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Light Lords, also sometimes known as Good Overlords, are a theme of do-gooders who are each a hero or protagonist of near-omnipotence with good henchmen within his or her realm, who wishes to spread freedom, righteousness, justice, and happiness from those who would rob or deny people of such things; he or she is often depicted as an angelical force, and may indeed be more a force than a personality as they often personify good itself.

The effects of his or her rule often assert benign effects on the land as well as his subjects. Besides her or his usual magical abilities, she or he often controls great armies. In particular, it is used as a moniker in universes where it is thought that pronouncing the hero's real name will bring good luck or represents a positive omen.

Such a hero usually seeks to bring peace to the universe around them. While most Light Lords are male, except in parody, there are Light Lords whom happened to be female, which made them better known as Light Ladies.

They are the solar opposite of Dark Lords.

Benevolent Rulers and Light Lord are from different concept of authority, though they sometimes overlap.