Lowee is the land by the CPU White Heart's protection.




  • Copypaste
  • Evangelist/Conversation
  • Financier/Miss Chamberlain
  • Gust
  • Mr. Badd


  • It was revealed that Arfoire was actually from Lowee.
  • It can be said three residents resemble Mario, Luigi, and Toad from Super Mario. This would tie into the fact Blanc can be seen reading a book with a Mario-esque image on the front in one of her official images.
  • In the Neptunia mk2 trophy, Lowee is spelled "Lowai".
  • Notably, Lowee in Neptunia V bears a strong resemblance to the Bellchime Path and Ecruteak City of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, showing it's relation to Nintendo.
  • Lowee is named after the Wii. Lo"Wii".
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