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The Heroism Wiki is the opposite of The Evil Wiki and is an encyclopedia that lists all the fictitious (not real) heroic objects and methods and locations (technological or magical or otherwise) used by fictional do-gooders for helping others or good purposes, everywhere or things of good shown to have a strong and long-lasting positive on everything else and everyone including villains including those who would later become heroes themselves.

Good or helpful items (such as weapons such as swords, guns, spears, knives, etc; artifacts with special powers which can be reliable to aid people, objects with desirable advantages, weapons with more deadly firepower utilized by benevolent individuals/armies, machines designed by scientists for noble goals, chemicals/potions capable of causing harmful and even fatal results to bad guys, and devices used to inspire hope and justice), heroes' places (from weapons factories and fortified citadels ruled by good leaderships and benevolent rulers, schools and academies, home for living, and religious compounds used by good people with rituals and good purposes) and even styles and "arts" (methodological means or tools of justice, methods of purification and forms of good magic).

Other few more aspects of goodness associated with heroism are concepts dealing with positive emotions such as empathy and happiness, heroic songs by do-gooders, and also noble events (such as alternate realities with benign settings as well as justice (sometimes utopias) in them, supernatural terms and save-the-world scenarios, conflicts and epic battles). All these things of goodness existed in literature, mythology, folklore, religion, movies, cartoons, television, comic books and videogames. And they will always continue to exist as long as good itself still exists. This wikia allows anyone to edit any article, so if you contribute, we can make this an amusing database for heroes.

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