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I like nothing more than a character sacrificing himself or herself for the sake of others. That’s drama at its finest for me.
~ Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

Heroic Sacrifice is a common theme for certain heroes and is linked to the noble choice, confrontation, and negativity turned positivity. It is reserved for heroic or supporting characters who embrace their last moments with acts of honor or morality (usually to show they are willing to redeem themselves or undo their wrongdoings they indirectly caused). However, it wasn't always the case.

Though this scenario is arguably one of possible Noble Choices a hero/heroine may take for the greater good, ALL examples of Heroic Sacrifice are lethal, by its very definition — also many heroes who died with honor are directly responsible for their own demise (for example a character may know they are about to die, as their last action was one of nobility or kindness — thus making them an example of this theme) and subsequently become Saved Souls after death. In rare case, sometimes they revived via. certain circumstances or outside interferences some time after performing such sacrifice.

However, this does not always apply to only heroes who sacrificed their lives; it also applies to those who nearly died in saving others. As the way to maintain the impact of the hero/heroine's choice on the story however, the hero/heroine in question would be more than often handicapped by sustained injuries that forced his/her allies to continue without him/her, and the injury may or may not permanent.

Regardless, the consequences remained same; the hero/heroine's sacrifice cemented his/her status as a hero worth to look up to and strengthen his allies' resolve in overcoming their darkest hours.



  • Harry Potter series:
    • Lily Potter and James Potter : James and Lily sacrificed their lives to protect their infant son, Harry, from being killed by Lord Voldemort. Though Lily ended up received more credit than her husband, the noble choice they made nonetheless had a profound impact on their son good and bad, further carving Harry's destiny's as the Chosen One, a mythical legendary wizard whose ability to feel and empowered by strong love matched only by the Dark Lord's malice thus the only one who can kill Voldemort.
    • Harry Potter: Harry allows himself to be struck down by Voldemort's Killing Curse in order to place similar sacrificial protection upon his allies and loved ones, resulting the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters unable to harm every single one of them. Unlike his parents' case, Harry manages to survive as his Heroic Sacrifice also aimed to destroy a fragment of Voldemort's soul inside his scar and in the process, discovered his nemesis' eventual fate where he won't be able to move on due to trapped in Limbo as a mutilated ghost from creating Horcruxes.
    • Ron Weasley: Ron opted to sacrifice himself in the underground chess game to ensue Harry being able to go on and stop Quirrel from reaching the Sorcerer's Stone. While he fortunately survived the ordeal, that cemented how great his determination to help his friends in their adventures together.
  • Lord of the Rings:
    • Frodo Baggins: Though not killed by his heroic but somewhat suicidal quest to detroyed One Ring, Frodo ultimately cannot heal himself from both spiritual and physical wounds that he sustained from the said mission so he goes with the Elves to Valinor to find true medicine.
    • Samwise Gamgee: Though he fared better than Frodo throughout the quest to destroy One Ring as he able to live a family life following his master's departure and in the aftermath of the same journey, Samwise's sacrifices are just as much as the latter owing to his involvement in it and he eventually set out to follow Frodo to Valinor.
      • Again, Samwise apparently sacrifices Frodo to take the Ring on to Mordor at Cirith Ungol before he realizes Frodo was alive after all.
    • Gandalf: Gandalf's entire life is an act of sacrifice, as he is an angel sent to destroy Sauron. Gandalf said he was too afraid of Sauron so he'd be useless but the Archangels said that was all the more reason to go. Gandalf's first sacrifice comes in Moria when he apparently dies fighting a Balrog, only for later revived as the new White Wizard.


  • Russell Casse: During the battle against alien invaders, Russel Case sacrifices himself to destroy the aliens' City Destroyer by flying his plane into the Destroyer's weapon in a kamikaze attack.
  • Henry Hart/Kid Danger: He sacrifice himself to save Swellview after his archenemy Drex made the blimp steer off course to Swellview baby Hospital.
  • Batman (The Dark Knight Rises): He sacrifice himself to save Gotham from a bomb that was rigged to blow. leaving everyone to believe he is dead.
  • In Piranha 3D, Jake Forester is in love with Kelly, but because of numerous misadventures including the attacking Piranhas, Jake sacrifices his lust for Kelly until the finale. Also, Laura Forrester sacrifices her lust for her brother Zane as well as her eagerness to cause havoc in order to save everyone.
  • Star Wars:
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi: Sacrifices himself in his final battle with Darth Vader on the Death Star, so Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie and the droids can escape.
    • Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars): As Darth Vader, he sacrificed himself to save his son, Luke from Emperor Darth Sidious in Return of the Jedi. This ultimately allow him to redeem himself from his MEH deeds.
  • V: Getting himself mortally wounded by Party Leader Creedy and his Fingermen, sacrificing himself for the revolution.
  • Jack Dawson: Sacrifices himself to save Rose Dewitt Bukatter from freezing to death in the cold ocean water.
  • Nux: Sacrifices himself to block the canyon pass by crashing the War Rig and kill Rictus and the remaining War Boys while the rest of the group escape on the Gigahorse.
  • Casper McFadden: Sacrificing his chance for having a second life by given it to a ghostly Dr. Harvey, so Kat can be with her father.


  • Darkwing Duck: He chose to let himself get pulled into Paddywhack's evil Jack-in-the-box, sacrificing himself to save his daughter Gosalyn; fortunately,
  • John Smith He saved Chief Powhatan from getting shot by Governor Ratcliffe, and is sent back to England for medical treatment.
  • The Iron Giant: He decided to save Rockwell and die with the missile. However he turns out to have survived and is now reassembling himself in Langjökull Glacier, Iceland.
  • Kerchak: Steps in between Clayton's gun and Tarzan and is shot. In his dying breath, Kerchak apologizes to Tarzan for not approving him then finally accepts him as his son.
  • Megara: She pushes Hercules out of the way of a falling pillar, taking the impact herself. She dies of injuries, but Hercules retrieves her soul from the Underworld--nearly sacrificing his own life--thus re-earning his Godhood that previously destroyed by Hades through help of Pain and Panic previously.
  • Stoick the Vast: He rushes to save Hiccup and is killed by Drago Bludvist through crazed Toothless, leading him to give up his own life for his son. His sacrifice also proved that Hiccup's attempt to convince Drago was proved to be fatal mistake, as this led Drago to caused every single adult dragons to turned against Berk.
  • Charlie Barkin: When Charlie's life watch was sinking in the water, Charlie manages to get Anne Marie to safety. But when he dives down to retrieve the watch, it fills up with water and stops working, as this led to Charlie dying in the process.
  • Gurgi (Disney's The Black Cauldron): After Gurgi rescues his friends, Taran attempts to stop the Black Cauldron's power by jumping into it. But Gurgi did not want to let Taran die for the sake of his friends and decides to sacrifice himself by jumping into the legendary cauldron while his friends escape the evil Horned King's Castle safely.
  • Jean-Bob: Jean-Bob sacrificed himself to save Prince Derek from Clavius.
  • Scully: Scully sacrificed himself to save Princess Odette and Alise from the Forbidden Arts, thus destroying them for good.
  • Ashi: Ashi sacrificed her existence by using her time portal powers to bring Jack back to the past, destroy Aku, and undo the horrific future he's created, which caused her to fade away during her wedding with Jack.
  • Crysta: Sacrifices herself like Magi did by allowing Hexxus to devour her in one bite, and uses her powers from inside him to grow a seed she had with her to again imprison Hexxus (together with The Leveler) inside a new tree. She emerges, unharmed and alive.
  • King Triton: He takes Ariel's place as the evil Ursula's prisoner to atone from his violent outburst of destroying his daughter's Grotto, and transforms into a polyp. Fortunately, after "Queen" Ursula is killed and the magic-binding contract is nullified, King Triton reverts back to his normal self.
  • Sir Lionel: Sacrifices himself to save King Arthur from the attack of Ruber, who wants to take the throne of Camelot for himself. He is the first to step in the defense of the king during the battle where he is struck with a fatal blow from Ruber's mace and dies shortly after Ruber is exiled from Camelot upon his immediate first dfeat by King Arthur wielding the fabled sword Excalibur in self-defense.
  • Korso sacrifices himself to get the TITAN operational and destroy the Drej.
  • Justice League Dark: Apokolips War:
    • Swamp Thing: Is destroyed while successfully bringing down the Congolese Earth Reaper.
    • Shazam: Blows himself up to stop the Paradooms on the Great Wall.
    • Cyborg: Sacrifices himself to destroy the planet of Apokolips and banish Darkseid into a void where he can never again threaten the universe.


  • Dragon Ball:
    • Dragon Ball Z:
      • Goku: He sacrificed his life to defeat his evil brother, Raditz, by keeping him immobile so his former enemy, Piccolo, could use his deadly new attack to impale both of them.
      • Many years later, after having been wished back to life, Goku sacrificed his life a second time to keep Cell from self-destructing on Earth by transporting both of them to King Kai's planet (Though as a consequence, King Kai and his two pets, Bubbles and Gregory died with Goku).
      • Piccolo: He decided to stay on Earth and die in order to permanently destroy the Black-Star Dragonballs.
    • Dragon Ball GT:
      • Piccolo decided to stay on Earth and die in order to permanently destroy the Black-Star Dragon Balls while the planet Earth's populace safely evacuated.
  • Yusuke Urameshi: he sacrifices his own life to save a little boy from getting hit by a car, which led to both his resurrection and his adventures.
  • Digimon:
    • Digimon Adventure 01:
      • Angemon: He sacrificed himself to defeat Devimon and restore peace to File Island, as well as to defend T.K. Takashi from the evil Demon-Type Digimon.
      • Wizardmon: He sacrifices his own life to save Kari Kamiya and Gatomon from Lord Myotismon's sinister Grisly Wing attack, and dies, but not before telling Gatomon how grateful he is that they are friends.
      • Chuumon sacrificing himself to save Mimi Tachikawa from Lord Piedmon's malicious Trump Sword attack.
  • Pixiemon: He sacrifices himself to hold off the 4 evil Dark Masters with time long enough for the Digi-destined children in a bubble-like shield created by his magic power to escape from their heinous wrath.
      • Whamon sacrificing himself to save the DigiDestined as well as WarGreymon while being impaled Lord MetalSeadramon's vicious River of Power laser attack right through the skull; he dies from his injuries after MetalSeadramon is defeated, but not before he tells the DigiDestined themselves to save the Digital World.
    • Digimon Adventure 02:
      • Wormmon: He sacrifices himself to help Davis Motoyima defeat Kimeramon in hopes to save Ken Ichijouji from himself.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Yugi Muto: He sacrificed himself to save Yami Yugi from being captured by Dartz.
    • Joey Wheeler: Sacrificed himself to the Man-Eater Bug to protect his friends from getting hurt and help Yami Yugi activate the Horn of Heaven card.
  • Sonic X:
    • Maria Robotnik: She sacrificed herself to save her friend Shadow the Hedgehog from the GUN soldiers who shot her in Sonic X. Her incarnations in Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog videogames and comic book adaptions also did the similar thing.
    • Cosmo the Seedrian (Sonic X): She sacrificed herself to help Super Sonic and Super Shadow, defeat the Metarex and save the galaxy.


  • Galuf of Final Fantasy V deserves special mention as he subverts normal RPG rules and summons the courage and will-power to fight past 0-HP to defeat X-Death to save his friends, he pays the price though as his HP was apparently so far into the negatives when his will to fight left him after battle that no amount of Raise!s or Phoenix Downs could revive him.
  • In Lollipop Chainsaw, Junji Morikawa, Juliett's mentor, sacrifices himself so that he can attack the Dark Purveyors who have just been summoned. Morikawa tries to blast them but then Zed strikes Morikawa and mortally wounds him. Morikawa lives to see Zed defeated and dies shortly after.
  • Sora: He stabs himself with Ansem's Keyblade in order to release Kairi and the rest of the princesses' hearts.
  • Baby Metroid (Super Metroid): During the final battle between Samus Aran and Mother Brain, the Baby attacks Mother Brain and sucks out her life force before she can release a finishing blow on Samus. As the Baby recharges Samus' health, Mother Brain resurrects herself and attacks, but the Baby jumps in the way and is killed. However, this allows Samus to obtain the Hyper Beam to obliterate Mother Brain.
  • Peppy Hare: When the Star Fox Team arrived at the Aparoid Homeworld, a shield is generated to keep them out, so Peppy tries to fire at the shields from aboard the Great Fox but to no avail, so he goes a step farther by ramming the mothership into the shield, effectively shattering it despite the protests of the Star Fox group, so they went without him. After the Aparoid Queen's death and the planet's destruction, the team mourned for those who presumably lost their lives, until they find out that Peppy and ROB 64 survived as they used an escape pod, much to their joy.
  • Asher Forrester/Rodrik Forrester (Telltale Games: Game of Thrones): In the episode 5 ending, Asher and his crew are almost to Ironrath, but they anticipate a fight when they arrive in the harbor to find it empty. Asher finds Rodrik, but the reunion is short-lived as a Whitehill soldier runs for the gate to cut Rodrik and Asher off from most of their men. Rodrik and Asher will run to the gate and try to open it but upon realizing that it is stuck, Whitehill soldiers will advance on the duo. Rodrik states that one has to stay to let the other out. How who survived, that's the player's choice.
  • John Black from Age of Empires III: Sacrifice himself to destroy the Circle of Ossus and killing General Warwick by causing an avalanche.
  • Sonya Blade: Sacrifices herself to ensure the Netherrealm Palace controlled by 2 ruling Revenants Lui Kang and Kitana is destroyed.


(Nick Cutter: One of us has got to go back in. I'll do it.) (Stephen Hart: shook his head anxiously) You'll never make it out. (Nick: Get out of here. Just remember, Lester's not the enemy. (Helen Cutter: Nick, please!) (Stephen punches Nick and and goes back to the center and lock door) (Nick Cutter: Stephen!) Sorry, mate. I'm doing this one. (Nick: No! Open the door! Open it!) Can't do it, Nick. Can't take the risk. (Nick: Stephen, open the door!) Tell Abby and Connor... to stay out of trouble.
~ Stephen Hart sacrifice himself giving to devour by predators to save others.
(Cassie Cage: General, can you hear me?! (Sonya breaths hardly) (Cassie Cage: General? Mom?) I'm here Cass. (Cassie Cage: Hang tiught. We'll get you guys out.) (Sonya coughs) They're gone, Cass. And I'm not gonna make it. (Cassie Cage: What? I'm not leaving you behind! (Sonya breaths hardly) Get your team home. That's an order. Your duty. Mine's to finish the mission. (Cassie Cage: Mom, no! We can save you!) I love you Cass. Give your dad a kiss for me. (Cassie Cage: Mom, no don't...) (Sonya triggered a explosives) (Cassie Cage: Mom? Mom!) (Cass trying to dig through the rubble, but hears a countdown to the explosion) (Jacqui Briggs: She's started the detonation sequence!) (Cassie Cage: Override it, Jacqui!) (Jacqui Briggs: There is no override! Commander!) (Jacqui tries to take Cassie but they struggle with each other until they stopped) (Jacqui Briggs: Our orders are to leave.) (They hears a explode, but Cassie hesitates and doesn't know what to do. They hears a roar and horde of demons charges to attack. Cass with forces fight with them and then they escape from temple, which explodes. Raiden along with Cassie's forces teleport back to Earthrealm.)
~ Sonya Blade sacrifices herself to destroy the Netherrealm Palace.
No! NOOOO!!!!
~ Anakin Skywalker as Darth Vader sacrificing his life to save his son Luke Skywalker from Darth Sidious his former master and the true traitor of the Galactic Republic, redeeming himself and fulfilling the Prophecy as the Chosen One.
Hiccup! SON!
~ Stoick the Vast sacrificing his life to save Hiccup from getting killed by the brainwashed Toothless.
(Hiro and Baymax are inside the portal rescuing Callaghan's daughter, Abigail. Baymax is hit by a large pile of debris, damaging his thrusters. It seems all hope is lost.) There is still a way I can get you both to safety. (Baymax places his rocket fist inside the bottom of the pod holding Callaghan's daughter. Hiro understands what he's going to do.) I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care. (Hiro: No, no, no, no, no, wait. What about you?) You are my patient. (Hiro: B-B-Baymax, no--) Your health is my only concern. (Hiro: Stop! No, I-I-I'm-- I'm gonna figure something out--) Are you satisfied with your care? (Hiro: No! There's gotta be another way! I'm not gonna leave you here! I'll think of something!) There is no time. Are you satisfied with your care? (Hiro, on the brink of tears: Please! No! I can't lose you, too.) Hiro. I will always be with you. (Hiro looks at him sadly, then tearfully embraces him, seconds away from completely breaking down. Baymax hugs him back. Hiro eventually releases the embrace, takes a breath, and...) (Hiro, heartbroken: I'm satisfied with my care.) (Baymax fires his rocket fist, propelling Hiro and Abigail back to safety, leaving him stranded in the portal.)
~ Baymax sacrificing himself by igniting his rocket fist to send Hiro Hamada and Abigail Callaghan to safety, stranding him in the exploding portal.
(Cell: Ten more seconds and the Earth will be gone. I guess we'll call this game a draw.) (Goku used his instant transmission to tell Gohan something.) Hey, you put up a good fight Gohan. I'm proud of you. (Gohan, shocked: What? Daddy?) Take care of your mother for me. She needs you. Tell her that I had to do this, Gohan. (Gohan: Ah!) Goodbye, my son. (Piccolo: Goku!) (Cell: No! Don't!) (Goku uses his instant transmission to teleport himself and the exploding Cell away from Earth to avoid the destruction of Earth.) (Gohan: No! Come back!) (Krillin: Goku!!!!!) (Vegeta: Uh!) (Piccolo: Ah!) (Future Trunks: Ah!) (Yamcha: Ah!) (Tien: Uh!) (King Kai, shocked after Goku teleported himself to King Kai's planet with the exploding Cell: Ahhhh!!!! Goku! What have you done? Are you out of your mind?) Sorry guys. This is the only place I could think to bring him. (King Kai, confused: Well, you could've called first!) (Cell begins to explode.) (Cell: AHHHHH!!!! AUGHHHHHHHH!!!) (Cell explodes and Goku, King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory are all killed.)
~ Goku deciding to sacrifice himself in order to save the Earth.
~ May Day sacrifices herself to stop her former boss' bomb from destroying Silicon Valley.
I love you. (Lois Lane: No. No, Clark, you can't.) This is my world. (Lois: No, Clark, don't.) You are my world.
~ Superman's last words to Lois Lane before sacrificing himself to kill Doomsday with Batman's Kryponite spear.
I won't be controlled by anyone or anything, and that's what this thing wants. And besides...it's the least I can do...for my team. (Unicron: No...NO...I'm so close!) Oh, shut up. (Optimal Optimus: Farewell, Megatron.)
~ Megatron sacrificed himself to ensure that the Matrix of Chaos would be destroyed by Optimal Optimus with the Requiem Blaster.
(Anna, very weak, struggles to move across the fjord. She suddenly hears the sound of a sword being drawn) Elsa? (realizes Hans is about to kill Elsa, and uses her final ounce of strength to throw herself in front of Elsa) NOOO! (Anna freezes to solid ice, Hans' sword hits her fingers and shatters, the brute force is enough to knock Hans out cold) (Elsa: ANNA!) (gets up and touches Anna's frozen face) (Elsa: Oh, Anna... No, no, please... No.) (Elsa realizes what has happened, throws her arms around the frozen Anna, and begins to cry)
~ Anna sacrificed herself before Hans kills Elsa.
Time STOP!
~ Sailor Pluto sacrificed herself by using her forbidden Time Stop to prevent Prince Demande from destroying everything and everyone of both the future and the past.
Jim, I want this! As much as you wanted the Enterprise, I want this!
~ Will Decker sacrifices himself to save Earth and merged with V'ger.
No! What are you doing?! (Ratchet: Come on! [pulls lever hard to stop, but it snaps and now the Great Clock is out of control.]) It's not working. Why isn't it working?! (Ratchet: Because it's not a time machine, Alister! The clock isn't meant to alter time! Only keep it!) (Computer: 30 seconds until total system failure.) [Ratchet attempts to stop the machine, but he gets knocked back.] I'm so sorry. [Alister stop Ratchet so he can step in and stop the control.] No. Let me. (Ratchet: What are you going to do?) Take care of yourself, Ratchet. [Alister uses his wrench as a lever to push harder to stop. After Alister finally pushes the lever, an explosion of light engulfs the Orvus Chamber. As the light dies down, Alister's wrench is still standing. As Ratchet and Clank get up, they see Alister's lifeless body.] (Ratchet: Alister? [picks up Alister's pocket watch] (Clank: He did a brave thing, Ratchet. You should be proud of him.)
~ Alister sacrificing himself to stop the out of control Orvis Chamber at The Great Clock and saying a final good-bye to Ratchet.
(Edwards: Hey, Spivey. What is that?) (Spivey: It looks like it's following us.) (Edwards: I want to shoot him.) (Edwards fires a shot and Dunbar wakes up.) (Spivey: Hehe, you missed him.) (Another shot is heard.) (Union soldier: Don't shoot, goddammit! It's my shot!) (Bauer: Hey, wait!) (The soldier fires another shot.) (Bauer: I've seen that first!) (Spivey: Look at that stupid bastard, he ain't even moving.) (Another shot is fired and Dunbar sees Two Socks standing on a hill.) (Union soldier: Wait a minute, wait a minute! That's my shot!) (Spivey: Shoot him!) (Two Socks avoids the shot.) (Union soldier: Get him, Edwards! He's standing there!) (Spivey: Shoot him!) (As Spivey fires another shot, Dunbar knocks him to the floor.) (Edwards: Jesus Christ! Holy shit!) (Dunbar strangles Spivey with his shackles.) (Edwards: Bauer! Bauer, get him off!) (Bauer hits Dunbar with his rifle and Spivey frees himself.) (Bauer: He might have killed you.) (Edwards laughs as he and the other soldiers continue shooting at Two Socks, while shouting with joy. Edwards manages to wound Two Socks and he falls to the ground as he yelps in pain.) (Edwards: That's it! I've got him! I've got him!) (Two Socks whines as he begins dying.) (Edwards: Dead shot, boys! Come on!) (Edwards and another soldier get off the wagon and head off towards Two Socks.) (Spivey: Son of a bitch!) (Spivey kicks Dunbar.) (Lt. Elgin: Spivey!) (Spivey: Get up!) (Lt. Elgin: Where are you going? Get back!) (Edwards and the soldier rush past him.) (Spivey: Get up! I'm, gonna kill you! Get up! I mean it! Get up!) (Lt. Elgin: Spivey!) (Spivey: Get up! Come on, get up!) (Lt. Elgin: Spivey!) (Lt. Elgin pulls out a gun and holds it at Spivey.) (Spivey: What?) (Lt. Elgin: You bash that prisoner one more time and I'll put those shackles on you! You men get back here!) (Lt. Elgin fires three shots at Edwards and they head back to the wagon.) (Edwards: Goddammit!) (The camera cuts to the Sioux waiting on the other side of the hill, indicating that Two Socks sacrificed himself to save them from being caught.)
~ Two Socks sacrificing himself to the Union soldiers to prevent the Sioux tribe from getting caught.
(Cyborg opens up a portal for the rest of the heroes to return to Earth.) OK, bus is leaving, they'll be no better time. (All the heroes sans Raven and Damian enter the portal. John and Wonder Woman stop in front of the portal, looking back at Cyborg.) (Wonder Woman: Victor?) Can't come. (John Constantine: Download your consciousness into a molecube or whatnot?) It doesn't work like that, genius. Now leave, before these assholes realize they're gonna be trapped here forever. (John Constantine: Cheers.) (He and Wonder Woman sadly enter the portal. Raven stops behind Damian as they head to the portal.) (Raven: Go on. I'm right behind you.) (After a moment, Damian proceeds. Raven looks up at Darkseid and Trigon, who are still fighting each other. Trigon is easily overpowering the New God. After knocking his opponent away, he pauses to acknowledge his daughter.) (Trigon: What a wonderful gift, daughter. Be well.) (He fires his heat vision at an off-screen Darkseid and continues engaging him.) (Raven: Goodbye, father.) (Her head low, Raven enters the portal as it disappears, leaving Cyborg alone. Darkseid and Trigon can be heard fighting in the background.) Looks like I get the last word. Suck it, bitches. (A massive portal opens behind Darkseid and Trigon. Shocked, Darkseid tries to flee, but Trigon, laughing evilly, grabs him from behind and drags him into the portal.) (Darkseid: NOOOOOOOO!) (They disappear in the portal. Apokolips starts breaking apart as pieces of it are dragged into the portal. The fiery planet eventually explodes and is fully dragged into oblivion.)
~ Cyborg sacrificing his life by creating a black hole that drags Darkseid, Trigon, and Apokolips into oblivion.
Come on Dr. Harvey, you need this more than I do. (Casper taking a fully ghost Dr. James Harvey inside the Lazarus) (Kat trying to talk him out of it: Casper...) This is the way it's got to be. (Casper focus his attentions on the machine as he turned it on as it cause a sound that stuns Kat's classmate. He pull the lever as it was finish) (Both he and Kat wait for the results) (Dr. Harvey popped out of the Lazarus and is once again in his human form) (Kat running towards her father: Dad!) (Kat gave her father a big hug relieve that he is alive) (Dr. Harvey: Oh Kat! Oh Kat!) (Casper watches sadden knowing that he has lost his chance of having a second life) (Dr. Harvey: It felt like strangest dream. I almost we lost each other for a minute) (Kat and Harvey embraced each other again until they heard music coming from Kat's party. (Casper facing Kat) You're party is starting without you. (Kat facing a depressed Casper) Your date's probably waiting.
~ Casper sacrificing his chance for having a second life by given it to a ghostly form Dr. Harvey, so Kat can be with her father.
Henry? You there? Man...that roughed me up. Got him though. Gotta be another escape pod around here somewhere. We did it though we got em. Pretty good plan. You could say it was the greates-
~ Charles calvin's last words to Henry stickmin before sacrificing himself to defeat the Toppat Clan.