The Isle O' Hags is the setting of the Banjo-Kazooie series.


Isle O' Hags seems to be in the shape of the icon next to the health bar, from Banjo-Kazooie. Looking to the left, will see the Banjo's head, to the right is a slight part of Kazooie's head. Hailfire Peaks might be two of the honeycombs.

This island was seen on Cloud Cuckooland and shows all the exact directions of the locations, for example: The Jinjo Village is on the southwest together with Wooded Hollow, Plateau on the west, Pine Grove on the northwest, Cliff Top on the southeast together with Hailfire Peaks, Wasteland on the north together with Terrydactyland, Quagmire on the together with Grunty Industries and in the center of the mountain is located the Cauldron Keep.



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