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Relics are prehistoric instruments of unknown technology that is used to form the core of Symphogear. Each Relic holds different properties and will manifest in different forms with different power, when crafted into a Symphogear.

Most Symphogears are crafted from Relic fragments, but there are cases where users can equip complete Relic (such as Durandal) and unleash their power. They are significantly more powerful than Relic fragments, but are much harder to control.


  • Gungnir has the highest number of users, with three users:
    • Kanade, Hibiki, and Maria.
  • Hibiki and Maria's Gungnir come from the same pattern.
  • Maria and Chris are the only ones to have used more than one relic.
  • Chris used the Nehushtan Armor and currently has Ichaival.
  • Maria has used the Black Gungnir and Serena's gear Airgetlam.
  • Except Kanade's Gungnir, Maria's Gungnir and Miku's Shen Shou Jing, all other users are compatible, without the use of the LiNKER drug.
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