There comes a time in a story when the hero or heroine, or someone they care about, shares and/or tells them about an experience in their lives. These can range from talking to a consultant to using an experience to help the hero/heroine on his/her journey, usually to see what he has been missing or help him understand the truth.

Various kinds of experience that shared by characters mary vary, which could be either:

  • A painful past/dark secrets that they originally didn't want to share with anyone.
  • A dream/destiny that they intended to fulfill.
  • Hero/heroine/other good guys/villains' backstory.
  • A destiny/task that needs or is needed to be fulfilled.

In either case, the hero/heroine would not only motivated more to fulfill his/her destiny/duty but also discovered better means to solve the problem at hand.


  • Garrett tells Kayley the story of how he lost his sight and his dream of becoming a knight, leading our heroine to tend to him and help him rediscover his bravery.
  • Beans tells Rango of how she spent her life dreaming of the day water will come to Dirt.
  • Aided by Fish, Eggs tells Winnie Portley-Rind the story of how his father gave him to the Boxtrolls as an infant to save his life.
  • The Mayor of Cole Junction tells Bulletproof Jackson the story of Grimm Jim's ascension to power and reminds him that the town has found a new hero in him.
  • Nick Wilde explains to Judy Hopps about his dreadful past, about being the only predator to join the Junior Ranger Scouts.
  • Mufasa teaches Simba about the Great Kings the of the Past, who will guide him.
  • With Judge Hopkins tells Norman Babcock about tragic mistake where they killed Aggie Prenderghast because they were scared of her and that the curse is their punishment, as well as attempts that done by Norman's predecessors to keep Aggie's vengeful spirit in check, were not improved anything, Norman realized that he had to reasoned with Aggie so her spirit and judges' can rest in afterlife once and for all.
  • Tai Kamiya tells Izzy Izumi the story of how his ill younger sister Kari almost died a long time ago due to his negligence
  • Joey Wheeler reveals to Yugi Muoto and his friends the story about his younger sister Serenity who is about to go blind and the reason he needs the prize money in the Duelist Kingdom tournament is so that he can afford to pay for eyesight operation to save her sight
  • Aunt Lucinda tells the Grace children the story of how she lost her father and wound up in a psychiatric hospital.
  • In MAR anime, Alan reveals to Alviss that he had a childhood trauma where he once befriended with a boy named Pamp and tries to encourage him to strengthen his heart so he won't scared anymore with the bullies. But his means to help the poor boy horribly backfires due to Alan himself went too far by revealing him an ARM as means to encourage him, only for it stolen by him and every single one of the houses where the bullies live set ablaze.
  • Randy Marsh explaining to his son Stan about being in a Boy Band.
  • Dracula tells Jonathan that he lost his wife in a fire caused by an angry mob, something which made he become paranoid with mankind and his dilemma over the relationship between his daughter Mavis and Jonathan himself who is in fact, member of the very race he was paranoid with.
  • Doc Hudson explains to Lightning McQueen that he was banned from racing after recovering from a horrific accident where sadly, he immediately forgotten by everyone. This inspired Lightning whom, though had the chance to be the winner in his fateful race, chooses to helf Weathers to ensure that Weather won't suffer the similar fate with Doc Hudson was and learned that victory is not everything.
  • Eddie Valiant explains his backstory to Roger Rabbit about his brother's death.
  • Prince Naveen tells Tiana about his life in Maldonia and that when his parents cut him off, he realized he wasn't capable of doing anything on his own until he met her.
  • Stu Pickles tells Tommy about having the responsibility of becoming a big brother to Dil.
  • Horace Nebbercracker reveals his motivation why he pretended to be a child-hater for years to DJ and his friends for the sake of keeping the wrathful spirit of his wife at bay and to prevent her from going on a killing spree.
  • Sam Sparks telling Flint Lockwood about her past since she was a little girl.
  • Osmosis Jones told Drix that he induced Frank from an oyster and made Frank vomit on Mrs. Boyd.
  • Jolt explains to Springer that disobeying his orders was him following the veteran's second rule of engagement.
  • R.L. Stine gives Sarah Quinn some advice on writing her college application essay.


(Judge Hopkins: You...must stop...the curse.) What? You don't want to kill me?) (Judge Hopkins: You can speak to the dead. To us. To her. You must read from the book to send us all back to the grave.) But it didn't work! It's a fairy tale! Just a bedtime...story... (Norman narrows his eyes at Hopkins.) (firmly) That's it, isn't it? A bedtime story to keep a little girl asleep for another year. And now you need my help because I'm the only one who can read it to her?! (In a fit of rage, he tosses the burned book at the judge.) Here's your book! Try reading it yourself! (The pilgrim zombies gaze at the book, and their eyes grow big with fear.) Why did you do it. (Judge Hopkins, solemnly. We were scared.) Of what? (Judge Hopkins: Of her. I believed we were doing what was right. I was wrong. Now this is our punishment. We thought we knew our way in life. But in death, we are lost. Please. Help us.) (The pieces fall into place.) Every year, someone reads the story at her grave. Before me it was Mr. Prenderghast, and before him there were others. But the curse doesn't ever go away. Nothing gets better. It's not enough.) (Judge Hopkins: What will you do?) Something nobody ever did before. I've gotta go talk to her.
~ Norman Babcock learning the truth about why Judge Hopkins and the pilgrim zombies killed Aggie Prenderghast and what he must do to stop the curse.
(Rango notices Beans standing still and looking out into the desert. He gently waves her hat in her face to get her attention. Then he gallantly places a blanket over her shoulders.) (Rango: Just checking.) Thank you. (Rango turns to a huge cactus and points to it.) (Rango: You ever feel like those things are lookin' at you?) That's a Spanish Dagger. But around here, we just call them the Walking Cactus. (Rango: Walking?) There's an old legend they actually walk across the desert to find water. When I was a little girl, I'd stay up late watching them to see if they'd move. I thought if I could follow them, they'd lead me to someplace wonderful. Some place...with enough water for everyone. Night after night I watched 'em. I never saw 'em move. (Rango: But you're still watching.) Who didn't wanna find someplace wonderful? (Rango, sincerely: We'll find the water, Beans. I promise you.)
~ Beans explaining her childhood experiences to Rango.
(Jonathan notices a picture of a count and his wife hanging on the wall.) (Jonathan: Wow! I know her! I've seen that picture at the ruins of Lubov. There's a whole legend around that lady.) A legend? (Jonathan: The Lady Lubov. The story is that a lonely count met her by chance, and they say that no two souls were ever meant for each other. Eventually, they settled down at Castle Lubov and had a child. But then, a horrible tragedy happened. A fire started mysteriously one night, and it killed both of them. When I was at the castle, I could still feel their powerful love. They say it's as if a soul is still trapped in the ruins themselves.) (somberly) The legend is wrong. It was only the wife that died. (Jonathan: Oh.) And it was no mystery who killed her. She was killed by your kind! THEY are the real monsters. I built this place for my love, to protect her child. As a father, you do everything to keep your family safe, even if you have to break their trust. But now, Mavis has feelings for you.
~ Dracula explaining the truth about losing his wife and why he built the hotel to Jonathan.
When you live in a castle, everything is done for you. All the time. They dress you, feed you, drive you, brush your teeth. (Tiana: Aw, poor baby.) I admit, it was a charmed life until the day my parents cut me off, and suddenly, I realized...I don't know how to do anything.
~ Prince Naveen explaining his experiences to Tiana, which leads him to realize what he's capable of.
Your second rule of engagement: do the unexpected. You expected me to stick to the plan... I didn't!
~ Jolt explains to Springer that disobeying his orders was him following the veteran's second rule of engagement.
Kayley, I must tell you: I knew your father. (Kayley: You did?) (solemnly) I used to live in Camelot. I was a stable boy...but I dreamt of becoming a knight. One evening, there was a fire. I rushed to save the horses, but...I was hurt. At first, All I could see were shapes, then shadows. Finally, my world went black. After I lost my sight, your father was the only one who still believed in me. He taught me that a knight's strength comes from his heart, and his loyalty to the Oath of Camelot. (Young Garrett/Sir Lionel: "United we and forever.") Any hope I had of becoming a knight died with him. (Kayley, gently: I felt that way too, but I knew he would never want me to give up. He wouldn't want you to give up either. You're as good as any knight in Camelot.)
~ Garrett telling the story of how he lost his sight and his dream of becoming a knight to Kayley.
(Flynn Rider: Oh, that's very interesting hair. In the back of me, why is it possessed? It' long has it been doing that?) Forever, I guess. Mother said when I was a baby people tried to cut it. They wanted to take it for themselves. But once it's cut, it turns brown and loses its powers. A gift like that, it has to be protected. That's why Mother never let me... That's why I...I never left the... (Flynn Rider: You never left the tower.)
~ Rapunzel telling Flynn Rider why she spent almost her entire life in a tower.
Did you say that was an unmanned drone? (Nantz: Correct. They must have one heck of a command-and-control centre.) If NORTHCOM didn't agree with you, I wouldn't be here. (Nantz: Why?) My mission was to provide AIS with a strike package. (Nantz: A strike package?) Yeah, coordinates for a missile strike on a command-and-control center. But the asset fell off the grid and we lost them.
~ Tech Sgt. Elena Santos telling Staff Sgt. Michael Nantz her original mission.
(Roger: Boy, nothing! What could have possibly happened to you to turn you into such a sourpuss?) You wanna know? I'll tell you. A toon killed my brother. (Roger, shocked: A toon? No.) That's right. A toon. (Eddie takes a deep breath, and tells Roger about his brother's death.) We were investigating a robbery at the First National Bank of Toontown. Back in those days, me and Teddy like working at Toontown, thought it was a lot of laughs. Anyway, this away with a zillion simoleons. We trailed him to a little dive down on Yukster Street. We went in. Only he got the drop on us, literally. Dropped a piano on us from fifteen stories. Broke my arm. Teddy never made it. I never did find out who that guy was. All I remember was him standing over me laughing, with those burning red eyes...and that high, squeaky voice. He disappeared into Toontown after that.
~ Eddie Valiant explaining his story to Roger Rabbit about his brother's death.
Dubble Bubble? It always helps me. (gives a piece to Rex. They both eat their pieces before Duke gets a signal.) Alright, Mr Science Officer, you're up, okay? You don't find it in four minutes, you get out of there. That house will not be there in five, alright? (Rex: Alright.) I already called for the airstrike. (Rex runs away from Duke and into the building.) (Ripcord: Hey, Duke, I gotta level with you.) I hate it when you level with me. (Ripcord: It's gonna be a long five minutes.) (Three planes fly toward them.) No, no, no, no, it's too early. IT'S TOO EARLY! (Ripcord: DUKE!) REX! REX! (the house is destroyed by three missiles from the planes. Duke is thrown back by the force of the resulting explosion.) (Ripcord: Duke, come on, we gotta go.) We gotta get Rex. (Ripcord: We gotta go, Black Hawk's waiting, we gotta go. Nothing you could do. Nothing you could do, man, come on.)
~ Duke flashing back on the mission that apparently got his friend, Rex Lewis, killed.
You all right? (Scarlett: Yeah, I'm fine. I didn't want anyone to see me like this.) Why? (Scarlett: I don't know. All the men we lost, General Hawk wounded, my neck just doesn't seem that important.) Hey. You almost lost your life out there. You have a reason to be concerned. (Scarlett: First fight I lost since I was a kid. My father taught me to win.) Look, I don't see how you could teach anybody to win everything every time. I mean, look at you. You're still here, right? You get knocked down, you get back up. Maybe that's what he wanted you to learn. But then again, there'd be an emotional response. (starts imitating General Hawk) One that can't be explained or quantified. (they both laugh)
~ Ripcord convincing Scarlett to get over her pain, after she tells him about her training with her father.
Simba, let me tell you something that my father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. (Young Simba: Really?) Yes. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I.
~ Mufasa teaching Simba about the Great Kings the of the Past, who will guide him.
(Shira is imprisoned in a tree trunk; a rustle is heard she growls) Easy, kitty. Water. You need it. (Diego hands out a water-filled shell; Shira shoves it away) (Shira: I don't need anything from you.) Fine, die of thirst. That'll really show me. (Shira) Wait! I'll take it. (Diego pushes the water bucket back under the tree) Thank you.) You know, you have a way of saying "thank you" that makes it sound like "dropped dead." (Shira: It's a gift. Well, you're pretty soft; for a saber.) Excuse me? I am NOT soft! I happen to be a remorseless assassin. (Sid skips in.) (Sid: Diego poo! Hey, I made ya another coral necklace. He keeps losin' them. [giggles then skips away]) (Shira: Yeah. I think I'm starting to get why you're not in a pack.) Listen, I chose to leave my pack. Alright? (Shira: Congratulations, Warrior Princess! So did I.) Really? (Shira: What?) Nothin'. It's just I know how hard it is...walking away from everything you know. (Shira: Oh, great! Are we gonna braid each other's fur now?) Funny, really funny. Can I tell you the difference between you and me? (Shira: I wouldn't still be wearing that necklace?) (Diego rips the necklace off) No! We both might've wandered out of pack life, but at least I didn't trade one pack for another. I got something more. (Shira: Oh, yeah? What's that?) A herd. (Shira: What's the difference?) We have each other's backs. (Shira: Gutt has my back! I'm his first mate!) Really? 'Cause I don't see Gutt sending out any search parties for you. (Shira's gaze drops) (Shira: You know, you won't beat him. Your big furry friend over there? He has no idea what he's up against.) Yeah, but neither does Gutt.
~ Diego explaining to Shira that he chose to leave his pack to join the herd while she simply traded one pack for another, and that his herd always has each other's backs, pointing out that Gutt isn't looking for her.
(DJ: You didn't kill her, did you?) (Nebbercracker shakes his head and starts to remember his happier times with Constance.) I love her so much. (Nebbercracker smiles and gets a flashback, as a young man watching Constance in the circus with his demolition squad, as tomatoes are thrown at her by kids. She tries to lunge at them, and the scene fades to her alone that night in her cage.) (Young Nebbercracker: Hello?) (Constance: Ah!) (Young Nebbercracker: It's okay. I can take you away from here. Would you like that?) (Constance: Yes!) (Young Nebbercracker: There we go. Won't be long now.) (Nebbercracker ties her cage to his truck, and drives Constance away from the circus, taking her to an empty sold spot for building the house) (Young Nebbercracker: All right. Okay, open your eyes. [She does so] Now, it's not much, I know, but just--) (Constance: Darling!) (Constance picks him up and takes him to the spot as the house starts building, rocks are being thrown at it, and Constance descends the spiral staircase) (Constance: Aah! Get away from my house! I'm gonna rip them to bits.) (Nebbercracker chops off the cage door with an ax and hears Constance's yells for help) (Constance: Help!) (Young Nebbercracker: Constance!) (Constance: Help! Help!) (Young Nebbercracker: What's wrong? Are you hurt?) (Constance: Hurt?! Yes, I'm hurt! Those criminals are attacking our house!) (Teenage Bully: Trick or treat!) (Young Nebbercracker: Now, now, they're- they're just kids, dear. It's Halloween.) (Constance: No, no, no, it's my house, and they're HURTING ME!!!) (Young Nebbercracker: Constance! Look at me! Look at me!) [He turns her face towards him] (As long as I'm here, I will never let anyone hurt you.) (An egg is thrown at her) (Constance: AAH!) (Young Nebbercracker: Constance!) (Teenage Bully: Sucker!) (Constance takes the ax from him) (Constance: You vandals!) (The bullies continue throwing eggs at her as she swings the ax to attack them) (Teenage Bully: Eat this!) (Constance: You hooligans! I'll get you!) (Young Nebbercracker: Constance, no!) (He tries to take the ax from her, but she accidentally bumps him, knocking him out, and she falls into the pit below the house, dropping cement on herself. The flashback ends with the finished house, and time flying by to a present day.) So, I finished the house. She would have wanted that. (A boy rides by the house on a bicycle, throwing a newspaper at it) She died, but she didn't leave. (The newspaper is thrown back at the biker, hitting him and making him fall off the bike causing it and other newspapers to fall out, cut to him hammering a "BEWARE" sign in front of the house, then a trio of kids in Halloween costumes in front of the house) And that night, that, that one night of every year, I had to take precautions. (Halloween Bully: Trick or treat!) (He and the other two start throwing rocks at the house) I had to. (Halloween Bully: Sucker!) I had to. (Young Nebbercracker: HEY!!! GET A-- STAY AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!!!) (The scene changes back to the present) She attacks anyone who comes near!
~ Horace Nebbercracker reveals his motivation why he pretended to be a child-hater for years to DJ and his friends for the sake of keeping the wrathful spirit of his wife in check and to prevent her from going on a killing spree.
(Stu picks up Tommy and takes him to his workshop) We weren't gonna give you this until you were a little bit older, but, I think now's the right time. (He holds out a pocket watch and hands it to Tommy) Shiny, huh? (He opens the watch to reveal a photo of Tommy and Dil taped inside.) And Grandpa Lou put your picture inside. I know it's hard, Tommy. You have a little brother now, and that's a big change. (Tommy scowls and puts down the watch.) Uh, Dil can be pretty tough to get along with, huh? But sometimes little brothers, they aren't everything you'd hoped they'd be. (Stu opens a drawer, then pulls out a photo of himself and Drew, when they were kids) That's why big brothers have got to have faith. And one day, you'll see... he'll change. After all... (he hooks a chain to the watch)'ve got responsibility now. I know I can trust that you'll stick by Dil's side and be a swell big brother. (Tommy looks at the watch in his hands) (Tommy: [thinking] Sponsitilitiy...)
~ Stu Pickles giving Tommy a special pocket watch to show him the responsibility his son now has as a big brother.
(Judy Hopps: Thank you.) Never let 'em see that they get to you. (Judy Hopps: So... things do get to you?) I mean, not anymore, but I was small and emotionally unbalanced like you once. (Judy Hopps: Har har.) No, it's true. I think I was eight or maybe nine, and all I wanted to do was join the Junior Ranger Scouts. So, my mom scraped together enough money to buy me a brand new uniform because by God I was gonna fit in, even if I was the only predator in the troop, the only fox. I was gonna be part of a pack. I was so proud. I learnt two things that day. One: I was never gonna let anyone see that they got to me. (Judy Hopps: And two?) If the world's only gonna see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there's no point in trying to be anything else. (Judy Hopps: Nick, you are so much more than that.)
~ Nick Wilde explaining Judy Hopps his harsh past of being rejected by the young scout troop just because he was a fox and the only predator
(Sarah: I'm a writer, too. Well, an aspiring writer- and a very stuck writer at the moment.) My condolences. All the horrors in the world don't come close to the terror of a blank page. (Sarah: That's true. Any advice on college essays?) Well, first rule of writing: write what you know. 30 years and I couldn't figure out how this book should end. You managed to finish in one night. I believe in you!
~ R.L. Stine gives Sarah Quinn some advice on writing her college application essay.



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