out when it left. (Gohan: What? Call my dad. He can come and get you.) Your dad's out of energy, Gohan. I could call Lord Kai, but I decided to ride this one out. The Black-Star balls are too dangerous. Look what they're doing to the Earth. If I die, they'll turn to stone and this will never happen again. (Gohan: I don't want you to die!) It's okay, Gohan. I know now that it was meant to be this way. Sometimes we have to look beyond what we want and do what's best. (Gohan: But Piccolo... 'cries') Come now, it's alright. This is the path I've chosen. Let's talk about something else like how you're matured. You've become a truly great warrior Gohan, yet you've remained humble. You've shown me that power is nothing if not guided by love. Watching you grow has helped me grow, Gohan. That's why I'm here. (Piccolo's chest bleeds from the blast Gohan used on him when he was infected by Baby) It's begun. Good-bye, my friend. (Earth begins to erupt and overflow with lava) AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
~ Piccolo making his noble decision to stay on Earth and die in order to destroy the Black-Star Dragonballs and turn them to stone.
Some people are worth melting for.
~ Olaf risking his life to save Anna.
~ Anna stepping in front of Elsa and blocking Hans's sword before freezing solid.
Oh, Mum. I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I did this to you. To us. You have always been there for me. You've never given up on me. I just want you back. I want you back, Mummy. I love you.
~ Merida reconciling with her mother and breaking the spell.
I'm responsible. (Aunt May: For what?) For what happened to Uncle Ben. (Aunt May: But you were at the library. You were doing your homework.) He drove me to the library, but I never went in. (Aunt May: What do you mean?) I went someplace else, someplace where I thought I could win some money, to buy a car, because I wanted to impress Mary Jane. It happened so fast... I won the money. The guy wouldn't pay me, and then he got robbed. The thief was running towards me. I could have stopped him, but I wanted revenge. I let him go. I let him get away. He wanted a car, he tried to take Uncle Ben's. Uncle Ben said no. And then he shot him. Uncle Ben was killed that night for being the only one who did the right thing. I held his hand when he died. I've tried to tell you so many times.
~ Peter Parker sincerely admitting the truth about his part in Uncle Ben's death to Aunt May.
Cardin, what's going on? (Cardin: Payback.) Pyrrha? What do you- (Cardin: That's the girl. Red-haired, know-it-all, thinks she's so smart... Alright, boys. Last night, old Jaune here managed to round up an entire box full of Rapier Wasps, and now, we're gonna put him to work. Now, according to one of the essays he wrote to me last week, these nasty things love sweets. I think it's time we teach her a thing or two, and you're gonna do it.) Do what? (Cardin: Hit her with the sap. Either that, or I'll have a chat with Goodwitch, and you'll be on the first airship out of Beacon.) (Jaune holds the jar of sap given to him by Cardin, ready to throw it. He appears to be aiming at Pyrrha, but after a short while, he gains the courage to refuse) ...No. (Cardin: What did you say?) I said, no! (throws the sap at Cardin instead)
~ Jaune refusing Cardin's request to hit Pyrrha with the sap and make her suffer from Rapier Wasp stings.
Pyrrha: No Cardin tonight? I thought you two were best buds. Jaune: Pyrrha, I'm sorry. I was a jerk, and you were only trying to be nice. I... I had all this stupid macho stuff in my head. Pyrrha: Jaune, it's okay. Their team really misses their leader, you know. You should come down! Ren made pancakes! No syrup, though. You can thank Nora for that. Jaune: Wait. I know I don't deserve it after all that happened, but... would you still be willing to help me? To help me become a better fighter. (Pyrrha, with a mischievous smile, pushes Jaune to the ground) Jaune: Hey! Pyrrha: Your stance is all wrong. You need to be wider, and lower to the ground. (helps Jaune get back up) Let's try that again.
~ Jaune apologizing to Pyrrha about their earlier argument and volunteering to let her train him to become a better fighter.
No! What are you doing?! (Ratchet: Come on! [pulls lever hard to stop, but it snaps and now the Great Clock is out of control.]) It's not working. Why isn't it working?! (Ratchet: Because it's not a time machine, Alister! The clock isn't meant to alter time! Only keep it!) (Computer: 30 seconds until total system failure.) [Ratchet attempts to stop the machine, but he gets knocked back.] I'm so sorry. [Alister stop Ratchet so he can step in and stop the control.] No. Let me. (Ratchet: What are you going to do?) Take care of yourself, Ratchet. [Alister uses his wrench as a lever to push harder to stop. After Alister finally pushes the lever, an explosion of light engulfs the Orvus Chamber. As the light dies down, Alister's wrench is still standing. As Ratchet and Clank get up, they see Alister's lifeless body.] (Ratchet: Alister? [picks up Alister's pocket watch] (Clank: He did a brave thing, Ratchet. You should be proud of him.)
~ Alister sacrifing himself to stop the out of control Orvis Chamber at The Great Clock and saying a final good-bye to Ratchet.
I cannot stay. I am sorry, but discovering my has made me realize that I cannot leave Ratchet. Not until he finds his own. I hope you understand. (Sigmund: You're leaving? Energy output normal, harmonic stabilizers stable. Why aren't I freaking out?) Perhaps you are ready to be promoted. (Sigmund: Senior Caretaker? Yahoo! Thank you sir.) Take care, Sigmund.
~ Clank discovering his family that he won't leave his friend, Ratchet until he finds his own and decided to go with Ratchet after Clank give Sigmund the Chronosceptre as he promoted him to Senior Caretaker of The Great Clock.
(Ben: You don't understand! This is a matter of life and death!) The only life we're concerned about is yours! You're staying right here! (Sandra: Don't look out there! Look at us.) (Ben: [sighs] I'm sorry. I love you guys. You're awesome parents. You raised me by example and time after time, I've seen you put other peoples' needs first. I can't obey you now without disobeying everything you've ever taught me, about life, the world and responsibility.) (Sandra: Ben, we forbid you to-) (Ben: So when I get back, punish me however you want but right now, I have a friend who's in trouble! [turns into Humungousaur] Humungousaur!!! [runs through a whole wall before turning around] Sorry. I'll fix that later! [continues running]) (Sandra: He just walked out on us! What are we gonna do?) We're going to listen to our son.
~ Carl Tennyson deciding that he and his wife Sandra should start listening to their son Ben.
(Soothsayer: So, who are you, panda?) I am Po. And I'm gonna need a hat.
~ Po making his choice to face Lord Shen and save China.
(Diego steps in between Manny and Soto) (Soto: What are you doing?!) Leave the mammoth alone.
~ Diego takes the side of Manny against Soto.
Eddy? (Eddy sobbing: What?) (Edd sees Eddy sobbing) Your shirt, Eddy. (Eddy turning to face him, confused: My shirt? (Edd pointing at it) Are those salt deposits from your lamentation? (Eddy looks down. Edd quickly thwacks his nose.) Gotcha! (Ed cheering and hugs them close and carries them on his shoulders: WE ARE FRIENDS ONCE MORE, GUYS! To Eddy's big bro's house!) Not that way, Ed. (Edd turns Ed in the right direction.) This way. (Eddy: You heard my pal, Ed!) What would you do without me, Eddy? (Eddy: Don't milk it, Sockhead.)
~ Double D decides to stay with Ed & Eddy after Eddy finally admit that he's responsible for every scam he's done, reconciling their friendship and decided to continue the journey to Eddy's Brother.
(Otis prepares to leave the barnyard, when he hears a very frantic voice) (Peck: Otis! Otis!) (Peck sprints in, squawking frantically) All right, Peck, take it easy. What's the matter? (Peck, stuttering: They took...we gotta..come on!) (Otis follows Peck to the chicken coop, where all the barn animals are clamoring.) (Duke: Otis, the coyotes! It just happened! They took Etta, Hannah, maybe six, seven others, I don't know. They've never come during the day before.) They knew I wouldn't be expecting them until tonight. They played me. (Duke: What?) Nothing. (Daisy: Otis, they took Maddy) (Otis gasps in horror, then hangs his head.) (Miles: Those coyotes are strong) (Otis turns to the elderly mule.) What? (Miles: The Coyotes, they're strong. I was just wonderin' what a stronger man might do.) (Otis considers this then turns back to the animals, then his face turns serious and brave; Otis turns to Miles.) You'll look after things? (Miles: Be proud to.) I'll be back. (Otis heads off to the junkyard to save the hens from Dag.)
~ Otis hearing that Dag and his coyote pack stole some hens and their chick Maddy from the coop, making him realize that Dag tricked and double-crossed him, since he wasn't expecting him and the coyotes until tonight. Otis heads off to the junkyard rescue the chickens.
(Stefano: So, you want to run away with the circus?) (Alex: Live a life of adventure?) (Gloria: Full of romance?) (Melman: And danger!) (Marty: Really living!) (Stefano: What do you say?) (Marty: Ra-da-da-da-da-da-da circus! Da-da-da-da-da-da-da afro circus! Afro circus! Afro! Polka-dot, polka-dot, polka-dot afro!) (Marty and King Julien do their mash-up dance routine with "I Like To Move It" and "Afro Circus" while Gloria, Melman, Alex and the circus animals celebrate their victory) (Alex: Hey, Skipper, what did you end up doing with the crazy lady anyway?)
~ Alex and his friends deciding to stay with the circus after realizing where they truly belong and after their heroic battle against DuBois at the zoo.
(Charlie: If we can get on the radio, we can ask Flying Corps to shoot her down.) No. If it crashes, it will wipe everyone out for 50 square miles; WE GOTTA GROUND IT! (Sameer: Bad news: it's on a timer. If we ground it here, it's the same thing.) (The whole team starts thinking and looking on in fear.) Is it flammable, Chief? (Chief: Yeah. You said it's hydrogen. It's flammable.) (hands Steve a gun.) I need you guys to clear me a path to that plane. (starts running towards it.) (Charlie: No, Steve!) (the team runs after him, but can't get very far.) (Chief: Come on!) (they run in a slightly different direction.)
~ Captain Steve Trevor ultimately deciding to sacrifice himself to prevent the Germans from winning the war.
(Diana has Dr Maru at her mercy, about to crush her with a tank. However, she starts flashing back to her last moment with Steve) (Steve: We have to go.) What are you saying? Steve... Whatever it is, I can do it. (Steve: No. No.) Let me do it. (Steve: It has to be me. I can save today. You can save the world. (pause) I wish we had more time. (hands Diana his watch) I love you.) (We then return to Diana's confrontation with Ares and Maru.) You are wrong about them. (Maru gets back up and runs away, while Diana drops the tank.) They are everything you say, but so much more. (Ares: LIES! (uses his powers to throw metal shards at Diana, and leaps at her after them. However, an unseen barrier in front of Diana deflects the shards, and she reinforces it with her bracelets, causing Ares to go flying backwards and drop his helmet.) THEY DO NOT DESERVE YOUR PROTECTION!) (conjures a bolt of lightning and throws it at her) It's not about deserving. (absorbs the lightning with her bracelets) It's about what you believe. And I believe in love. (Ares: THEN I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!) (conjures up a much stronger bolt and throws it at her. However, Diana's armour absorbs the lightning) Goodbye, brother. (runs forward at high speed, then leaps a great distance into the air, closes her eyes and uses her bracelets to redirect Ares' lightning on him, causes an explosion of white light that disintegrates him, and fades away to reveal the destroyed military base. Diana slowly floats back down onto the ground.)
~ Diana Prince ultimately deciding that mankind has good within them, sparing Maru and going on to destroy Ares.
(Nick Cutter: One of us has got to go back in. I'll do it.) (Stephen Hart: shook his head anxiously) You'll never make it out. (Nick: Get out of here. Just remember, Lester's not the enemy. (Helen Cutter: Nick, please!) (Stephen punches Nick and and goes back to the center and lock door) (Nick Cutter: Stephen!) Sorry, mate. I'm doing this one. (Nick: No! Open the door! Open it!) Can't do it, Nick. Can't take the risk. (Nick: Stephen, open the door!) Tell Abby and Connor... to stay out of trouble.
~ Stephen Hart sacrifice himself giving to devour by predators to save others.
(Rainbow Dash: Don't do it, Twilight!) (Fluttershy: We aren't worth it!) (Discord, sadly: Oh, but you are, Fluttershy. You're the pony that taught me that friendship is magic. I had magic and friendship, and now I don't have either.) (Lord Tirek raged: Enough! I want an answer, and I want it now!) (Twilight sees her Friends and Bubbles begin shining and then Twilight had an epiphany and think) I will give you my magic, in exchange for my friends. (Twilight's Friends and Discord are shocked) (Lord Tirek: As you wish.) (Tirek snaps fingers and bubbles popping freed Twilight's Friends except Discord) All of my friends. (Lord Tirek: After the way he has betrayed you, you still call him a 'friend'?) Release him! (Lord Tirek: If that's what you want.) Tirek snaps fingers once again and bubble popping freed Discord) (Discord: Thank you, Twilight. (to Fluttershy, hushed) I'm sorry. ) (Fluttershy: I know.) (Lord Tirek: Your turn.) (Twilight Sparkle pained screaming when Tirek drain her Alicorn Magic and felt unconscious) (Lord Tirek roars and grow bigger and more powerful: Yes!) (Spike: Twilight, what were you thinking?!) (Discord: Tirek tricked me into believing that he could offer me something more valuable than friendship. But there is nothing worth more. I see that now. He lied when he said that this medallion was given as a sign of gratitude and loyalty. But when I say that it is a sign of our true friendship, I am telling the truth.) (put the medallion around his neck and began to shine rainbows and Twilight had an epiphany) (Applejack: You think that might be the last one we need?) We have to get to the chest.
~ Twilight decides give her magic to Tirek exchange for her friends.
If you do one more thing, I'm going to unleash my secret weapon. (Lord Business: YOUR secret weapon?) Yes! It's called the Power of the Special. (Lord Business: That sounds dumb.) All right. Here it comes. My secret weapon is this.) (Emmet holds out his hand.) (Lord Business, not believing his ears: What is that? Is it super small? I don't see anything.) (sincerely) It's my hand. I want you to take it. (Lord Business: You want me to take your hand off?) No. I want you to JOIN me. Look at all these things that people built. You might see a mess... (Lord Business, aiming the Kragle at Emmet: Exactly, and a bunch of weird, dorky stuff that ruined my perfectly good stuff!) Okay. What I see are people - inspired by each other, and by you. People taking what you made, and making something new out of it. You don't have to be the bad guy. You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe. And you are capable of amazing things, because you are the Special. (Lord Business lowers the Kragle.) You can change everything. (Lord Business drops the Kragle and Emmet gives the cover to him.) Be careful. I have been told it might explode. (Lord Business puts the cover on the Kragle and turns to the hero.) (Lord Business: Emmet...thank you.)
~ Emmet Brickowski making peace with Lord Business and saving the city.
(Roadkill: So, what now, amigo?) (Rango looks out into the desert.) No man can walk out on his own story. I'm going back. (Roadkill: But why?) Because that's who I am. (Rango walks into the desert. The prairie dogs surround him and Maybelle pulls out her shotgun, aiming it at the hero.) (Maybelle, sternly: You got a lot of nerve showing up here, lawman. What is it you want?) Your pappy and them boys are about to hang for something they didn't do. (Maybelle lowers her gun.) But I've got a plan. (Gun in hand, Rango walks back to Dirt and picks up his sheriff's badge, ready to face Rattlesnake Jake and the Mayor.)
~ Rango making his choice to go back to Dirt and save the town.
(While the chefs are arguing with Linguini, Remy bursts through the door.) (Colette, Horst, and Lalo: RAT!) (The chefs grab up some knives and rush over to Remy, but Linguini blocks their path.) No! Don't touch him! (The chefs stop and Linguini leans over to his friend.) Thanks for coming back, little chef. (He turns to the crowd.) I know this sounds insane, but, well, the truth sounds insane sometimes. But that doesn't mean it's not the...the truth. And the truth is, I have no talent at all. (Linguini speaks to the chefs in a calm and serious voice.) But this rat, he's the one behind these recipes. He's the cook. The REAL cook. He's been hiding under my toque. He's been controlling my actions. (Remy shows the chefs what he has done by tugging Linguini's hair and controlling his arms.) He's the reason I can cook the food that's exciting everyone. The reason Ego is outside that door. You've been giving me credit for this gift. I know it's a hard thing to believe, but, hey, you believed I could cook, right? Look, this works. It's crazy, but it works. We can be the greatest restaurant in Paris, and this rat, this brilliant little chef, can lead us there.
~ Linguini revealing the truth about his cooking talents to the other chefs.
I was so afraid of becoming my dad, mostly because I thought I never could. How do you become someone that great, that brave, that selfless? I guess you could only try. "A chief protects his own." We're going back.
~ Hiccup making his noble decision of returning to Berk and stop Drago's dark reign once and for all.
Go ahead. Rope me. Cage me. Do whatever you want, but there are people on this speck and they have a mayor, who has 96 daughters and 1 son named JoJo, who all share a bathroom, whatever that is. And even though you can't hear or see them at all, a person's a person, no matter how small.
~ Horton making a speech to the jungle animals when trying to prove to the Kangaroo that the Whos exist.
Woody: Psst!, Psst! Hey, Buzz! (Buzz doesn't respond as he is still depressed discovering that he is a toy and Woody picks up a stray washer from the desktop and throws it at Buzz's helmet and Buzz looks at Woody) Hey! Get over here and see if you can get this tool box off me. (Buzz looks away from Woody) Oh, come on, Buzz. I... Buzz, I can't do this without you. I need your help. Buzz Lightyear (still depressed): I can't help. I can't help anyone. Woody: Why, sure you can, Buzz. You can get me out of here and then I'll get that rocket off you, and we'll make a break for Andy's house. Buzz Lightyear: Andy's house. Sid's house. What's the difference? Woody: Oh, Buzz, you've had a big fall. You must not be thinking clearly. Buzz Lightyear: No Woody, for the first time I am thinking clearly. You were right all along. I'm not a Space Ranger. I'm just a toy. A stupid, little, insignificant toy. Woody: Whoa, hey wait a minute. Being a toy is a lot better than being a Space Ranger. Buzz Lightyear: Yeah, right. Woody: No, it is. Look, over in that house is a kid who thinks you are the greatest, and it's not because you're a Space Ranger, pal, it's because you're a toy! You are his toy. Buzz Lightyear: But why would Andy want me? Woody: Why would Andy want you? Look at you, you're a Buzz Lightyear. Any other toy would give up his moving parts just to be you. You've got wings, you glow in the dark, you talk, your helmet does that... that whoosh thing. You are a cool toy. (Woody pauses and becomes depressed too) As a matter of fact you're too cool. I mean... I mean what chance does a toy like me have against a Buzz Lightyear action figure? All I can do is... (Woody pulls his pull-string) Voice Box: There's a snake in my boot. Woody: Why would Andy ever want to play with me, when he's got you? I'm the one that should be strapped to that rocket. (Woody becomes dejected against the crate and Buzz sees the signature "ANDY" on the bottom of his foot and discovers that maybe being a toy is a lot better than being a space ranger and looks back at Woody while Woody is still dejected) Woody: Listen Buzz, forget about me. You should get out of here while you can. (Woody turns around, but Buzz is gone and Woody discovers that the milkcrate is shaking and discovers that Buzz has finally took Woody's advice about being the importance of Andy's toy as he is on the milkcrate, trying to push the tool box off, so he and Woody can escape) Woody: Buzz!! What are you doing? I thought you were- Buzz Lightyear: Come on, Sheriff. There's a kid over in that house who needs us. Now let's get you out of this thing. Woody: Yes Sir! (Woody puts his hat back on as he and Buzz push the milkcrate and the toolbox together) Come on, Buzz! We can do it!
~ Woody encouraging Buzz to learn that he is Andy's toy as Buzz chooses to be Andy's toy so he and Woody can escape from Sid.
This is my house. I have to defend it.
~ Kevin McCallister choosing to defend his house.
(the Iron Giant sees the missile and decides to sacrifice himself as Hogarth checks on the Giant) Iron Giant: I fix. Hogarth Hughes: Giant? Iron Giant: Hogarth, you stay. I go. (Hogarth looks down, but the Giant tells him one more thing) No following. (Hogarth pushes the Giant's hand away as the Giant prepares to sacrifce himself) Hogarth Hughes: I love you. (the Giant blasts off into space as Annie and Dean watch the Giant's sacrifice and the Giant arrives in space and the missile runs out of fuel and falls on the Giant) Hogarth Hughes (memory): You are who you choose to be. Iron Giant: Superman. (the Giant closes his eyes and the missile lands on him and the Giant explodes in a radius-like cloud)
~ The Iron Giant choosing to sacrifice himself in order to save Rockwell.
Cell: Ten more seconds and the Earth will be gone. I guess we'll call this game a draw. (Goku used his instant transmission to tell Gohan something) Goku: Hey, you put up a good fight Gohan. I'm proud of you. Gohan (shocked): What? Daddy? Goku: Take care of your mother for me. She needs you. Tell her that I had to do this, Gohan. Gohan: Ah! Goku: Goodbye, my son. Piccolo: Goku! Cell: No! Don't! (Goku uses his instant transmission to teleport himself and the exploding Cell away from Earth to avoid the destruction of Earth) Gohan: No! Come back! Krillin: Goku!!!!! Vegeta: Uh! Piccolo: Ah! Future Trunks: Ah! Yamcha: Ah! Tien: Uh! King Kai (shocked after Goku teleported himself to King Kai's planet with the exploding Cell): Ahhhh!!!! Goku! What have you done? Are you out of your mind? Goku: Sorry guys. This is the only place I could think to bring him. King Kai (confused): Well, you could've called first! (Cell begins to explode) Cell: AHHHHH!!!! AUGHHHHHHHH!!! (Cell explodes and Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory are all killed)
~ Goku choosing to sacrifice himself in order to save the Earth.
(General Zod: Stop! If you destroy this ship, you destroy Krypton!) Krypton had its chance!
~ Superman choosing Earth over Krypton.
(The Rugrats are locked in a warehouse with Jean-Claude guarding them to prevent them from crashing Coco's wedding with Chaz) I'm sorry, guys. If I didn't want a princess mommy so bad, we wouldn't be in this terrible place. (Tommy: It's not so terrible. I mean, at least we gots Reptar to keep us company.) Well, I decided I don't want a princess mommy no more. I don't need the magic and sparkly dust. Alls I wants is a real mommy like you guys gots. I want a mommy who smiles and talks nice to me and tucks me in at night and tells me stories (tears leak out of his eyes)... and... who loves me. (Chuckie starts sobbing, Angelica comes up to him) (Angelica: Oh, come on, Finster. Don't cry.) I can't help it, Angelica! I feel bad! M-My daddy's marrying a lady w-who doesn't like me or my Wawa or my friends! (Angelica (guiltily): Actually, Finster, it's sorta my fault.) (Tommy: What do you mean, Angelica?) (Angelica: Well... let's see. Where do I start? It's like this. Mr. Yummyhoochie was on T.V. and he told the French lady you can't have joy if you don't got a heart. Well she had one in a jar but she still needed a spinney man with a kid so I told her how you wanted a princess mom and she was supposed to get me my own princess float but she made the whole thing up! (the babies stare blankly at her) Arrgh! I helped that lady trick your daddy into marrying her!) (The Rugrats gasp) You did? But... (Dil: Bad, yucky! Bad!) (Angelica: Pipe down, drooly!) (Dil blows her a raspberry) (Tommy: Dilly's right! That's one of the worstest things you've ever done, Angelica!) (Angelica (remorsefully): I know it was bad, even for me. Sometimes I just can't help myself. I'm sorry, Chuckie.) (Chuckie stands up with a look of absolute courage on his face) You guys, I can't let that lady marry my daddy! It's like you always say, Tommy: "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do!" And we gots to stop that wedding! (Tommy: How're you gonna do that, Chuckie?) Umm... Uh, actually, I-I-I was hoping you had an idea, Tommy. (Tommy thinks for a moment then looks at the giant mechanical Reptar...)
~ Chuckie Finster rallying his friends to stop the evil Coco Labouche from marrying his father.
(The Circus Bugs notice the very sad Flik) (Slim: Poor fellow.) (Francis: Hey, maybe we could cheer him up a bit.) (Heimlich: Don't worry, Flik. The circus life isn't so bad.) (Slim: Yes you can be part of our act. Watch this) (Francis slaps Slim and spins him) (Slim: Slapstick! Get it? I'm a walking stick! [Flik turns away] Oh, never mind.) (Dot (in distance): Flik!) (Flik pricks up in surprise) Dot? (Dot: Flik! Wait!) (Dot flies into Flik's hands) Dot? You're flying! What are you doing here? (Dot (out of breath): You... have to go back. Hopper moved into the Anthill and his Gang's eating everything!) (The circus bugs gasp in shock). (All: Oh! Oh, no! Good heavens!!) (Dot: And I heard a grasshopper say that when their finished, Hopper's gonna squish my mom!) (All: Oh no not the Queen!) (Rosie: Oh, no! We've gotta do something!) (Slim: But what?) (Rosie: Think guys! Think!) (Gypsy: Oh I know! The bird!) (Slim: The bird! That's brilliant!) The bird won't work. (Francis: What are you talking about? It was your idea!) (Dot: But you said that everything--) Forget everything I ever told you, alright, Dot? Let's face it, the colony is right. I just make things worse. That bird is a guaranteed failure...just like me. (Manny: You listen to me, my boy! I've made a living out of being a failure. And you sir, are NOT a failure!) (Rosie: Oh, but, Flik, you've done so many good things!) Oh, yeah? Okay, well show me me one thing I've done right. (Dim: Us.) (Manny: Dim is right, my boy. You have rekindled the long-dormant embers of purpose in our lives.) (Slim: And if it wasn't for you, Francis would've never gotten in touch with his feminine side.) (Francis (angry): Oh, yeah?! (calms down) You know what? He's right.) (Gypsy: Lt. Gypsy reporting for duty!) (Francis: Kid, say the word and we'll follow you into battle!) (Manny: We believe in you, my boy!) (Dot: Flik, please?) (Flik hangs his head and turns away; Dot flies out and gets out a rock and puts next to Flik on the bench as he turns around) (Dot: Pretend this is a seed. Okay?) (Flik suddenly smiles) Thanks, Dot. (Flik and Dot hug each other) (Francis: Hey what's with the rock?) (Slim: Must be an ant thing.) All right, let's do it! (Rosie: That's the Flik we know and love!)
~ Dot getting Flik and the Circus Bugs' for help to stand up against Hopper. Flik stubbornly refuses and continues to mope until Dot cheers him up with the same philosophy he used on her earlier.
(King Triton gazes at Ariel as she longfully gazes at the unconscious Eric) She really does love him, doesn't she, Sebastian? (Sebastian: Well, it's like I always say, Your Majesty: Children got to be free to lead their own lives.) You always say that? (Sebastian smiles) (sighs) Then, I guess there's just one problem left. (Sebastian: And what's that, Your Majesty?) (sadly) How much I'm going to miss her. (Triton uses his magic to turn Ariel into a human)
~ King Triton turning Ariel human for her to be with Eric.
(After an argument with Buzz and the other toys and refusing to return to Andy with them, Woody dejectedly watches the last part of Woody's Roundup with the Woody puppet singing "You've Got a Friend in Me", scrubbing off the paint on his boot and uncovering Andy's name when he sees a child play with puppet Woody.) What am I doing? (Pauses, then suddenly realizes that Andy needs him.) Buzz! Wait! Wait! (Starts to run to the duct.) (Stinky Pete: Woody, where are you going?) You're right, Prospector, I can't stop Andy from growing up. But I wouldn't miss it for the world. (Runs to the duct.) (Stinky Pete: No!) (Woody opens the door to the vent.) BUZZ! (Buzz: Yes?) (Buzz #2: Yes?) I'm coming with you! (Woody tries to go in, stops and realizes something else.) Wait, wait, wait, waitwaitwaitwaitwait, I'll be back in just a second! (Runs back inside. The other toys watch with joy.) (Buzz: Way to go, cowboy!) (Woody approaches the Roundup Gang.) Hey, you guys...come with me. (Jessie, shocked: What?) Andy will play with all of us. I know it! (Jessie: Woody, I-I...I don't know, I...) Wouldn't you give anything just to have one more day with Emily? Come on, Jessie. This is what it's all about: To make a child happy. And you know it.
~ Woody deciding to go back to Andy and inviting the Roundup Gang to his house.
I am Ted Wiggins, and I speak for the trees. And the fact is, things aren't perfect here in Thneedville. And they're only gonna get worse unless we do something about it. And we can start by planting this! (holds up the Truffula seed)
~ Ted Wiggins revealing the wasteland beyond Thneedville and convincing the citizens to plant the Trufulla seed.
(RJ pulls up the wagon of food) (Vincent: Wow!) Vincent? (Vincent: So I was just on my way down here to kill you, but I stopped to watch the show, and I gotta say... that right there is a thing of beauty. (Shows RJ the binoculars to allow him to see all his friends captured by the Verminator) (Vincent: That is the most vicious, deceitful, self-serving thing I've ever seen. (chuckles) Classic RJ. You take the food and they take the fall. You keep this up, you're gonna end up just like me, having everything you ever wanted.) But I already had that. (Vincent: What, them? Who are you kidding? You said it yourself. "You're a family of one." Always will be. It's how guys like you and me survive. So a few saps got hurt in the process. Tough. That's life. Trust me, you don't need them.) Actually, I do. And right now, they really need me! So I really need this! (takes the wagon with all the food) (Vincent: RJ!!!')
~ RJ the Raccoon deciding to save his friends from the Verminator instead of giving Vincent the Bear back his food.
(Homer wakes up in a mysterious Inuit medicine woman's tent) (Medicine Woman: Homer Simpson, do you know why you are here?) Because my family cares more about other people than they do about me? (Medicine Woman: Drink this liquid.) [Homer drinks a liquid that gives a fire in his mouth.] More, please. (Medicine Woman: Now, we will cleanse your spirit by the ancient Inuit art of throat singing.) Throat singing? [Medican Woman demonstrates throat singing to Homer. Homer follows.] How long are we doing this? (Medicine Woman: Until you have an epiphany.) Okay. [Homer and Medicine Woman do more Throat singing.] What's an epiphany? (Medicine Woman: Sudden realization of great truth.) Okay. [Homer and Medicine Woman do another throat singing. Homer gets into a vision of where he's surrounded by living trees.] (Medicine Woman: Unless you have an epiphany, you will spend the remainder of your days alone.) Epiphany, epiphany, epiphany. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. [The tree branches slap him] Americans will never embrace soccer? [gets slapped again] More than two shakes and it's playing with yourself? [the branches take Homer's body parts off of him] Hey, what are you doing? [Homer watches his body parts (except his eyes and mouth) melt] Oh, do whatever you want to me. I don't care about myself anymore. [His body parts reverse the melting process] (Medicine Woman: Because...?) Because...other people are just as important as me. Without them, I’m nothing. In order to save myself... I have to save Springfield! That's it...isn't it? [Homer is acclaimed by applause and cheering before he wakes from the vision.] That was the most incredible experience of my life. And now to find my family, save my town and drop 10 pounds! Thank you, boob lady! [Homer rushes off to save Springfield]
~ Homer Simpson's epiphany that gives him the noble choice to leave Alaska to save Springfield.
Poor Odie. He faces a life of torture, neglect and degradation... Hey, nobody gets to mistreat my dog like that except ME!
~ Garfield deciding to go after Happy Chapman to save Odie.
(Gia, Vitaly, and Stefano hang their heads missing the Zoosters when Julien staggers in) (King Julien: Sonya baby! I don't wanna be king anymore. What really matters is what we smell like together! Forgive me?) (Sonya places Julien in her mouth) (King Julien: Hello?) (Kowalski (grabs a tranquilizer dart from Julien's tail): GASP! It's DuBois!) (Skipper: Baba booey! (Skipper turns to Julien) Where'd you get this?) (King Julien: I got it from the zoo!) (Skipper: The hippies got ambushed!) (Gia: What?! We have to help them!) (Circus Horse: But they lied to us.) (Jonesy: Yeah, why should we lend a paw?) (Gia: They are our friends!) (Jonesy: They're not even circus!) (Vitaly: That's Bolshevik!) (The dogs are now convinced) (Skipper: I'd never thought I'd say this on American soil, but the Russki's right!)
~ The circus animals deciding to save Alex and the gang from DuBois, despite Alex's earlier deceit to them.
(After defeating Morgana, Melody awakens in her dad's arms.) Dad? (Eric: Oh, Melody, I was so afraid we'd lost you.) (Melody embraces her mother) I'm sorry, mother. (Ariel: Oh, no, sweetie. We're sorry. We should've told you the truth.) I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I just hoped...I'd be a better mermaid than a girl. (Ariel: Oh, Melody, sweetie, it doesn't matter if you have fins or feet. We love you for who you are on the inside; our very brave little girl.) (King Triton: Just like your mother) (Melody hugs her grandfather) Oh, Grandfather. (King Triton: Melody, I don't blame you for wanting to join us merfolk. And because you're my granddaughter, I'm giving you a most precious gift... a choice: you can come to Atlantica with me or you can return to your home on land. It's up to you.) (Melody looks at her grandfather, then at her parents.) I have a better idea. (Cut to the palace; Melody, holding the trident, uses it to dissolve the castle walls.) Now we can all be together!
~ As Melody reconciles with her parents, King Triton offers Melody a choice to either live with him and Atlantica as a mermaid, or stay human and live with her family. Melody declines the offer, instead choosing to use her Grandfather's trident to dissolve the castle walls--therefore, both human and merfolk can be together in harmony.
(Iago's scream is heard as he falls from the sky, bouncing off Carpet. Jasmine catches him.) (Iago (out of breath): Al's dad... Sa'luk...) (Jasmine: Just take a deep breath, Iago. Now what about Aladdin's father?) (Iago: It's Sa'luk, the guy Al beat. He's NOT beat! He's back! And he's got Cassim!) That's his problem! He chose to go back to that life! (Genie: Al, I know your dad made a lot of bad choices--but that doesn't mean you have to.) (Jasmine: He is your father. How can you do anything else?) I'm being as stubborn as he was... (Al sulks for a moment, then, after a pause...) Show me the way! (Jasmine, Abu, Iago, and Genie smile grandly)
~ Aladdin deciding to save his father from Sa'Luk, despite all his father's selfish actions.
(Phil and Lil pushes a frightened Chuckie on, even though the lightning makes a trees resemble monsters. Then, lightning strikes a tree. They all run for cover, with Phil accidentally leaving his blue shoes behind near a fallen tree trunk) Chuckie: Lil? Phil? (Chuckie sees Phil's shoes, though its placement leads Chuckie and Lil to think that a tree has fallen on him.) Aah! Ohh! Oh. Phil. Lil: Chuckie? Chuckie: He always loved climbing on trees. Now a tree's climbed on him. Lil (tearfully picking up Phil shoes): He was my favoritest brother. Speak to me, Phillip! Phil: Have you guys seen my shoes? Lil: Phillip! (hugs him) I don't like this adventure anymore, Phillip! Phil: Gosh, Chuckie, this time we really are doomed! Lil: Doomed! Doomed! (wails) Phil: Snap out of it, Lillian! We gotta find the lizard! Chuckie: I dunno, guys. If we find the lizard and Tommy doesn't, how's he ever gonna get home? Phil: What're you worried about him for? He's the one who was gonna let you get eated by a fish! Lil: All he cares about now is baby Dil! Chuckie: Yeah, well, somebody has to! Don't they?'
~ Chuckie Finster convincing Phil and Lil to go out to save Tommy and Dil.
To live forever... when those I loved are dead, and I to blame? I choose death.
~ The Prince rejects the Vizier's offer of power and immortality before plunging the Dagger of Time into the hourglass, resealing the Sands of Time and returning back in time in order to prevent the invasion of Farah's kingdom and the release of the Sands from happening.
Taran: I'm not a warrior, I'm a pig-boy. What would I do with the sword? Orddu: Absolutely nothing. Taran: But I would trade. Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch: Yes? Taran: The cauldron... for Gurgi.
~ Taran's noble decision of giving away the black cauldron in exchange for Gurgi's life.
He's right! I've got more reason to fight than anyone! SO WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! I'm afraid I'll never get to go home. I can't give up! The only chance I have is to fight!
~ Katie Walker deciding to not give up in order to win.
I couldn't stay away. If they're gonna punish me like a Crystal Gem, I might as well be one.
~ Lapis Lazuli officially joining the Crystal Gems.
(At the infirmary on Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko visits Worf) (Sisko: What's the word?) She is still in surgery, but Doctor Bashir is hopeful she will make a full recovery. (Sisko: Lasaran's dead. Starfleet Intelligence intercepted a transmission saying that he'd been killed trying to re-enter the base at Soukara. Could you have made the rendezvous?) Yes. (Sisko: Yet you turned back to save Jadzia?) Yes. (Sisko: Were you aware that the information that man had could have saved millions of lives?) Yes. (Sisko: So what happened?) You may not understand. (Sisko: Try me, sir.) You were at my wedding. You heard the story of the first two Klingon hearts and how nothing could stand against them, and how they even destroyed the gods that created them. I have heard that story since I was a boy but I never understood it, I mean really understood it, until I was standing in the jungle with my heart pounding in my chest and I found that even I could not stand against my own heart. I had to go back and it did not matter what Starfleet thought or what the consequences were. She was my wife and I could not leave her. (Sisko: As your captain, it is my duty to tell you that you made the wrong choice. I don't think Starfleet will file any formal charges. Even a secret court martial would run the risk of revealing too much about their intelligence operations. But this will go into your service record, and to be completely honest, you probably won't be offered a command on your own after this.) I understand. (Sisko: I have also issued new orders. You and Jadzia are not to be assigned to a mission on your own ever again. And one last thing. As a man who had a wife, if Jennifer had been lying in that clearing, I wouldn't have left her either.) (Worf leaves the infirmary to see Jadzia.)
~ Worf explaining to Captain Sisko that he couldn't bring himself to leave the wounded Jadzia Dax in the clearing and why he had to abort the mission to save her. Sisko understands his story, but tells him that Worf has made the wrong choice, but admits that he would have done the same thing if he and Jennifer (his late wife) had been in the situation.
(Luci, now a level 2 demon, is flying Princess Bean and Elfo's spirit in a Jar out of Hell, but they are heavy and Luci is huffing) Damn! You guys are heavy. Do we really need both of you? (Bean and Elfo: Yes.) I hate democracy. Anyway, once we cross this lava river, we're home free, I thinl we're going to make it! (Suddenly, Satan appears! Satan: I don't! The three heroes scream. Satan: Thought you could escape Luci? A mere demon level 2? I'm so dissapointed, you could have made Uber Demon one day!) Luci: How bout today? (He drops Elfo who starts screaming as he begins his fall into the lava. Bean: Elfo!) Luci: See you never! (He drops Bean who also starts screaming. Satan is most pleased. Satan: What an appalling thing to do. I hereby promote you to Uber Demon Level 4. He turns Luci into a larger version of himself.) Luci: Thanks dumbass! He punches Satan in the face and knocks him into a revaine rock. (Satan: Leave now, and you'll lose your power, your immortality, your parking space, EVERYTHING!) Luci: That's a price I'm willing to pay! (He flies down to rescue his friends. Elfo: Oh god! My soul's gonna die! I'm gonna go to Super Hell!, Luci swoops in and catches them both) Gotcha! (Bean: You schmuck, again? The heroes fly towards a lava waterfall, fly up, and are back in the mortal world, on a tropical island, Luci's wings vanish and he shrinks back to normal size) Oh no, my wings! (The heroes land on the ground)
~ Luci giving up his power, immortality, and place in hell to save his friends
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