aka TP Percival

  • I live in Bolton, United Kingdom
  • I was born on August 30
  • My occupation is Merchandiser, Bury College Student
  • I am Male, British
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  • Hey T.Percival, could you please fix the Obstacles and Arguments page? It's been suffering that stupid glitch that removes all the quotes whenever we edit. I managed to add a few quotes but we're still missing a lot more.  It's still missing a lot of quotes due to that confounded glitch in the source mode and it needs the scroll box template inserted. I tried fixing the page myself but haven't had much success.  Could you please re-add all the deleted quotes and put them in the scroll box template like you did with Hero's Rage? Thanks. Please let me know once you've done so.

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    • Ok, sir.

      Thanks, man.

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    • I hope this glitch gets fixed too. It's driving me crazy! I And given we have a scroll box now for quotes, source editor seems the easier method in my opinion. I just wish I knew what's causing this glitch and I wish I knew someone who knew how to get rid of this confounded error once and for all and we can use both source and visual editor at any time without any worry.

      Do you happen to know anybody who knows how to fix this confounded glitch once ad for all? Please let me know.


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