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Skylands is the main setting in the Skylanders series. It is a magical world in the center of the Universe that contains an endless expanse of clouds with large and small floating islands; each with its own world, inhabited by both normal and fantastic creatures. Protected by the Skylanders, it is under constant threat by evil.

Everything in Skylands was created by the Ancients with Mind Magic, first created for everlasting peace until The Darkness was accidentally unleashed. With no known beginning or end, Skylands is a wondrous world filled with magic and mystery, both light and dark. Magic flows through everything in Skylands, from every rock, tree, and beast.

It is also home to the Skylanders, including Spyro, who serve as Skylands' greatest protectors. The Portal Masters and the Skylanders protected Skylands and its magical Core of Light for generations, using their magical powers and weaponry to keep peace and balance in their world so that all creatures can thrive.

Throughout the history of Skylands, brave explorers have piloted airships far and wide to see what lies beyond its cloud-filled skies. Some were lost in the Great Black Whirl Storm while others were shipwrecked on strange and dangerous islands. But one thing has always proven true: there is seemingly no boundary or end to the world of Skylands.