New New York City
New New York is a major city in the United States and the primary setting of TV Series "Futurama". New New York is the reincarnation of the former New York City, remnants of which can still be found underground.

In this city live the Planet Express' crew and their friends, a city populated by humans, robot and aliens.

In the year 3000, the name of the city of New York City has been changed to New New York, presumably when it was rebuilt after one of Earth's periods of alien invasion. The city of New New York is built upon the ruins of Old New York. The city has seen some changes: the subways have been replaced with a tube transport network, and ethnic neighborhoods like Chinatown and Little Italy have been joined by Little Neptune. But in many ways it has not changed much in 1000 years: locals are still rude, public transportation is over-crowded, and it is a place where many cultures mingle.