The Infinite Ocean is a special underwater realm of the Magic Dimension where everything takes on another dimension and where the Pillars of the Infinite Ocean, the pillars of the foundation of all the worlds of the Magic Dimension are located. One of the largest sources of power of the Magic Dimension, The Emperor's Throne, is also found there. Infinite Ocean is also connected to each existing ocean in Magic Dimension and Earth.

This ocean is closely associated with the power of Sirenix, when fairies obtained Sirenix they also obtained the power to enter the Infinite Ocean, which is forever open to all Sirenix Fairies. Omnia, the Supreme Guardian of Sirenix is also the Guardian of the Infinite Ocean.

One can enter Infinite Ocean by two methods: Acquiring the Sirenix or to absorb the powers from each gatekeeper Selkie in the whole Magic Dimension. Sirenix grants the power to open a portal to anywhere, but Selkies powers only grants access to Infinite Ocean through any Ocean Gate.


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