Heroic Overview
Well, well, pussycats. Looks like you and me have got ourselves a rendezvous with pain.
~ Spike to Professor Moriarty's hench-cats before he overpowers them.

In any story, the hero or heroine doesn't always outsmart or stand up against the enemy. Sometimes, heroes, usually the sidekicks or supporting characters can overpower or mob an enemy to save someone or ensure a plan goes well. The method could be either physically or in psychological manner.


  • The Boxtrolls overpower Mr. Gristle to save Eggs from being killed at the hands of Archibald Snatcher and the Red Hats.
  • Ginger and the hens overpower Mr. Tweedy and tie him up to ensure their escape plan goes well.
  • Scuttle and Ariel's sea friends do a number on Ursula (disguised as a maiden named Vanessa) to stop the wedding and save Prince Eric.
  • Jade Chan and her clones overpower Po Kong to save her uncle.
  • Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack and Gosalyn Mallard overpowering Major Synapes (who is pure thought) by asking various questions, causing the villain to be confused, destroying him.
  • Woody and the mutant toys mob Sid to save Buzz.
  • Bart Simpson and the school children mob and overpower Nelson Muntz and the bullies.
  • Despite being blasted by Jafar, the injured Iago uses his last bit of strength to kick the Jafar's lamp into the molten lava, causing Jafar to be electrocuted and explode into dust.
  • Pepita overpowers Ernesto de la Cruz for his actions against the Rivera family, and throws him flying to the bell tower, where Ernesto smacks face-first to the iron bell. While recovering, the bell falls and crushes Ernesto, copying his original death.
  • Peter Rabbit and his friends overpower Mr. Tod, Tommy Brock and McGregor's cat and send them rolling downhill.
  • Anastasia destroys Rasputin's reliquary, causing the evil sorcerer to vanish from existance.
  • The Ghostly Trio using their ghostly powers by transforming into a three eyed monster to scare Desmond Spellman, cauising him to fall into the Abyss.
  • Jolt redirecting Tankor's cannon towards Dirge.
  • Ant-Man crawls into Yellowjacket's suit and dismantles it, destroying him.
  • Bladebeak leaps onto one of Ruber's minions and attacks him to save Lady Juliana.
  • Caesar overpowering his former best friend Koba in psychological manner simply by mock him over his pain at hands of humanity.
  • James and his bug friends overpowering Spiker and Sponge by wrapping them up in Miss Spider's web.
  • Molly Weasley overpowers Bellatrix Lestrange and kills her for trying to kill her daughter Ginny Weasley.
  • After being taunted by Scut Farkus, Ralphie Parker goes nuclear and overpowers him.
  • The dogs, cats and rats helping Garfield to owerpowering Happy Chapman to save Odie.
  • Queen Elinor owerpowering Mor'du.
  • The Losers owerpowering It/Pennywise.
  • The Iron Giant has Parzival unleash Chucky on the Sixers and gives Art3mis an opening to destroy Mechagodzilla. Sho later uses a throwing star to (literally) disarm i-R0k as payback for harming the Iron Giant.
  • Omega Supreme bashes Sunstorm into the ground, kicks Ramjet aside, head-butts Blitzwing into the horizon, blows Lugnut away with his rear-head cannon, and blasts Slipstream with lasers.


Have I got a shock for you...stupid toy!
~ Alan Abernathy to Major Chip Hazard before slamming him into some electric wires, putting an end to his reign of terror once and for all.
(Jackie Chan is about to wind up as Po Kong's dinner when a voice rings out.) Hey! Big Bertha! (The enormous monster spins around. The voice is Jade's.) It's not polite to play with your food. (Po Kong: Hmm...another tiny portion?) (Two Jade clones open the doors, revealing an army of them. A sly smile spreads across Jade's face.) (Jackie Chan: Jade!) (Po Kong lets out an evil laugh, then smiles wickedly, showing a mouthful of ragged fangs as she kneels down towards the children.) (Po Kong: Ahh! Finger food!) You mean...KNUCKLE SANDWICH! HYAAAAH! (At this, Jade and her clones pounce on Po Kong, knocking her to the ground and causing her to release Jackie.)
~ Jade Chan and her clones overpowering Po Kong to save her uncle.
You're not the only ones who like playing with dolls!
~ Daphne Blake as she and Velma Dinkley overpower Simone and Lena.
Auto, you are relieved of duty!
~ Captain McCrea overpowering Auto by shutting him down.
(Tankor: Lovely. The bigger they are... they harder they-) [Before Tankor can finish, Jolt suddenly yanks his tank mode's turret.] Are to hit?
~ Jolt redirecting Tankor's cannon towards Dirge.
(Ginger and the hens are close to finishing up the airplane when Mr. Tweedy opens up the roof to get them. His eyes bug out and he gasps.) (Mr. Tweedy: Me tools! Why, you thieving little buggers!) (Mac: What's the plan, hen?) (Ginger looks up at Mr. Tweedy. Her eyes narrow, and then...) ATTACK! (Mr. Tweedy: Huh?) (Suddenly, Ginger pounces onto Mr. Tweedy's face.) (Bunty: Nice plan.) (The hens launch themselves onto Mr. Tweedy, latching onto his head and body.) (Mr. Tweedy: Mrs. Tweedy! AARGH! Mrs. Tweedy! The chickens are REVOLTING!) (Mrs. Tweedy, as soon as she hears this: Finally, something we agree on.) (The hens tie up Mr. Tweedy with strong rope as he struggles to get free.) (Mr. Tweedy: HELP! MRS. TWEE- ) (Mac stuffs his cap into his mouth, and he topples over like a tree.) Under the hut. (On Ginger's command, the hens push Mr. Tweedy under one of the huts.)
~ Ginger and the hens doing a number on Mr. Tweedy to escape the farm.
(Jafar has trapped Aladdin and the gang in a lava pit.) (Jafar: Give it up, boy! You shall never have my lamp! And there is no one to save you this time!) [Iago charges in] Hey, Jafar, SHUT UP!!! (Aladdin: Iago?) (Jafar: TRAITOR!) (Iago grabs the lamp, but Jafar zaps him, sending the injured parrot onto a rock) (Jasmine: No!) (Weak Iago looks at Jafar then the black lamp) (Jafar [laughs evilly]: Good help is so hard to find these days, isn't it Aladdin?) (Iago wriggles his foot towards the lamp. Jafar gasps in horror as he realizes exactly what Iago is about to do!) (Using his last ounce of strength, Iago kicks the lamp, sending it into the molten lava.) (Jafar: MY LAMP! NOO!!!) (The lamp melts in the magma, causing the screaming Jafar to be electrocuted, then explode into nothingness.)
~ Iago kicking Jafar's lamp into the molten lava, causing Jafar to electrocute, then explode into nothingness.
(Rasputin's reliquary rolls at Anastasia's feet; She stomps on it) This is for Dimitri! (Stomps on the reliquary) (Rasputin: Give it back!) This is for my family! [stomp] (Rasputin: I'll tear you to pieces!) And this--this is for you! (Rasputin: No!) Dosvidanya! (Stomps on it one more time, it explodes and the demons surround Rasputin as he screams; Rasputin melts then his skeleton wobbles, before transforming into dust, which the wind blows away)
~ Anastasia destroying Rasputin's reliquary, causing him to vanish from existence.
[Omega Supreme transforms into robot mode for the first time since the Great War. The Decepticons transform to robot mode just in time to witness their enemy's rebirth.] I am Omega Supreme! (Sari Sumdac: Cool!) [Omega begins marching towards the Decepticon mine base.] (Lugnut, mocking Omega: Your size is meaningless compared to the greatness of Megatron! Ha!) (Slipstream/Female Starscream: Size... That's it! Everyone! AIM FOR THE LEGS!) [Slipstream leads the Decepticons into crippling Omega by firing Null Ray lasers alongside Sunstorm and Ramjet while Lugnut fires rocket fists and Blitzwing fires missiles. Although Omega is initially weakened by the assault, some help from Ratchet and Sari enables Omega to unleash an array of lasers and missiles that frighten the Decepticons, one of which manages to hit Slipstream.] Thanks, Doc-bot. (Sunstorm/Sycophant Starscream: Oh, great and mighty Autobot! It is an honor to merely bask in your majestic pre-) [Omega bashes Sunstorm into the ground.] (Ramjet/Liar Starscream: Hey look! Your stabilizing servo is unbolted!) [Omega kicks Ramjet aside.] (Hothead Blitzwing: You overgrown Autobot! I will scramble your circuits so bad you need a GPS scanner to find your exhaust port!) [Omega head-butts Blitzwing into the horizon.] (Random Blitzwing: Mayday! Mayday! Let's all dance around the mawhole!) [Lugnut fires rocket fists with Punch of Kill Everything switches at Omega, only for the Omega Sentinel to fire a rear-head cannon that cancels the attack and blows Lugnut away.] Autobots in danger. [Omega fires one last blast at the Decepticons before flying off to help Optimus, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Prowl, and Prof. Sumdac with the unstable space bridge.]
~ Omega Supreme overpowering Lugnut, Blitzwing, Slipstream, Sunstorm, and Ramjet.
(Carver:You're too late again, Mr Bond. It's a bad habit of yours. There's nothing you can do. The missile's fully programmed. It can't be stopped. In a matter of minutes, my plan will succeed. Thanks largely to your efforts, the British Navy will destroy the evidence. I'll be out of here in a Carver News helicopter covering the event. It's going to be a fantastic show!) I may have some breaking news for you, Elliot. (the Seadrill breaks into the room uncontrollably. While Carver is distracted by this, Bond fights him to keep him in the torpedo's firing line.) You forgot the first rule of mass media, Elliot. Give the people what they want! (leaves Carver to be killed by the torpedo, while running out of the way.) (Carver: No. No. NOOO!) (Carver gets shredded by the drill, as does the drill's control computer, shutting it down.)
~ James Bond killing Elliot Carver by allowing his Seadrill to shred him.
(Following a duel, Proculus wounds Atticus.) (Proculus: A barbarian does not die...the equal of a Roman.) (turns to go, but Atticus grabs his wrist, breaks the blade and points it at Proculus' neck.) Let's see...if a Roman can die...the equal of a gladiator. (grabs Proculus' neck and pushes the blade towards it.) (Proculus: (struggling to repel the blade) Please. Please) Gladiators... do...not...beg!) (stabs Proculus.)
~ Atticus killing Proculus.
(Duke and the Baroness, in a stolen Cobra Mantis submarine, near Destro and Cobra Commander's sub.) This is Captain Duke Hauser, prepare to be boarded. (Neo-Viper Sub Driver: Sir.) (Destro and the Commander enter the room.) (Commander: You are relentless, Duke, I'll give you that much. And what's to stop me from blowing you out of the water?) Self-preservation. I'm taking you in, Rex.) (Commander: Ha ha ha ha ha! You and what army?) My army. (Heavy Duty's fleet of SHARCs surround them. Afterwards, we cut to a prison in the USS Flagg, where Destro and the Commander are locked in.) (Commander: You know, Duke, this has only just begun.) I'll be waiting for you. (seals the prison even further.)
~ Duke and the redeemed Baroness apprehending James McCullen/Destro and Cobra Commander.
(Dom, as well as fighting Shaw, is attacked by Mose Jakande from his attack plane. Shots fired from the plane break up the tarmac on the car park Dom and Shaw are fighting on, and they end up on two sides of a crack, with Shaw inside a danger zone.) The thing about street fights? The street always wins. (stamps on the danger zone, sending it tumbling down)
~ Dom Toretto defeating Deckard Shaw.
(Maleficent: Falling in love is weak and ridiculous, its not what you want.) Mal: You don't know what I want. (Maleficent stare at her daughter with evil eyes) Mal: Mom, do you ever ask me what I really want? I'm not you! (Maleficent: Oh obviously, I've had years and years and years and years and years of being evil you'll get there.) Mal: No, I will not. And I really wish that you never gotten there yourself. Love is not weak or ridiculous. It's actually really amazing. (Maleficent: I know one thing young lady. You have NO room for love in you're life!) Mal: And now I command wand in my hand. (The wand flew from Maleficent hand to Mal hand) Mal: It worked!
~ Mal confronting her mother and get the wand from her.
(Dylan Gould: I saved a whole other world! You think you’re a hero? Huh?! YOU THINK YOU’RE A HERO?!) No. I’m just a messenger. (Sam knocks Dylan into the pillar and electrocuted to death)
~ Sam Witwicky overpowers Dylan Gould by knocking him into the control pillar.
My daddy never got what he wanted...but he had what he needed! He had love! He never lost sight of what was really important! (Dr. Facilier: Easy with that thing! Careful!) AND NEITHER WILL I! (Throws the talisman to the ground, but Facilier's shadow catches it and hands it to him. Facilier cackles evilly, removes the restaurant illusion and turns Tiana back to her frog form.) (Dr. Facilier: Y'all should've taken my deal! (pins Tiana to the ground with his cane) Now you're gonna spend the rest of your life bein' a slimy, little frog!) I've got news for you, Shadow Man. It's not slime, it's mucus! (Tiana grabs the talisman with her tongue, then smashes it on the ground.) (Dr. Facilier: No. NO! [picks up the remains and gasps in horror as purple lights flicker around him. Tiana hides] How am I ever gonna pay back my debt?!) [Voodoo masks break out of some gravestones] (Dr. Faciler: Friends!) (Masks: Are you ready?!) (Dr. Facilier, nervously: No! I'm not ready at all. In fact, I got lots more plans.) (Voodoo Masks: Are you ready!) (Dr. Facilier; This is just a minor setback in a major operation.) (Voodoo dolls burst out of the ground, carrying drumsticks. Facilier shrieks) (Dr. Faciler: As soon as I whip up another spell, we'll be back in business! I still got that froggy prince locked away! I just need a little more time.) (The tombstone he was backing against transforms into a huge, demonic mask. Facilier shrieks) (Dr. Facilier: No, no, please, no!) [a demon grabs his shadow and starts to pull him toward the mask's mouth. Facilier yelps in panic] (Dr. Facilier: Just a little more time!) [The demons chant and bang on drums] (Dr. Facilier: I promise I'll pay y'all back! I PROMISE!) (Facilier screams in terror as he is pulled into the mask's mouth along with the other demons. Tiana shields her eyes then looks again; The smoke clears revealing the tombstone with Facilier's face and name engraved on it)
~ Tiana destroying Dr. Facilier's talisman, allowing the Shadowman to be literally dragged to Hell by his own goons.
Now, who's the damsel in distress? (Zarkos, whimpering: M-me?) Straight up! (Swings down and kicks Zarkos down a deep pit)
~ Daphne Blake overpowering Zarkos before kicking him down a deep pit
(El Macho: I am not afraid of your jelly guns!) Oh, this ain't a jelly gun, sunshine! (uses the Fart Gun on El Macho, knocking him out)
~ Dr. Nefario subduing El Macho with the Fart Gun.
~ Molly Weasley overpowers Bellatrix Lestrange and kills her for trying to kill her daughter Ginny Weasley
[Optimus Prime arrives on Dragonstorm and hops off the three-headed dragon bot before it knocks Infernocus to the ground. The Autobot leader then slides up to and climbs onto the Decepticon combiner, inflicting damage to its head and chest.] You ugly mess... [Optimus jumps off Infernocus as it separates into six Infernocons.] Did you forget who I am? [Upon putting on his battle mask, the Infernocons try to gang up on their enemy, but they are all swiftly decapitated in one mighty swing of Optimus' sword.] I AM OPTIMUS PRIME!
~ Optimus Prime vanquishing Infernocus.