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The Heavens, often sometimes commmonly referred to as "Heaven", is a beautiful celestial realm home to the gods including the Elder Gods themselves as well as Earthrealm's thunder god Lord Raiden and one of many well-known locations featured in the Mortal Kombat fighting videogame series. As its name suggests, the Heavens due to it's semblance as an eternally celestial environment with floating mountains in the clouds and meteors and rocks holding still in the calm air amidst the starry skies and is the realm where the gods roam, and the destination for the souls of all those who have died as morally good beings. Nothing is known about this mysterious dimension, except that it is one of the two realms that is infinite in space, the other one being its polar opposite, the Netherrealm itself. It is an blend of the old East Asian and Christian concepts of Heaven as it is quite comparable to Heaven within the Abrahamic faiths as well as others of different religions and cultures.


The Heavens were coming to being during the early days of creation, as the Elder Gods (currently only six of them instead of the former seven) fought and won against the ominous cosmic creature known as the One Being whose very chassis and essence were split by them into the very universe exists to this day with the power of their crafted mystic items known as the Kamidogu. After they successful in forging the all the realms and established the Heavens as their seat of power and their home, they charged all other lesser deities that helped using the elements to bring the worlds to life, to be the entitled "Protectors" of these young worlds, to watch over and guide them.

The Heavens can be accessed via soulnado as shown in Scorpion's Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance stating the tragic ninja specter, after being pushed by the 2 Oni creatures Moloch and Drahmin during his hunt for the malicious necromancer Quan Chi, was ripped apart by the purity of that realm, indicating that impure entities may be destroyed upon entry.


  • 天 Tiān (j天国), Tengoku?