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Making A Deal With The Enemy
A wise man once said: I've got a bad feeling about this. And right now, I know how he feels. Believe it or not, that's my brother Donatello. And right now, he's sick. Really sick. He was scratched by one of Bishop's outbreak mutants, and now he has become a savage, mindless monster. Had it been any of us, we would have looked at Don to save the day. But even with Leatherhead's help, we're no closer to finding a cure. With no other options, we tracked down the one man who might have a cure: the man responsible for the outbreak in the first place: Agent Bishop. Bishop agreed to cure Don, but for a price. Infiltrating Foot central? It's an impossible mission. But what can we do? Our brother is sick. And there's nothing we won't do to save him. Even if it means... making a deal with the devil.
~ Leonardo's voice-over introduction in Good Genes, Part 2

In some stories, the heroes or heroines has to make a deal with the enemy or someone who works for the enemy. Later in the story, the hero goes back on the deal or keeps it.

This is often a result of working undercover with the enemy or trying to protect them for their own good.

Here's why they make a deal with a villain:

  • By protecting their love ones.
  • Sacrifice their own choice.
  • Decide to give up for being good and want to be evil for no reason.
  • Decide to give up their own lives and be something that they're not.

Examples Edit

  • RJ makes a deal with Vincent that he will collect all of the lost food within one week, or Vincent will kill him.
  • Hercules gives up his strength for Meg's safety.
  • Itachi make a deal with Madara (whom actually Obito whom works as Madara's executor) to help him slaughtered Uchiha clan whilst sparing Sasuke.
  • Ariel deals with Ursula the Sea Witch that she's got three days to get Prince Eric to kiss her, and remain human. If Ariel doesn't kiss Eric before the sun sets on the third day, she turns back into a mermaid and becomes Ursula's prisoner. 
  • Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Splinter, also Leatherhead make a deal with Agent Bishop for curing their brother Donatello, unless they Infiltrate Foot central for a relic.
  • Shrek makes a deal with Lord Farquad that all fairy tale creatures will be returned to their rightful homes and his swamp will be back the way it was if Shrek and Donkey rescue Princess Fionna.
  • Shrek signs a magical contract with Rumpelstiltskin, so he can have a day to "feel like a real ogre again".
  • Lennox and some lawyers meet with Megatron to negotiate the return of several Decepticons to accompany him and Barricade in locating the Guardian Knights Talisman in the possession of Cade Yeager in exchange for the release two CIA operatives that he snatched up as hostages. Secretly, Morshower believes the TRF can use the Decepticons so they can get hold of the Talisman, and thus the Staff of Merlin, themselves.
    • The first Decepticon on the list is Mohawk, who the lawyers easily agree to release.
    • The second Decepticon is Dreadbot, who they initially refuse because he murdered nine humans in what was though to be a bank robbery, though they decided to release him as long as he was outfitted with a GPS tracker.
    • The third Decepticon is Nitro Zeus, who they release under the following condition: he has to stay within the county.
    • The fourth Decepticon is Berserker, though this turns out to be a step too far due to the 'Con's homicidal nature, thus making him uncontrollable for even Megatron. Therefore, Megatron is forced to select Onslaught, who needed high-level clearance to be released, instead.
  • The Great Leslie makes a deal with Prof. Fate's sidekick Max to rescue Prof. Fate, Maggie Dubois and Hezekiah from Baron Von Stuffe and General Kuhster before they can continue their race to Paris.
  • Vert Wheeler makes a deal with Krytus in order to save themselves from Shadow Speeders, after they accidentally warped into the Shadow Zone.
  • Guile makes a deal with M.Bison to defeat Akuma in Street fighter 1995 animated series.
  • Thomas H. Norstein makes a deal with Professor Akihiro Kurata to cure his half-sister Relena.

Quotes Edit

Gentlemen, today I have proven that man can break the 50 mph speed barrier without disrupting his internal organs. (Lord Kelvin: Where is your Royal Academy of Science authorization?! Oh, what am I thinking? What a fool. That would mean that you are a real scientist!) (Everyone laughs.) By your definition, Kelvin, a real scientist's objective would be to prevent man from progress. (Lord Kelvin: We live in a golden age, Fogg. Everything worth discovering has been discovered. Yet ridiculous dreamers like you insist on a past filled with "dinosaurs" and "evolution" and on a future filled with "motorized vehicles", "radio waves" and "flying machines". (Colonel Kitchener: (enters the room and interrupts) Confound it! The b****y Bank of England is a madhouse!) (Scientist #1: (whispers in Passepartout's ear) Rumour has it that it was a foreigner, an Asian chap.) (The whisper passes on.) (Scientist #2: Yes, I heard it was a Chinese fellow and he acted alone.) (Passepartout whispers again.) (Lord Rhodes: Uh, no, actually, they say he was Norwegian.) (Passepartout whispers again.) (Scientist #3: In fact, it was a gang of elderly Norwegians.) (Scientist #4: Yes, I heard from a very reliable source that it was a gang of red-headed elderly Norwegians with very tiny feet.) (Everyone laughs, especially Passepartout.) Well, if you ask me, it's about time someone robbed that bank. (Everyone gasps in anger.) Like this very institution, the Bank of England is outdated! (Lord Kelvin: As usual, Fogg, your contempt for tradition is appalling.) You rest on your "traditions" if you prefer, but as with this bank robber, progress waits for no-one. (Kelvin: Oh. So now you're an expert on the bank thief as well? Give us the benefit of your "ineffable wisdom", Fogg.) (Fogg gets out his pocket watch.) 26 minutes ago, a ship left Dover for Paris. From there, the thief takes the Orient Express, where he transfers to a steamer from Istanbul to India. In little over a month, that man could be in China. (Passepartout thinks for a moment) (Lord Salisbury: If we're to believe Fogg's "calculations", he will have circled the globe and returned to England in a fortnight!) (Everyone laughs, even Colonel Kitchener.) Actually, by my calculations, it would be closer to...exactly 80 days. (Passepartout whispers in a scientist's ear, who passes it on, until it reaches Lord Kelvin.) (Kelvin: Outstanding idea.) (Passepartout smiles.) (Kelvin: Well then, Fogg, let's see you circumnavigate the world in 80 days.) I...That would be a fruitless use of my time. I'm on the verge of...numerous, countless...scientific breakthroughs. (Turns to go.) (Kelvin: You coward! Admit it, it cannot be done.) (Fogg stops and turns round.) It CAN! I can do it. (Kelvin: A wager. £10,000!) Unlike you and your colleagues, money does not inspire me. (Kelvin: I believe every man has his price. Even you, oh noble Phileas Fogg. There must be something I could offer that would be worthy of your time.) There is. Your position as head of the Royal Academy. (Kelvin frowns and everyone starts chattering.) With the Queen's ear, I could lead Britain and the rest of the world into a new age of progress and discovery. (Everyone laughs.) (Kelvin: Fair enough. I, Lord Kelvin, hereby vow to surrender my position as Minister of Science, to Phileas Fogg...if he can circumnavigate the globe... in no more than 80 days. But if he cannot, he must never set foot in the academy again, he must tear down that abhorrent eyesore he calls a laboratory, and he must swear... never to invent again.) (Phileas only stares at Kelvin in fear.) (Kelvin: Just as I always suspected, Fogg. You promise so much, yet you deliver... oh, nothing.) (More laughter.) I'll take your wager. (Kelvin: What did you say?) I'LL TAKE YOUR WAGER! (More chattering.) (Kelvin: Then it's done. A man who has never set foot out of England, circling the globe. This is going to be rather amusing.) (Fogg skates up to Kelvin.) History won't remember your amusements, Lord Kelvin. But it'll be hard-pressed to forget the moment I'm standing on the very top step of the Royal Academy of Science... (Big Ben strikes noon.) By the strike of noon. (Passepartout smiles.) After I, Phileas Fogg, have traveled around the world in 80 days!
~ Phileas Fogg being pressured into a bet with Lord Kelvin to circumnavigate the world in 80 days.
(Max: Who are you and what are you doing here?) I need $150,000. (Max: (laughs out loud) Oh, really? And you thought if you simply showed up, I might give it to you?) (Ethan laughs as well.) Why not? You gave Job 125. (Max: Hmm. The penny drops. You are not Job. Job is not given to quoting scripture in his communications...there was its tone, agressive but playful. Job is not playful. So you are something of a paradox.) Well, that depends. (Max: On what?) Whether you like a paradox. I want $150,000 today. (Max: That is out of the question.) The disk Job sold you, it's worthless. It's bait. Part of an internal mole hunt. (Max: (pauses) And how would you know that? Another company man?) Like Job? (Max: We're asking about you.) I'm NOC. Was. Now disavowed. (Max: Why, might I ask?) That is the question I want to ask Job. (Max: I don't know Job any more than Job knows me.) Even so, I'm sure you could arrange an introduction. (Max: Why should I?) Because I can deliver the actual NOC list. The one you have is not only worthless; it's certain to be equipped with a homing device to pinpoint your exact location. (Max: Mm-hm.) Boot it up, and anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, you'll have Virginia farm boys hopping about you like jackrabbits. (Max: It's easier to say the disk is worthless when you say I can't look at the information and see if it's worthless. Not a tenable position, sir.) Okay, use it. But I suggest you pack first. (Max's agent boots up the disk.) (Agent 1: 26-27. So far, so good.) (Max: Not so good for you, my friend.) I'd say you've got about two minutes. (Another agent walks to the balcony. Cars pull over at the building.) (Agent 1: 32 and 33.) (Max: Doesn't mean it's a signal, could be just the hard drive heating up.) (CIA agents run up the staircase towards the room.) (Agent 1: 44 and 45.) (Ethan shakes his head. Later, when the CIA gets into the room, Ethan, Max and her agents are gone.) (Kittridge: The man's gone black, Barnes. He's under until he decides to surface.) (Barnes: We can use someone at the embassy, bother local authorities, cut off his transportation- ) (Kittridge: What can we do, Barnes? Put a guy at the airport? How many identities do you think Hunt has? How many times has he slipped past customs? In how many countries? These guys are trained to be ghosts. We taught them to do it, for crying out loud.) (Barnes: Well, what do you suggest?) (Kittridge: Let's not waste time chasing after him, just make him come to us. Everybody has pressure points, Barnes. You find something that's personally important to him squeeze.) (By this time, Max and her agents are driving away with Ethan.) (Max: Gunther will never let me into one of his apartments again. Sorry I doubted you, dear boy. You are a good sport.) Thanks, Max...or is it Maxine? (Max: (chuckles) I don't have to tell you what comfort anonymity can be in my profession. It's like a warm blanket. My deal with Job was at a successful boot scan. Obviously, it didn't pass, thus the deal's off.) What was your deal with Job? (Max: $6 million. I'll give you the same, but I want the complete list now, not just Eastern Europe. I won't do this piecemeal, it's too dangerous. I want the entire list.) Ten million. Ten million in negotiable US Treasury certificates in bearer form, coupons attached. And one more thing: your personal assurance, that Job will be at the exchange. (Max smiles.)
~ Ethan Hunt making a deal with Max for $10 million and Job's identity in exchange for the NOC list.
Sutler can no longer trust you, can he, Mr Creedy, and we both know why. After I destroy Parliament, his only chance will be to offer them someone else, some other bit of meat. And who will that be? You, Mr Creedy. A man as smart as you has probably considered this. A man as smart as you probably has a plan. That plan is the reason Sutler no longer trusts you. It's the reason you're being watched right now, why there are eyes and ears in every room of this house and a tap on every phone. (Creedy: B******s.) Ooh, a man as smart as you, I think, knows otherwise. (Creedy: What do you want?) Sutler. Come now, Mr Creedy, you knew this was coming. You knew that one day, it'd be you or him. That's why Sutler's been kept underground for "security purposes". That's why there are several of your men close to Sutler. Men that can be counted on. All you have to do is say the word. (Creedy: What do I get out of this deal?) Me. If you accept, put an X on your front door. (Creedy: Why should I trust you?) Because it's the only way you're going to stop me.
~ - V makes a deal with Party Leader Creedy, to surrender in exchange for Chancellor Sutler's execution.
(Vincent furiously sees his wagon load of food get crushed by an oncoming truck. He attacks RJ and prepares to eat him!) VINCENT, WAIT! I CAN GET IT ALL BACK!! (Vincent stops and considers this) That's right! If you eat me, YOU'D have to do it! But I can get it! All of it! (Vincent looks thoughtful) (Vincent: Hmm...My red wagon?) Redder!-Ow! (Vincent: The Blue Cooler?) Blue Cooler on my list! Gotta be blue? (Vincent: Yes! And I want my Spuddies! I love those things, 'cause with a Spuddy enough...just isn't enough.) So true! Painfully true! And tell you what, I'm gonna get you the Giant Picnic Pack--Family Fun Size!) (Vincent: They have that?) Pretty sure! (Vincent: All right, RJ. I'm goin' back to sleep. When that moon is full, I'm wakin' up. And all my stuff had better be right back where it was. ) But that's just one week! That's impossible for one--[Vincent squeezes tighter to his head] Ow! A week's perfect! I'll get some helpers. (Vincent: Full moon, ALL my stuff. And don't even think of running away, because if you do, I will hunt you down and kill you.) (throws RJ onto the floor, leaving him sighing in relief.) Okay, okay, you just rest easy, all right, cuz' I'm on it. Hey, in a week from now, we're gonna be laughing about this thing. (laughs to himself)
~ Vincent giving RJ one week to recover all his lost food, or else he'll kill him.
(Pi and Cordlia have fallen in love, are looking at the stars, suddenly, Troy approaches) (Troy: BOO!) Pi: Let's get outta here! Hurry, Cordelia! (he and Cordelia swim as fast as they can from the Shark) (Troy: (cackles): You'd better be scared.) (Pi & Corelia try swimming more, but Troy blocks their path) (Troy: Well, hello!) Cordelia: Go, Pi, leave me! Pi: I won't! (Troy violently swats Pi sending him to his cronies Bart the baracuda & Eddie the wolf eel) Cordelia: No! (Troy cackles) Leave him alone! (Troy: Well, now, I'm confused, baby, 'cause I thought YOU wanted to be left alone. And yet, I find you swimmin' around with that piece of chum!) Cordelia: It's none of your business what I do, Troy! You don't own me! (Troy: I'm a tiger shark, baby. I own whatever I can take. And I take whatever I want! [cackles]) (Bart & Eddie, holding the hurt Pi: TROY!) ( Eddie: Can I eat him?) (Bart: Please Me!) (Troy smirks) (Troy: Eenie meenie minie--) Cordelia (fearfully): Troy! (Troy: Eh, what the heck? Why don't you each take half.) Cordelia: NO! (punches Bart and Eddie to protect Pi) Troy, if you let them do this, I'll never forgive you! (Troy: Forgiveness? I don't need your stinkin' forgivness [cackles]) Cordelia (desperately): Please! Please! If you don't hurt him... (Troy smirks at her) I'll do... anything. (Troy: Like...anything -anything?) Cordelia (resigned): If you leave Pi alone and promise never to come to the reef again, then I'll...I'll.. (Troy: Yes?) Cordelia (sadly, resigned): ...accept your pearl. Pi: No. (Troy (turns to Bart & Eddie): Let our little chum go.) (Bart & Eddie obey) Pi (heartbroken, swims up): Cordelia, You can't! (Pi tries to swim up to Troy) (Troy: I will be back at the next full moon. [swats Pi with his tail; then turns back at the depressed Cordelia] Wait till you see the the pearl I'm gonna bring you, little girl. [chuckles] You'll change your mind about me then. Vaminos!) (Troy leaves with his cronies, then turns back to Cordelia) (Troy: So, baby, when I get ready. Boy I've got 30 days to live it up! And Par-taY!) (Troy leaves. Cordelia notices the unconscious Pi in the current) Cordelia: Pi. (She swims him to safety then sadly leaves him.)
~ Troy ambushes Pi and Cordelia on date and abuses Pi even worse than before. Cordelia sadly and reluctantly agrees to be Troys mate if he leaves PI alone
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