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Obstacles and Arguments

Every good story has someone who has a struggle and is unable to get past something. No matter how hard they've worked or hard they've tried, their dream hasn't come true.
~ Ty Pennington talking about how heroes in films go through obstacles.
You're being a really bad friend! (Hulk: You bad friend!)
~ Thor having a heated argument with the Hulk.

In any great story, whether fictional or real life, the hero/heroine encounters an obstacle or bump in the road on their journey to reach their goals. Mostly this happens when he or she gets into a serious and upsetting situation, and it leads us to empathize with the main character.

An obstacle is usually the straw that breaks the camel's back, but it can also be the catalyst for the hero's journey. On top of that however, is that heroes become upset, whether their anger is mild, aggressive, or passive.

While it sounds bad, it is fine for them to be this way for obvious understandings. If they've entered an aggressive state, they will spread insults at a person they've cared about, or cause vandalism. On the other side of the coin, once they've taken they're minds of of the situation long enough after such aggressiveness, usually a few things can happen:

  1. It is safe to say that will attempt to apologize on what they have done or said to them.
  2. In rare circumstances, they will tearfully break-down with sadness, and usually try to cope with themselves, and sometimes, apologizing as well.
  3. Comforting a person they've cared about as a form of apologizing.
  4. Coming up with new plans.
  5. Showing a weak smile.

These events (1, 2 and 3) can also be connected to a hero whenever they have did the most wrong thing after all.


  • The hero or heroine is pursued or kidnapped by bad guys.
  • The hero or heroine gets into an argument.
  • He or she picks a fight that goes over the edge.
  • He or she is wrongfully accused of something he or she did not do.
  • He or she does not know what was happening to everyone.
  • He or she is picked on, bullied, or humiliated.
  • He or she gets caught up in a sticky situation, such as getting caught up in a traffic jam or lost in the woods.
  • The hero's tantrums go too far and result in harmful situations.
  • His or her guardian prevents them from achieving his or her goals, in order to keep them "safe from harm".
  • The hero or heroine is separated from his family or friends.
  • The hero or heroine loses someone he or she cares about.
  • The hero or heroine has a dilemma.
  • The hero getting hurt in battle by the villain.
  • The hero getting betrayed by a friend, family member, or someone close to them who reveals himself/herself as the villain.
  • The hero or heroine learns something shocking and they do not take it very well.
  • The hero or heroine is betrayed]], dumped, unemployed, divorced, expelled, disowned, rejected, raged, suspended, double-crossed, arrested, lied to, gets into trouble, denounced or accused.
  • He or she receives a punishment.
  • He or she is upset about something like when things do not go his or her way.
  • He or she flies into a rage.



  • Owen Grady argues with Claire Dearing, over the way to stop the Indominus Rex.
  • Captain George Stacy and Peter Parker have a tense debate over the vigilante Spider-Man and his motives.
  • Alan Parrish argues with his father about going to Cliffside.
  • Spencer Gilpin and Anthony "Fridge" Johnson argue about why they are stuck in the videogame-styled world of Jumanji and why their childhood friendship ended.
  • Lincoln Loud argues with Ronnie Anne Santiago about her attempts to stop him from revealing anything about her being from Royal Woods, testing their relationship.
  • Blu argues with Jewel after their separation, stating he never wanted to come to Rio in the first place.
  • Iron Man argues with Spider-Man after saving the Staten Island Ferry and takes away his suit as a result of his recklessness.
  • Batman and Wonder Woman argue about the ethics while discussing Superman's resurrection.
  • Star-Lord furiously argues with Gamora after finally discovering what Cheers is.
  • Batman arguing with Robin after he catches him for trying to kiss Poison Ivy, putting their relationship to the test in Batman & Robin.
  • Dave Seville argues with the Chipmunks when they became greedy and unreasonable and they ask if he thinks he sees them as rats (thanks to the lies Ian Hawke told them), and he angrily tells the Chipmunks that they should live with Ian.
  • Justin and Reginald arguing about going to law school.
  • Thor Odinson arguing with his father when the latter accused the former for putting his friends at risk and taking his powers and the sacred hammer Mjoinir as a result of his selfishness, testing their father-son relationship.
  • Clara Stahlbaum arguing with her father about the importance of maintaining their family's social status and her mother which causes her to storm off, testing their father-daughter relationship.


  • Steve Smith gets into trouble with his mother Francine Smith for angrily saying "F**k You!" at her and is forced to do cooking with him.
  • Darkwing Duck argues with Gosalyn as he is accusing her of being reckless and forbidding her to be Quiverwing Quack anymore.
  • Edd arguing with Eddy for his last scam, threatening and testing their own friendship.
  • Bart Simpson argues with his family that he never apologize them and especially Lisa after he ruined Thanksgiving.
  • Milhouse Van Houten argues with Bart Simpson that he never be like him after he sold Byclops Comic Book.
  • Lucky Piquel argues with Bonkers that he never be as a cop and his partner.
  • The Circus Bugs argues with Flik, accusing him of lying about them being warriors against grasshoppers.
  • Hercules argues with Phil, not believing that Megara is working with Hades.
  • Donald Duck argues with Mickey Mouse for a problem that everybody loves his friend than him, testing their friendship.
  • Teen Titans:
    • Cyborg and Robin arguing over a loss.
    • Cyborg and Beast boy argues through out the series.
    • Beast boy often arguing with Raven.
  • Disney's Pocahontas:
    • John Smith offends Pocahontas, when he casually expresses his prejudiced view towards her people.
    • Pocahontas debates with her father Chief Powhatan over his decision to wage war with the English settlers, because she knows war is not the answer.
  • Vanellope disowns Ralph, after he wrecks her cart, in a misguided attempt to protect her. They have another fallout involving Ralph inserting a virus into the Slaughter Race game that she took part in.
  • Po argues with his biological father Li Shan when he discovers that the former lied to him about being a master of Chi.
  • Anastasia argues with Dimitri, after she learns that he lied to her from the beginning.
  • Fa Mulan argues with her father Fa Zhou over his decision to go to war. Mulan knows that her father would die in the war, due to his old age & physical state.
  • Kerchak argues with his mate Kala, over her decision to adopt an infant Tarzan. When he is a young child and after he accidentally caused an elephant stampede, Kerchak harshly berates him and has another argument with Kala about Tarzan fitting in with the family. Later, an adult Tarzan and Kerchak argue over whether or not the humans are dangerous.
  • Mavis, Johnny, Dracula and Vlad have an argument about Dennis and his well-being.
  • Sulley and Mike argue after they are banished to the human world.
  • Merida and her mother Queen Elinor argue over the former's actions.
  • Aladdin argues with Genie over his lies to Princess Jasmine about being a prince.
  • Hiro Hamada argues with his friends after they stop him attempting to kill Professor Callaghan, something they never agreed to do.
  • Po argues with Master Shifu, reminding the former that he had spent the entire time trying to kick him out of the Jade Palace.
  • Miguel Rivera and his family argue over his dream to become a musician like his great-great grandfather. Later, Hector argues with Miguel, after learning that he lied about Ernesto de la Cruz being his only family in the Land of the Dead.
  • Simba stubbornly refuses to return to the Pride Lands, threatening his friendship with Nala.
  • Timon argues with Pumbaa about Simba is leave and Hakuna Matata is gone, threatening their friendship.
  • Woody argues with Buzz after getting themselves left behind with Woody becoming fed up with Buzz's delusion of being a real space ranger.
    • In the second film, he argues with Buzz about going back to Andy over his decision to go to Japan.
    • In the third film, Woody argues with Buzz, Jessie and the other toys about choosing Sunnyside Daycare over Andy, leading him to leave Sunnyside without them.
    • In the fourth film, he argues with Bo Peep where he indirectly insults her, causing her, along with Giggle McDimples, Duke Caboom, Ducky and Bunny to leave him and Buzz.
  • Mordecai breaks his friendship with Rigby after finding out about the fake rejection letter.
  • Steven Universe argues with Connie Maheswaran after they did not work together to save their friends from Aquamarine and Topaz in the episode "Dewey Wins".
  • Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley getting yelled at by Mr. Lancer for starting the garbage fight in the cafeteria that was actually started by Dash Baxter.
  • Garfield being angrily called out by his friends for locking Odie outside and making him run away.
  • Louie Duck arguing with Della Duck and refuse to let go of his schemes and being angry about being grounded duo to her harsh and strict attitude, testing their mother-son relationship.
  • Betty Ross have a tense debate with her father about Bruce Banner being a criminal as he thinks.
  • Miles Morales arguing with Peter B. Parker over the way to make Kingpin pay, but he webs him to the seat and tells him that is a Leap of Faith, putting their friendship to the long test.
  • Terry McGinnis arguing with his father about the fight he had at school, which Terry did not actually start, which prompts Terry to leave home in the Batman Beyond premiere episode, "Rebirth".
  • Stan Marsh argues with Wendy Testaburger for lying to her about having a Facebook profile and leaving his relationship status, "single" in the South Park episode, "You Have 0 Friends".
  • Friday arguing with Tony Stark about Gunsmith's reckless irresponsibly and leaves the Stark Mansion in protest of Tony's continued association with the Gunsmith, testing their relationship.
  • Tramp furiously arguing with Scamp that his son do not want to stay at home but he want to be a wild dog.
  • Violet Parr arguing with her father for letting Rick Dicker completely erase Tony's memory of her (rather than just him recognizing her in her Super Suit), testing their father-daughter relationship.
  • Jane arguing with her mother while refusing to leave her home for her own safety. Later, Jane furiously disowns Peter Pan for getting himself in trouble with her after The Lost Boys tear up her notebook by accident because she do not believe in fairies, putting her relationship with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys to the long test.
  • Share Bear and Cheer Bear argue about their gardens.
  • Mowgli is accused by Ranjan's father for attempting to bring the children into the Jungle and was sent to his room without dinner, testing their father-son relationship, Later, Mowgli arguing with Baloo for scaring Shanti after he changed his mind on her.
  • Darkwing Duck arguing with Justice Ducks that the team never realized.


  • Jak and Keira get into an argument about the former's wrathful nature, changing into Dark Jak, and getting involved in shady dealings with Krew (while Jak is part of the Underground who wishes to overthrow Baron Praxis with Haven City's rightful heir), and the latter's preference of Errol over him as the best racer, resulting in Jak refusing to compete in the second race in a huff (with Daxter taking his place), testing their relationship.





(Kain, upon entering Avernus Cathedral from his bat-form, walks towards the altar, drawing out his Reaver blade, when Raziel just reappears from a portal to the Hash'a'gik cult. When Raziel notices Kain, he becomes irate.) Kain! Why is this no surprise? (Kain: Because our destinies run together, Raziel, like two rivers that have met and can never be distinct again. At your every fatal turn, you'll find me here.) And the 'free will' you said was mine? What has become of that? (Kain: You still have it, and that has everything to do with my presence here now.) It was YOUR machinations that set my destiny in motion, Kain. The coin you tossed has now struck the earth. Now you MUST abide by it's outcome! (Kain: The coin is still turning, Raziel. To reach a resolution that we both can live with that will best suit our futures, Janos Audron must NOT be raised!) Because you do not wish it?! Is my 'free will' meant to be exercised when it accords with your whim?! (Kain, sternly: There's a lot more at stake here in this than you know.) Yes, and it is Janos who has the answers I desire. (Kain: You must trust me, Raziel. Our intentions, for Nosgoth and for our futures, are NOT so diverse.) (Raziel is not convinced.) I must trust you? .....Or? (Kain, trying to reach out to Raziel: I have not come to threaten you, Raziel....) You say that, while you are holding the very instrument of my doom? (Raziel was referring to the Reaver blade that Kain was holding, the very one that will one day absorb Raziel's essence, turning him into a soul-devouring Wraith blade.)(Kain, putting away the Reaver blade on his back so he can assure to gain Raziel's trust: I have saved you from the Reaver once! I have no intention of coming here and imprisoning you within the blade!) (Raziel still doesn't trust Kain, however...) At least not until the moment it serves your plans to DO so! (Kain: You are NOT the only one at risk! I may carry the instrument of your destruction, but I, too, have taken a chance in coming here. Or haven't you realized? YOU bear the only weapon that can KILL me....(Kain refers to the Wraith blade, Raziel's future self and his symbiotic weapon that he had carried ever since the Soul Reaver, the soul-devouring, enhanced version of Kain's Reaver blade, was destroyed.) (Raziel then lets out his Wraith blade, wanting to attack Kain.) Then you know what I am, and who you are? (Kain: I believe I do...) (Raziel then gets angrier) And still you think you can move me about like your pawn? Think again, Kain! (Raziel swings his Wraith blade at Kain, which Kain dodges.) (Kain: Take heed, Raziel....) (Raziel continues to attack Kain.) Why? If we are who we are, then is it not our destiny to fight to the death to decide the fate or Nosgoth?! (Kain, very defensively: Don't be a fool! I will not fight you!) And that will be the outcome of a prophesied heroes' battle: I win because you will not FIGHT me?! (Attempts to attack Kain once more.) The Mighty Kain, Scion of Balance, would-be Savior of Nosgoth, surrenders before the final battle even BEGINS! (Raziel charges at Kain, only to be pushed aside.) (Kain, out of desperation pulls out his Reaver sword from his back: Very well. If THIS will make you see reason.....!) (Kain and Raziel then gets into a heated battle against each other. Eventually, Kain is able to hamper Raziel, and then tries to talk sense into him.) (Kain: Now you will listen to me! The Heart of Darkness must remain undiscovered. Great HARM will come of it's use!) You don't know where it IS, do you? (Kain: No.) You never even looked for it-- (Kain interrupts Raziel: It doesn't matter, Raziel! Listen to me! You must understand that every living creature is BOUND to one pre-destined path, that we are all shackled!) To the Wheel of Fate! Believe me, I know that even BETTER than you do. (Kain: All but one! because of your re-making, you are the one unbound creature! The only one among us all that truly has 'free will'! YOU have a choice, Raziel!) Which I am sure I must make in YOUR direction! Your pawn has reached the end of the board, Kain, and now my powers may be able to surpass yours. (Raziel then stands up, preparing to fight against Kain again.) How ironic, the creature that you've made can be your own undoing! (Raziel lets out his Wraith blade again.) Now, we finish this, once and for all! (The two gets into another heated battle.)
~ Kain confronting Raziel, warning him not to find the Heart of Darkness, which would otherwise cause the events of Blood Omen 2. Kain also tries to reason with Raziel, convincing him that he is the ONLY creature capable of 'free will' and wanting to have him to find a third option to save Nosgoth without Kain sacrificing himself to restore the Pillars. This puts their decaying companionship to their ultimate test.
(Lightning McQueen confronts Mater in his racing pits after the race in Japan) Mater! (Mater: Hey, McQueen! What happened? Is the race over? You won, right?) Mater, why were you yelling things at me while I was racing? (Mater: "Yellin'"? Oh, you thought... Oh! That's funny right there. Naw. See, that's 'cause I've seen these two fellas doin' some sort of karate street performance. It was nutso. One of 'em even had a flamethrower...) "A flamethrower"? What are you talking about? I-I don't understand. Where were you? (Mater: Goin' to meet my date.) Your date? (Mater: She started talkin' to me as a voice in my head, tellin' me where to go...) WHAT?! (Mater notices McQueen's angry glare) (Mater: Wait a minute. I didn't screw you up, did I?) I LOST THE RACE BECAUSE OF YOU! (Mater: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...) An imaginary girlfriend? Flamethrowers?! You know, this is exactly why I don't bring you along to these things! (Mater: Maybe if I...I dunno... talk to somebody, and explain what happened, I could help.) I DON'T NEED YOUR HELP!!! I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP! [drives away, but the press stops him] (Press: McQueen, you had it in the bag! What happened?) I made a mistake. But I can assure you, it won't happen again. (Mater slumps) Look, guys. We know what the problem is, and we've taken care of it. (Mater drives off, sad and guilty)
~ Lightning McQueen furiously yelling at Mater for causing him to lose the race in Japan, putting his own friendship with him to the test.
Nemo! No! (Nemo: Dad?) (Marlin shoves Nemo away.) You're about to swim to open water. (Nemo: No, I wasn't.) It's good thing I was here. (Nemo: Dad, no.) (Pearl: Sir, he wasn't gonna go.) (Tad: Yeah, he was too afraid.) (Nemo: No, I wasn't.) This does not concern you, kids. And you're lucky I don't tell your parents you were out there. You know you can't swim well. (Nemo becomes angry at his father.) (Nemo: I can swim fine, Dad, okay?!) No. It's not okay. You shouldn't be anywhere near here. Okay, I was right. You know what? You'll start school in a year or two. (Nemo, pulling away: No, Dad! Just because you're scared of the ocean...) Clearly, you're not ready, and you're not coming until you are. You think you can do these things, but you just can't, Nemo! (Nemo: I hate you.) (Marlin is shocked by those words.)
~ Marlin getting into an argument with his son Nemo about swimming out in the open water.
(Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have distanced themselves into outer space out of depression. They sit around and stare into space.) Blossom: (stares angrily into space with her back turned to her sisters) Maybe if someone hadn't pushed Bubbles into the school... Buttercup: (turning to face Blossom) Ohh, look, she speaks. (walks up to Blossom) Well, maybe if someone hadn't insisted on walking home from school so we could run into the biggest liar in the universe! Blossom: (standing) We weren't allowed to use our powers, and you know it! Buttercup: Oh look, it's Ms. Goody-goody! Blossom: What was I supposed to do? We weren't going to get people to stop hating us by breaking rules! Buttercup: Oh yeah. And using our superpowers to make a (imitating Blossom) help-the-town-and-make-it-a-better-place-machine... WAS FOLLOWING RULES????!!!!! Blossom: I didn't see you putting up a fight! Buttercup: Well, you're gonna now! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! (Buttercup rushes Blossom, and the two go down in a rolling pile of violence. Bubbles watches on as they roll around.) Blossom: If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be in this stupid mess! Buttercup: Ohh, you stupid. Blossom: Ugh ... darn ... stupid ... Bubbles: (falling to her knees, crying) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! (Blossom and Buttercup stop fighting. Buttercups' face falls into the picture, and she begins to scream in pain and beat the ground like an angry child. Blossom is sitting on her back.) Buttercup: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Blossom: I'm not fighting with you, Buttercup! Buttercup: Oh, yeah? 'Cause you know I'll kick your butt. Blossom: No! Because I know that ... (growls, turns away) Ugh, never mind! I'm not fighting with you! And I'm not talking to you, EVER! Buttercup: Well, prepare yourself for a looooooong silence, girl. 'Cause we're going to spend the rest of our lives here, thanks to you! At least I got me a bed! (thumps face first into a rock.) (Blossom looks back angrily, but her anger melts into longing sadness as she looks upwards at that tiny blue planet. Her eyes waver, and she collapses into her arms in silent crying. Buttercup is curled into a ball on her bed. Her face is contorted in anger, but you can tell she's clenching her eyes shut from her tears. Bubbles is still crying, but stops for a moment as she glances for her sisters.)
~ Blossom and Buttercup fighting over whose fault it was for the problems they've caused at school while they're in outer space with Bubbles.
(Vanellope returns from her hideout) I'm back. Did you miss me? (Ralph: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, can we talk for a second?) Wait. First, kneel down. (Ralph: What? No, no, we really-) (Ralph is interrupted by Vanellope) Will ya just do it?! (Ralph: Okay.) (Ralph kneels down) Now close your eyes. (Ralph: Vanellope--) Shush! Close 'em! (Ralph closes his eyes and Vanellope puts something around his neck) Okay! Open 'em up! (Ralph looks down and sees a small handmade candy heart on a string which is hand-painted the words, "To Stink Brain.") (Ralph: (reading) To Stink Brain. Gee, thanks.) Turn it over. (Ralph turns the back over and sees the words, "You're my Hero.") I made it for you, just in case we don't win. Not that I think there's even a remote chance we're not gonna win. (Ralph: Thanks kid, Um listen-) Now rise, my royal chump! I've got a date with destiny! (Ralph stops Vanellope from going in her kart) Ralph, come on, move your molasses! (Ralph: Um, I've been thinking-) That's dangerous. (Ralph: Who cares about this stupid race, anyway?) That's not very funny, Ralph. (No, I'm serious. It was really fun to build the kart and everything, but maybe... maybe you shouldn't do it.) Uh, hello? Is Ralph in there? I'd like to speak to him please. (Ralph: Look, what I'm saying is, you can't be a racer.) (Vanellope notices something in Ralph's shirt) What? Why would you... Wait a minute. (She pulls out the Medal of Heroes out of Ralph's pocket) (Ralph: No!) Where did you get this? (Ralph: Look, I'm gonna be straight with you, kid. I've been talking to King Candy.) King Candy?! (Ralph: Yeah.) You sold me out? (Ralph: No, I didn't. Listen, you don't understand.) No, I understand plenty, traitor! (Vanellope tosses the medal at Ralph and jumps into the kart) (Ralph: I'm not a traitor. Listen-) You're a RAT! And I don't need you! And I can win the race on my own. (Ralph: But I'm trying to save your skin, kid!) (Ralph pulls Vanellope out of the kart; she struggles against his grasp) Hey! Put me down! Let me go! (He puts her down; Vanellope begins to run for the kart but Ralph blocks her way; she struggles to get around him) (Ralph, sternly: No, you listen to me. You know what's gonna happen when the players see you glitching? They're gonna think their game is broken.) I don't care! You're a liar! (Ralph: You better care because if your game goes out of order, you go down with the ship, little sister!) I'm not listening to you! Get out of my way! (Vanellope runs under Ralph's leg and jumps back into the kart) I'm going to that race! (Ralph pulls her out again by the back of her jacket; she struggles and kicks at him.) (Ralph: No, you're not.) (He hangs her by her hood on the branch of a gumdrop tree) Take me down from here, Ralph, right now! (Ralph, sternly: No! I'm doin' this for your own good!) (Ralph plods over to the kart and raises his huge fists as Vanellope struggles to get down) Wait. Wait. Wait. No. No. No. Please, Ralph! No! STOP! (Fearing for Vanellope's life, Ralph smashes the kart. Vanellope begins to cry; she jumps down from the tree. Ralph turns to Vanellope, who glitches) You really are a bad guy. (Vanellope runs off in tears and Ralph looks at the note on Vanellope's destroyed kart and leaves Sugar Rush)
~ Vanellope disowning Ralph when he destroys her cart in a misguided attempt to protect her.
(Derek Thompson rides in his car but sees Carly Jackson and her kids and begins to pull over) Derek: Great! (Derek finishes pulling over and decides to talk with Carly and her family) Carly: Hey honey, how was your game? Derek (crushed): Not good. Tess (happily): Derek, guess what? I have another loose tooth. Derek: Good for you, honey. (Carly sees Derek’s depression and feels bad for him) Carly: What's the matter, hon? Derek (still crushed): Everything. Nothing, you know. Forget it. Randy: Can we go practice now? You know what, can we skip today's session? I just don't have it in me. Randy (concerned): But the Talent Show's tomorrow night. Derek: You'll be fine. Randy: I need at least one more run through it. Derek: No, you don't, okay. Randy: No, I do need it. I just need a little more practice. Just so I can get down. (That was it. Derek outright starts to release his anger out on Randy) Derek: It doesn't matter what you do in the Talent Show. You're never gonna be a famous rock star. You're just gonna be another kid with a guitar. So do yourself a favor and just give it up, okay. Carly (shocked and angry): Derek! Derek: Look, baby. I'm sorry but it's for his own good. Trust me. (Immensely hurt by Derek’s words, Randy raises his guitar...) Carly (horrified): No! (...and smashes it into the road much to Carly and Tess’ shock. Randy looks at Derek on the verge of tears and picks up his destroyed guitar) Randy: Come on, Tess! (Randy takes her hand as Carly realizes what a dream-crushing jerk Derek truly is and is understandably disgusted and furious) Carly: What is wrong with you? Derek: I had a bad day. Carly: You had a bad day? Derek: Yeah, I had a bad day, okay? Carly (furiously disgusted): No, no. That is not okay. You are never gonna speak to my children again. We are done. Derek (remorseful): Carly. Carly: (hurt) You know what your problem is, Derek? You can't say what if. And you never will. (Carly takes her kids and drives in her car leaving Derek alone and remorseful)
~ Derek, in his anger over getting benched in a hockey game, crushing Randy’s dreams of being a rock star causing Randy to destroy his guitar and Carly to dump him.
(Max leans to the back of the car, but he accidentally pushes it, making it roll by itself) Max: H-h-hey, the car! (Goofy: What? Now you want to drive, too?) Max: No, Dad! The car! Look! (Goofy looks and sees in shock) (Goofy: The car! (Max and Goofy chase after the runaway car) What did you do now, Max?!) Max: I didn't do anything, Dad! I only touch it! (the luggage hits the rock, dropping their stuff with Goofy and Max on the skateboard and they made it to the runaway car) (Goofy: (tries to open it but it's locked) You locked it!) Max: I locked it?! It's your door, you locked it! (Goofy: Well, you distracted me!) (Max unlocks the door} Whoa!) Max: (rolls down the window) You should've put the brake on! (Goofy: Well why don't you just put it on yourself?!) (Goofy pulls the brake but it breaks) Max: See?! You ruined everything! (Goofy: (vibrating) Well, you ruined my vacation!) (the car lands on the rocks) Max: I ruined it?! I never wanted to go on this stupid VACATION!!! (the car falls into the river)
~ Goofy and Max arguing by making go to the wrong way.
(Sulley and Mike have been banished to the Himalayas. where Sulley has hatched a plan to return to the Monster world) Abominable Snowman (looking at Sulley putting old pieces together to make a raft): You want to go to the village?! Whoa, rule number one out here: Always- no- Never go out in a blizzard! Sulley: We need to get to Boo! (Suddenly, he gets hit by something. He turns around to see a furious Mike, who just threw a snow cone at him.) Mike: Boo?! What about us?! (throws another at him) Ever since that kid came in, you've ignored everything I've said and now look where we are! (throws a third one at him) Oh, we were about to break the record, Sulley! We would have had it made! (prepares to throw the last one) Sulley: None of that matters now! Mike (stops in surprise): None of it matter- wait a second. None of it matters? Okay, I said no. (sarcastically) Good, great. Now the truth come out, doesn't it? Abominable Snowman (awkwardly): Wow, look at that! We're out of snow cones! Let me just go outside and make some more! Mike: Sulley, what about everything we worked for? Does that matter, huh! And what about Celia? I am never...never going to see her again. Doesn't that matter? (Saddened, Sulley prepares the raft for departure) And what about me? I'm your pal. I'm...I'm your best friend. Don't I matter? Sulley: I'm sorry, Mike. I'm sorry we're stuck out here. I didn't mean for this to happen, but Boo's in trouble. I think there might be a way to save her if we can just get down to that— Mike: We? Whoa-whoa-whoa, we? No. There's no "we" this time, pal. If-if-if you want to go out there and freeze to death, you be my guest. Because you're on your own. (Hurt, Sulley starts to drift out of the cave. Mike turns around to see that Sulley has left him, and looks deeply saddened.)
~ Sulley comes up with a way to return to the Monster world and rescue Boo from Waternoose and Randall, but Mike refuses, too hurt by the fact that even after being banished, all Sulley can think about is Boo, testing their friendship.
(Reilly, giving Boog a furious glare: You! You did this!) (All the Woodland animals approach Boog with contempt.) What? What'd I do? (Reilly: You dragged us down to the hunting grounds!) (Maria: Yeah! Where are we gonna hide?!) (Serge: We're sitting ducks out here!) (Buddy: And it's open season!) (Elliot wades through the crowd and everyone goes quiet.) (Elliot: All right, all right! That's enough! Guys, it's not his fault!) Oh, you're right, Elliot. It's your fault. (Elliot: My fault?) Yeah! If it weren't for you, I'd be home right now! None of this would've ever happened! You said you knew the way back, but you lied! (Elliot, upset: I... no. Okay. Okay, maybe... I thought if you hung out with me, then maybe you would like me.) Oh, man, I... I trusted you, Elliot! (Elliot: I'm sorry, Boog. We're still partners, right?) (Elliot holds out his hoof to shake Boog's paw. Boog shoves it away.) You know, Elliot? I'm better off alone. (Elliot slumps. Buddy steps up to speak.) (Buddy: What about us?) (Crowd: Yeah. Yeah, what about us?) Us? There's no us. You're not my problem. (to Elliot) And you? We're done. (Boog turns his back on Elliot and begins to leave.) (Elliot: But... Boog, wait.) Done. (Boog leaves.)
~ Boog disowning Elliot for lying to him about knowing the way to Timberline after being accused of driving the other animals to the hunting grounds.
(Eddy and Ed follow Edd: Hey! Where ya goin? You're headin back into the swamp! My bro don't live...) (Eddy reaching for Edd's shoulder but Edd slapping his hand away releasing his repressed rage) Don't you DARE touch me! A sap? Well excuse my sincerity, but thinking I had lost the only two people I have left in this world. (Eddy smiling, sure Edd's putting on an act: And?) It's surprising, because your stubborn, inane desire to shock, sandbag and swindle is what put us here in the first place! (Ed indignant: I helped too!) (Edd turns to Ed angrily. Edd then turns back to Eddy and resumes his rant.) You and your nefarious scams! (Eddy angry as well: Like you were picking daisies! You built the stupid thing!) If you had paid attention to what I said and not pushed the red button– (They bagin fight and Ed tells them to stop fighting: Stop! I demand you tickle each other right now!) (Edd and Eddy yelling: Stay out of it, Ed!) (Ed frightened at the sight of friends who are fighting: The evil dark side has consumed them both! Trouble! Bad! Pain!) I've had enough! (Edd kicks Eddy off.) I'm returning home! (Ed crawls on his knees and begs him to not go away: But we can't go home, Double D!) I'd rather face my consequences, Ed, than wander aimlessly with a so-called friend!" (As he storms off, Eddy's eyes fill with tears and Ed sobbing: Say it ain't so! We are three no more, Eddy! Like hop, skip, and no jump! Like up, up and no away! Like blah, blah without the other blah!) (Eddy snapping: FINE! GO HOME! I DON'T BLAME YA! 'CAUSE EVERYTHING WAS MY FAULT!)
~ Edd and Eddy's quarrel which puts their friendship to the test.
(The Mane Six and Spike wash up on the shores of the Basalt Beach near Mount Aris in their original forms) (Applejack: What were you thinkin'? I mean, stealin' their pearl?!) Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) It was the only way to save Equestria. (Pinkie Pie: 'Cept it wasn't! The Queen was going to say yes! We did what you told us and that's what made her realize we were ponies worth saving! (gasps) Unless... You didn't really want us to show her the best time ever! You just wanted us to distract her! (Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy gasped) Twilight Sparkle: I never would have done it, but this isn't Equestria! We can't just dance around with con artists, make rainbooms in the sky and expect everything to work out! It's not enough! We are not enough! (Pinkie Pie: No, Twilight! We stuck together! We were gonna get the help we needed! The only thing that stopped us... was you!) Twilight Sparkle: Well, I'm doing the best I can! It's all on me. I'm the one Tempest wants. I'm the last Princess! (Pinkie Pie: You're also the only one who doesn't trust her friends!) Twilight Sparkle: Well, maybe, I would've been better off without FRIENDS LIKE YOU!!! (Pinkie Pie gasps in horror as the rest of the main six are shocked of what Twilight just said) Twilight Sparkle feeling remorseful: Pinkie, I... (Pinkie Pie: (sniffles as she holds back tears) I just can't talk to you right now. (Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Applejack walking pass a remorseful Twilight as she walks the other way in shame with Spike following her)
~ Twilight Sparkle has an argument with her friends for stealing the pearl at Seaquestria, which she thought would save Equestria, not only that she even lashes out at them that she'd be better off without friends, thus putting a strain in their friendship and testing it.
Baloo: I saw that look in your eye when you were standing over him. Bagheera: I did what I did because I had to. Baloo: Do you think I am stupid? I SAW what you did! (Baloo and Bagheera with roar being fighting each other) Baloo: He was in the lead! I trained that boy! Why did you have to do that? Bagheera: He had to fail! (Bagheera bites on Baloo's les in result he yells) Why can't you see how much danger he's in? Baloo: The pack would have protected him!) (Baloo pushes away Bagheera) Bagheera: Khan will kill him and tear the pack apart. (They continues fight) Baloo: You are not the only one who cares about the boy. Bagheera: All you care about is that he passed. Baloo: That is because it's my job!
~ Baloo and Bagheera arguing over Mowgli's failed test, and Baloo blames Bagheera for Mowgli's failure.
(Dan put Death Ray along side with space monkey figure) You can leave now, Chris. I'd like some time alone with my new toy. (Chris, sternly: Your new toy? Dan I was the one who called in and answered the trivia question.) You wouldn't have even known about the contest if I didn't tell you about it, PLUS I was the one who introduced you to space monkeys in the first place. (Chris sternly: I won the contest fair and square! The death ray is mine!) (Chris take Death Ray to Dan's shock) Is this really how you want to treat your best friend after all I've done for you!? (Chris leave, but Dan takes the empty pizza packages and one of them throws knocking Death Ray at the hands of Chris, but he catches it) Becareful! You could have broken my precious Death Ray! (Chris: Don't come any closer I'll drop it, I swear!) You wouldn't! (Dan is going to throw another package) (Chris: You sure you want to find out? Sorry Dan. This is my Death Ray (He open door by kick) and you can't have it. Feel free to visit it though. (Chris close door and leave) (Dan in anger broke package and storm off to outside) CHRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
~ Dan arguing with Chris about one of the prizes which won.
(Goofy, catches up with Max before class: Maxie! I've been lookin' all over for you, son! Where have you been? I can't tell ya how sorry I am.) (Max gets really angry with his father) Save your breath! You may have won this time, but, Dad... Oh! This campus just isn't big enough for the both of us. (Goofy, sadly: I didn't mean for it to turn out this way, Max. I was just tryin' to get closer to ya.) (That does it, Max has had enough and finally loses his temper) Don't you get it? I'm trying to get away from you! I'm not a little kid anymore! Now just leave me alone and GET YOUR OWN LIFE!!! (Max then storms off to class, leaving Goofy heartbroken)
~ Max selfishly disowns Goofy as his father after losing the Preliminary rounds of the college X-Games, putting his relationship with him to the test.
(As Slaughter Race is about to reboot, Ralph escapes out the game in time with Vanellope unconscious.) Come on, Vanellope, wake up! Come on! Don't leave me, kid! (Vanellope starts waking up) (Vanellope: Ralph?) Oh, there you are. You okay, kid? (Vanellope: (starts crying) Ralph, I've messed up so bad.) No, no you didn't. It's okay. (Vanellope: This is all because of me and my glitch. (sniffles) I should've just stayed with you instead of following some stupid dream. (she hugs Ralph.) I've ruined everything! (starts crying)) No, kid, no. Uh, look, I didn't mean for it to happen like this. It was not supposed to be this bad. (Vanellope: (stops crying) You didn't mean for what to happen?) (nervously) I mighta, kinda sorta put a... harmless little virus in the game. (Vanellope: A virus? You did this?) Well, I wouldn't have done anything if I hadn't heard you tell Shank that you wanted to live in Slaughter Race forever! (Vanellope: (gasps and starts to get angry) So, you were spying on me?) (Ralph starts to get angry) Hey! You're not exactly innocent here. You were gonna ditch everybody and abandon Sugar Rush! (Vanellope: Oh, please! I'm one of 16 racers. They'd never miss me!) What about me?! (Vanellope: Why would I ever spend another second with you after what you did?!) (she takes a hero medal from Ralph that she made for him six years prior and throws it off the edge) NO! (he goes to the edge and watch it fall down the Dark Net.) No. (She begins to walk away in anger.) Vanellope, where are you going? (Vanellope: Wherever you're not!) (he starts begging) Wait a minute! I can explain. (Vanellope: No! You will not follow me.) Vanellope, please... (Vanellope: A friend would never do what you did, Never! So, you leave me alone!) (she leaves in anger) Vanellope! No, no, no! Please! (Arthur the virus emerges from the wreckage and starts scanning Ralph's insecurities) Please! What did I do?! Vanellope, come on! Don't leave me!
~ Vanellope furiously disowning Ralph for releasing a virus in Slaughter Race where it wreaked havoc that Ralph didn't expect and was forced to be shut down and rebooted, putting their friendship to the test.
(Stewie: Hey, Brian.) Oh, hey, Stewie. (Stewie: Listen, have you seen my play?) You know, Stewie, I have seen your play, and it is exhilarating to me. A child's play is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Continue to play, little one. You're our future. (Stewie: What the (bleep) are you talking about? The play I wrote. Have you seen it?) Uh, I don't know. Let me call my lawyer. Hello. I'm being cross-examined. No, I haven't... I haven't seen it. (Stewie: Really? 'Cause I had it sitting right on my table...) (Brian interrupts him) I said I haven't seen it, all right! And what does it matter? It was terrible anyway! We've had this conversation! Do yourself a favor and move on! (Stewie: Well, that's interesting, Brian, because I found this buried in the backyard next to your soup bone.) (he shows a play script covered in dirt) (Brian gasps) Stewie, I... (Stewie: You tried to destroy it, didn't you? I knew my play was good. Just like I knew your play was a mediocre patchwork of hackneyed ideas and tired clichés. You have no idea how hard it was to sit in that theater with all those braying hyenas. Couldn't you tell something was up when Chris and the fat man could follow the plot? I mean, it took Peter a year to figure out Stuart Little.) (scene cuts to a cutaway) (Peter: I just figured it out. "Stuart" means "mouse.") (Lois: No, Peter.) (Peter: "Little" means "mouse"?) (Lois: No, Peter.) (Peter: I feel so old and in the way.) (scene changes back to Brian and Stewie) It's still a good play! (Stewie: It's filled with terrible double entendres, puns and stolen bits. There's a line in there from Seinfeld!) I never saw that episode! (Stewie: I have a voice. Do you understand that? A writer needs a voice, and I have one. You don't. Your play panders to the lowest common denominator, Brian. And it doesn't even do that well.) Shut up! (Stewie: May every person that laughs at your sophomoric effort be a reminder of your eternal mediocrity and pierce your heart like a knife.) (Stewie walks away as Brian's tears start shedding and runs out the door and becomes angry when he sees a squirrel) Come here, you bastard! (he chases the squirrel barking) You stink! And your play stinks! (Squirrel: This ain't about me, is it?) (Brian begins to cry) No. And I'm sorry but nobody can ever know that. (he snaps the squirrels neck)
~ Stewie arguing with Brian that he knew Stewie's writing was better but had hoped that he could have at least had a chance to be the good writer in the family before his eventual demise after his writing is the worst.
(proudly) I'M GONNA BE A MUSICIAN! (Cut to Miguel's treasures being dropped to the ground with a clatter and a crash.) (Abuelita, shocked: What is all this? You keep secrets from your own family?!) (Uncle Berto: It's all that time he spends in the plaza.) (Aunt Gloria: Fills his head with crazy fantasies.) It's not a fantasy. That man was Ernesto de la Cruz! (He gives his father the photo of Coco, Imelda and her husband.) The greatest musician of all time! (Papa, sternly: We've never known about this man! But whoever he was, he still abandoned his family. This is no future for my son.) But, Papa, you said my family would guide me. Well, de la Cruz is my family. I'm supposed to play music. (Abuelita: Never! That man's music was a curse! I will not allow it.) If you would just-- (Mama: Miguel.) (Papa, sternly: You will listen to your family. No. More. Music.) (Miguel picks up his guitar.) Just listen to me play! (Papa, still stern: End of argument.) (Miguel prepares to strum his guitar, but Abuelita grabs it from him!) (Abuelita: You want to end up like that man? Forgotten? Left off your family's ofrenda?) (bursting forth) I don't care if I'm on some stupid ofrenda! (His whole family gasps in shock. Abuelita looks at the guitar and raises it over her head.) No! (Papa: Mama!) (But it's too late. Abuelita brings Miguel's guitar right on the ground, smashing it to pieces.) (Abuelita: There. No guitar, no music.) (Miguel breathes shakily.) (Abuelita, trying to comfort her grandson: Oh, come. You'll feel better after you eat with your family.) I don't wanna be in this family! (Miguel snatches the photo from his father and runs away from home.) (Papa: Miguel! Miguel!)
~ Miguel Rivera arguing with his family about his dream of becoming a musician like his great-great grandfather.
Bugs: There's only 25 people in front of us. We're almost inside! Playoffs! Porky: Daffy, I'm really glad we settled things. Daffy: Well, it took a big man to admit they were wrong. Porky: I couldn't agree more. Bugs: Great! Everyone agrees. Took a big man, there's no need to talk about it anymore, Because we're only 16, 17, 18 people away from the big game! Porky: That was a really nice gift basket. Bugs: You know, the thing about gift baskets Is they're so much nicer when you don't talk about them. Daffy: I don't know about really nice. I mean, once you take off the ribbons and the bows And all the straw, it's just a couple of scented candles and some weird fruit. Bugs: Whatever it is, it's over, it's done, we've moved on, And we're 9, 10, 11 people away, So let's just silently bide our time. Porky: Well, regardless, it's the thought that counts. Daffy: I agree. Porky: So, thank you. Daffy: For what? Porky: The gift basket. Daffy: What gift basket? Bugs: We're two people away. Let's talk about this when we get inside. Porky: The one you gave me. Daffy: You gave me a gift basket. Porky: Why would I give you a gift basket? Bugs: Just give him your ticket. Daffy: For eating my fries! Bugs: You're holding up the line. Porky: I thought they were for the table! Daffy: They came with my sandwich! Porky: So you didn't get me a gift basket?! Daffy: No! You got me a gift basket! Porky: I didn't give you a gift basket! Bugs: I got the gift baskets! I don't care about the french fries! I just want to go to the game! Porky: Well, no one's going to the game! (He ripped his tickets and throws them up in mid-air) Bugs: NOOOOOOOOOO! (Porky walks away while Bugs picks up the ripped tickets) Daffy: I wouldn't want to go to a game with a piece of garbage, anyway!
~ Porky rips tickets for football game into apart after find out about Bugs' trickery in reconciling him and Daffy to forget about fries.
(Itchy Itchiford, comes to ruins injured: Charlie! Charlie! Charlie, you here?) (Charlie B. Barkin: Hey! Be quiet! Squeaker's sick and needs her sleep.) (Itchy Itchiford, sarcastically: Oh, you're breaking my heart. Maybe I should go upstairs and kiss her good night.) (Charlie B. Barkin: Itch? Itch, what happened to you?) (Itchy Itchiford: What happened to me? You want to know what happened to me?) (Charlie B. Barkin: Yes.) (Itchy Itchiford: I'll tell you what happened to me. Carface happened to me, with about 50 of his thugs.) (Charlie B. Barkin: Oh. That dirty rat.) (Itchy Itchiford, groan in pain) (Charlie B. Barkin: I'm sorry, itch. I really am sorry.) (Itchy Itchiford: Well, look what else happened while you were sidetracked. See that? (Charlie & Itchy seeing that their Casino is burning) That's our place. You were going to fix Carface. Well, he fixed us! Ya see, boss? It's gone too far. You wanted revenge on Carface, and I said, "No. Please, let's get out of town," but I stayed because, because you're my friend. Then you wanted to kidnap the girl, and I said, "this is crazy!" but I helped you. And. And then we got to dress the girl and read her stories. And she wants we should feed the poor. And the whole while I'm thinkin', this is stupid! She's gonna get us killed! But I stay because I'm your friend. But tonight. Tonight, Charlie, he tried to kill me! He tried to kill me, Charlie, and you was out gallivanting with this, With this girl! I say we should lose the girl. Get out of town, Charlie, you and me. Then call it even. (Charlie B. Barkin: Oh Itchy. Now the casino's gone. We got to start all over. We need the girl more than ever.) (Itchy Itchiford: No, boss! You're crazy. It's not business anymore, it's personal.) (Charlie B. Barkin: Ah, come on, Itchy. Sure, it's just business. I mean.) (Itchy Itchiford: You're in love with the girl. You've gone soft. You care about her.) (Charlie B. Barkin, sternly: I don't care about the girl! I tell her things now and then. I pretend to be her best friend, but it's baloney!) (Itchy Itchiford: I thought i was your best friend.) (Charlie B. Barkin, still sternly: You are my best friend! With her it's just business! It's always been business. I'm using the girl! And when we're done with her, we'll dump her in an orphanage! Is that ok with you?!) (Itchy Itchiford: Sure, boss. Anything you say.) (Anne Marie came down the stairs when she heard them talking?) (Anne-Marie, sobbing: You're not my friend. You're a bad dog!) (Anne Marie runs off) (Charlie B. Barkin: Squeaker!) (Anne-Marie, cries) (Charlie B. Barkin: Anne-Marie! Where are you going?)
~ Charlie Barkin telling Itchy, that he using Anne Marie for business, which she overhears.
(Drake Mallard (aka Darkwing Duck) Gosalyn Mallard arrive home along with Honker Muddlefoot and Launchpad McQuack, who are still affected by the laughing gas.) You're still jealous! I was gonna handle it, but no, you had to cut it into your hog. (Drake: What? Reality check, young lady, I uh...) (He hears Launchpad and Honker laughing) (Drake: Will you two please stop laughing?) (Launchpad: Sorry, DW...We'll go air out our clothes.) (LP taps on the statue, activating the spin chair, sending him and Honker off) (Drake: I was busy trying to save our lives!) You were busy being a hog! (Drake: Okay, that's it! No more arrows, no more sidekick! No more Quiverwing Quack! And I was right to begin with, you aren't old enough to handle being a hero on your own, now go to your room!) Go to my room? See, you never treat me like a hero...you just treat me like your baby girl! (Drake: Because you are.)
~ Gosalyn arguing with her father Darkwing Duck about the outcome of the battle against Negaduck and when he is forbidding her to be a superhero anymore.
Oh! I see! I go out of my way to get you tickets for a show, and this is how you repay me? By abandoning me in my hour of need? (Mane 5 are upset) Oh, oh, oh! Fine! Go and see Hinny of the Hills tonight! And then tomorrow morning when you come to see my fashion show without any fashion to show, you can have more entertainment! "Oh, why look, there's our friend Rarity going down in FLAMES! ISN'T FRIENDSHIP MAGIC?!" (Twilight Sparkle trying calming down: Rarity, calm down. What's gotten into you?) What's gotten into YOU?! Oh, go ahead! See your little show! Congratu-pony-lations, fillies! Sounds like you've all figured out already it's everypony for herself in this town! (Rarity leaving and door slams)
~ Rarity insolently treated Twilight and her friends thinking that they are against her.
(Oscar Proud: This time, you've gone too far, Penny Proud! Not only are you forbidden from dancing to the halftime show, you're grounded! Indefinitely!) Indefinitely?! What about my birthday party? (Oscar Proud: [rips down Penny's birthday banner] Cancelled! In fact, your whole birthday's cancelled! And until you learn to show some respect, you're not even allowed to turn sixteen!) (Trudy Proud: Oscar, isn't that a little unreasonable?) (Penny angrily goes upstairs to her room.) (under her breath) I wish you weren't my daddy. (Oscar Proud: What did you say?!) (Penny stops at the top of the stairs and shouts at the top of her lungs) I SAID I WISH YOU WEREN'T MY DADDY! (Oscar Proud: Well, right now, I wish you weren't my daughter!) (Penny screams while she slams her bedroom door behind her.)
~ Penny Proud being grounded by her father Oscar, when he caught her kissing 15 Cent, and cancels her 16th birthday.
(Woody fearfully crawls away and Buzz tries report his mission log.) (Buzz: According to my navi-computer, the...) SHUT UP! Just shut up, you idiot! (Buzz: Sheriff, this is no time to panic!) This is a perfect time to panic! I'm lost, Andy is gone, they're gonna move from their house in two days and it's all your fault! (Buzz: What?! My fault?! If you hadn't pushed me out of the window in the first place!) Oh, yeah?! Well, if you hadn't shown up inside your stupid little cardboard spaceship and taken away everything that was important to me! (Buzz: Don't talk to me about importance! Because of you, the security of this entire universe is in jeopardy!) (Woody becomes shocked and confused.) WHAT?! What are you talking about? (Buzz: Right now, poised at the edge of the galaxy, Emperor Zurg has been secretly building a weapon with the destructive capacity to annihilate an entire planet. I alone have information that reveals his weapon's only weakness. And you my friend are responsible for delaying my rendezvous with Star Command!) (Woody snaps and goes ballistic at Buzz.) YOU ARE A TOY! You're aren't the real Buzz Lightyear! You're a-- Aw, you're an action figure! You are a child's plaything! (Buzz: You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity. (gives Woody the vulcan sign) Farewell.) (Buzz leaves) Oh, yeah? Well good riddance, ya loony! "Rendezvous with Star Command..."
~ Woody arguing with Buzz for getting them left behind by Andy and fed up with Buzz's delusion about being a real Space Ranger.
(Jack Brynes: I don't care if they did call you Larry Poppins. You are completely unfit to handle a child.) It was Barry Poppins. (Jack Brynes: What kind of sick cocktail were you gonna make my grandson?) (Roz Focker: Jack, the baby's teething. I told Greg to give him some rum to ease the pain.) (Jack Brynes: It was your idea?) (Roz Focker: Yes.) (Jack Brynes: What is wrong with you people?) (Roz Focker: I used to rub bourbon on Denny's gums.) (Jack Brynes: Yeah! Look what happened to him. Greg, you couldn't follow a simple set of instructions?) Jack, he was screaming. So I went in and gave him a little attention, okay? (Jack Brynes: He's learning to self-soothe, he set back to disastrous for his development!) (Roz Focker: The child is adorable, but you're not raising Little Buddha over here.) Mom. What are you saying? (Roz Focker: I'm saying that I've seen that kid eat at least boogers since he's been here, and I've got news for you, Jack, prodigies don't eat their own boogers.) (Jack Brynes: And I have news for you. Prodigies don't come in the place every time either.) (Pam Brynes: Okay, Dad. That's my fiance'.) (Jack Brynes: I'm sorry. I've never seen people celebrate mediocrity the way you do. (Roz Focker: Because we love our son? We hug our son? Let's get down to it. The truth is, you're so concerned about that Little Jack, but I think that it's the Little Jack in you who's crying out for a hug.) (Jack Brynes: The Little Jack in me?) (Roz Focker: Jack, you have issues. I'm trying to understand why you run around with a rubber boob strapped to your chest. Were you ever breastfed?) Mom, stop. (Bernie Focker: Key question.) (Roz Focker: My guess is no.) (Jack Brynes: Spare me the drugstore psychology.) (The whole family continues bickering.) Everybody. All right, everybody just...EVERYBODY JUST STOP! Okay?! Jack, I am not going to make any excuses. Yes, Little Jack wouldn't stop crying so I gave him some hugs, and I let him watch TV. I went to answer the phone, I was gone a second, I came back in, he let himself out of the playpen, he put on Scarface, and he glued his hands to the rum bottle. Okay? That's it. (Jack Brynes: Oh, that's it. Greg just said, "That's it." So I feel much better now.) (Pam Brynes: Daddy, would you mind...) (The argument continues, but there was a mumble coming from LJ through Jack's camera pen.) (Jack Brynes, pulling out his camera pen: He spoke.) (Little Jack: Asshole.)
~ Greg Focker arguing with his parents and his soon-to-be in-laws about taking care of Little Jack, until Little Jack says his first word.
(Bart Simpson: [after hearing something on TV] Did you see that?) (Marge Simpson: Yes, they're going to destroy Springfield! But we're going to stop them! Homie, put your clothes on. Homie?) I'm happy here. [crosses his arms] Screw Springfield! (Marge Simpson: [gasps] I can't believe you'd say something so selfish.) Marge, those people chased us with pitchforks and torches! Torches in 4 in the afternoon! (Marge Simpson: It was 7 at night.) It was during Access Hollywood! (Marge Simpson: Which is on at 4 and 7.) D'oh! (Lisa Simpson: Dad, how can you turn your back on everyone who loved us?) (Bart Simpson: Flanders helped us when we're in trouble.) Who cares what Flanders did? He's not your father. (Bart Simpson: (crosses his arms) I wish he was.) Homer Simpson: You don't mean that. You worship me. (Bart Simpson: Oh, yeah? Look what I did to your picture!) (shows Homer with a picture of him with Flanders' hair, mustache, and glasses drawn) AAH! (Bart Simpson: Look at it! [imitating Flanders] How-di-doodily! How-di-doodily! How-di-doodily!) (Homer begins to strangle him): Why you little...! I'll, strangle angle you! (Bart Simpson: [choking] Diddly-diddly!) (Marge Simpson: Bart, stop it. Leave this to me. [to Homer] Homer, in every marriage you give one chance to say I need you to do this with me.) [sternly] That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! (Marge Simpson: Homer Simpson!) (Lisa Simpson: We're saving Springfield!) Listen to me, all of you! We are staying, we have a great life here in Alaska, and we're never going back to America again! (slams the door, the family turn and see Homer leave just outside the window) I have spoken! Hmph! (the family sees outside the window and watch him leave while Bart shows him the picture one last time)
~ Homer Simpson refusing to go back to Springfield because he doesn't want to put his entire family, and mainly himself, in danger from the angry mob.
(Kerchak arrived at the lake, cutting Terk off from her explanation to Kala about the stampede.) WHAT HAPPENED?! (Terk's smile fades when she sees Kerchak. Tarzan decides it is time to own up about the stampede.) (Young Tarzan: It was my fault, Kerchak.) (Kala, confused: Tarzan?) (Young Tarzan: We were playing and... I'm sorry Kerchak.) (Tarzan places his hand next to Kerchak's hand, hoping he would forgive him, but Kerchak pulls his away very harshly.) You almost (Gets into Tarzan’s face) KILLED someone! (Young Tarzan: But It was an accident.) (Kala, defending Tarzan: He's only a child.) That's no excuse, Kala. You can't keep defending him! (Kala, desperately: But he'll learn!) He will never learn! You can't learn to be one of us! (Kala, now getting angry: Because you never give him a chance!) Give him a chance?! (Yelling angrily at Kala very loudly) KALA, LOOK AT HIM! HE WILL NEVER BE ONE OF US! (Tarzan gasps, now feeling hurt by Kerchak's words.) (Kala: Kerchak!) (Tarzan escapes his mother's embrace and scampers off in an another part of the jungle, upset.) (Kala: Tarzan!) (Kerchak snorts and Kala looks on sadly to the direction where Tarzan has headed.)
~ Kerchak fiercely arguing with Kala about Tarzan fitting in with the gorillas after Tarzan inadvertently caused an elephant stampede, with his words emotionally hurting Tarzan's feelings.
He needs us? Then he shouldn't have left us! If he wants to run off to be "His Highness", well, I say, don't let the branches hit you on the way out! Leave Hakuna Matata to someone who appreciates it. (Timon strides off stubbornly) (Pumbaa: But, Timon, it's not really Hakuna Matata without Simba.)What's gotten into you? Not Hakuna Matata? That's crazy talk. Crazy talk, I tell ya! Nothing's changed here. We had Hakuna Matata before Simba, and we've still got it now. (Pumbaa insists that went with him to help Simba) (Pumbaa: We gotta go help our friend, Timon.) Et tu, Pumbaa? You're just gonna walk away, give up on all this? What happened to "friends stick together to the end"? Huh? Huh? Huh? (Pumbaa (incisively): I was about to ask you the same thing.) (Pumbaa turns and stalks off. He looks back over his shoulder to see Timon flopping down in the bed) I got everything I ever wanted right here. (Pumbaa turns and trots off, a tear in his eye. Timon lies in the bed, tapping his toe. He begins to soliloquize to convince himself he's doing the right thing.) Now, this is more like it. ELBOW ROOM! ("Elbow room" echoes an absurd number of times as the camera pulls back repeatedly; Timon collapses in despair) Uhhhh. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
~ The conflict between Timon and Pumbaa arguing over whether to stay in paradise or leave for the Pridelands to help Simba, putting their friendship to the hard test.
(Queen Elinor drags Merida into the tapestry room by her arm and tosses her inside.) (Queen Elinor: Mighty me! I've had just about enough of you, lass!) You're the one that wants me to - (Queen Elinor: You embarrassed them. You embarrassed me!) I followed the rules! (Queen Elinor, slamming the door: You don't know what you've done!) I don't care how - (Queen Elinor, sternly: It will be fire and sword if it's not set right.) Just listen! (Queen Elinor, putting her foot down: I am the QUEEN! YOU listen to ME!) AAAARGH! This is so unfair! (Queen Elinor, with a scoff: Unfair?) (Merida grabs up her sword.) You're NEVER there for me! This whole marriage is what YOU want. Do you ever bother to ask what I want? No! You walk around telling me what to do, what not to do, trying to make me be like YOU. Well, I'm not going to be like you! (Queen Elinor: Och, you're acting like a child.) (Merida walks over to the family tapestry.) And YOU'RE a...BEAST! That's what YOU are! (Elinor gasps.) (Queen Elinor: Merida!) I'll never be like you! (Queen Elinor: No! Stop that!) (exploding) I'd rather DIE than be like you! (As she speaks, Merida slashes the tapestry with her sword, ripping a huge gash between the images of herself and her mother. Elinor gives out a gasp. But then, her shock turns to anger and she steps up to her daughter.) (Queen Elinor, fuming: Merida, you are a princess...) (Elinor pulls the sword out of Merida's hands and takes away her bow.) MUM! (Queen Elinor: ...and I expect you to ACT like one!) (In a fit of rage, Elinor tosses Merida's bow into the fireplace. Merida gasps and her mother gives her a stern glance. As the princess runs out of the room in tears, Elinor calls out to her.) (Queen Elinor: Merida! MERIDA!) (Elinor hears the bowstring twang, and in regret, she fishes the bow out of the roaring fire.) (Queen Elinor: Oh, no. What have I done?) (As Elinor sinks to the floor, sobbing, Merida rides away from the castle on Angus.)
~ Merida and Queen Elinor arguing about Merida's actions and future.
(Taran: Well, I got us out of the castle, didn't I?) You? I'd say it was the sword's magic. (Taran, putting his sword away: But it takes a great warrior to handle a sword like this.) But still, it is a magic sword. (Taran: Ha! What does a girl know about swords anyway?) (Eilonwy becomes angry at Taran) "Girl"? Girl? If it wasn't for this girl, you would still be in the Horned King's dungeon. (Fflewddur Fflam: Here now, Princess Eilonwy, Taran.) At least I don't keep talking about it forever. Oh, you're so--so boring! (Fflewddur Fflam: Now, now, now, Princess Eilonwy!) (Eilonwy turns to Fflewddur) How dare you take his side! (She gives Fflewddur his pants back and she walks off.) (Fflewddur Fflam, stammering: I really don't-- I don't mean to interfere, you know.) (Taran, arrogantly: Silly girl. Even if she is a princess.) (Eilonwy is shocked by Taran's words and runs off, crying.) (Fflewddur Fflam: But we're going to have to, to--) (He sighs and mutters) (Fflewddur Fflam: Dear, oh, dear.)
~ Princess Eilonwy and Taran arguing about the sword's magic, which leads Taran to insult Eilowny.
(Kerchak has called Tarzan, Kala, Terk and the other gorillas for an emergency meeting regarding the humans) EVERYONE! We will avoid the strangers! Do not let them see you and do not seek them out! (Tarzan, actively protesting to the gorilla leader: They need us no harm, Kerchak) Tarzan, I don't know that! (Tarzan: Well I do! I've spend time with them!) You may be willing to risk our safety, But I'm not! (Tarzan gets up into Kerchak's face like he's going to fight him) (Tarzan, defiantly: Why are you threatened by anyone different from you?) (The gorilla leader is stunned by this challenge to his authority and glares at Tarzan) Protect this family! And stay away from them! (Tarzan sulks off in anger.)
~ Kerchak arguing with Tarzan to befriend the Porter family.
(While Chief Tui and a villager are discussing the problem with their fishing grounds, Moana climbs onto her canoe, gazing out at the sea.) (Chief Tui: I will talk to the council. I'm sure if...) What if...we fish BEYOND the reef? (At this, Tui narrows his eyes.) (Chief Tui, firmly: No one goes beyond the reef.) I know, but if there are no fish in the lagoon... (Chief Tui, getting angry: Moana...) ...and there's a whole ocean... (Chief Tui, sternly: We have one rule!) An old rule when there were fish! (Chief Tui, still stern: A rule that keeps us safe...) But Dad! (Chief Tui, exploding: ...instead of endangering our people SO YOU CAN RUN RIGHT BACK TO THE WATER!) (As he says this, Tui pulls Moana off her boat and plops her down on the sand. Moana gasps, and Tui glares at her.) (Chief Tui: Every time I think you're past this...) (He confiscates his daughter's canoe and storms off, throwing it into the sand.) (Chief Tui: NO ONE goes beyond the reef!)
~ Moana forbidden by her father, Chief Tui, to go beyond the reef.
(Kratos see Pandora which running to the flame of Olympus) Pandora! (Kratos grabs Pandora, who wanted to reach the flame) Pandora No! (Zeus comes out of the rubble and tells him to keep Pandora: Stop her Kratos! Do not her into the flame!) (Pandora: This is what I'm meant do to! You know that! Please!) (Zeus: Hush (Pandora: Kratos, you Know this is the only way.) (Zeus tells Kratos, would not let go Pandora if she has to live: Don't listen to her Kratos. For once in your pathetic life don't fail. Don't fail her like you failed your family.) (Kratos yells with rage, lets go Pandora and throws to Zeus and as a result of contact Pandora with the flame of Olympus suddenly propagates flash)
~ Kratos with a dilemma: to save Pandora or kill Zeus.
(Tarzan: Kerchak... I didn't... I'm sorry... I...) I asked you to protect our family. And YOU betrayed us all.
~ Kerchak's disownment of Tarzan after he betrayed his family by letting in humans against his wishes.
(Helen Kingsleigh: Alice!) How could you sell our shares? (Helen Kingsleigh: Everything I do is for you Alice, so you can make a decent start in life) 5 minutes ago I was a sea captain (Helen Kingsleigh: A sea captain is no job for a lady! Time is against you and you are being careless about it) Before I thought could do 6 impossible things before breakfast. (Helen Kingsleigh: That is a child's dream Alice. The Wonder is just a ship) It's not "just a ship", it's father's ship, everything he loved, everything I love! He would never let this happen... (Helen Kingsleigh: WELL HE'S NOT HERE ANYMORE! You can't do things as you want. Every woman must face that Alice, I did) The last thing I want is to end up like you
~ Alice Kingsleigh arguing with her mother after finding out that her 10 % of Lord Ascot's trading company was sold to Hamish Ascot.
(Han Solo has got his payment from the Rebel leaders and he's loading up. Luke stops by) So. You got your reward and you're just leaving, then? (Han Solo: That's right, yeah. Got some old debts I gotta pay off with this stuff. Even if I didn't, you don't think I'd be fool enough to stick around here, do you? Why don't ya come with us? You're pretty good in a fight. We could use you.) (Luke gets really desperate) Come on. Why don't you take a look around. You know what's about to happen, what they're up against. They could use a good pilot like you, you're turning your back on them. (Han Solo, refuses to listen: What good's a reward if ya ain't around to use it? Besides, attacking that battle station ain't my idea of courage. It's more like, suicide.) (That does it! Luke gets angry at Han's selfishness) Okay. Take care of yourself Han. I guess that's what you're best at isn't it? (Han Solo, to Luke: Hey, Luke. May the Force be with you.) (Luke walks away sadly) (Chewbacca roars desperately) (Han Solo, to Chewbacca: What're you lookin' at? I know what I'm doin'.)
~ Luke Skywalker trying to talk Han Solo out of leaving and into participating in the assault on the Death Star.
Wreck-It Ralph: Hello? Anybody home? Felix? Mary? (Gene: Well, you actually went and did it.) Ralph: Gene, where is everybody? (Gene: They're gone. After Felix went to find you and didn't come back, everyone panicked and abandoned ship.) Ralph: But...But I'm here now. (Gene: It's too late, Ralph. Litwak's pulling our plug in the morning.) (Ralph looks out the window and discovers there has been an 'Out Of Order' sign placed on the screen outside of the game during his absence.) (Gene: But never let it be said that I'm not a man of my word. The place is yours, Ralph. Enjoy.) (Gene throws Ralph the keys to the penthouse and turns to leave.) Ralph: Gene, wait! Wait! (Gene stops) Listen, this is not what I wanted. (Gene: Well, what did you want, Ralph?) Ralph: I don't know. I'm just... I was just tired of living alone in the garbage. (Gene: Well, now, you can live alone in the penthouse.) (Gene turns around and leaves Ralph all alone.)
~ Wreck-It Ralph realizing the error of his mistake of leaving the game.
(Tom Tucker is giving food for Peter during dinner) Peter Griffin: I want some ice cream. Tom Tucker: No, Peter, you finish your food. (Peter refuses to listen and takes the chair to the fridge) You, hey, you get back here right now, mister. Don't you- Get down from that chair or you're in big trouble. (Peter takes the ice cream out of the freezer) You put that ice cream back right now. I mean it. (Peter comes back to the table with ice cream) I am not kidding around. I am not going to say it again. (Peter removes the lid of the ice cream and tries to put the ice cream in his mouth) Uh. If you put that ice cream in your mouth, you're gonna be in big trouble young man! Uh, you, uh, uh! (Peter puts the ice cream in his mouth and Tom spanks Peter, causing Peter to cry) Peter Griffin (upset): I hate you, I hate you! I want my mommy! Tom Tucker (angry): Well I'm the best you've got! (Tom takes Peter out of the kitchen)
~ Peter Griffin getting spanked by Tom Tucker for eating ice cream during dinner.
Gohan: Yeah, their definitely up to something, but what? Vegeta (angry): Nah! This whole thing would be over with right now if it wasn't for you! I hope you're proud of yourself. Gohan (confused): What do you mean? Vegeta: I mean you've disgraced us with your pitiful performance. There's no excuse for you fighting the way you did. You have Saiyan blood running through your veins. A Warrior like Dabura should be dead! (hits Gohan's shoulder) And now you're sitting here scratching your head, wondering what's next when this should already be finished. You are pitiful. Fighting with that soft righteous look on your face. It's brute strength that determines the outcome of a battle, not goodness. The mightiest survive and the weak perish. Your Piccolo and Krillin were turned to stone. Gohan: Uh!? Vegeta: That's because they're weaklings. Is that the kind of fate you want for yourself!? Uh! Garden statues! If they're lucky, someone will make a birdbath out of them. Gohan (shocked): Maybe Vegeta's right, if he'd fought Dabura he might have destroyed him, then Krillin and Piccolo would be restored back to their normal selves. Oh, what have I done. Goku: Hey look, Gohan didn't know that Dabura was gonna run off, I'm sure he would have one of us to fight if he knew. Vegeta (becomes extremely angry): Oh yes, now there's a pleasant excuse. (points at Goku) Your as soft as he is Kakarot. And I'm tired of playing around, I'm going to put an end to this thing once and for all. (Vegeta tries to destroy the ship) Goku (shocked): Vegeta, what are you doing? Vegeta: No more weak hearted excuses Kakarot, I'm taking control of the operation now and for starters, I'm going to blow the ship to kingdom come. Goku: Wait that might do is more harm than good. Surpreme Kai: Goku's right, if you blow up the ship now, you'll most certainly revive Buu. Vegeta listen please, you don't know Buu, his power is horrible, he's pure evil not even the four Kais combined could stop him, he's murdered millions of innocent people. Vegeta (refuses to listen): Shut up! Supreme Kai: Don't be a fool if Buu's revived, this whole planet is finished. History. All living things will be exterminated. He'll turn the earth into a dark lifeless tomb. Vegeta: Enough! (points his energy at Supreme Kai) Now you listen to me? What happens on this planet is none of my concern. The strongest will find a way to survive and the weaklings shall perish. Supreme Kai (shocked): What kind of person are you? (Goku uses his intstant transmission and stops Vegeta) Goku (sternly): Hey, cut it out, this has gone far enough. Vegeta: How dare you? You better let go of me Kakarot. Goku: Come on now. Let's put what happened behind us and move forward from here. (Vegeta pulls his hand away) Vegeta (frustrated): Alright, whatever you say Kakarot. Goku: Now I want to know is why they withdrew from the fight?
~ Vegeta arguing with Gohan after Gohan failed to defeat Dabura.
Tai Kamiya: We have to figure out what we're going to do next. Matt Ishida: Well isn't it obvious? We have to go search for all the others. Tai Kamiya: Yeah, right, but how are we supposed to do that? You heard what Frigimon said. Everyone landed on different islands. Unless you've got an airplane stashed around here someplace I think we're stuck. (Matt refuses to listen and crosses his arms with a hmph) Matt Ishida: So I guess we'll ask Frigimon for help. Tai Kamiya: Weren't you listening to me? He said they're scattered all over the place. He only has two arms, he's not an octopus. Matt Ishida: Then I'll have to make a raft out of some of these trees, okay? (Tai calms Matt down) Tai Kamiya: Matt, calm down. Wow, what's eating you, dude? I'm on your side. I'll help you get off this island if we have to build surfboards, okay? Look, the others will be fine without us for now. We gotta focus on the real deal. Matt Ishida (confused): Real Deal? Tai Kamiya: What, I gotta spell it out for you? We gotta know if this island's moving toward that place Devimon talked about. Matt Ishida (angry): That's not the real deal! (Matt grabs Tai by his shirt and shakes him as Agumon and Gabumon become concerned) You dufus, there's nothing more real than our friends, and finding them, and getting us all back home safe and don't you ever forget it! You wanna ditch your friends to go look for some faraway land, go ahead, but I'm not coming! I'll find T.K.! I'll find all of them. BY MYSELF! (Matt angrily leaves to the other direction) Tai Kamiya (angry): But Matt! Hey, come on, don't freak out on me! You're not getting away that easy! (Tai goes after Matt and attacks him on the ground as the two slam to the ground) Nobody runs away while I'm still talking, now listen! Maybe there's something across the ocean to help us find the others. Why do you have to get so bent out of shape? I know how you feel, Matt. (Matt punches Tai, knocking him off of him. Tai lands hard and Agumon and Gabumon run up to them) Matt Ishida: You haven't got a clue how I feel, Tai. YOU'RE ACTING LIKE SUCH A JERK! Tai Kamiya (angry): WHO'RE YOU CALLING A JERK, JERK? (Tai and Matt continue fighting and Agumon and Gabumon try to break up the fight) Agumon: Tai, stop that! Gabumon (to Agumon): What do we do? We have to stop them someway. (Tai and Matt rolling to the edge of a cliff as Tai lands on Matt and pulls his fist back and Matt tries to speaks as he sheds a tear) Matt Ishida (upset): It's T.K. He's out there on some strange island, and he's all alone. Tai Kamiya: That's it. Wow. Agumon: Matt, Tai, get away from that cliff! Both: Huh?
~ Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida fighting about searching for the others or going back to Infinity Mountain.
Look, everyone. It's nice here. I admit it. But we need to go home. (Jessie: We can have a whole new life here, Woody! A chance to make things happy again!) (Slinky: Why don't you stay? (Rex: Yeah, Woody! Stay with us!) (Hamm: Come on, Woodster!) (All the toys start begging him to stay) No, I can't. Guys, really! No. NO! I have a kid! YOU have a kid--ANDY! And if he wants us in college, or in the attic, well then, our job is to be there for him! Now I'm going home. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome. Come on, Buzz.. (Woody starts to leave, Buzz doesn't move) Buzz? (Buzz: Our mission with Andy is complete, Woody.) What?! (Buzz: And what's important now is we stay together.) We wouldn't even BE together if it weren't for Andy! Look under your boot, Buzz! You too, Jessie! Whose name is written there? (Rex: Maybe Andy doesn't care about us anymore.) Of course he does! He cares about all of you! He was putting you in the attic! I saw him! YOU CAN'T JUST TURN YOUR BACK ON HIM NOW! (Jessie: Woody! Wake up! It's over! Andy's all grown up!) (Woody scowls) Okay, fine. Perfect! I can't believe how selfish you all are. So this is it? After all we've been through. (Buzz walks up to Woody to shake his hand. Woody refuses the offer and instead straightens his hat and leaves out the door.)
~ Woody arguing with the other toys about choosing Sunnyside over Andy, leading him to leave Sunnyside without them.
(Alan is eating his dinner while Sam and Carol Parrish are getting ready to go to the party) Sam Parrish: Hard work, determination, a cheerful outlook. Attributes that have exemplified the Brantford spirit since our four fathers first settled this town. Despite the harshness of our native clime and the granite of our soil. We have... Carol Parrish: Prospered. Sam Parrish: I knew the damn thing this morning. Carol Parrish: You'll know the darn thing tonight. Sam Parrish: All right. Let's go. (Carol tells Sam something about Alan) Carol Parrish: Sam, we have to talk to Alan. (Sam and Carol check on Alan before they leave) Sam Parrish: Well, we're on our way. Alan Parrish: Okay. Carol Parrish: I told your father what you told me this afternoon that it wasn't just Billy Jessup. Sam Parrish: Look, if I'd known that, Alan I wouldn't have. Alan Parrish: It's okay dad. Sam Parrish: But, I want you to know that I am proud of you. I mean, you faced them, even through you were outnumbered. And since you took it like a man, your mother and I have decided that you're ready to go (gives Alan the invitation to Cliffside) to the Cliffside School for boys, there. Carol Parrish: Congratulations, sweetheart. (Alan looks at the invitation and becomes shocked) Alan Parrish: You don't want me living here anymore? Carol Parrish: Alan. Sam Parrish: Well it's always been the plan that you go to Cliffside when you were ready, I mean, Parrishes have been going to Cliffside ever since the 1700's, even your Uncle Skylar went there. (Alan sees the school on the paper) Alan Parrish: Look at this, Parrish Hall. Sam Parrish: (points on the image of Cliffside) It's the main dormitory. (Alan closes the invitation) Alan Parrish (becomes upset): Oh, this is great. Kids are on my case here because I'm a Parrish. Just wait till I'm living in a building named after me. Sam Parrish (sternly): It was named after my father. Alan Parrish: Good, why don't you live in it? Sam Parrish: I did! I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for my years there. Alan Parrish: Maybe I don't wanna be who you are. Maybe I don't wanna be a Parrish. Sam Parrish (angry): You won't be. Not till you start acting like one. (Carol tries to talk to Sam about Alan not going to Cliffside) Carol Parrish: Sam? Sam Parrish: Get your coat! (Sam and Carol begin to leave) Alan Parrish (angry): I guess I'm not ready for Cliffside then? Sam Parrish (at the door shouting): WE'RE TAKING YOU THERE NEXT SUNDAY, AND I DON'T WANNA HEAR ANOTHER WORD ABOUT IT! Alan Parrish: You won't. I'm never talking to you again! (Sam slams the door and Alan angrily tears up the invitation and Sam and Carol get in the car while Carol tries to talk to Sam) Carol Parrish (nervous): Sam. Sam Parrish: Don't! Carol Parrish: Sam! Sam Parrish (annoyed): What? Carol Parrish: Nothing. Just-
~ Alan Parrish arguing with his dad about going to Cliffside.
(Zak is trying to find Crysta and warn her about the forest being destroyed: Crysta!) (Pips catches up with him: Hey, what's goin on, Zak?) (Zak, shocked and confused: Huh? What are you talkin about?) (Pips: You know exactly what I'm talkin about: the forest! You know what's happening, don't you?) (Zak, doesn't know what to think: But...) (Fairy Elder, shocked: Good idea, ask the human. He may know.) (Zak then sees Crysta, who's distraught and tries to reason with her: Crysta?) (Crysta gets really angry with Zak as she now knows that he's a human) You lied to me! (Crysta flies off in anger) (Zak, desperately: Uh... I... Crysta!)
~ Crysta arguing with Zak for being a human after she finds out that the forest is being destroyed by humans.
(Aladdin has heard what the Sultan has said and is having second thoughts about what was said.) Sultan? They want me to be sultan? (Aladdin sadly walks to his room, but Genie comes out of the lamp.) (Genie, happily: Huzzah! Hail the conquering hero! (Genie turns into a one-man band, but sees Aladdin walking away and becoming depressed of what he has done, and Genie zooms over to him as he holds up his hands like a director and scoping a picture in front of Aladdin's face.) Aladdin, you've just won the heart of the princess. What are you gonna do next? (Aladdin looks at him, but walks away and sits on his bed and sighs, but Genie is confused and pulls out a script labeled "Aladdin.".) (whispers) Psst, your line is "I'm going to free the genie." Anytime.) (Aladdin refuses to do it.) Genie, I can't. (Genie, trying to make Aladdin say the last wish: Sure you can. You just go "Genie, I wish you free.") (Genie grabs Aladdin's head and uses it as a mock ventriloquist's dummy, but Aladdin pulls away.) I'm serious. Look, I'm sorry. I really am. But they wanna make me sultan, no! They wanna make Prince Ali sultan. Without you, I'm just Aladdin. (Genie: Al, you won!) Because of you! The only reason anyone thinks I'm worth anything is because of you. (Aladdin grows sad.) What if they find out I'm not really a prince? What if Jasmine finds out? I'd lose her. Genie, I can't keep this up on my own. I can't wish you free. (Genie gets really disgusted of what Aladdin has said: Hey, I understand. After all, you lied to everyone else. Hey, I was beginning to feel left out. Now, if you'll excuse me, master.) (Genie goes back into his lamp as he is now finished with Aladdin and Abu and Carpet are watching from the window.) (Abu: Ohhh.) (Aladdin tries to make up with Genie.) Genie I'm really sorry. (His tongue come out and does a raspberry out of him and Aladdin becomes upset.) Well, fine. (Aladdin slams a pillow on top of the lamp.) Then just stay in there! (Aladdin looks at Abu and Carpet.) What are you guys looking at? (Abu and Carpet both leave and Aladdin tries to stop them.) Look, I'm sorry. Wait, Abu. Wait. I'm sorry, I didn't... wait c'mon. (Aladdin sighs after realizing what he has done.) What I'm I doing? Genie's right, I gotta tell Jasmine the truth. (Jasmine: Ali, oh Ali, will you come here?) (Aladdin puts his turban back on.) Well, here goes. (Aladdin walks into the garden, searching for Jasmine.) Jasmine? Where are you?
~ Aladdin arguing with Genie over his lies to Jasmine about being a prince.
(Kevin is in the third floor upset of what Buzz has said) Kevin McCallister (sadly): They're all a bunch of jerks. (Kate comes upstairs to check on Kevin) Kate McCallister: Hi. You know Kevin, last time we all tried to take a trip, we had a problem that started just like this. Kevin McCallister: Yeah, with me getting crapped on. Kate McCallister (sternly): I don't care for your choice of words. That's not what happened last time that's not what's happening this time, Buzz apologized to you. (Kevin turns to Kate) Kevin McCallister: Yeah, but then he called me a trout-sniffer. He didn't mean what he said, he was just sucking up to you. Kate McCallister: Okay, why don't you just sit up here for a while and thinks things over. When your ready to apologize to Buzz and to the rest of the family, you can come down. Kevin McCallister (angry): I'm not apologizing to Buzz. I'd rather kiss a toilet seat. Kate McCallister: Then you can stay up there for the rest of the night. Kevin McCallister: Fine, I don't want to go down anyway! I can't trust anybody in this family, and you know what? If I had my own money, I'd go on my own vacation alone. Without any of you guys and I would have the most fun of my whole life. Kate McCallister: Well, you got your wish last year, maybe you'll get it again this year. Kevin McCallister: I hope so. (Kate leaves and Kevin sits on his bed)
~ Kevin McCallister arguing with his mother after refusing to apologize to Buzz and being angry about the vacation to Florida for Christmas.
(Wesley Collins the Red Time Force Ranger has just taken a blast from Univolt whilst protecting the captain of the Silver Guardians, which causes his visor to be shattered, revealing his identity to Eric Myers and Mr. Collins, who is in his car) Eric Myers: (Surprised) Wes?! Mr. Collins: Wes? (Gets out of his car, as Wes struggles to his feet) Univolt: Now to finish the job! (The other Time Force Rangers hold Univolt back, as Wes starts to rush over to help them) Eric Myers: WES! WAIT! (Mr. Collins stops Wes) Mr. Collins: Wes, what's the meaning of this? You're a Time Force Ranger! Wesley Collins: I wanted to tell you, dad, but I couldn't. (Looks back at the injured Silver Guardians) Look, you don't know what you're up against here. People are getting hurt all because you want more money. How much is enough for you, dad? Mr. Collins: (Shakes his head) No, that's not it at all, you don't understand anything about my business. I'd the perfect future planned out for you. Wesley Collins: YOUR future! Not mine! For the first time in my life, I feel like I'm really making a difference. (Starts to walk off) Mr. Collins: Wes, wait, stop. (Wes stops) Listen, if you'd just let me explain, you'd understand you're talking about your nonsense. Wesley Collins: No. All my life, I've known what you've wanted to do. And now, I'm gonna control my own future. (Starts to walk away again) Mr. Collins: Wes, son. Hey, don't walk away from me when I'm... (Raises his voice) WESLEY, YOU WALK AWAY, YOU'LL REGRET IT!!! (Wes ignores him, and carries on) WESLEY! Eric Myers: Don't be stupid, Wes! You should listen to your father!
~ Wesley Collins arguing with his father about his future after his identity as the Red Time Force Ranger is revealed to him.
(Melody is sobbing in her bedroom after the disastrous birthday party) What's wrong with me? (Ariel: Oh, sweetie, nothing is wrong with you.) Mom, I'm the princess of disaster! (Ariel: Being a teenager is hard, and, uh, all kids your age feel... awkward, and...) (As Ariel speaks, Melody looks closer at the locket she found and reads) "Melody?" What is this? My name's on here. [opens the locket and a lullaby plays] That song. Where have I heard it? It's Atlantica, with merpeople and everything. Mother, you always said it was just an old fish tale. (Ariel, snapping the locket shut: Where'd you get this?!) I-I found it. (Ariel [upset]: You went over the wall, didn't you?) Actually, I went under it. I hate that stupid wall! (Ariel: Melody, you know you're not allowed in the sea!) But why?! And why does that necklace have my name on it? (Ariel: Melody, listen to me.) You're hiding something from me! (Ariel, sternly: You deliberately disobeyed me! I never want you going out there again! Do you hear me? It's dangerous in the sea!) How would you know?! YOU'VE NEVER EVEN BEEN IN IT! (Melody runs out of the room in tears)
~ Melody arguing with her mother upon seeing her name on the locket Triton gave her, and when Ariel refuses to answer her questions, Melody runs out sobbing.
What? You mean when I get older, I lose you guys forever and I forget I ever had you? What else could go wrong? (Vicky knocks on Timmy's door and Cosmo and Wanda poof back into their fishbowl and Vicky destroys Timmy's barricaded door with a flame thrower and an angry Mr. and Mrs. Turner begin to punish their son harder for his disobedience as Vicky does an evil laugh. They see Timmy with a rocket launcher he got from the television and the TV being turned on at the time) Uh, this isn't what it looks like? (Timmy accidentally fires the rocket launcher he got from television blowing the roof off with the roof falling on the Masked Man standing on the tree, knocking the Masked Man unconscious and Mr. Turner's boss arrives to give Mr. Turner a cleanest house award) (Mr. Turner's boss: Turner, I decided to give you a second chance and- (sees the trashed Turner house) Good Heavens! Dinkleberg, catch this nicest house plaque and the raise that goes with it.) (Mr. Turner's boss throws the award and money to Sheldon Dinkleberg and Dinkleberg continues to play fetch with his dog) (Sheldon Dinkleberg (happily): Sweet. Fetch, Dinkledog.) (Mr. Turner's boss leaves and Mr. Turner becomes extremely angry as he pulls his hair out very hard) (Mr. Turner: GRRR AAAH!) (Mrs. Turner takes away Timmy's magic remote and gives it to Vicky) (Mrs. Turner: Here, Vicky. Take this. We're going to have a word with our irresponsible son.) (Vicky (to Timmy): Have a nice violent talk. I'll see you tomorrow. Ha ha ha!) Hey, wait, that's my remote! (Vicky leaves and Timmy tries to stop her, but Mr. Turner catches him) (Mr. Turner (becomes extremely angry): Which you deliberately used to disobey us, and then you busted up the house and wrote that lie on the wall! What is wrong with you?) (Mr. Turner drops Timmy to the floor and Timmy gets up) But it's not my fault. It's Vicky's. She's evil. She's always being mean to me and always getting me into trouble. (Mrs. Turner (sternly): Oh? Did she turn on your TV? Did she give you this bazooka?) (Mr. Turner: Which I can't fire at the Dinkleberg's house because it's out of ammo?) Uh, no. (Mr. Turner (angrily): Then why should we believe anything you say?) (Timmy becomes depressed and Mr. and Mrs. Turner leave the room to go get more ammo for the rocket launcher) When I get back from the ammo store, YOU ARE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE, YOUNG MAN! (Mr. Turner angrily leaves) (Vicky: Wow. I've never seen you so miserable. I should take another picture. (Vicky takes a picture of Timmy being miserable and gives it to Timmy) One for you and one for the internet.) (Vicky puts a bo-peep costume on Timmy and takes a picture of him and leaves)
~ Timmy Turner being yelled at by his parents for the destruction of their house caused by Vicky for which he didn't do.
(Joseph walks out behind a rock and is grabbed by his coat) (Simeon: Hey, everybody! The little spy is back!) I wasn't spying! I just want - (Simeon: Did father tell you to check up on us?) (As he speaks, Simeon tosses Joseph in the middle of his brothers) No, maybe this was a mistake. I just want to... (Judah: Report on us to Father?) (Simeon: You're his favorite.) No. (Judah grabs Joseph by the collar) (Judah: You look at scrolls all day while WE'RE covered in sweat. Why is that, Joseph? Is it because we don't have pretty coats like YOU?) (As he speaks, Judah lets go of Joseph) (Simeon: I have MINE!) (Quick as a flash, Simeon grabs Joseph's coat) (Joseph yelps) That's my coat! (Simeon, mockingly: Step aside, brothers. I'm the head of the new family. Bow before me, you sheaves of wheat! Oh, yes, Master Joseph. Ruler of the world.) Give it back! Now! (Simeon, with a sneer: If you want your coat, why don't you go get it?) (As he speaks, Simeon tosses the coat to his brothers; Joseph tries to stop them, but it is too late. (Brothers: Levi's got it. No, I don't. Judah does. Come on! I've got it!) Judah rips a gash in the coat; with a yell, Joseph charges at him, but tumbles to the ground. The brothers laugh.) I've had enough of this stupid game! (Simeon: Joseph, who says this is a game?) (Still laughing, the brothers overwhelm Joseph and he falls down a hole.) Somebody! Don't leave me here alone!
~ Joseph being picked on by his brothers.
Isn't this a great place? (Nala: It is beautiful. But I don't understand something. You've been alive all this time. Why didn't you come back to Pride Rock? (Simba climbs into a "hammock" of hanging vines.) Well, I just needed to... get out on my own. Live my own life. And I did. And it's great. (Nala, voice catching, as though barely under control: We've really needed you at home.) (Quieter) No-one needs me. (Nala: Yes, we do! You're the king.) Nala, we've been through this. I'm not the king. Scar is. (Nala: Simba, he let the hyenas take over the Pride Lands.) What? (Nala: Everything's destroyed. There's no food. No water. Simba, if you don't do something soon, everyone will starve.) I can't go back. (Nala: Why?) You wouldn't understand. (Nala: What wouldn't I understand?) (Hastily) No, no, no. It doesn't matter. Hakuna Matata. (Nala: What?) Hakuna Matata. It's something I learned out here. Look, sometimes bad things happen... (Nala: Simba!) (Continuing, irritated) ...And there's nothing you can do about it. So why worry? (Simba starts away from Nala, walking on a fallen tree. Nala trots back up to her childhood friend.) (Nala: Because it's your responsibility!) Well, what about you? YOU left. (Nala: I left to find help! And I found YOU. Don't you understand? You're our only hope.) Sorry. (Nala: What's happened to you? You're not the Simba I remember.) You're right. I'm not. Now are you satisfied? (Nala: No, just disappointed.) You know, you're starting to sound like my father. (He walks away again.) (Nala: Good. At least one of us does.) (Cut by the comment about his deceased father, Simba tears into Nala with his next words.) Listen! You think you can just show up and tell me how to live my life?! You don't even know what I've been through! (Nala: I would if you would just tell me!) FORGET IT! (Nala: RIGHT FINE!) (Simba storms off.)
~ Simba stubbornly refusing to return to the Pride Lands, threatening his friendship with Nala.
(Judy Neutron (calls from downstairs): Jimmy!) (Jimmy comes out of the fireplace.) Hi, Mom. (Judy Neutron (shocked): Oh, Jimmy, you scared the bajeebers out of me.) Oh, sorry about your bajeebers, Mom. And might I add how lovely you look today? (Judy Neutron: Jimmy, I'm covered in transmission fluid.) Exactly! And might I say filth never looked so good. (Judy Neutron: Yes. Well, how was show and tell today?) Was okay. But first, (pulls out bouquet of flowers) happy birthday, Mom! (Judy Neutron (takes bouquet): Jimmy, these are beautiful! But sweetie, it's... not my birthday.) Oh, it's not? Well, (pulls out a pearl necklace and earrings) then whatever will I do with these lovely pearls and priceless earrings? (Judy Neutron (takes necklace and earrings): These can't be real.) Oh, but they can, and they are! (snaps fingers and Goddard grows a speaker, disco ball, and spotlights with 40s style music playing) And all these fabulous gifts and prizes could be yours if you know the correct answer to this question. Please may I go to Retroland tonight? (Judy Neutron: No, it's a school night.) Thank you so much, Mother and might I say- (pauses and becomes confused) Did you just say no? (Judy Neutron: Yes.) Yes! (Judy Neutron: No.) No? (Judy Neutron: Yes.) YES! (Judy Neutron (annoyed): JIMMY...?!) But all my friends are going and anybody who matters is gonna be there, Mom! (Judy Neutron: I matter and your father matters and you matter. But you're not going. Maybe we can go next weekend.) (Judy leaves and Jimmy tries to think of another idea so he can go to Retroland) Wait. I'm sure there must be something else in here to change your mind. (Jimmy accidentally sets his jet pack off and ends up flying and carrying Judy) (Judy Neutron: No, Jimmy! Look out! Look out, Jimmy! Jimmy, be careful!) (Jimmy crashes into the living room wall leaving his jet pack on fire) Mom, get me out! (Jimmy gets his head out and Judy tries to stop the fire) I didn't do it! (Judy Neutron (trying to put out the fire): Stop, drop and roll! My goodness!) Goddard! (Jimmy uses Goddard as a fire extinguisher to put out the fire and Judy herself) (Judy Neutron (furiously): Okay, Jimmy. That's the last straw! We have told you time and time again about playing with rockets.) But, Mom, it's technically not a rocket. It's more of a jet pack type thing. (Judy Neutron: I don't care what type thing it is. You just climb those stair-type things right now. Your father will have a few words to say to you when he gets home.) (Jimmy and Goddard go upstairs to Jimmy's room, upset) It's not a rocket. (Judy Neutron: March!) Mom...
~ Jimmy Neutron getting in trouble with his mother after his mother refuses to let him go to Retroland tonight.
(Hogarth checks to see if the Giant is alright) Hogarth Hughes: Hey, what's wrong? (the Giant thinks there is nothing wrong) As I was saying, TAKE THIS! (the Iron Giant uses his eye beam to fire while Hogarth uses his toy gun, but Dean saves Hogarth to prevent him from getting hurt) What happened? What was that for? Dean McCoppin: Sssh! Stay down and follow me. (Dean and Hogarth try to hide, but the Giant finds the two and Dean becomes angry) GET BACK! (the Giant didn't mean to hurt Hogarth and tries to help, but Dean won't let it happen) I SAID GET BACK! I MEAN IT! Iron Giant (becomes stunned): No, stop why? Hogarth Hughes: It was an accident. He's our friend. Dean McCoppin (sternly): He's a piece of hardware, Hogarth. Why do you think the army was here? He's a weapon. A big gun that walks! Iron Giant: I not gun. Dean McCoppin: YEAH! WHAT'S THAT, HUH?! (Dean points at the big hole the Giant's beam left on the school bus) YOU ALMOST DID THAT TO HOGARTH!!! Iron Giant: No. (He becomes sad and runs away) Hogarth Hughes: Come back! Dean McCoppin: Hogarth. (tries to stop Hogarth) Hey stop! (Hogarth refuses to listen and tries to find the Giant) Hogarth Hughes: Giant, come back! (Dean picks up Hogarth's toy gun) Dean McCoppin: It was being defensive. He reacted to the gun.
~ Dean McCoppin telling The Iron Giant to go away and leave the junkyard for trying to hurt Hogarth which the Giant did not mean to.
(Anastasia and Dimitri left the Opera Box in the Russian Ballet and arrive at Dowanger Empress Marie's private balcony.) (Dimitri: Wait here just a moment. I'll go in and announce you properly.) (Anastasia stops him first.) Dimitri. (Dimitri: Yes?) Look, we've been through a lot together... (Dimitri: Uh-huh.) ...and I just wanted to... (Dimitri: Yes?) Well, thank you I guess. Yes, thank you for everything. (Dimitri goes to the private balcony of the Russian Ballet, but turns back first.) (Dimitri: Anya, I...) Yes? (Dimitri: I'm, mm...) Yes? (Dimitri: I wanted to wish you good luck. (shakes Anastasia's hand) Well, here goes.) (Dimitri sadly enters into the private balcony of the Russian Ballet, but approaches Sophie.) (Dimitri: Please inform her majesty, The Dowanger Empress, that I have found her granddaughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia. She's waiting to see her just outside the door.) (Anastasia walks into the door of the private balcony as she listens to Dimitri.) (Sophie: I'm very sorry young man, but the Dowanger Empress, she will see no one.) (Marie turns her face towards Dimitri very stern.) (Dowanger Empress Marie: You may tell that impertinent young man that I have seen enough Grand Duchess Anastasias to last me a lifetime.) (Sophie has second thoughts and wants Dimitri to leave.) (Sophie: Um, you better go.) (Dimitri: Please, let me just...) (Dowanger Empress Marie: Now if you'll excuse me I wish to live the remainder of my lonely life in peace.) (Sophie: Come, I'll see you to the door. Come, come now, come to the door.) (Sophie closes the curtain that accesses Marie and leaves, but Dimitri ducks through it and sits himself down in a chair next to Dowanger Empress Marie.) (Dimitri: Your Majesty, I intend you no harm. My name is Dimitri. I used to work at the palace.) (Dowager Empress Marie: Well, that's one I haven't heard, I must say.) (Dimitri, running after the empress: Wait! Don't go, please. If you'll just hear me out.) (Empress Marie, suspiciously: I know what you're after. I've seen it before...men who train young women in the royal ways.) (Dimitri: But if Your Highness will just listen - (Empress Marie, cutting him off: Haven't you been listening? I've had enough. I don't care how much you have fashioned this girl to look like her, sound like her or act like her.) (During the conversation, Anastasia presses her ear to the doorway, which is now open a crack.) (Empress Marie: In the end, it never is her.) (Dimitri: But this time it IS her.) (Empress Marie: Dimitri, I've heard of you. You're that con man from Saint Petersburg who was holding auditions to find an Anastasia look-alike.) (As soon as she hears this, Anastasia gasps.) (Dimitri: But, Your Grace, we've come all the way from Russia just to see - ) (Empress Marie: And others have come from Timbuktu.) (Dimitri: It's not that. It's not what you think.) (Empress Marie, shocked: How much pain will you inflict on an old woman for money?) (Anastasia gasps again after she found out that Dimitri lied to her from the beginning.) (Empress Marie, to her bodyguards: Remove him at once!) (Dimitri, struggling: But she IS Anastasia, I'm telling you! She's the grand duchess. If you'll only speak to her, you'll see!) (Dimitri is booted out of Empress Marie's private balcony at the Russian ballet and Anastasia becomes angry at Dimitri.) It was all a lie, wasn't it? (Dimitri, trying to reason with Anastasia: No, no...) You used me? I was just part of your con to get her money? (Dimitri: No, no, no, no - look, it may have started out that way, but everything's different now, because you really are Anastasia. You are!) (Anastasia gets really angry.) Stop it! From the very beginning, you lied! And I not only believed you, I actually... AAAARGH! (Dimitri, desperately: Anya, please, when you spoke of the hidden door in the wall opening, and the little boy, listen to me, that was...) (Anastasia refuses to listen.) NO! I don't wanna hear about anything that I said or remembered, you just leave me alone! (She slaps Dimitri powerfully across the face and storms off.) (Dimitri, desperately calling for her: ANYA, PLEASE! YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH!) (Dimitri tries to call her, but fails and gets caught in the crowd)
~ Anastasia arguing with Dimitri after finding out that he lied to her from the beginning.
(Slinky Dog: I think he bounced into Sid's yard!) (Rex: Ohh! Buzz!) (Rex sees RC telling the toys what happened) (Hey everyone! RC's trying to say something.) (Slinky Dog: What is it, boy?) (Mr. Potato Head [becomes angry]: He's sayin' that this was no accident.) (All of the toys: Huh?) (Bo Peep: What do you mean?) (Mr. Potato Head: I mean Humpty Dumpty was pushed.) (Slinky Dog: No!) (Mr. Potato Head (points out to Woody): By Woody!) What? What? Wait a minute. You don't think I meant to knock Buzz out the window, do you? Potato Head? (Mr. Potato Head: That's Mr. Potato Head to you, you back-stabbin' murderer!) Woody: Now it was an accident, guys. Come on. Now, you gotta believe me. (Slinky Dog: We believe ya, Woody. Right, Rex? (Rex: Well, I don't like confrontations.) (Woody tries to step away, but pushes the lid of the bucket of soldiers) (Sarge: WHERE IS YOUR HONOR, DIRT BAG? YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO- (Woody closes the lid) HEY!) (Woody tries to flee, but sees the height of the floor) (Mr. Potato Head: You couldn't handle Buzz cuttin' in on your playtime, could ya, Woody? Didn't wanna face the fact that Buzz just might be Andy's new favorite toy. So you got rid of him. Well, what if Andy starts playin' with me more, Woody, huh? You gonna knock me out of the window, too?!) (Hamm (angry): I don't think we should give him the chance.) (the green Army men jump out of the bucket and holds on to Woody to attack him) (Sarge: There he is, men! Frag him!) (Mr. Potato Head: Let's string him up by his pull string!) (Hamm: I got dibs on his hat!) (Bo Peep: Would you boys stop it?) (Hamm: Tackle him!) No, no, no! Wait! (Bo Peep: Boys, stop it!) I can explain everything! (The toys hear Andy coming to his room) (Andy: Okay, Mom, be right down. I've gotta get Buzz.) (Sarge: Retreat!)
~ Woody being betrayed by the toys including Mr. Potato Head for knocking Buzz out the window.
Phil: Ah, very nice! What I'm trying to say is— Hercules: That if it wasn't for you, I never would've met her. Oh, I owe ya big time little guy, I do! Phil (frustrated): Will you just knock it off for a couple of seconds?! Hercules (still not listening): Rule #38, C'mon, Phil, keep 'em up there, huh? Phil, I got two words for ya: Duck! Phil: LISTEN TO ME! She's a— Hercules: A dream come true? Phil: Not exactly. Hercules: More beautiful than Aphrodite? Phil: Aside from that! Hercules: The most wonderful— Phil: SHE'S A FRAUD!!! She's been playin' ya for a sap! Hercules: Aw, c'mon. Stop kiddin' around! Phil: I'm NOT kiddin' around! Hercules: I know you're still upset about today but that's no reason to-- Phil: Kid, you're missing' the point! Hercules: Point is, I love her! Phil: She DON'T love YOU! Hercules (gets angry) You're crazy! Phil: She's nothing but a two-timin—" Hercules (gets angrier): "STOP IT!" Phil: "—no good, LYIN, SCHEMING —" Hercules: (Hits Phil, yelling) SHUT UP!! (Phil crashes into a pile of weights and chains potentially on the ground; Then he looks at him, on the verge of tears, then he gets up; Hercules is shocked of what he's done) Hercules: Phil, I...I didn't mean... Oh, I'm-I'm sorry. Phil (upset and angry): OK, OK, that's it. You won't face the truth? Fine! (starts to leave) Hercules: Phil! Wait! Where you going? Phil: I'm hoppin' first barge outta here. I'm goin' home. Hercules (angrily): FINE! G-GO! I don't... I don't need you. (starts lifting heavy weight; Phil stops and looks back). Phil (sadly): I thought you were gonna be the all-time champ...not the all time chump. (He leaves as Herc watches guiltily after him)
~ Phil trying to explain to Hercules of Meg's involvement with Hades, but Herc will have none of it and hits him in a blind rage, disowning him as his trainer. Phil leaves Herc in his darkest hour, putting their loyalty and friendship to the test.
(After leaving Dil to the monkeys, Chuckie, Phil & Lil see Tommy returning with the diaper bag) (Chuckie: Oh, this is bad. Bad.) (Phil: Shh. Here comes Tommy. (Lil: Put the blankie on him.) (Phil puts the blanket in the wagon) Okay, guys, I got it. (Chuckie: Uh, I think it's gonna rain, Tommy.) (Phil: Oh, yeah, we better go.) I gotta finish feeding my brother. (Lil: [swatting the jar of mashed bananas out of Tommy's hands] I don't think he's hungry.) (Chuckie: Yeah. Besides, he's, um...) (Tommy lifts the blanket to find the baby monkey in Dil's place drinking from the bottle.) A monkey? (Phil: Wow! Look at that!) My brother turned into a monkey? (Thunder from a distance.) (Chuckie: Come on, Tommy. We gotta get out of here.) I can't go home with my brother being a monkey! (Chuckie: Oh, but, Tommy, we gotta get to the lizard's house!) That's it! I'll get the lizard to wish him back into a people! (Phil: The lizard's only gonna give us one wish!) (Chuckie: Yeah, and if you use it up on Dil, how are we gonna get home?) He's my brother, Chuckie! I have to wish him back! (Lil: You can't do that!) Yes, I can! What would you do if Phil turned into a monkey? (Lil: That's different. I like Phillip! Besides, you'd be wasting your wish anyway, 'cause that's not even your brother. [Lil quickly covers her mouth as she realizes she just accidentally spilled the truth to Tommy] Wait a minute...) (Chuckie: What Lillian means is... um...the monkeys kinda took baby Dil, and we just--we thought you wouldn't mind a baby monkey instead.) What?! (Lil: Look it, Tommy, nobody likes him!) (Phil: We're gonna find that lizard, Tommy. You can find your brother by yourself!) Will you help me, Chuckie? (Chuckie: Sorry, Tommy.) But--but you're my bestest friend. (Chuckie: Yeah? Well, if--if I'm your bestest friend, then how come when I got throwed up on, you didn't help me? Huh, huh? And when I falled overboard, you didn't help me. And then when the monkey grabbed me, you didn't even care about my boo-boo!) (Tommy slumps) (Lil: Face it, Tommy. You don't got a bestest friend no more. All you gots is a brother!) (Tommy lowers his head, close to tears) Oh, um...fine. I-I-I'll go find him by myself. (Tommy sadly goes off to find Dil, leaving the other Rugrats behind. With another crack of thunder, it starts to rain. The baby monkey escapes, leaving its a diaper behind.)
~ Tommy Pickles being disowned and abandoned by his friends for prioritizing Dil above them, leaving him to go out and save Dil from the monkeys on his own.
(Ariel is admiring the statue of Eric when she notices King Triton in the grotto entrance with a stern look; she gasps.) Daddy! (Sebastian watches on; Flounder hides behind a treasure chest.) (King Triton, sternly: I consider myself a reasonable merman. I set certain rules, and I expect those rules to be obeyed.) But, Daddy— (King Triton: Is it true you rescued a human from drowning?) Daddy, I had to! (King Triton: Contact between the human world and the mer-world is strictly forbidden. Ariel, you KNOW that! EVERYONE knows that!) He would've died! (King Triton: One less human to worry about!) You don't even know him. (King Triton: Know him? I don't HAVE to know him. They're ALL the same. Spineless, savage, harpooning fish-eaters, incapable of any feeling—) Daddy, I LOVE him! (She gasps & backs up behind the statue in horror, Sebastian gasps, and Triton is surprised.) (King Triton: No! Have you lost your senses completely? He's a human, you're a mermaid!) I don't care. (King Triton, furious: So help me, Ariel, I am going to get through with you! And if this is the only way... so be it!) (King Triton's trident turns a fiery orange and, in an unstoppable rage, he begins to blast the treasures in Ariel's grotto with it one by one.) Daddy! No! No, please! Daddy, stop! Daddy, STOP IT! (Triton aims his trident at Prince Eric's statue. Ariel tries to stop him, but it's too late.) Daddy, NO! (Triton blasts the statue, shattering it to pieces. Ariel puts her head down on a rock and begins to cry. Her father swims away, ashamed. Flounder and Sebastian approach) (Sebastian (tremulously): Ariel, I--) Just go away! (Sebastian and Flounder sadly leave as well.)
~ Ariel in a confrontation with her father in her grotto. When she accidentally blurts out that she loves Eric, Triton, in a fit of barbaric rage then destroys her treasures. Ariel slumps down and sobs while her father swims off, ashamed.
(Stewie is watching his favorite TV show, but is interrupted by the sound of Peter and Chris doing something dumb) Both: Unga Bunga! Unga Bunga! Unga Bunga! Stewie Griffin: What is that? What's happening? Both: Unga Bunga! Unga Bunga! Unga Bunga! Brian Griffin: Peter, what are you doing? Peter Griffin: Playing Unga Bunga. It's the championship. Stewie Griffin: Go away! This is why Zillow estimates our house $4.00. Brian Griffin: What the hell is Unga Bunga? Peter Griffin: Two guys run at each other with mattresses. Um, and that's kind of it. Chris Griffin: Stop explaining it to the dog! Let's do this! (Peter and Chris begin playing Unga Bunga, but destroy the radio, stereo box and lamp.) Stewie Griffin (gets really annoyed): Stop it! I'm trying to watch my program! (Peter ignores Stewie and continues playing Unga Bunga) Peter Griffin: Oh, Chris, look! Mom's naked! Chris Griffin: Where? (Peter pushes Chris with the mattress really hard) Peter Griffin: You creep. (Chris accidently breaks the TV that Stewie was watching and Stewie becomes shocked) Stewie Griffin: No! (Lois comes in to see something after Peter and Chris were playing Unga Bunga) Lois Griffin: Peter, what's going on in- (Peter pushes Lois with a mattress) Peter Griffin: Unga Bunga! Stewie Griffin (gets really angry): You imbeciles! You ruined my night! I ask for one thing in this house! Brian Griffin (tries to calm Stewie down): Stewie, just watch your show upstairs. Stewie Griffin: I don't want to watch it upstairs on the small TV, I want to watch it downstairs on the big TV. (Stewie throws a temper tantrum as a result of this) I WANT TO WATCH MY SHOW! (Stewie cries and pounds on the floor and Lois sees Stewie in a temper tantrum) Lois Griffin: Oh, no. Stewie's having a tantrum. (Lois tries to pick Stewie up) Come here, sweetie. (Stewie bites Lois' thumb) Ow! Screw you, you little turd! (Stewie throws a portrait of Meg on the wall and Meg comes in to the living room) Meg Griffin: What's all that noise? (Stewie tries to tell Meg that Peter and Chris destroyed the living room and the TV, but Meg thinks what Stewie is saying) Aw, do you want a hug from your big sister? (Stewie hit's Meg's nose really hard) Ow! (Later, Lois puts Stewie in his room as a time-out for what he did) Lois Griffin (loosing her temper): You've earned yourself a time-out, young man. Now you stay in here until you can behave. (Lois slams the door) Stewie Griffin (upset): I hate you! You always ruin everything! God, it's a family of idiots! I wish... I wish I was never born! (Stewie sees Rupert trying to cheer him up) Not tonight, Rupert. I'm much too upset.
~ Stewie Griffin losing his temper and throwing a temper tantrum after Peter and Chris destroyed the living room and the TV while playing Unga Bunga.
(Buzz Lightyear: Woody, stop this nonsense and let's go.) (Woody sighs) Buzz, I can't go. I can't abandon these guys. They need me to get into this museum. Without me, they'll go back into storage. Maybe forever. (Buzz Lightyear: Woody, you're not a collector's item. You're a child's plaything. You, are, a TOY!) FOR HOW MUCH LONGER?! One more rip, then Andy's done with me! Then what do I then, Buzz, huh?! You tell me! (Buzz Lightyear: Somewhere inside that pat of stuffing is a toy who taught me that life's only worth living. And I traveled all this way to rescue that toy. Because I believed him.) Well, you just wasted your time. (Woody turns his back on Buzz) (Buzz Lightyear: Let's go, everyone.) (Slinky: But what about Woody?) (Buzz Lightyear: He's not coming with us.) (Rex: But-- but Andy's coming home tonight.) (Buzz Lighyear: Then we better be sure we'll be there waiting for him.) (Woody turns back to Buzz) I don't have a choice, Buzz. This is my only chance. (Buzz Lightyear: To do what, Woody? Watch kids from behind glass and never be loved again? Some life.) (Buzz stomps back into the air vent and slams it behind him. Woody now begins to realize his mistake.)
~ Woody refusing to go back to Andy's house, testing his friendship with Buzz.
(P.T. finds the Circus Bugs) (P.T. Flea: Ah, guys, I've been looking all over for you. Flaming death. It's a huge hit!) (Circus bugs: P.T. shhh shh) (P.T. Flea: We'll be the best circus act in the business!) (Princess Atta: You mean, you're not warriors?) (P.T. Flea: Are you kidding? These guys are the lousiest circus bugs you've ever seen! And they're gonna make me rich!) (Thorny: You mean to tell me that our entire defensive strategy was concocted by clowns?!) (Francis: Hey, hey, hey, hey. We really thought Flik's idea was gonna work.) (The colony gasps and the fireflies put the spotlight on Flik) (Francis, realizing his mistake: Oops.) (Princess Atta: Tell me this isn't true.) No, no, no, you don't... (Mr. Soil: This couldn't have happened at a most inopportune time. The last leaf is about to fall!) (Dr. Flora: We haven't collected any food for the grasshoppers!) (Thorny: If Hopper finds out what we almost did...) (The Ant Queen: Hopper is NOT going to find out. We're going to hide all this and pretend it never happened. You bugs were never here, so I suggest you all leave.) But the bird! The-the-the bird will work! (The Ant Queen: I never thought I'd see the day when an ant would put himself before the rest of his colony.) What? (The Ant Queen: Point is, Flik, you lied to us.) No, no, no, no! I just... (Princess Atta: You lied, Flik. You lied to her. You lied to the colony. You lied to ME! And like an idiot, I believed you.) I..I..I. I was just afraid, if you'd known I'd gotten circus bugs...I..(sighs)... I just wanted to make a...difference. (Princess Atta [sternly]: I want you to leave, Flik. And this time... don't come back. (Dot gasps at her sister's actions; The Queen's pet aphid lets out a very sad whimper. Flik hangs his head and turns to leave with the circus bugs) (P.T. Flea: Tough crowd..) (P.T forces his wagon forward) (Dot tries to follow Flik, but her mother stops her) (Dot [sadly]: Flik...)
~ Flik getting banished from Ant Island by Princess Atta for deceiving her about the circus bugs being warriors.
(Rocky: But Karen, we can't ride to the rescue in a stolen truck.) (Bullwinkle: Yeah, why couldn't we steal something with bucket seats?) (Rocky: Bullwinkle!) (Bullwinkle: Just kidding, Rock.) (Rocky: It's just not right.) It's not right? What are you talking about? They wrecked our car! They tried to kill us! (Rocky: But we're supposed to be the heroes.) Rocky, it's not 1964 anymore. You're in the real world now. (Bullwinkle: Rocky's right, Karen. And two rights don't make it wrong.) (Rocky, angrily: Bullwinkle, that's not what you mean.) (Bullwinkle: You mean two rights do make it wrong?) (Rocky: No!) (Bullwinkle: I always thought two rights make a U-turn.) I don't know how much more of this I can take. (Bullwinkle: Well, let's find out. Two U-turns make a circle, two circles make it eight, two figure eights make a butterfly--) Look, all I want from you guys are results, okay? (Narrator: It was their first fight.)
~ Karen Sympathy arguing with Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose about results.
(Barney while working as a busboy hears a news report on TV) (Susan Rock: And the demonstration continues to get uglier at Slate & Co. following the unexpected layoff by VP Fred Flintstone. [Barney stares in shock and anger] For the Cave News Network, this is Susan Rock.) (Barney storms back to Fred's table.) (Barney Rubble: Fred, did you hear what happened to everyone at the quarry today?!) Yep. Few hours ago, I just sent them all out on a nice long vacation. (Barney Rubble: You mean a permanent vacation! He fired them!) (Wilma Flintstone: [gasps] Fred! How could you?) (Fred is shocked and confused) I didn't do that! (Barney Rubble: You did too! It's all over the TV!) (Wilma Flintstone: Fred!) Wilma, who are you gonna believe? Me or some busboy? (Betty Rubble: That "busboy" is your best friend!) "Best friend? Best friend?" I lost my best friend the day I became an executive! He's just jealous of my hard-earned success! (Barney Rubble: "Hard-earned"? Tell me something, Mr. Vice President. What's a graduated inventory plan, huh? How 'bout supply and demand? Hey, Fred! What's two and two? (Fred stares blankly for a moment) I didn't come here to talk business! I'm out with my wife. Now, get me a clean spoon. (Barney Rubble: [furiously] That DOES IT! The only reason you got that job is 'cause I switched tests with you!) (Betty Rubble: Oh, Barney!) Ho-ho-ho, that's rich! What good would it do me to switch tests with the guy that got the lowest score in the quarry? (Barney Rubble: Think about it, Fred!) (Betty Rubble: Oh, finally, it all makes sense.) (Wilma Flintstone: You don't believe this, do you?) (Betty Rubble: [losing her temper] Are you calling my husband a liar?!) (Wilma Flintstone: Now this has gone far enough! After everything we've done to you, we took you into our home!) (Betty Rubble: Oh, yeah? So you could show off every chance you got! You used to be such nice people, but now... you're just a couple of RICH SNOBS!) Better than being a couple of petty ingrates. (Betty Rubble: C'mon, Barney! We are moving out! TONIGHT!) (Barney Rubble: Hang on, Betty. I forgot to punch out.) (Barney punches Fred in the face, shocking everyone in the restaurant; Fred falls to the floor unconscious; Barney & Betty leave the cavern)
~ Fred Flintstone having been tricked by Cliff Vandercave into firing all the workers in the quarry. When Barney confronts him, the argument results in him admitting he switched tests with Fred, and Betty calling out on Fred and Wilma for doing nothing to help their mortgage; Barney punches Fred in the face before leaving with Betty; thus putting the Flintstone's and the Rubble's relationship to the test.
(Minion: This is about Miss Ritchi, isn't it? You're going on a date with her!) (Megamind laughs) No, my main man! Get out of town! (Minion: Oh, this is bad! This is bad! You've fallen in love with her!) You are forgetting your place, Minion! Now gimme the keys! (Minion stretches the arm in which his hand is holding the car key) (Minion: What happens when Roxanne finds out who you really are?) She will NEVER find out! That's the point of lying! (Megamind pushes a button on Minion robotic body which makes his stretched arm fall) Honestly, if I didn't know any better, I'd think this was your first day of being evil. (Minion turns off the invisible on the car sending Megamind crashing into it) (Minion: No! This has gone far enough!) (Drops the keys in his tank) Oh, that was really grown up! (Minion, trying to reason with him: Sir, sir! Please, it's for your own good!) Oh, what do you know? (Minion: I may not know much, but I do know this: The bad guy doesn't get the girl!) Maybe I don't WANT to be the bad guy anymore! (Minion shrieks in horror) You heard me! (Minion, whispering in fear: Who are you?) Now gimme the keys! (Minion: NO! My soul purpose in life is to look after you!) Well, I don't NEED you to look after me! (Minion: What are you... what are you saying? You don't need me?) Let me make it clear. Code: I don't need you. (Minion, sadly: You know what? You know what? Code: I'll just pack my thing and go!) Code: Fine! (Minion: Code fine back!) (Minion sadly gets on his segway and begins to leave) (Minion: Well, good luck on your date!) I WILL! (Minion: That doesn't even make any sense!) I KNOW! (Minion rolls away sadly, the garage door slams shut as he leaves)
~ Megamind arguing with Minion about him not wanting to be the villain anymore; Minion leaves; resulting in their friendship being put to the test.
(The Teen Titans have failed to stop Cinderblock and the guards keep watch as the prisoners return to their cells and Beast Boy returns to his human form) Beast Boy: Jailbreak? I don't see any jailbreak. Robin (frustrated): None of us would have seen one if Cyborg hadn't messed up! (Robin looks away) Cyborg (angry): Me? I messed up nothing! You got in my way! Robin (sternly): You were too far forward and Cinderblock got away because of it! Cyborg (gets really angry): You saying this is my fault? Robin: Want me to say it again? (Robin and Cyborg try picking for a fight, but Starfire stops the fight) Starfire: Stop! No more mean talking! (Robin and Cyborg turn their backs on her and each other) Beast Boy: Yeah. If you two are gonna fight, we need time to sell tickets. Raven: Cinderblock escaped. No amount of yelling will change that. So stop acting like idiots, and let's go home. (Robin and Cyborg throw each other a disdainful glance from over their shoulders) Both: Hmph! (Robin and Cyborg walk away, calm and firm) Robin: Loser. Cyborg: Jerk. (Robin and Cyborg get very angry) Both: WHAT DID YOU SAY?! (Robin and Cyborg start fighting again) Robin (becomes extremely angry): Do you have a problem, Tin Man? Cyborg (angry): Yeah! It's four feet tall and smells like cheap hair gel! (Robin gets very angry as Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy become scared) Robin (angry): Well, you're an oversized klutz and your feet smell like motor oil! (Beast Boy starts to cry) Cyborg (angry): You're bossy, you're rude, you got no taste in music! Robin: I don't even know why you're on this team! Cyborg (angrily): That makes two of us! I QUIT!! (Robin and the other Titans become shocked of what Cyborg has said and Cyborg angrily walks away)
~ Robin and Cyborg fighting after failing to stop Cinderblock, prompting Cyborg to quit the Titans.
(Patrick sees SpongeBob leaving: Hey, where are you going?) I’m going home, Patrick. (Patrick: But what about Mr. Krabs?) What about us? We’ll never survive in that trench! You said it yourself, this is man’s country. And let’s face it, Pat. We’re just...kids. (Patrick: We’re not kids!) OPEN YOUR EYES, PATRICK! We blow bubbles, we eat ice cream. We worship a dancing peanut, for corn sakes! WE DON’T BELONG OUT HERE! (Patrick: We do not worship him.) (SpongeBob pulls Patrick’s shorts down showing his underwear with the Goofy Goober pictures on it.) Patrick, you’ve been wearing the same Goofy Goober Peanut Party underpants for three years straight. What do you call that? (Patrick: [his eyes fill up with tears] Worship? You’re right, SpongeBob. We are kids! (Patrick runs around sobbing and falls down) Pull your pants up, Patrick. We’re going home.
~ SpongeBob and Patrick realizing they don’t belong in "man’s country".
(Luca, angrily: Hey, what're you lookin' at?) Nothin'. Just lookin' for some company. (Nermal, also angrily: Keep walkin', creepo.) What's going on? (Arlene: We know how much you hated Odie! We know how much you wanted him gone!) Wait a minute! All I wanted was to sleep in my own bed! (Arlene: And to do it, you cast Odie out into the cold, cruel world?) (Nermal: We saw how you locked Odie outside last night!) Oh, I don't believe you guys. I didn't know he was gonna run away! He's a dumb dog. No offense, Luca. (Luca: Uh...what?) You can't blame me for that! (Nermal: Any one of us could be next!) (Arlene: Yeah. There's no room for anybody else in Garfield's world.) (Nermal, Arlene and Luca turn their backs on Garfield and leave) What? Well, that's a little melodramatic. Well I may have been a little tough on protecting my turf, but, uh...I don't hate the guy.
~ Garfield being angrily called out by his friends for locking Odie outside and making him run away.
(Chief Powhatan: I told you to stay in the village! You disobeyed me! You have shamed your father!) I was only trying to help! (Chief Powhatan: Because of your foolishness, Kocoum is dead! )
~ Pocahontas being harshly accused by her father for shaming him and harshly blamed for Kocoum's death.
(After letting Fiona go with Lord Farquaad, Shrek begins to stomp off; Donkey follows.) (Donkey: Shrek, what are you doing? You're letting her get away.) Yeah, so what? (Donkey: Shrek, there's something about her you don't know. Look, I talked to her last night. She's - ) (Shrek's voice grows stern.) I know you talked to her last night. You're great pals, aren't ya? Now, if you two are such good friends, why don't you follow her home? (Donkey, desperately: Shrek, I...I wanna go with you.) (Shrek spins around and flies into a rage.) I told you, didn't I? You're not coming home with me. I live alone! MY swamp! ME! Nobody else! Understand?! NOBODY! Especially useless, pathetic, annoying, TALKING DONKEYS! (Donkey, sadly: But I thought - ) Yeah. You know what? You thought WRONG! (He storms off, leaving Donkey all alone.)
~ Shrek's argument with Donkey after he loses Fiona.
(Gia, Stefano, Vitaly, and the circus animals look at the paper with the words "Famous Central Park Zoo Lion Missing" and the picture of Alex on it) (Gia: Alex, you're from a zoo?) (Alex and his friends look at them in shock) (Alex: Yes, yes. But wait, there's more.) (Gia: More?) (Alex: Or less. There's less.) (Vitaly: You were never circus?) (Gloria: Well, we...we had to say we were circus. Melman: But you never let us on the train!) (Gia: After all we've been through together, you want to go live in a zoo?) (Alex: Gia, I...) (Vitaly: You used us.) (Alex: No, no, no! I mean..I mean yes, but..but..) (Gia: And Trapeze Americano, you made that up too?) (Alex: It didn't exactly exist when I taught it to you.) (Gia: (angrily) Ohhh, Jet packs and aquatic cobras! I should have known!) (Stefano: Balloons to the children of the world? Wasn't that real either?) (Alex: Well, yeah, it's not real. But look at what we did!) (Stefano: I was shot out of a cannon! I could have died!!!) (Marty: But I thought it was your lifelong dream.)(Stefano: For all I know, your name is not even "Alice".) (Alex: No, Stefano, it..it never really was.) (Stephano: I don't feel safe!) (Stefano sobs in Gia's arms as Vitaly looks at Alex and his friends, feeling betrayed and hurt) (Alex: Gia, I...) (Gia: (crying) We trusted you.) (turns and leaves in depression along with the others) (Stefano: My tears are real! You're not!) (Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria stand there in depression, feeling sorry for themselves about lying to their new friends and hurting their feelings) (Skipper: (crying) I can't believe you lied to all us circus folk!)
~ The circus animals realizing that Alex and his friends had been lying to them about being circus animals as an attempt to return to New York.
(Simba glares at Kovu as he walks up to Pride Rock.) (Simba, breathing fire: Why have you come back?!) (Kovu: Simba... I had nothing to do with--) (Simba, furious: You DON'T belong here.) (Kovu, desperately: Please. I ask your forgiveness.) (Kiara, actively protesting to Simba: Daddy, please! Listen to him!) (Simba, sternly to Kiara: SILENCE!) (He turns back to Kovu.) (Simba, to Kovu: When you first came here, you asked for judgment...) (The animals start to clamor and yell.) (Animals: Give him what he deserves!) (Simba, sternly: And I pass it now!) (Animals: Kick him out! That's right! Judgment day is here!) (Simba: EXILE!) (Kiara is suddenly shocked by Simba's decision : NO! No! Kovu!) (Nala is also shocked by Simba's actions, while Kiara trys to actively stop the punishment, but is blocked by the angry lionesses that all she can do is watch helplessly) (As "One of Us" plays, the animals of the Pride Lands drive Kovu out of Pride Rock. Watching the tragedy from afar, Rafiki sighs in sadness. Kiara runs up to confront her father.) (Kiara: Father, please reconsider!) (Simba, sternly: You will not go anywhere without an escort from now on.) (Kiara: No! That's not - ) (Simba, stubbornly: He used you to get to me!) (Kiara, desperately: NO! He loves me...for me!) (Simba, refuses to listen: Because you are my daughter! You will not leave Pride Rock. You will stay where I can keep an eye on you...AWAY from him.) (Kiara: You don't know him!) (Simba: I know he's following in Scar's pawprints...and I must follow in my father's.) (That does it. Kiara has had it with her father's overprotectiveness and strictness) (Kiara, gets really angry: You will NEVER be Mufasa!) (Simba is stunned, but silent. Kiara runs into her den, crying. She discovers a hole in the wall and runs away from Pride Rock.)
~ Simba arrogantly sentencing Kovu to banishment, which as a result, challenges his relationship with his daughter Kiara and directly defying his father's paw prints that he himself must follow.
Whitney: Carter!? Carter: [sleepily] Good morning, Mom. Whitney: What is that? (Carter wakes up and notices Benji.) Carter: A stuffed animal. An animatronic one. Whitney: Okay. Alright. I'm on to you two. (Frankie walks down the stairs.) Whitney: So, this is why you guys were being so weird last night. Frankie: He's cute, Mom. Look at him. Whitney: You know what? I expected Carter to lie to me, because he's almost a teenager, but you? Carter: Mom, we're not lying. We just didn't tell you yet. Whitney: Where did he come from? Carter: Uh, he kind of found me. Frankie: On the street, we saved him. Whitney: On the street? (Benji walks up to Whitney.) Whitney: No. Okay. Alright, I got it. You're cute, but you are a dog, and you poop everywhere, and you mess everything up, and you chew on things, you keep us up at night. (Benji growls.) Frankie: He loves you, Mommy. Whitney: No! Okay? I can barely keep the three of us afloat. It's not happening. Carter: Mom, you don't have to worry. We'll take care of him. Whitney: I don't have the money, I don't have the time, it's not happening. I'm taking him to a shelter. Frankie: You can't! They murder and kill dogs there! You can't take him there! Whitney: No they don't. Carter: Are you kidding me? A shelter? They won't even give him 3 days. Whitney: I won't let them hurt him. Carter: Yeah, you will. You don't care. He's a good boy, and you won't even give him a chance. Whitney: Carter, no, okay? I'm sorry... I just... I don't... I can't take care of one more thing right now. Frankie: He's not a thing! He's Benji! Whitney: You named him? Carter: I'm so sorry that you can't handle one more thing right now, but what about us? We take care of each other, so I'm pretty sure that we can handle a dog. Oh, and gee, maybe he'll make things fun around here for once! Oh, I forgot. That's not allowed, either! Whitney: Carter, no... that's not fair. (Carter picks up Benji.) Carter: Just leave us alone. (Carter leaves the room.) Frankie: I don't even like that stupid dog! (Frankie storms up to her room and falls on her bed crying as Carter slams the door.)
~ Carter and Frankie arguing with their mother, Whitney over keeping Benji.
(Jane is hanging up her coat when she hears Wendy's voice) (Wendy: Jane, dear.) (Jane turns to see her mother in the doorway and they turn to each other) (Wendy, calmly: Will you promise me something? Promise me you'll watch over Danny, whatever might happen.) What? (Wendy sighs) (Wendy: You and your brother...are going away for a while.) Away? Wh-where? (Wendy [sighs]: All the children are being evacuated to the country. It's so dangerous here, but you'll be safe there, both of you.) I'm not going! I'm staying here! (Wendy: But, Jane, an order has been issued. Every child must go.) (Jane tries to protest) But Daddy said that I'm supposed to-- (Wendy: I know, dear. But you can take care of Danny. Tell him Peter Pan stories. He needs them, Jane, and so do you. Please, dear. Promise me. (Jane flies into a terrible tantrum, lashing out at her mother and screaming at her) No! I will NOT promise! (Jane runs into her room) (Wendy: Oh, Jane. We'll be together again. You must have faith.) (In frustration, Jane kicks a toy monkey and tosses a pillow) FAITH? TRUST? PIXIE DUST?! Mother, those are just words from your stories. THEY DON'T MEAN ANYTHING! (Danny, walks through the door: Yes, they do. Peter Pan says they'll make you fly.) Daniel, storytime is over! (Jane opens up the window) Look! It's a war. Peter Pan isn't real, and people don't fly! (Danny, beginning to cry: They do too!) Oh, come on, Daniel! Grow up!) (Wendy, surprised with Jane's behavior: Jane!) It's just a lot of CHILDISH NONSENSE! (Danny: You're lying!) (Danny runs out of the room crying as Wendy reprimands Jane for her behavior) (Wendy, shocked: Jane, how could you treat your brother that way?) (Wendy looks Jane in the eyes) (Wendy, sternly: You think you're very grown-up...but you have a great deal to learn.) (After Wendy and Nana-two walk out of the room, Jane slams the door and hangs her head in shame).
~ Jane arguing with her mother while refusing to leave her home for her own safety.
(Po is running away from the Jade Palace, after learning he has to face Tai Lung soon and Shifu stops him at the stairway and intercepts him.) (Shifu: You cannot leave! A real warrior never quits.) Watch me. (tries to run around Shifu) Come on. How am I supposed to beat Tai Lung? I can't even beat you to the stairs. (Shifu: You will beat him because you are the Dragon Warrior.) (pokes Po in his stomach) You don't believe that. (Shifu swipes at his hand with Oogway's stick) You never believed that. From the first moment I got here, you've been trying to get rid of me. (Shifu knocks him to the ground) (Shifu: Yes! I was. But now I ask to trust your master as I have come to trust in mine.) You're not my master. And I'm not the Dragon Warrior. (Shifu: Then why didn't you quit?! You knew I was trying to get rid of you, yet you stayed.) Yeah, I stayed. I stayed, because every time you threw a brick at my head, or said I smelled, it hurt; but it could never hurt more than every day of my life just being me! I stayed because I thought, if anyone can change me, could make me... not me, it was you. The greatest kung fu teacher in all of China! (Shifu: But I can change you! I can turn you into the Dragon Warrior! And I will!) Come on. Tai Lung is on his way here right now! And even if it takes him a hundred years to get here, how are you gonna change this into the Dragon Warrior? Huh? How? How? HOW?! (Shifu: I don't know! (sighs) I don't know.) (sighs) That's what I thought.
~ Po arguing with Shifu reminding him that he had spent the entire time trying to kick him out of the Jade Palace.
(Police Chief: JONES! IN MY OFFICE.) Hey, hey, who died? Other than Thrax, that is. Brandy. (bumps into Leah) I mean, Leah. Why are you here? (Mayor Phlegmming: You really did it now, Jones.) Mr. Mayor! I didn't see you back there. (Mayor Phlegmming: Disregarding orders, destruction on public flesh, popping a pimple without a permit! What the heck were you doing there?!) What was I doin? I was promoting good health, sir. (Mayor Phlegmming: Is that what you call it?) (Drix: Sir, he was a lethal virus. If we hadn't stopped him--) We'd be frying eggs off of Frank's dead butt! (Mayor Phlegmming: Watch your mouth, kid, talk like that should cause a panic.) At least people oughta start thinking about what's going on in this body, instead of some stupid trip! (Mayor Phlegmming: Okay, Jones, you want us to start thinking? Well, here's a thought. YOU'RE FIRED!) (Ozzy becomes shocked) (Leah Estrogen: [also shocked] Mr. Mayor?) (Mayor Phlegmming: [To Ozzy] I'll need your badge, mister.) (Ozzy sadly turns in his badge in to the Police Chief's desk) Figures. I finally do something right for Frank, and I get fired. (Ozzy sadly leaves out the door.) (Leah Estrogen: Osmosis!) (Drix: Sir, please, without Jones, Frank could've been in mortal danger.) (Mayor Phlegmming: [laughs] Mortal danger? You'd love to prove that, wouldn't you, Mr. Drixenol? Keep your name in the New England Journal of Medicine? Son, do me a favor and read what it says on your arm.) (Drix: "For the temporary relief of symptoms--") (Mayor Phlegmming: Exactly! Temporary! You're nothing but a wannabe. A placebo. A generic brand. Marked down, over-the-counter useless Tic-Tac. [Drix is shocked by the Mayor's words] Now, get out of my body!)
~ Osmosis Jones and Drix being fired from the police after setting off the pill to pop a pimple.
(Raphael stood up to pick up his sai: So what do we do now?) (Leonardo turned to his brother: What do you mean what do we do now?) (Raphael facing the window: Splinter's out there somewhere!) (Leonardo: I know Splinter's out there.) (Donatello and Michelangelo look right into each other, knowing it's going to be fight between Leo and Raph.) (Michelangelo: Fight?) (Donatello: Fight.) (Michelangelo: Kitchen?) (Donatello: Kitchen.) (Michelangelo: Yep!) (Both Don and Mike left Leo and Raph alone to settle this.) (Raphael turned to Leonardo in anger: So what are we going to do about it?!) (Leonardo: What CAN we do about it? April is our only lead to these guys. We have to wait until she comes up with something.) (Raphael being angrily sarcastic: Oh, so that's the plan from our great leader, huh? Just sitting here on our butts!) (Leonardo having a severe look: I never said I was a great leader.) (Raphael: Well you sure act like it some times!) (Leonardo: Yeah, well you act like a jerk sometimes you know that?) (Raphael rolled his eyes.) (Leonardo: And this attitude of yours isn't helping anything.) (Raphael has had it: Yeah well, maybe I'll just take my attitude and LEAVE!) (Raphael heads for the door.) (Leonardo had half his face turned towards Raphael: Why don't you?) (Raphael opened the door: I will!) (Leonardo: Good!) (Raphael slam the door: Great!) (Leonardo turned away: Go ahead, we don't need you!)
~ Leonardo and Raphael get into an argument about Splinter's absence causing Raphael to storm out of April's apartment and Leonardo yelling that he and the others does not need him, which put their relationship to the test.
(Thomas puffs into the Blue Mountain Quarry as Rheneas and Skarloey are shown by the turntable) (Rheneas: But, Skarloey, I’ve been bumped again! Now, I have to be repainted!) (Skarloey: You have to stop bumping into things, Rheneas.) (Laughs, as Thomas puffs up) Hello, Thomas!) Thomas: Where’s Luke? (Luke: (Toots, as he puffs up) Hello, Thomas!) Thomas: Luke, I have wonderful news for you. I talked to Victor; he told me what happened when you were being unloaded from the ship. He said- (Skarloey: (Shocked) WHAT DID YOU DO?!) Thomas: (Hesitantly) I... I talked to Victor... (Luke: You talked to Victor?!) Thomas: Yes, but... (Skarloey: We told you not to talk to the other engines.) (Rheneas: And you have.) (Peter Sam: We thought you were our friend.) (Luke: I thought you were MY friend.) (Narrow gauge engines: (All angry) BUT YOU'RE NOT!!!) (All start to puff away) Thomas: Please, wait! It's not what you think! (Diesel and Paxton arrive, as Luke races away) (Narrator: Suddenly, Diesel's horn echoed around the Blue Mountain Quarry.) (Diesel: (Sees Luke puffing away) Is that him? Are you the engine that pushes other engines into the sea? I've heard all about you!) (Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel and Peter Sam puff away along the upper terrace) (Narrator: The narrow gauge engines rattled away from Thomas, Diesel and Paxton on the upper terraces of the quarry.) Thomas: Don't listen to Diesel, let me explain! (Skarloey: No, Thomas! Don't explain anything! We can see what you've done!) (Sir Handel: Go away, Thomas!) (Peter Sam: Go back to your branch line!) (Luke follows the other narrow gauge engines on the upper terrace) Thomas: Luke, don't chuff away from me! Please, listen! (Luke: (Angry) I don't want to listen to you ever again!) (Races into a tunnel) (Narrator: Thomas knew that his narrow gauge friends thought he had let them down. They thought Thomas had let Luke down, that was worst of all. Thomas felt terrible.) (The narrow gauge engines puff into hiding, as Diesel and Paxton roll up to Thomas.) (Diesel: Now, Sir Topham Hatt and Mr. Percival will sort your little friend out once and for all. (Laughs evilly))
~ Thomas being accused by the narrow gauge engines of blowing Luke's cover and betraying them.
(Dodger and the gang has "rescued" Oliver and brought him back to Fagin's barge, when Oliver comes out of the pillow case he was taken in and is suddenly confused) Hey! What's goin on, you guys? (Tito: It was just the rescue of the century!) (Oliver is confused) R-Rescue? (Francis: Wasn't I good? Wasn't I?) (Dodger: And how about Tito and Miss Six Time National Champion?) I don't understand? (Rita: You okay, kid?) (Oliver's voice is shaken) Yeah... I'm fine.. I- (Tito, happily: Yeah, sure he is, he's back with his Uncle Tito.) (Tito kisses Oliver on the forehead) (Oliver is still shaken) I was happy there! Why did you guys take me away? (The Dogs are confused) (Einstein: We rescued you, Kitty. We brought you home.) (Oliver becomes sad) But I have another home now, and someone who loves me. (Dodger: What do ya mean, Kid? You're in the gang.) (Oliver is still shaken) But-But- (Dodger: The gang means Family. We risked a lot to get you outta there.) But I'm sorry-But all I ever wanted was- (Dodger: What- What? This place is not good enough for you anymore? Don't wanna mix with the Riff-Raff?-) (Oliver gets really sad) No-No I like-I like everyone of you. But- But- There was a little girl and...I just wanna go back. (Rita: [sadly] We never should've took him, Dodger.) Dodger, Please! (Dodger: You wanna leave? Fine! There's the door!) (Einstein: But he just got here.) (Dodger: Go on! No one's stopping ya!) (Tito: Hey, Dodger Man, lighten up.) (Dodger: You lighten up! If he doesn't like it, let 'em go!) (Dodger sits in the recliner chair, while Tito, Rita, Francis and Einstein look sadly at Oliver, before he sadly heads for the door)
~ Oliver wanting to go back home to his new owner Jenny after being "kidnapped" by Dodger and friends, which challenges his and Dodger's friendship.
(Mowgli: Where we goin Baloo?) (Baloo is nervous to tell him) Well, uh, it's uh... um... well, it's sorta new and, uh... (Mowgli holds Baloo's arm and wrapped in Baloo's arm in a hug: Oh, I don't care, as long as I'm with you.) Mowgli, look, buddy, uh, there's somethin' I gotta tell ya. (Mowgli chases butterfly: Tell me what, Baloo?) (Baloo thinks before it comes to his mind) Oh, gee whiz. Now, how did ol' Baggy put it? Uh, uh, Mowgli... Ha! You wouldn't marry a panther, would you? (Mowgli climbs up a tree branch while chasing the butterfly: Gee, I don't even know what you're talking about. Roar!) (Baloo starts to be practical) Mowgli, don't you realize that you're a human? (Mowgli starts playing around: I'm not any more, Baloo. I'm a bear like you.) Little buddy, look. Listen to me. (Mowgli starts play fighting and tries to get Baloo to play with him: Come on, Baloo.) (Baloo then starts to get serious) Mowgli, stop it now. Hold still. I wanna tell you something. Now listen to me. (Mowgli: What's the matter, ol' papa bear?) (Baloo breaks the news) Look, Mowgli, I've been tryin to tell ya, I've been tryin all morning to tell ya. I've got to take you back to the man-village! (Mowgli is suddenly shocked that Baloo has betrayed him: The man-village?!) (Baloo tries to reason with Mowgli, who won't have it) Now look, kid, I can explain... (Mowgli: But-but you said we were partners.) Now believe me, kid, I... (Mowgli, refuses to listen: You're just like... like old Bagheera!) (That does it! Baloo, gets really stern and serious) Now just a minute! That's goin too far! (Mowgli runs off angry at Baloo's "betrayal") (Baloo tries to stop him) Hey Mowgli, Where ya goi- Wait a minute! Stop! Wait! Wait! Listen to Ol' Baloo! Mowgli! Mowgli! Mowgli! (Mowgli has ran further away; Bagheera runs up to Baloo) (Bagheera: NOW, what's happened?!) You're not gonna believe me, Bagheera, but look. Now I used the same words you did and he ran out on me! (Bagheera: Well, don't just stand there! Let's separate! We've got to find him!) (Bagheera runs off; Baloo goes in another direction) Oh, boy, if anything happens to that little guy, I'll never forgive myself. I've gotta find him! Mowgli! Mowgli!
~ Baloo reluctantly trying to tell Mowgli to go back to the Man Village under Bagheera's orders, which challenges their friendship.
(Bob returns home close to midnight and takes a piece of chocolate cake from the kitchen, but Helen turns on the living room light and spins around in her chair to confront him) (sternly): I thought you'd be back by 11. (Bob: I said I'd be back later.) I assumed you'd be back later. If you came back at all... you'd be "back later". (Bob: Well, I'm back, okay?) (Bob turns to try and leave, but Helen stops him and removes a small pebble from his shirt) Is this rubble? (Bob: [with the last of the cake piece in his mouth] It was just a little workout. Just to stay loose.) You know how I feel about that, Bob. Darn you! We can't blow cover again! (Bob: The building was coming down anyway, I-) What?! You knocked down a building?! (Bob: It was on fire. Structurally unsound. It was coming down anyway.) Tell me you haven't been listening to the police scanner again? (Bob: Look, I performed a public service. You act like that's a bad thing.) It is a bad thing, Bob! Uprooting our family again, so you can relive the glory days is a very bad thing! (Bob: Reliving the glory days is better than acting like they didn't happen!) Yes! They happened! But this, our family, is what's happening now, Bob. And you're missing this! I can't believe you don't want to go to your own son's graduation! (Bob: It's not a graduation. He is moving from the fourth grade to the fifth grade.) (annoyed): It's a ceremony! (Bob, also annoyed: It's psychotic! They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity but it someone is genuinely exceptional, then-) This is not about you, Bob. This is about Dash. (Bob: You want to do something for Dash? Then let him actually compete. Let him go out for sports!) I will not be made the enemy here! You know why we can't do that. (Bob, furiously: BECAUSE HE'D BE GREAT!) (also furiously, towering over Bob): THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU! (Bob and Helen stop fighting when they hear a bump and a rustle and know that Dash and Violet are in the room listening to them) (Bob: All right, Dash. I know you're listening. Come on out.) Vi? you too, young lady. (Bob: [gently] Come on. Come on out.) (Violet and Dash come out from behind the chair and couch, revealing themselves and looking scared) (Bob: It's okay, kids. We're just having a discussion.) (Violet: Pretty loud discussion.) (Bob: Yeah. But that's okay. Because what's important is that Mommy and I are always a team. We're always united against... Well, the forces of, uh...) Pigheadedness? (Bob: [out of the corner of his mouth to Helen's ear] I was gonna say evil or something.) We're sorry we woke you. Everything's okay. Go back to bed. It's late. (Violet and Dash both go back to their rooms with words of "good night" to their parents) In fact, we should all be in bed.
~ Helen arguing with Bob after Bob came home near midnight about Dash's future and the poor decision to relive the supers' glory days.
Chowder: That's it. Another great idea, DJ. Brilliant! DJ: What do you want from me, Chowder? I don't see you coming up with any big ideas! Chowder: Oh yeah? Yeah? Do you want to hear my big idea? I'm going home to make a PRETZEL SANDWICH! See ya! DJ: Chowder, the house is still alive, and you're gonna wuss out!? Chowder: I've risked my life for you! I stole drugs for you, and I could have died in there! DJ: Yeah, me too! Chowder: Yeah, but you're the one who killed Nebbercracker in the first place! DJ: Getting your stupid ball back... (Jenny comes over and breaks up the fight) Jenny: You guys! Stop fighting! You're acting like babies. DJ: We are babies! What were we thinking? We tried to put the house to sleep with cold medicine. How lame can you get? (DJ walks away from Chowder and Jenny) Chowder: Where are you going? DJ: I'm going home. I suck.
~ DJ Walters and Chowder arguing with each other over their failure to kill the House.
(Harold: Well, maybe we wouldn't sound so bad if some people didn't try to play with big, meaty claws.) (Mr. Krabs, sternly: What did you say, punk?) (Harold: BIG...MEATY...CLAWS!) (Mr. Krabs, angry: Well, these claws ain't just for attracting mates.) (Harold: Bring it on, ol' man. BRING IT ON!) (Spongebob, tries intervening: No, people. Let's be smart and bring it off.) (Nancy: Oh, so now the talking cheese is going to preach to us.) (everyone argues) Wait, wait. I know tensions are high. (everyone gets into a huge brawl) There's a deposit on the equipment, people. (everyone uses their instruments as weapons) Settle down, please! (clock sounds at 10 and everyone stops fighting) (Fred: Hey, class is over.) (they all walk to the door where Squidward slams them open) Well, you did it. You took my one chance at happiness...and crushed it! Crushed it into little tiny, bite-size pieces! I really had expected better of you people. I guess I'm a loser for that, too. Don't bother showing up tomorrow. I'll just tell them you all...died in a marching accident. So, thanks. Thanks for nothing! (Squidward leaves, sobbing) (Patrick: You're welcome.)
~ Squidward Tentacles gets upset after failed to create a band and calling out on everyone for the failure.
Shining Armor: (angry at Twilight) You want to know why my eyes went all (twirls his eyes and gets a minor headache). Because ever since I started having to perform my protection spell, I've been getting terrible migraines. Cadance hasn't been casting spells on me. She's been using her magic to heal me! And she decided to replace her bridesmaids because she found out the only reason they wanted to be in the wedding was so that they could meet Canterlot royalty! And if she hasn't been on her best behavior with your friends, it's because with me being so busy, she's had to make all the decisions about the wedding! Twilight: I was just trying to... Shining Armor: She's been completely stressed out because it's really important to her that our big day to be perfect! Something that obviously wasn't important to you! (suffers a minor headache) Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and comfort my bride. And you can forget about being my best mare. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't show up to the wedding at all. (Shining Armor leaves) Applejack: C'mon, y'all. Let's go check on the princess. (All of Twilight's friends leave) Twilight: I was... Princess Celestia: You have a lot to think about. (Princess Celestia slams the door in Twilight's face) Twilight: (on the verge of tears) Maybe I was being overprotective. I could've gained a sister. But instead... I just lost a brother.
~ Twilight Sparkle being unfairly called off from the wedding by her brother, despite trying to warn him about the upcoming danger.
(Thomas has just saved the diggers from the dynamite, but seconds after being rightly applauded for his bravery, a furious voice booms.) (Sir Topham Hatt: (furious) THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE!) Uh-oh. (Sir Topham Hatt: WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT NOW?! I thought you could learn to be more responsible if I sent you to work here!) But, sir, this time, it's really NOT my fault! I... (Sir Topham Hatt: (still furious) NO, THOMAS! I'VE HAD QUITE ENOUGH OF YOUR EXCUSES! GO TO YOUR SHED IMMEDIATELY, AND YOU CAN STAY THERE FOR THE REST OF THE AFTERNOON! AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN GET BACK TO WORK!) (Sir Topham Hatt storms off. Thomas slumps.)
~ Thomas saving all the diggers from the dynamite by shunting it down the cavern, only to be harshly berated by Sir Topham Hatt (due to it looking like Thomas was chasing Ryan with the lit dynamite) and is cruelly sent to the shed in disgrace.
(Zitz, Rash, Dark Queen and her minions are about to fight the bad guys with the stolen Topian spaceship after Dirtbag insulted them.) (Zitz: We're gaining on them!) And what exactly is the point of fighting these idiots? {Rash: You mean, besides the fantastic feeling of revenge?) Queen, please, I don't wanna rush into another unnecessary fight. (Dark Queen: Good point...) Thank you. (Dark Queen: Counterpoint: this is a perfect opportunity to test the ship's weaponry before Topian City.) (Pimple walks away from her.) (Dark Queen: ...Pimple?) No one LISTENS, huh....egh, MAKE them understand--No! But I get so ANGRY! (deep breathing while talking) Control. Be nice! Be nice... (Zitz: Pimple, let go of Rash.) (Pimple saw Rash being choked by him and lets go of him.) I... I... I have to leave. This dynamic is TOXIC! I--I can't be a part of this FRIENDSHIP ANYMORE! (Dark Queen: Aren't you brothers?) (Zitz: We never talk about it.) (Rash: Pimple, be reasonable.) NO! Anyone tired of fighting can come with me. Otherwise, leave me alone! (Pimple pushes the door button and exits.) (Dark Queen; to her minions: Go with Pimple. If he gets into trouble, activate this beacon. (She hands the beacon to them and her minions goes with Pimple.) (Zitz: Pimple's just being dramatic.) (Rash: Eh, let him blow off some steam while WE blow up these dirtbags. I'm talking' about murder!)
~ While Zitz, Rash and Dark Queen are fighting dirtbags from space, Pimple is fed up with violence and angrily leaves the Battletoads, putting their friendship to the test.