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Stark Industries is a weapons and technology company founded and owned by Howard Stark. In World War II, Stark Industries built 100,000 planes to help the Allies forces, quickly establishing them as a military contractor. Stark Industries also assisted the Strategic Scientific Reserve fight against HYDRA. After Howard's death, ownership passed to his son, Tony and the company was run by Obadiah Stane until Tony was old enough to take over. Under Tony's leadership, Stark Industries became the world leader in the development of manufacturing advanced weapons. Stark Industries quickly branched out into other scientific fields including aeronautics, robotics, micro-technology and fringe science. After returning home from being held captive, Tony stopped Stark Industries from manufacturing weapons and focused instead on clean energy. Later as Tony continues to operate as Iron Man, he realizes that the Paladium core of his Arc reactor is slowly poisoning him and appoints Pepper Potts as Chairman and CEO of Stark Industries, though she later resigned after Tony found a cure for the palladium poisoning that was killing him. After the Battle of New York, Pepper once again became the CEO of Stark Industries.

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