The Player's House is the house that the Players defend himself/herself from the Zombies by using plants. It consists of a front yard, a backyard with a pool, and a red roof with a red chimney. In Plants vs. Zombies 2, the house is on Weird Road and Fan Street.

The front yard of the house has an area of 5x9 green grass facing the road. It contains a pink tricycle, a garden hose, a small tree, and a welcome mat. In the second game, there is a mailbox in front of the house close to the street. The lawn mowers act as the last line of defense.

The backyard consists of a large 2x9 pool, with a set of table and chairs under a beach umbrella. It also contains a rubber ducky and a barbecue. The zombies use the ladders to enter the pool which was blocked by the fence. The lawnmowers along with the pool cleaners act as the last line of defense.

The red roof contains a red chimney and a satellite. Small Marigold-like plants can be seen growing on the player's roof. The Zombies use the ladder to climb up the roof. The roof cleaners act as the last line of defense. Since the roof is at an angle, pea plants cannot be used since they can't shoot over the arc.

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