The Kim's Battlesuit is an experimental high tech combat outfit built and designed by Wade and used by Kim Possible. It gives its wearer many special features and very strong abilities. When it is activated, its blue lines glow a bright cyan color, which fades when it is inactive.

Most prominently, the suit enhances its wearer's natural abilities, allowing the user to run at faster speeds and jump to higher heights than normally possible. So this natural improvement is sufficient to allow even normally weak individuals to perform impressive feats of agility and strength. The suit is also regenerative in nature which allows it to automatically seal any tears or rips which occur. It is unknown if it also heals injuries like slash marks which Kim suffered at Shego's hands, but the white suit did not stain afterwards.

The suit also possesses advanced shielding technology, which erupts in a circular bubble around the user and can also be specifically tuned to allow objects in when expanding, but after this the shield will prevent any and all attacks or projectiles which hit it. However, even the shield has limits as it was broken by Warmonga after supercharging her staff weapon for a heavier melee strike, which shattered the shielding. Further, if it is worn under clothes and not properly activated, it will shred the wearer's additional clothes. The shields can also be used to knock nearby individuals away from the wearer by activating it as they are nearby.

Another of its unique abilities to transform one of its two hands into a huge gauntlet which is capable of catching both energy and kinetic projectiles and then redirecting them towards a target when thrown with highly destructive/concussive force. This is capable of catching everything from Shego's energy blasts to collectible plates thrown at high speed. The suit is also equipped with a wrist grappling hook.

During Kim's first fight with Warmonga, Wade had added stronger stealth capabilities to the suit. This stealth gives the wearer perfect invisibility, concealing both the suit itself and the wearer. But, if the user picks up an object (such as Kim stealing Warmonga's staff weapon), the object picked up will not also become invisible.



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