Heroic Overview
Person having a breakdown

Heroic Breakdown (better known as Heroic BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)) is the opposite of the Villainous Breakdown and another form of Releasing Stress. Though can be comparable with releasing stress as both cases having similar causes, (upset about something, things don't go in his/her way, has a big fight that goes over the edge, or when it seems like all hope is lost), they expresses their stress in more excessive manner.

Notable symptoms of the Heroic Breakdown are:

  • Turning white when becoming pale.
  • Shocked to the point of temporary mentally shutting down like catatonic person.
  • Attacking their enemies in blind fury that they even had little to no concern about their allies that they could harm by accident.
  • Crying or being driven to panic or insanity.
  • Running away from everyone out of stress by the problems that caused their breakdown that forcing their allies/closest friend or family/love interest to track him/her down for comforting him/her.
  • Excessively expressing his/her anger to the point where they ended up causing damages that sometimes unintentional.
  • Laughing or cackling insanely, raging uncontrollably, and/or throwing a temper tantrum.

Outcome of the breakdown in shortest term would be depressed or less eager to do anything that they had to do. In the longer term on the other hand, was suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or worse, prone to suffer Heel-Face turned.


Anime and Manga


  • Obito suffers this after witnessing Rin's suicide by using Kakashi's raikiri against his will, causing Obito's Mangekyo Sharingan awakened where the process caused Kakashi, whom having one of Obito's sharingan knocked out of the pain of the said process. Obito then slaughtered entire Kirigakure shinobi forces that responsible for Rin's suicide and eventually turned to the dark side as he agreed to Madara's plan. However, he had no idea that ninjas that he killed were Madara's own pawns.

Dragon Ball

  • Future Trunks: After Androids 17 and 18 awaken Android 16, Future Trunks goes insane and powers up to Super Saiyan and uses his buster cannon to destroy the Dr. Gero's lair.
  • Vegeta: After seeing Cell kill Future Trunks, Vegeta screams and powers up to Super Saiyan as he begins to attack Cell.
  • Mr. Satan: After hearing that his daughter, Videl is killed by Super Buu, Mr. Satan screams and breaks down in tears about losing his sweet little girl.
  • Jiren: After being defeated by Ultra Instinct Goku goes insane and tries to kill the audience members on the Bleachers only for Goku to save them, and then causes him to go berserk on Jiren telling him he'd never forgive anybody who'd try to hurt his friends.

One Piece

  • Nami: After realizing that Arlong tricked her into collecting enough money to pay off the Marines to keep quiet about his activities and failing to keep the residents of her village from getting killed fighting him, Nami became hysterical and began stabbing her shoulder where the Arlong pirates' jolly roger was tattooed on until Luffy stopped her.
  • Monkey D. Luffy: After failing to save his adopted brother, Portgas D. Ace from being killed in the Battle of Marineford, Luffy suffered a mental breakdown that caused him to become unresponsive to his surroundings, then after awakening, he nearly gave up his dream to become Pirate King until Jinbe reminded him of his friends.
  • Trafalgar Law: After the complete destruction of his home-country of Flevance, including the death of his friends and family, Law suffered a breakdown identical to Luffy's and became obsessed with destroying the world until he was saved by Cora-san.


  • Ryūko Matoi: While fighting Nui after she admitted to killing Ryuko's father, Ryuko becomes consumed in so much blinding rage that it caused Senketsu to transform them both into a hideous, monstrous form. Then later in the series, Ryuko suffers another breakdown after learning that she is actually Ragyō's Kiryūin's daughter and a subject of her inhumane experiments.
  • Heart (You Are Umasou): Upon seeing Umasou's head in Gonza's jaws, Heart went completely berserk and savagely attacks Gonza and his pack. By the time he's calmed down, Gonza was lying on his back with broken teeth and his pack slaughtered by Heart.
  • Katsuki Bakugo: breaks down into rage and fury when declaring to destroy Neito Momona's team after they steal Katsuki's team points in the Cavalry Battle. He also breaks down during the second fight with Izuku Midoriya as he blames himself for his kidnapping and All Might's retirement.

Sonic X

  • Cream the Rabbit: She rages at Chris Thorndyke that he should be grateful that he can at least call his mother at any time; while she can't.


  • When Dumbledore was killed by Severus Snape which the manner was too much as if he done so in cold-blood(only to later revealed by Snape himself later through his memories where his original intention was merely to prevent Dumbledore from suffering the painful death), Harry Potter lost his composure and proceed to attack him with Sectumsempra, only to the latter retaliates by disarming him and reveals that he was the inventor of the said spell. While Harry later regained his composure, hostility between them has made them became worse than ever.


  • Spider-Man: After Green Goblin killed Gwen Stacy by tricking him to snap her neck by sent her fall and even expressed the high pride for it, Spider-Man went into blind fury and battered him. This however, was Goblin's plan so he can kill him in his lair, only for it to be backfires where the Goblin ended up impaling himself instead by accident.
    • The similar breakdown also happened on his film counterpart that portrayed by Tobey Maguire, though not as bad as his comic book counterpart in spite of the situation that trigger his breakdown not so different with the latter due to in Tobey Maguire version's case, MJ and a tramway full of children was Green Goblin's victims and he is more succesful to save both of them. The breakdown however, started when Green Goblin vows to give a painful death on MJ as worse as possible once he is done with him.

Cartoon and Animated Films

  • Tommy Pickles: In The Rugrats Movie, having been abandoned by his friends and left to find for himself and his baby brother, Dil, Tommy finally snaps at Dil's greediness and attitude and plans to give Dil to the monkeys. However, as he's ready to dump banana baby food on Dil, the younger Pickles' demeanor changes to one of outright fear and Tommy sees himself in a puddle's reflection. This and Dil quickly clamering up to hug Tommy is enough to realize what he was doing was wrong. Both brothers apologize and Tommy brings Dil back to shelter.
  • Astrid Hofferson : Astrid swings her axe wildly, after Hiccup beats her on the last day of Dragon Training.
  • Franny Robinson: Brokenhearted with Wilbur's lies as well as brought Lewis to the future that led to their troubles, she punished Wilbur until the day he died.
  • Buzz Lightyear: Suffers this after seeng the advertisement on TV in Sid's house that reveals that he was a mere toy as stated by frustated Woody several times earlier out of his belief that he is a real space ranger.
  • Horton: Horton undergoes a savage breakdown while chasing Vlad, his eyes bloodshot with determination.
  • Jane (Peter Pan): Her breakdown was in form of crying over Tinker Bell's dying bed because the fact that her disbelief over fairies' existence and even stating that out loud in front of the fairy and Lost Boys (Peter Pan) has dangerously killed her in process, though her eventual believe with fairies eventually saved Tinker Bell.
  • Cinderella: Her beautiful dress was torn by Anastasia and Drizella in their attempt to hinder her trip to the ball, so she finally breaks down in tears and runs off to the garden, crying. She stops crying when her Fairy Godmother appeared and comforted her. In Addition, the Fairy Godmother also gave her a beautiful ball gown. Cinderella, now very happy, gratefully thanks the Fairy Godmother and goes to the ball, as the Fairy Godmother bids her farewell.
  • The Ugly Duckling: In the 1939 silly symphony, after being rejected by his foster duck family and after many failed attempts to find a loving family (in which he came across a bird family but was chased away and across a duck decoy who hit him in the head and turned its back to him), the Ugly Duckling finally breaks down in tears after giving up hope of ever being loved, before the Mother Swan and her cygnets arrived and accepted him to their family.
    • In the 1931 silly symphony, after being rejected by his chicken family, the Ugly Duckling (who is a duck instead of a cygnet), breaks down in tears after giving up hope of ever being loved, before a storm comes and takes away the chicks from the Mother Hen, who the Ugly Duckling later saves.
  • Princess Merida: Breaks down in tears when she rides away on Angus after the fight with her mother.
  • Philoctetes: Loses his temper and attacks the Tall Theban for insulting his training of Achilles.
  • Alice Liddel: Fearing that she may never get out, Alice gradually becomes sadder while singing the song "Very Good Advice". She finally breaks down near the end of the song - Initially, she sobs while saying the last lines and then she breaks down in tears and says the last line before she stops to sing, crying in distress. She stops crying when the Cheshire Cat appears and opens a door, leading her to a maze surrouding the castle of the Queen of Hearts.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Bursts forth and smashes the candy when Vanellope refused to help him.
  • Shrek: Breaks down in tears in the 4th film after realizing his mistake.
  • Hiro Hamada: When Baymax tries to convince him that killing Professor Callaghan is wrong and his brother is alive with him, Hiro bursts forth and yells "TADASHI'S GONE!", then begins to weep and says that to him softly.
  • The Beast/Prince Adam: Throws back his head and roars out of sadness when he lets Belle go.
  • Snoopy: Refuses to play Tennis during the Wimbledon game and smashes his racket to the ground starts screaming.
  • Lightning McQueen: His breakdown was in form of freaking out about the California Grand Prix when Lightning asks Van and Minny to call his pit crew to come rescue him, only for the couple to flee after they believed that Lightning has gone insane. However, by the time the race starts, Lightning regains his composure.
  • Joseph: Breaks down in anger and raging to God about his dream while being in prison.
  • Barbie (Toy Story): Cries hysterically after Woody describes daycare as a sad, lonely place for toys who have no owners.
  • Tim Drake: Breaks down in tears after shooting the Joker to the chest in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
  • Mavis Dracula: Breaks down with ranting with Johnny, that Dennis is not a monster.
  • Balto: Breaks down in tears after his fall from the cliff, when he thinks he failed his mission to save the children.
  • Boog: Loses his temper towards Elliott for inadvertently ruining his show as he finally threatens to kill and attack him, making the whole audience panic and run away.
  • Miss Keane: After Pokey Oaks Kindergarten was a wreck, Miss Keane starts having a snacktime meltdown, when the rest of the children murder from their eyes.
  • Smurfette: In the episode "The Smurfette", she breaks down in tears during her trial as she confesses to the Smurf Village that she was created by Gargamel and that she was working for him. She also confesses her wish to turn into a real smurf, after which Papa Smurf proceeds to transform her into a real smurf.
    • In Smurfs: The Lost Village, she breaks down in tears after the Smurfy Grove was destroyed by Gargamel and all of her friends were kidnapped by the latter, and after Gargamel taunted her for not being a real smurf. She later realizes that she has an advantage on Gargamel for not being a real smurf.
  • Grandpa Longneck: Breaks down in anger and raging to Mr. Threehorn for calling his grandson a Littlefoot a bad influence, over the water in the river wasted by the bullies Hyp, Nod, and Mutt.
  • Cera: Breaks down in anger and tears to her father Topps, who has lost his mind after the Thundering falls stop flowing due to the rockslide blocked the water passage caused by the flying rocks in the Mysterious Beyond for he wanted what's best for her, after he insulted Littlefoot right in front of Grandpa Longneck over the water in the river wasted by the bullies Hyp, Nod, and Mutt.
  • Kiara: When Simba exiles Kovu believing he was involved in Zira's ambush to kill him and forbidding Kiara to go near him, she breaks down in tears and anger at Simba telling that he will never be his late father Mufasa.
  • Mônica Sousa: In the episode Venga a Minha Festinha (Must Bring Doll), Mônica loses her temper briefly when she finds that Cascão was aiding Cebolinha in getting her doll.
  • Lisa Loud: Upon her discovery that she is talking to Lincoln in her podcast, Lisa loses her temper and declares she was "fooled by her flesh and blood again".
  • Donald Duck: Despite being occasionally neutral, he has a very crazy breakdown in "Mickey and the Beanstalk, by devouring plates and nearly killing Mickey and Goofy's cow all while in a psychotic rage. This is justified since he was starving for an extended period.
  • Patrick Star: In Valentine's Day, when SpongeBob didn't give a present for Valentine's Day (he did but the present didn't come at first), Patrick was upset when he thought SpongeBob lied to me. Unfortunately, Patrick went on a craziet breakdown over this, nearly attacking the carnival and threatening the Bikini Bottomites.
  • WALL-E suffers one after EVE dumped him for her job.
  • Snitter frequently suffers from mental breakdowns throughout the film, due to the vivisection experiments performed by the whitecoats, which causes him to have hallucinations and suffer from seizures.

Live Action Films

  • Peter Pevensie: After Edmund is wounded by the White Witch, he yells his brother's name, then explodes and charges, bringing down some of the witch's minions in the process.
  • Finn: Screams Rey's name out of anguish when Kylo Ren captures her and drags her away.
  • Peter Pan (2003): When Tinker Bell drinks Hook's poison to save Peter, he breaks down in tears and screams her name.
  • Star-Lord: When his mother dies, he screams "NOOOOOO!" and runs out of the hospital in tears.
  • R.J MacReady: Suffers this when one of his friends, which actually one of The Thing in disguise that assimilate the latter, has framed him as an Imitation by torn a piece of his mantle. When cornered by the rest of his friends, he actually has suffer this earlier due to The Thing has spread paranoia among everyone and is cornered in the freezer room, threaten them that he would blow them up by a dynamite. After witnessing mutated Norris' head transformed into spider-like creature and thus, he discover an effective way to expose the disguised alien, he regain his composure, but not without fatally shot Clark that intervene when he attempt to prove his theory, much to Childs' chargin.
  • Spock: Horrifed that his best friend and USS Enterprise Captain Kirk has recklessly fixed the generator without protection suit which caused him dying due to the radiation, Spock yells Khan's name in anger just as Khan himself suffer Villainous Breakdown.
  • Blue: When Charlie was killed by one of In Gen's soldiers as she and her pack decided to turned against their human allies under I-Rex's suggestion, Blue got angry and tries to masacre her killer and humans alongside them before realizing that the blame mostly on I-Rex and redeems herself, but not before killing Hoskins, who left her to die in the chaos.
  • Wanda Maximoff: Suffers this when she witnessed her twin brother commit a Heroic Sacrifice by saving Hawkeye and a boy whom gunned down by Ultron whom hijacked their ship, which prompt the furious Hulk to kick Ultron out from the said ship and allowed Wanda to avenge her brother's death. Unfortunately, because Ultron managed to escaped to one of his sentinels, Vision was the one whom officially avenged Pietro instead.
  • Katniss Everdeen: After putting an end to President Snow and President Coin's reign of terror, she arrives home and comes across Buttercup. Knowing that she lost Primrose Everdeen to Snow's bombs, Katniss sternly tells her cat to get out. When Buttercup stays put, Katniss flies into a blind rage and pique of sadness and yells at her that Prim is dead and no longer coming back. Then she breaks down in tears and hugs her pet.
  • Neytiri: After discovering that Jake Sully has betrayed her due to him actually affiliated with RDA whom willing to commit the destruction of her village alongside any Pandoran lifeform whom stood on their way, she yells at him in Na'vi and in English, telling him he will never be one of her kind. Neytiri also goes through a breakdown after her father is murdered and yells at Jake to go away and never come back. Fortunately though, she finally get over it later when Jake returned with Great Leonopteryx and revealed that RDA has betrayed him.
  • Luke Skywalker: Unleashing the Big NOOO! upon hearing that Darth Vader was actually his biological father.
  • Sam Cahill: After hearing that Grace has slept together with Tommy, he lashes at Grace and sabotages the kitchen, thinking that his brother, Tommy and Grace had sex together.
  • Benjamin Mee: After Dylan asks him why is he yelling, he starts to explode and rages at him, that it's a good dream. When Benjamin Mee yells at him that it's got cool animals in it and some pretty great people too.
  • Will Hunting: Lashes at Skylar and yells and curses at her.
  • Charlie Barber: Gets all fed up with Nicole and starts throwing a tantrum that he has merged his own selfishness. and says he wishes that she would die.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi: Screams a big NOOOO! when Darth Maul kills his master Qui-Gon Jinn in before his very eyes before lashing out at him only to be kicked by him to the abyss before he kicks away his lightsaber. When being telekinetically told by his dying master to flow with the Force, he uses it to draw his master's lightsaber to him and to jump before bisecting him by the waist, presumably killing him for good. Later, in Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan expresses his disappointment in how Anakin Skywalker, who was possessed by Darth Sidious at the time, failed in his destiny and allowed the darkness to possess him. This only caused Anakin (now turned into Darth Vader) to descend even further into insanity and scream a hyper-profane "I HATE YOU!!!" at Obi-Wan even though Obi-Wan wanted to save his friend.
  • Anakin Skywalker: After he failed to rescue his mother, Shmi Skywalker, he went on a breakdown and started to kill all the Tusken Raiders in the Tusken Camp because it was their fault who did this to his mother. The breakdown itself also foreshadows the death of his wife, Padme and his transformation into Darth Vader.
  • Garfield was very angry and jealous to Odie so he hits Odie's ball away which wrecks Jon's office.
  • Owen Grady knocking the dinosaur models off the table because he was very fed up therefrom Claire Dearing didn't listen to him about The Indominus Rex.
  • Bruce Nolan: Upon learning that his rival Evan Baxter got the anchor job instead of him, Bruce has a childish and hysterical tirade on air, which results in him being fired.
  • Tony Stark erupts into a grief-fueled emotional meltdown on Steve Rogers, outraged that his attempts to have a unified force capable of defending the planet from outside threats (the Ultron Program, the Sokovia Accords) was opposed by Steve at every turn and how, when the Infinity War happened, he fought it relatively alone with none of his teammates (particularly Steve) there with him. 
  • Snowbell: In the first film, he chases Stuart Little in anger when he said that he is a "mouse with a fat cat".
  • Milo (The Adventures of Milo and Otis): Suffers this very nervously when surrounded by a bunch of seagulls.
  • Molly Weasley was enraged seeing Bellatrix Lestrange almost killed her daughter Ginny Weasley, and laughs and teaser her, she went on breakdown, furiously and mercilessly fires deadly curses at Bellatrix before finally hitting her killing her.

Live-Action TV

  • George Costanza:
  • Miles O'Brien: In the episode, "Hard Time" after Molly pesters her father, Miles screams at Molly and almost hits her.
  • Earl Sinclair:
  • Carl Winslow started to lose his temper right after Steve Urkel backed up his new car and crashed and damaged Carl's garage door.
  • Dr. Gregory House:
  • Kane (WWE): In Monday Night Raw 2004, Kane suffers an tragic breakdown after he finds out that he and Lita lost their baby after Lita was injured by Snitsky who killed the foetus concerning Kane and Lita's child which makes Kane depressed, screaming in crying and sad.

Video Games

  • Chris Redfield suffers this twice, where the first due to Wesker seemingly killed his partner and best friend Jill Valentine (which actually ruse that done by Wesker to brainwash her into his minion) and when Carla Radames forced him to watch all of his men killed by her B.O.W.s. It's fortunate that he able to overcome them all albeit had difficulty to overcome the second one as he at first, reduced into a drunkard due to suffering amnesia but partially remembered his ordeals and second, his pursuit for Carla made him sparring with his own ally Leon S. Kennedy.
  • Sash Lilac: In one blooper, when Carol asks her if she could just "be Miss Heropants" some other time, she snaps and starts ranting about having to go check on the civilians right away and shouts that they won't be able to get through the plot if she doesn't, which is where she breaks the fourth wall.
  • During the Corneria stage in Star Fox Assault, at the very start of the boss battle, Fox McCloud suffers this when he receives orders to kill General Pepper, since the latter was losing control over his body and desired his own murder. Fox did not want to kill his friend even with Pepper's honor at stake, so he questioned why it was happening.
  • Ribbon: Ribbon suffers her breakdown in Kirby 64 when she realizes that the Dark Matter took Ripple Star over. This is actually a silent breakdown. However, she regains her composure immediately when Kirby, Adeleine, Bandana Dee, and King Dedede offer their aid in her quest.
  • Kratos:
  • Trevor Philips: After getting the medicine for his mother, he returns to his trailer only to find his mother gone and he breaks down in tears.
  • Barret Wallace: While arriving at the Gold Saucer, he loses his temper due to his painful past memories of what happened to his town after Aerith Gainsborough attempted to cheer him up and runs toward to the Wonder Square.
  • The Player/Jesse: In the Minecraft series, the player suffers this condition whenever their allies were killed. Example, whenever a tamed wolves of a player was killed by either hostile mobs, etc. The player will avenge his/her wolves and suffers this condition after seeing their wolf died. In Minecraft:Story Mode, Jesse begins to suffer this condition after The Wither Storm killed his/her pet, Reuben.
  • Jak: After his father, Damas dies, Count Veger unsympathetically admits to have taken him from his father when he was a child, Jak furiously screams at him briefly turning into his Dark Jak form.
  • Donkey Kong: He gets angry when he sees that the bananas were stolen by Kremling Krew and Tiki Tak Tribe, he noticed that the bosses eat bananas at the Kongs, the same for his friends (like Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Kiddy Kong, Kong Lanky, Tiny Kong, Kong Chunky, Cranky Kong and Funky Kong)..

Western Animation

  • Zuko: When his friends tries to ease the situation by relax during his training session with Aang but the said relaxing was too much to the point that they overestimate the imminent moments for the final battle with Ozai, he ultimately yelling at them and even chasing Aang whom tries to get along (which made everything worse from start). Fortunately, he eventually calmed himself down after he gained their attention.
    • His tragic life also the trigger of his previous breakdown where he releases all of his stresses on the storm over his pain. The last time he had another breakdown was when he became a firelord until he discovered that the cause of the breakdown was his fear to became as evil as his father was.
  • Edd: When he couldn't take a shower, he experienced the madness and began to roll around in the dirt.
  • Po: Snapping of Mei Li's selfishness yelling that when something it's wrong it's indeed wrong.
  • Ned Flanders: In the episode "Hurricane Neddy", Ned suffers a nervous breakdown after his house has been destroyed by a hurricane in Springfield. Later, after his friends and neighbors, including Homer Simpson crudely rebuild his house and it eventually collapses, Ned finally snaps at the townspeople of Springfield and at Homer before going to a mental hospital. The breakdown itself also counts as both hero's rage and berserk button, due to his sudden outburst which came from his long-awaited suppressed anger at his parents for not raising him right.
  • Twilight Sparkle suffers a breakdown from a lack of a friendship lesson, so she settles on creating a friendship problem rather than finding one.
  • Fluttershy gradually becomes frustrated when the animals keep hiding from her when she tries to befriend them, so she goes from trying to coax them into coming out of their hiding places to setting up traps so she can make them open up to her, which also doesn't work, and finally snaps when the animals stampede into the ballroom, screaming that they are going to love her.
  • Robin: in the episode of Teen Titans Go! "Staff Meeting" Robin wips over his bo staff after his friends broke it.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: In the episode "Rock Bottom", SpongeBob becomes extremely furious and lets out a raging grunt after seeing the Egg hatching three baby yellow creatures that jumped in front of him, thus making him now 332nd in line. This is reasonable as every single inhabitants of Rock Bottom (except a gentle orange anglerfish whom help him in the end of the episode) not only communicate in the different manner with ordinary people (words in their lines are mostly either replaced or followed by blewing a raspberry), but also naturally antagonistic/hostile toward non-deep sea creatures.
  • Squidward Tentacles: Squidward suffers a lot of these when he gets angered, even though he can join in the fun or talk it out. This is unreasonable, since Squidward was raised right in his childhood, but it could be because people abused him.
  • Joe Swanson: Always loses his temper and screams very loudly because of his anger issues. For example: Joe doesn't want to finish eating his steak and starts shooting it.
  • Ren Höek snaps and wants to punish Kowalski.
  • Mr. Gus snaps when Uncle Grandpa starts talking about the treasure map.
  • Francine Smith: In the episode "American Fung", Francine screams after Stan tries to cheer her up and she freaks out in the mental hospital before the staff take her away.
  • Fred Flintstone: Throws a temper tantrum after coming home from work while being stuck in heavy traffic.
  • Mr. Krabs: In the episode, "Squeaky Boots", Mr. Krabs finally snaps about stealing the boots from Spongebob and eventually dips them in a vat of oil and eats them up in order to get rid of them. The breakdown itself also count as the villainous berakdown due to his guilt, combined with hallucination where he hears the squeaky noice from everyone's mouth that forced him to confess.
  • Ron Stoppable: Coupled with Kim's relationship with Eric blossoming, and Bueno Nacho becoming overcrowded with a horde of kids begging for the new Diablo toy, Ron is finally pushed over the edge and he snatches the reporter's microphone and screams that he's losing everything he ever loved.
  • Leatherhead (2012 TMNT): Loses his temper and attacks the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a fit of rage.
  • Patrick Star: In the episode, "Valentine's Day", Patrick finally snaps and rages in the amusement park after realizing that he didn't get a gift for Valentine's Day. This actually borrows elements from a Villainous Breakdown, since Patrick lost his temper and denied that the Valentine gift was coming towards him. It is also similar to when the Palpatine-possessed Anakin Skywalker shouted a hyper-profane "I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!" after he was reminded by his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi of his destiny (as the latter was suffering his own heroic breakdown of how Anakin failed).
  • Steven Universe: In the episode, "Gemcation" Steven tried calling and texting Connie Maheswaran and breaks down in tears after realizing that Connie hasn't responded once.
  • K.O.: In the episode, "Mystery Science Fair 201X" after seeing Gar's Bodega is on fire and only has 30 seconds to save his friends in Dendy's simulation, K.O. unleashes his rage and becomes T.K.O. as begins to destroy Dendy's lab.
  • Angelica Pickles: In the episode, "Runaway Angelica" Angelica finally snaps and throws a temper tantrum after her father, Drew punished her for wrecking his home office before she eventually runs away from home.
  • Harold Berman: In the episode, "Suspended" Harold breaks down and screams after Principal Wartz catches him and suspends him for a fifth week.
  • Stan Marsh: In the episode, "Insheeption", Stan breaks down and realizes that he has a compulsive hoarding disorder after realizing that his locker is crammed.
  • Kyle Broflovski: In the episode, "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo", Kyle breaks down while being in a mental hospital after all of his friends believed that Kyle has gone insane.
  • Sharon Marsh: In the episode, "Dead Kids", Sharon breaks down and freaks out after recently hearing about the shooting in South Park Elementary. She also broke down and went ballistic in front of the parents in South Park, including her husband, Randy while while having a meeting about the shooting at the school.


  • Angry Video Game Nerd
    • The end of the Dick Tracy review shows the Nerd at full-blown insanity with pure rage. He starts screaming about the game's unfair difficulty so loudly that the audio clips while coming closer and closer to the screen, starts drinking beer like crazy (wetting his clothes in the process), starts screaming bloody murder while pushing his face into a pillow, a brief montage of him screaming "FUCK" in various parts of his house follows, and even then, he pierces the cartridge with a drill. Then he looks at the cartridge, spinning because he wasn't holding it and it was still on the drill, with a demented stare, at that, and the screen finally cuts to black as he destroys it with his hammer while the cartridge is still spinning. This is the Nerd's angriest and most terrifying moments in the entire show.
    • He similarly breaks down when he finds his old childhood books and discovers that they say Berenstain rather than Berenstein as he remembered.
  • RWBY
    • Ruby Rose: Screams Pyrrha Nikos' name while her Silver Eyes ability activates after she witnesses Cinder Fall killing her.
    • Yang Xiao Long: Screams at the top of her lungs when she sees Adam Taurus stabbing Blake Belladonna and recklessly lunges at him.
    • Jaune Arc: Throws his scroll away in frustration while calling Weiss and begging her and Ruby to save Pyrrha.
    • Jaune Arc: Becomes enraged at Cinder for how she "takes so many lives then rubs it in their faces like it's something to be proud of" with a smile on her face and becomes angry and charges at Cinder when she asks him "who are you again?"
    • Ruby Rose: Breaks down into tears and her silver eyes rapidly activate when Salem mentions the words of Ruby's late mother: Summer.
    • Qrow Branwen: Screams "I'LL KILL YOU!" to Tyrian Callows after Tyrian stabs Clover Ebi with Qrow's sword to frame him and later after Clover bleeds out Qrow breaks down into tears and lets out a yell of anguish.
    • Pietro Polendia: becomes distraught over the thought of Penny being dismantled after she was framed as he no longer has enough aura to rebuild her again.
  • Nostalgia Critic
    • Becomes very hyperactive over the sheer stupidity of Battlefield Earth and runs around his room screaming random obscenities while the camera speeds up.
    • In the review of The NeverEnding Story 3 that he was getting angry when the Rock Biter is been changed him to kindful to lazy and even the music that he was going insane, but in the ending credits of the film he would like to heard the classic music but it use the Rock Biter music then Nostalgia Critic walks off, drives off to the workshop to buy the hammer, then smashes the DVD of the movie, going insane in the process of destroying it.
    • Another famous breakdown is in the beginning of the review of FoodFight! that he was watch this that he was shocked that he wreck the DVD and even the food's with the frying pan (which it was an parody of Catwoman from Batman Returns) that he warns the people of this film.
  • JonTron
    • JonTron: In the first season five episode "Flex Tape II: The Flexening", the last video is a series of clips of celebrities commenting positively on the Flex Seal family of products, which upsets Jon because he wasn't in the video. Celebrities endorsing the products included Jerry Seinfeld, Shaquille O'Neal, David Letterman, Daniel Tosh, Lisa Guerrero, and Josh Homme. This sends Jon into a fit of rage as he violently destroys his Flex Seal memorabilia. The actions shake a bust of Prometheus off of a shelf which hits Jon on the head, knocking him unconscious.


Aaargh! I HATE EGGMAN!!!
~ Sonic's breakdown after being thrown off of the crashing Egg Carrier in Sonic Adventure
Oh, no... No, this isn't true...! [sobbing] It's just no use. No use at all... [sobbing] I can't believe this, not anymore. There's just nothing left for me. Nothing.
~ Cinderella's sad breakdown after her stepsisters torn her ballgown apart
Why… Why is this happening?!? NOOOOOO!!!
~ Fox McCloud's breakdown when he is forced to kill an Aparoid infected General Pepper so the latter's honor could be upheld, but Fox is heavily conflicted as he has no desire to do so in Star Fox: Assault.
I wish you had let the Red Bull take me. I wish you had left me to the harpy! I can feel this body DYING all around me!!
~ Amalthea's pathetic breakdown after being transformed from Unicorn to a human being
It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground. (Anakin Skywalker: You underestimate my power!) Don't try it. (Anakin leaps up to kill his former master, but Obi-Wan severs the rest of Anakin's limbs and Anakin falls flat on the ground near the lava as Obi-Wan powers his lightsaber down and Anakin struggles to move with his mechanical hand.) YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! IT WAS SAID THAT YOU WOULD DESTROY THE SITH, NOT JOIN THEM! BRING BALANCE TO THE FORCE, NOT LEAVE IT DARKNESS! (Obi-Wan picks up Anakin's lightsaber and begins to leave, but sees Anakin really upset and angry.) (Anakin Skywalker, furious: I HATE YOU!!!) You were my brother, Anakin. I loved you. (Anakin's clothes begin to catch on fire as he gets engulfed with flames and loses his hair. Obi-Wan looks away and Anakin screams in agony as he is on fire and tries to climb, but he is struggling. Obi-Wan then leaves, leaving the brutally burned Anakin Skywalker behind.)
~ Obi-Wan Kenobi's breakdown when he tells his former apprentice, Anakin Skywalker that he has failed to bring balance to the force and has fallen to the dark side.
~ Fluttershy at her wit's end, goes from trying to make friends with the royal animals to taking desperate measures to get them to open up to her
I just wanted Christmas to be like it used to be, but forget it! I HATE CHRISTMAS! I HATE ALL OF YOU!
~ Max Engel's breakdown after his cousins' teasing goes too far.
Get the f--k off me!
~ Chiron's breakdown when his classmates restrain him for attacking Terrel out of revenge.
~ Finn's breakdown as Kylo Ren captures Rey.
Clock is ticking, Twilight. Clock. Is. Ticking. Keep it together. If I can't find a friendship problem... I'll make a friendship problem!
~ Twilight Sparkle's breakdown from lack of friendship lesson.
Aaaagghh! VEGER!
~ Jak's breakdown after learning that Count Veger callously separated him from his father (and bragged about it), who just recently died from being crushed by his own vehicle.
(Patrick stares grumpily at his hand. He sighs deeply) I've been thinkin'. At first a handshake doesn't seem like much, but really it's the thought that counts… (a woman walks up with a box shaped like a heart full of chocolates in her arms) (Fran: Hey, SpongeBob, I just wanted to thank you for this box of chocolates.) (SpongeBob: Eh, no problem, Fran.) And even though I was expecting more... (Dave: Thanks for the roses, SpongeBob. Happy Valentine's Day!) (SpongeBob: You too, Dave.) And not that it matters that we've been friends for so long... (Some woman walks by with a bike) (Nancy: Hey SpongeBob, thanks for the bike! [talking to Patrick] Can you believe this guy? I just met him this morning!) (Patrick begins to fume) So, as I was saying... (Sandals: Excuse me; do you guys have the time?) (Patrick snaps) AAAAH!!!! PATRICK NEEDS LOVE TOO!!!!!' (Patrick tosses Sandals aside. He bangs his chest like a gorilla and grunts angrily as he runs around the fair. He angrily approaches the balloon cart, then cuts the balloon strings from a salesman and smashes the balloon cart with his buttocks. Cut to scene where children play with a guy in a heart suit. The children run off as Patrick approaches) I DEFY YOU, HEART MAN! (Patrick rips the suit in half) (Guy on P.A.: Attention, everyone! There's a chubby pink starfish on the loose!) (Crowd screams and panics. Patrick sees a twirl-around ride that has hearts on it and goes mad over it) Heart on stick must DIE! (goes to the pole and tries to pick it up. He gives up eventually in tiredness. Patrick sees a little girl eating a heart-shaped lollipop) Heart on stick must DIE! (grabs the lollipop from the girl, breaks it in half, and stuffs it in his mouth.) (SpongeBob: [gasps] Patrick!) (Patrick turns around gibbering insanely. SpongeBob and the crowd scream in terror. They run until Patrick corners them at the pier.) 'RAHHHR!!!!' Give me SpongeBob! (SpongeBob is thrown in front of the group of citizens. He chuckles nervously.) You broke my heart! Now I'm gonna break something of yours! (SpongeBob: Okay, Patrick, I know I deserve this. But, do they?) They didn't give me anything, either! (They throw a pile of gifts at Patrick's feet) Nope, it's too late for that now... for all of you!
~ Patrick Star's savage breakdown because he he wasn't get a gift for Valentine's Day.
~ Young Star-Lord breaking down over his mother's death.
~ Katniss Everdeen to Buttercup over Prim's death.
(As Benson is holding all of his anger while the park is disintegrating)(Pops: Benson, I need you to yell at Mordecai and Rigby!) But if I yell, you'll fire me. (Pops: Forget what I said, Benson!! If you don't yell at Mordecai and Rigby right now, you're fired!) (Benson then opens his menacing eyes and unleashes a beam which pierces through the orb striking Mordecai and Rigby.) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!! YOU LAZY, NO-GOOD SLACKERS DRIVE ME NUTS!!!! CAN'T YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME ONCE IN YOUR WORTHLESS LIVES?! 'CAUSE IF YOU DID, YOU'D SEE I'M TRYING TO TEACH YOU SOME SIMPLE RESPONSIBILITY, SOME PRIDE IN DOING A JOB WELL DONE!! (Voice breaks a little) BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW A JOB WELL DONE IF YOU PAID SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR YOU, (Tears are STREAMING and blowing off his face) AND EVEN THEN YOU'D SCREW IT ALL UP ON THE ACCOUNT THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN FOLLOW THE SIMPLEST OF INSTRUCTIONS, WORRYING MORE ABOUT LOOKING COOL THAN DOING YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!! (He explodes tremendously)
~ Benson's ultimate breakdown of rage as he releases all of his anger.
(Bilbo, having already had 4 unexpected guests in the form of dwarves Dwalin, Ballin, Kili and Fili, come to his house, hears the doorbell ring for a fourth time and starts breaking down) Oh no. No, no, THERE'S NOBODY HOME! GO AWAY, and BOTHER SOMEBODY ELSE! There's far too many dwarves in my dining room as it is. If this is some blot head's idea of a joke... I can only say, it is in very poor taste. (Bilbo opens his door and 8 dwarves fall on top of each other on Bilbo's front doorway. Gandalf peeps in to greet Bilbo) Gandalf.
~ Bilbo Baggins losing it after having many unexpected dwarf guests come to his house.
Charlie Barber: I didn't even want to get married. And....FUCK IT!!!! There's so much I didn't do. Nicole Barber: [chuckles sarcastically] Thanks for that! Charlie Barber: [also sarcastically] YOU'RE WELCOME!! Nicole Barber: [hurt by his statement and jumping like a maniac] I can't believe I have to know you FOREVER!!!! Charlie Barber: [losing his patience with her] You're fucking insane! [punches wall] AND YOU'RE FUCKING WINNING!!!!! Nicole Barber: [stunned by his attitude] You're so merged with your own selfishness, you don't even identify it as selfishness anymore! YOU'RE SUCH A DICK!!! Charlie Barber: [finally fed up; very harshly] EVERY DAY, I WAKE UP AND I HOPE YOU'RE DEAD!!!!! [voice breaking] "DEAD, LIKE, IF I COULD GUARANTEE HENRY WOULD BE OKAY, I'D HOPE YOU GET AN ILLNESS, AND THEN GET HIT BY A CAR AND DIE!!!!!

[He begins weeping, and then falls to his knees as Nicole hugs him] Charlie Barber: [Through tears] I'm sorry. Nicole Barber: [Comforting him] Me too.

~ Charlie Barber lashes at his wife, Nicole in the living room that he has fully merged with his own selfishness.
If they set that Android free it will be the end of all of us. NO! (Future Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan and fires a blast at Dr. Gero's secret lair as it is destroyed and the other Z-Warriors escape.) (Krillin: Hey Trunks, how about a little more warning next time you do that.) (Vegeta: Bad move. What did you do that for?)
~ Future Trunks screams and uses his Buster Cannon to destroy Dr. Gero's secret lab.
(Vegeta sees Future Trunks' death and the other Z-Warriors see it too.) (Krillin: Look, Trunks is moving. He's still alive.) (Unfortunately, Future Trunks coughs up blood, which shocks Vegeta.) (Yamcha: Trunks, hang on!) (Yamcha rushes to carry Future Trunks, but sees the wound that Cell had blasted.) (Yamcha: He's in really bad shape, he may not make it.) (Vegeta becomes shocked and horrified about this.) Trunks, my son! (Vegeta remembers seeing Future Trunks getting killed.) How could I let this happen to my son? He has sacrificed every everything for me. I have done nothing, but ignore him. No. I won't give up on him. There is still is still time to change things. Cell has crossed me for the last time! He has tricked me in battle, mocked my Saiyan ancestry, but this, this time he has gone too far! He will pay the ultimate price. For what he has done to my son. (Vegeta screams about Future Trunks' death and Gohan has heard it, including Piccolo, Krillin and Cell and Vegeta goes on a rampage to attack Cell as he powers up to Super Saiyan.)
~ Vegeta screams after Future Trunks is killed by Perfect Cell.
(Anakin arrives to find his mother, Shmi, but he is too late as Shmi is dying and Anakin tries to talk to her.) Mom... Mom... Mom... (Shmi Skywalker: Annie...? Is it you?) (Anakin gives her a choking gasp.) I’m here, Mom. You’re safe. Hang on. I’m going to get you out of here... (Shmi Skywalker: I’m so glad... to see you, Annie... Now... I am complete...) Just stay with me, Mom. I’m going to make you well again. Everything’s going to be fine. (Shmi is unable to move as she is about to die.) (Shmi Skywalker: You look so handsome. My son... my grown-up son. I’m so proud of you, Annie... so proud... I missed you so much... I love...) (Shmi dies and Anakin becomes enraged as he goes on a rampage to kill all the Tusken Riders who killed Shmi.)
~ Anakin Skywalker went on a breakdown and started to kill all the Tusken Raiders who did this to his mother, Shmi.
The milk of human kindness has abandoned me! (going insane) Shower shower shower. Shower shower shower. Shower shower shower. Shower shower shower. (Edd has worked his way down the lane. The word "Shower" is written in filth along the fence boards.) Shower shower shower. Shower shower shower. Shower shower shower. Shower shower shower! (Edd's eye twitches, and his image of himself shatters.) (A crazed Edd picks up a trash can and dumps the refuge over him. He then (proceeds to wallow in it.) Greetings, microorganisms. Hop aboard! Welcome, bacteria! Oh, happy day! )Edd places a fish's head over his head.) (Edd's Hallucination: Eddward!) (Edd turns and faces a hallucination of himself; this hallucination is clean.) (Edd's Hallucination: "What are you doing?) Dive in, oh vision of my former self! There is more than enough filth to go around. (Edd's Hallucination: I'll have nothing to do with your self-degradation, thank you, as I stand for cleanliness. Moral fiber. And all that is decent and neatly folded.) (Edd pours rotten milk into his pants.) Edd: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah. (Edd's Hallucination, upset: Stop it, stop it, stop it! Get a grip on yourself, mister! (The head slides down Edd's body.) That's disgusting!) May I use your shower? (His rotten breath wafts up to the hallucination.) (Edd's Hallucination: Good lord! Stinky, stinky, stinky!) (The hallucination disappears.) No shower for me!

~ Edd losing his sanity from lack of showering.
(Tommy and Dil pulls the blanket on opposite ends in a tug of war fashion, the blanket tears in half; sending Tommy falling into a mud puddle; Dil laughs) (Dil: Yucky looky!) (Tommy finally snaps) You think it's funny?! Phil and Lil was right! You're a bad, naughty baby, and you're never gonna get any better! I'M THROUGH BEING YOUR BIG BROTHER! I DON'T WANT MY SPONSITIVITY NO MORE!(Tommy tosses his watch against a tree.) (A group of the monkeys watch nearby) (Dil: Monkey! My monkey! Mine!)You want monkeys? Oh, okay. I'll give you monkeys. You'll have a monkey mommy and a monkey daddy and a monkey brother! I shoulda let my friends take you back to the hopsicle, but, no, I said, "He didn't mean it," I said. (He kicks a frog) "He was only playing!" (He kicks a bottle) Well, I was wrong! Now I don't even have friends! Dil wants monkeys, and monkeys want the nanners. So...EVERYBODY GETS WANT THEY WANT! (Tommy brings the baby food to Dil, and in his rage, prepares to use it to cover Dil) (Dil: My Nanas! My nana) (Dil looks at Tommy, who looks frightening as lightning flashes above, emphasizing his anger. Dil is suddenly then very frightened to see Tommy this angry.) (Dil: T-T-Toto?) (Tommy has calmed down and is back in a right frame of mind. He sets the baby food down and hugged Dil, as the monkeys look on sadly from a tree.) I'm sorry, Dil. It's okay, Dilly. Everything's gonna be okay.
~ Tommy Pickles finally snapping at Dil's selfishness and very nearly pours mashed bananas on him for the monkeys to take him away. However, Dil realizes the error of his ways and hugs his brother to apologize. Tommy apologizes to Dil and drags him back into shelter).
(Hannah leaves the room and Woody goes into her room to see what has happened to Buzz.) (Woody: Buzz! Buzz, are you okay?) GONE! It's all gone! All of it's gone. Bye-bye. Whoo! See ya! (Woody: What happened to you?) One minute you're defending the whole galaxy. And suddenly, you find yourself suckin' down Darfeeling with Marie Antoinette and her little sister. (Buzz gestures to Hannah's headless dolls previously decapitated by Sid. Woody raises his eyebrow, greatly disturbed. He takes the teapot out of Buzz's detached arm and tries to escort him out.) (Woody: I think you've had enough tea for today. Let's get you outta here, Buzz.) Don't you get it?! You see the hat?! I'M MRS. NESBIT! (cackles insanely) (Woody: SNAP OUT OF IT, BUZZ!) (Woody opens Buzz's helmet, slaps Buzz with his own detached arm, then closes the helmet again.) Oh... I-I'm sorry. I am just a little depressed, that's all. I can get through this... (Buzz pauses... then breaks down in sadness.) OH, I'M A SHAM! (Woody: Quiet, Buzz!) Look at me! I can't even fly out of a window! But the hat looked good? Tell me the hat looked good! The apron is a bit much. (Woody pauses and realizes that what Buzz has said is the easiest way to escape.) (Woody: Out the window! Buzz, you're a genius! Come on! Come on! This way!) (Woody drags Buzz by his detached arm as Buzz continues to wail.) YEARS OF ACADEMY TRAINING WASTED!
~ Buzz Lightyear ranting deliriously after finally discovering that he's a toy.
~ Sash Lilac ranting hilariously in reaction to Carol Tea's suggestion that she could just be Miss Heropants some other time following her resolve to ensure the safety of the civilians.
(Sam gets out of his chair and goes to the kitchen where his wife, Grace becomes nervous and follows him.) You know what I did? To get back to you? (Grace Cahill: No.) (Sam begins to snap.) YOU KNOW WHAT I DID!!!! TO F--KING GET BACK TO YOU!! (Sam furiously breaks the glass cabinet.) YOU F--KING BITCH!! (Sam continues to break something and Grace becomes concerned.) YOU KNOW HE F--KING SUFFERED!!!! HE F--KING SUFFERED BECAUSE OF YOU! AND WHAT IS HE DOING WITH MY F--KING HOUSE AND MY F--KING KIDS, GRACE? (Sam destroys the refrigerator in anger.) AND YOUR MY F--KING BROTHER!! (Grace tries to calm Sam down.) (Grace Cahill: Sam, you know I didn't.) YOU'RE F--KING MY BROTHER IN MY F--KING HOUSE!! (Grace Cahill: Sam, please.) I LOVE YOU GRACE. (Grace Cahill: The girls, please.) YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?!! YOU KNOW WHAT I... GRACE DO YOU KNOW WHAT I F--KING... YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN WITH... (Sam slaps his own hands on himself.) THESE F--KING HANDS, GRACE!! YOU F--K!!! (Sam breaks the cabinet in rage and throws something.) YOU F--K!!! (Tommy shows up.) What are you doing here? (Tommy begins to hug Sam and Sam tries to calm down.)
~ Sam Cahill lashes at his wife Grace in the kitchen and he destroys it, he becames manic depression because he thought his brother and his wife are having sex and punishing them both.
(Ron is wedged into a corner by the horde of kids at Bueno Nacho.)(Reporter: I'm here at Bueno Nacho, the home of Lil Diablo. This tiny toy, this mini-must have! This little devil is the latest craze for kids all over the world! Just one look around tells you that Lil' Diablo is--) (Ron snatches the reporter's mike and yells at the camera.) I can't even get to the counter to order! THIS USED TO BE MY PLACE!! MINE!! I'M LOSING EVERYTHING I EVER CARED ABOUT!!! (At the Possible house...) (Jim Possible: Ron's on TV!) (Tim Possible: And he's freaking out!) (Dr. Ann Possible: Honey, I think the boys are right.) (Dr. James Possible: [looking up from his newspaper] Ronald? Freaking? [looks at the TV, seeing Ron being dragged out of Bueno Nacho, wrestling with the reporter over her mike] Haha, so he is!)
~ Ron Stoppable's public breakdown, as Kim's relationship with Eric blossoms, piqued when Bueno Nacho becomes overcrowded with a horde of kids and snatches the reporter's microphone.
"Oh, God, why are you doing this to me? Do you hear me?! Any kindness you take away. You're the one who gave me the dreams. You brought me the gift! Some gift! My dreams are lies. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS?!"
~ Joseph in prison raging to God about his dreams.
Hey, I know how to get to the Interstate! (Minny: Oh, do you?) (Van: Minny, no.) Yeah, yeah, yeah... no, not really. But listen: I'm Lightning McQueen, famous racecar. I'm being held here against my will. I need you to call my team so they can come rescue me and get me to California in time for me to win the Piston Cup. Do you understand? (Minny and Van stare at McQueen for a few seconds. They blink their headlights, then start to leave) No, no, no, it's the truth! You gotta help me! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! I'M IN HILLBILLY HELL! MY IQ'S DROPPING BY THE SECOND! 'I'M BECOMING ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!'
~ Lightning McQueen begging Van and Minny to call his pit crew to retrieve him from Radiator Springs, only for the couple to dismiss him as insane and leave.
(Ned and Homer leave the rebuilt Flanders house after Ned has inspected their worksmanship, which turns out to be terrible.) (Homer Simpson: So, Flanders, what do you think of the house that love built?) (the rebuilt Flanders house collapses.) (Homer Simpson: Aw shoot!) (Ned removes his glasses and cleans them, but the lenses fall out and puts his glasses back on as he tries to calm himself down, knowing that everybody, including Homer have done their best.) Now, calm down, Neddly diddily diddily diddily, doodily. They did their best shodaiddily iddily iddily diddily diddily. Gotta be nice, hostidididilldilly... (Unfortunately, Ned is unable to control his emotions and instead, begins to snap at everybody.) AW, HELL DIDDILY-DING-DONG CRAP! CAN'T YOU MORONS DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!!!! (the townspeople of Springfield gasps.) (Marge Simpson, nervous: Ned! We meant well, and everyone here tried their best.) Well, my family and I can't live in good intentions, Marge! Oh, your family's out of control, but we can't blame you, because you have gooood intentions! (Bart stands up for Marge and tries to stop Ned.) (Bart Simpson, angry: Hey! Back off, man!) Ooh, okay, duuuuuuude! I wouldn't want you to have a cow, maaaaaaan! Here's a catch-phrase you better learn for your adult years: "Hey, buddy, GOT A QUARTER?!" (the townspeople of Springfield gasps again.) (Bart Simpson, shocked: I am shocked and appalled.) (Lisa Simpson: Mr. Flanders, with all due respect, Bart didn't do anything.) Do I hear the sound of butting in? It's gotta be little Lisa Simpson, Springfield's answer to a QUESTION NO ONE ASKED! (Chief Clancy Wiggum laughs at what Ned has said.) What do we have here? - The long flabby arm of the law? The last case you got the bottom of, WAS A CASE OF MALLOWMARS! (Krusty the Clown, writing in his notebook: Mallomars, oh haha. That's going in the act.) Oh yeah, the clown. The only one of you buffoons who doesn't make me laugh. (Krusty ignores Ned and Ned faces Lenny.) And as for you, I don't know you, but I'm sure you're a jerk! (Lenny Leonard, confused: Hey, I've only been here a few minutes! What's going on?) (Ned faces Moe.) You ugly, hate-filled man! (Moe Szyslak, acting bravely: Hey, hey, I may be ugly and hate-filled, but I... um, what was the third thing you said?) (Ned passes by Milhouse and faces him.) WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, FOUR-EYES?! (Milhouse Van Houten, upset: But you have glasses too.) (Ned ends his tirade by facing his neighbor, Homer and quietly as the townspeople of Springfield back away from him.) Homer, you are the worst human being I have ever met. (Ned walks away.) (Homer Simpson, happily: Hey, I got off pretty easy.) (Ned then angrily drives away as the townspeople of Springfield, including the rest of the Simpsons and Ned's family except for Homer, Chief Wiggum and Krusty become shocked of what Ned has said to them.)
~ Ned Flanders finally snapping at his friends and neighbors, including Homer Simpson after they crudely rebuild his house.
~ Spock upon seeing Kirk dying due to radiation after he desperately fix USS Enterprise's reactor without radiation suit due to Enterprise barraged by Khan.
~ Jenny Wakeman throws a crying fit in her sobbing breakdown.
Johnny, Dennis is not a monster! He likes avacado!
~ Mavis Dracula reaching her breaking point at Jonathan, that Dennis still believes that he is a monster.
(Dr. Joshua Sweet: I'll follow you in and I'll follow you out. It's your decision.) Oh, my decision? I think we've seen how effective my decisions have been. Let's recap: I lead a band of plundering vandals to the greatest archaeological find in recorded history, thus enabling the kidnap and/or murder of the royal family! Not to mention personally delivering the most powerful force known to man into the hands of a mercenary nutcase who's probably gonna sell it to the KAISER!! HAVE I LEFT ANYTHING OUT?!!!! (Dr. Joshua Sweet: Well, you did set the camp on fire and drop us down that big hole.) Thank you! Thank you very much!
~ Milo Thatch's hysterical breakdown after the Atlantis King dies and Rourke has escaped with the crystalized Kida.
But you said no one would get hurt! You gave your word! (Captain Hook: Captain Hook is a man of his word. I promised I wouldn't harm a single hair on Peter Pan's head and...(plucks a hair from Peter's head) THIS is the one hair I won't harm! Here, you keep it. The rest of him is MINE!!! [laughs!]) I didn't do it, Peter, I never agreed to this! (Peter Pan, furiously: You're a traitor, Jane, you lied to me! And because you don't believe in fairies, Tink's light is going out!) (Jane gasps) Tinkerbell? (Jane watches as Hook and his crew carry Peter and the Lost Boys away) No, Peter! I-I'll save you Peter! I'll save you! (Captain Hook: My dear, NO ONE CAN SAVE HIM NOW!! [laughs maniacally]) (Jane is left all alone) Tinkerbell! (Runs off; fade to Hangman's Tree where Tinkerbell is getting weaker than ever and turning very pale; Jane sprints inside) Tinkerbell! Tink! Tink! (finds her lying in her bed, completely dim and seemingly dead) (gasp!) So, it's true! (Tears leak out of Jane's eyes as she scoops up the lifeless Tinkerbell) Oh, no! This is all my fault! I'm so sorry. (Sobs and buries her head in her arms. As Jane mourns, pixie light shines through her fingers; Tinkerbell opens her eyes! She's alive! Tinkerbell turns to the sobbing Jane, smiles warmly and gently pulls one of her hairs to get her attention) Tinkerbell? (Tink shines in full health and embraces Jane!) Oh, this is wonderful! Wait until Peter--Oh, my gosh! Peter!
~ Jane's tragic breakdown as grieves over Tinkerbell whose lights have gone out from her disbelief in fairies. However, as Jane sobs, her newfound belief revives Tink!
Nooooo! I can be good. Please! Don't send me to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses!
~ Star Butterfly's sobbing breakdown, after King Butterfly and Queen Butterfly refuse to send her to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.
Mewsette: (*looks at the picture with disgust*) You mean you want me to marry this... this fat, old... (Meowrice: (*Interrupting her, chuckling*) You are as bright as you are pretty, my dear. So, please get into the basket like a good little bride to be) (*His henchcats show her the basket*) Who are they? (Meowrice: Business associates, ‘cheri. Just get into the basket, and you won't have to look at them anymore) Into the basket? No! Oh, no! (Meowrice: (*mocking her*) Yes! Oh, yes! You are going to Pittsburgh to marry that rich American. Isn't that what you wanted? Isn't that why you left the farm?) Yes, I mean, no. I just- (*Crying*) I just want Jaune-Tom! (*Continues crying*) (Meowrice: Jaune-Tom? You mean, the world's greatest mouser? (laughs) Why, old Jaune-Tom's probably in Alaska about now) He is not! You're lying, just like you did about everything else! (Meowrice: (*coming towards her*) Call it a weakness. Now, get into the basket!) No, I won't! I'm not going to marry anybody!
~ Mewsette's breakdown after she realized Meowrice scheme
I can't do this anymore! No more Charleyyy and Friends!
~ Bowser's tragic breakdown after seeing that his favorite show Charleyyy and Friends has been canceled and replaced by Fishy and Friends in "Bowser's Depression".
Well, at least the line is moving. (Everybody steps forward and an egg hatches three baby yellow creatures that jump in front of SpongeBob, which makes him now 332nd in line as SpongeBob becomes extremely angry.) TARTAR SAUCE!! (SpongeBob goes inside of his shirt and lashes out and then comes out and everyone stares at him and turns around.)
~ SpongeBob SquarePants' raging breakdown after three baby yellow creatures jump in front of him, making him 332nd in line.
~ Ms. Keane freaking out, after snack time is over
I thought I told you to come down to dinner! (Belle: I'm not hungry.) You come out or I'll...I'll...I'LL BREAK DOWN THE DOOR! (Lumiere: Master, I could be wrong, but that may not be the best way to win the girl's affections.) (Cogsworth: Please, attempt to be a gentleman.) But she is being so difficult! (Mrs. Potts: Gently, gently.) (Beast begins to talk to Belle gently.) Will you come down to dinner? (Belle, firmly: No!) (Beast, points at the door.) Hm? (Cogsworth: Suave, genteel.) (Beast begins to be suave.) It would give me great pleasure...(Then he begins to control his anger.)...if you would join me for dinner. (Cogsworth: Uh, we say please.) Please? (Belle: No, thank you!) (Beast begins to yell at Belle.) You can't stay in there forever! (Belle: Yes, I can.) Fine! Then go ahead and STARVE!!!! (The Beast turns to his servants) If she doesn't eat with me, then she doesn't eat at all! (The Beast leaves, and slams the door behind him, and plaster fell from the ceiling and lands on top of Lumiere.)
~ Beast trying to get Belle to come to dinner, but loses his temper.
(David: Basically, I'd say your nine lives are up Shaun) GET F--KED, FOUR-EYES! Why don't you go out with her? You love her so much. (David: What do you mean by that?)
~ Shaun's raging breakdown as Liz leaves him.
(Mr. Krabs starts to feel guilty for stealing the boots from SpongeBob, who is now completely depressed.) (Tom: Excuse me?) Mr. Krabs: I didn't do it! [sees Tom] Ohh, heh-heh, can I help ya? (Tom: Yeah, I'm ready to order.) Mr. Krabs: What'll ya have? (Tom: I'll take a [squeak squeak]) Mr. Krabs (confused): What'd you say? (Tom: I said, I'll take a [squeak]) Mr. Krabs: Huh? (SpongeBob (still tearfully): I heard his order, Mr. Krabs. He said he wants [squeak].) Mr. Krabs: What?! (Spongebob & Tom: And a [squeak squeak squeak squeak]) Mr. Krabs: Huh?! (starts going crazy; Looks at the menu and sees "squeak" as an item for everything) Huh? I didn't write that! (keeps thinking and hearing the squeaks. Thinking that SpongeBob was saying "Could the world's greatest fry cook do this" & repeating saying "AND THIS AND THIS...") STOP IT!!! STOOOP IIIITTTT!!! D-D-Don't ya hear it?! Yes, I did it! I did it! 'I TOOK THE BOOTS!' They're here, under the floorboards! (sobbing) Oh, please! Make it stop! IT'S THE SQUEAKIN' OF THE HIDEOUS BOOTS!! (wailing) I'm sorry, but I can't take the infernal squeaking no more! (lifts up the Krusty Krab and grabs the boots; then goes into the kitchen, dips the boots in a pot of grease, shrinking them, then gobbles them up.)'BURP!' The deed is done.
~ Mr. Krabs finally snapping after stealing SpongeBob's ever-squeaky boots, starts hallucinationg that he's hearing nothing but squeaks. Finally, he snaps that he admits he stole the boots, then he recovers the boots, dips them in a vat of oil, shrinking them, then gobbles them up.
~ Hiro Hamada breaking down over Tadashi's death.
~ Ron Burgundy's breakdown at the phone booth.
~ Ruby Rose's breakdown when she witnesses Cinder Fall killing Pyrrha Nikos.
(Ruby and Weiss are on their way back to Beacon campus, when Weiss' Scroll begins ringing.) (Weiss: It's Jaune! (She answers) Where are you?) (Jaune is in the street somewhere in Vale, and there is panic in his voice.) Weiss! Please, you have to stop her! (Weiss: What!?) Pyrrha! She's going after that woman at the top of the tower! She doesn't stand a chance! (Weiss: Jaune, what are you talking about!? Where are you?) (Jaune shouts into the Scroll's speaker.) Don't worry about me! (He leans against a wall and speaks at a normal volume, his voice full of sadness now.) Please, you have to save Pyrrha. (Weiss: We will. Are you okay?) (With one last flare of emotion, Jaune screams and throws his Scroll onto the ground, breaking it. He collapses onto his hands and knees, crying.) Please...
~ Jaune Arc's breakdown as he begs Ruby and Weiss to save Pyrrha.
No. It can't be! No! (Gasps) These are the same books! I remember the torn page! The mustard mark! The shit stain! These are my old books! But it was spelled "Stein"! IT WAS SPELLED "BERENSTEIN"!!!!! (The Nerd collapses to the floor with all of his books, crying about how wrong he was with said spelling.) It was spelled "Berenstein"... It was spelled "Berenstein"...
~ Angry Video Game Nerd's breakdown when he finds his old childhood books and discovers that they say Berenstain rather than Berenstein as he remembered.
Uh... So, this military force of a planet... that has an atmosphere made out of radiation... has never had an explosion? [Beat] This race is more gun-happy than Charlton Heston's shooting gallery, and yet there's NEVER BEEN AN EXPLOSION ON THIS PLANET?! THEY COULD LOOK AT A KITTEN AND SOMEHOW THEY'D MAKE IT BLOW UP! THESE GUYS ARE CRAZY! THERE'S NEVER BEEN AN EXPLOS— YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE THAT?! THIS IS STUPID! THIS IS STUPID! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID... STUPIIID! STUPIIID! IT'S SO INCREDIBLY STUPID! THIS IS THE WORST PIECE OF SH-T I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! GOD, HORSE, ASS, WHOLE PACK OF SH-T! STUPID SH-T! THIS IS STUPID SH-T! ASS, F--KFACE, DICKHEAD, ASSHOLE, YOU IN THE ASS F--KED HARD! STUPID! IT'S SO UNBELIEVABLY STUPID! SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T, SH-T! ASS! ASS! WHORE, ASS, SHIT, F--K, F--K, F--K, F--K, F--K, F--K, F--K! (With the camera still sped up, the Critic sobs, then returns to normal speed.) OK. The thought occurs to me that perhaps, I'm just not in the right mindset for this movie. (He picks up a hammer.) So, to fix this problem, I'm going to make the proper alterations. (Cut to a picture of the Critic in a straitjacket on a pink background, surrounded by Tweety Bird which reads "Please excuse this slight mental breakdown..." over sounds of the Critic yelling in pain over repeated hammer strikes, then back to the Critic with his glasses askew and a blank expression on his face, lisping) Duhhuhhuh... I like spaceships...
~ Nostalgia Critic's breakdown over the sheer stupidity of Battefield Earth.
(Velma: I though I was blind without my glasses, but I was just blind. How could I be so stupid?!) (Sam: Uh... Well... I mean...) (Fred: We've been stopping real-estate developers when we could have been hunting Dracula?! [starts banging his head against a tree.] Are you kidding me?! My life is meaningless!) (Daphne, hyperventilating: If there's ghosts, that means there's an afterlife! Heaven, hell! Am I going to hell?!) [Scooby shivers] (Shaggy, outraged: We've told you every freaking time! But did you even listen to Scoob and me? NO!) (Scooby-Doo, defeated: We're doomed.)
~ Mystery Inc.'s breakdown over the revelation that the Phantom Shadow is a real ghost.
(Pearl walks outside and Steven moves away as Pearl sits next to Steven.) Mm. (Pearl: Huh. It sure is quiet out here, huh?) Yeah. (Pearl: So, Homeworld... I always hoped you'd see it some day, but I thought I'd be there with you. Being taken there as a prisoner, I suppose it was something of a traumatic experience. It's just, Steven, I'm sure you have a lot of questions you'd like answers to, like about the Diamonds, for instance. There are things that are impossible for me to explain. But I want to. I -- Steven, I --) (Pearl covers her mouth twice.) Connie hates me! (Pearl: What?) (Greg, Garnet and Amethyst come outside to see what's going on.) (Greg Universe: We weren't listening.) (Garnet: Also continue, Steven.) I'm not upset about what happened on Homeworld although, yeah, a lot of that was really messed up. But my relationship with Connie is even more messed up. I left her behind to go to Homeworld after promising we'd face everything together. I'm sure I really hurt her. I've been calling and texting her for a week, but she hasn't responded once. Connie might never talk to me again. (Steven runs off, crying.) (Garnet: Steven!) (Greg Universe: I'll go get him. I don't know anything about Homeworld, but I know about this.)
~ Steven Universe's sobbing breakdown, as he believes that his relationship with Connie has ended.
(Susan Ortega: Bruce Nolan is standing by at Niagara Falls. But before we go live to Bruce, we have an announcement to make. As everyone knows, after 33 years, our beloved Pete Fineman is retiring. Pete's shoes are virtually impossible to fill, but the show must go on. And we can think of no one better than our very own... [Bruce smiles in hope] ...Evan Baxter. [Bruce's smile instantly falls]) (At the day care center...)(Grace Connelly: [cringes, preparing for the inevitable] Ohh... Oh, boy.) (Susan Ortega: Congratulations, Evan.) (Evan Baxter: Thanks, Susan. I'm thrilled and honored. And as you said, no one can replace the great Pete Fineman, but I will do my best. I have to say, I am so proud to be a part of our local community of Buffalo. And I think, in a lot of ways, a great city is like a great recipe really. [Bruce stares in shock, mouth agape as he listens to Evan's report] You take hard-working citizens, add some care-givers, maybe a few nuts! All sprinkled with the love and support of our good families. Ultimately, that makes one sweet place to live.) (Susan Ortega: That was amazing.) (Evan Baxter: I meant it. Though I wish I'd written something.) (Susan Ortega: And now, let's go live to that wacky Bruce Nolan out at Niagara Falls.) (Evan Baxter: Hey, Wacky Bruce!) (Bruce stands frozen in place holding his microphone, wearing a clinched grin.) (Ally Loman: Bruce? Talk, Bruce. Hello.) (Grace Connelly: Talk, honey. Talk.) (At the studio, Jack walks into the tech room.) (Jack Baylor: What's going on?) (Technician 1: We got a Walt Disney.) (Technician 2: He's frozen solid.) (Jack Baylor: We may not have audio. Check the feed.) (Susan Ortega: We may be having a bit of technical difficulty.) (Technician 3: Feed’s good, Jack.) (Jack Baylor: Move. Come on, come on, come on! Talk, Bruce, damn it! Alright, get ready to pull the plug.) (Grace Connelly: Oh, come on, baby, say something! Say something!) (Ally Loman: Bruce, talk!) Hi, Susan! (Grace Connelly: Oh, thank you, God.) Bruce Nolan here, aboard the Maid of the Mist in fabulous Niagara Falls, New York. First off, let me just add another congratulations to Evan Backstabber—pardon me, Bastard. Baxter, rather. It is good to see what someone with real talent can do when great opportunities are given to them instead of me. (chuckles nervously) Anyway, I'm here with Katherine Hepburn's mom. Tell me, why did you throw the blue Heart of the Ocean jewel over the railing of the Titanic? (Bruce repeatedly holds out and takes away the mic before the old lady can speak through it) Did you feel bad at all letting Leo DiCaprio drown while you were safe floating on the big door? Could you have taken turns? Or were you just too afraid to freeze your big fat ass off?! (Grace gasps in shock) Hmm. I guess that's how life is, isn’t it. Some people are drenched, freezing to death on a stupid boat with a stupid hat, while others are in a comfy news studio, sucking up the glory! Oh, well. No big deal! (Bruce snatches his umbrella hat off his head and flings it aside.) Oh, look! It's the owner of the Maid of the Mist. Let's have a talk with him, shall we? Come on in here, Bill. No, no, no, no. No, no, no. Come on. Let's have a talk.) (Grace Connelly: Come on! What are you doing?!) Bill, you've been running the Maid of the Mist for 23 years now. Tell me, why do you think I didn't get anchor job?) (Bill: Hey, man, I don't want any problems. I don’t want…) Is it my hair, Bill? Are my teeth not white enough? Or like the great falls, is the bedrock of MY LIFE ERODING BENEATH ME?! Erroooding! Erroooooding! ERROOOOOODIIIIIING! (babbles incoherently) (Jack Baylor: Cut the feed. Cut to black.) (Technician 1: I'm on it.) I'm Bruce Nolan for Eyewitness News. Back to you, f--kers! (Jack Baylor: Oh, boy.) (Grace Connelly: Oh, my God...) (Cut to Bruce being thrown out of the network building by security. The guard tosses a box of Bruce's personal items right at his groin. The doors slam shut.) That is perfect! THAT IS THE MOTIVATION THAT I NEEDED! RIGHT THERE! Thank you! (Bruce gets to his feet.) Thank you, WKBW! Wimpy Kiddy Baby Whiners! THAT'S WHAT THAT STANDS FOR! (Bruce storms off carrying his box of office supplies) I'll see you on Channel 5, where they do the real news!
~ Bruce Nolan snapping and going on a childish tirade on the air upon learning his rival got the anchor promotion instead of him, resulting in him getting fired.
(Keiko O'Brien: Miles, Julian's been trying to contact you for an hour. Where have you been?) Walking, thinking. (Keiko O'Brien: I know, I heard. I'm sorry. I know how much your work means to you.) Try telling that to Julian. (Molly tries to cheer her father up by showing him her drawing.) (Molly O'Brien: Daddy, come see what I drew.) (Miles refuses to look at it.) Not now, honey, okay? (Keiko O'Brien: I'm sure its only temporary. You'll be back at work before you know it.) (Molly O'Brien: Daddy. You have to come see.) Look, can we talk about this later? (Molly O'Brien: Daddy, come on.) Not now. (Molly O'Brien: Please, Daddy, please.) (Miles starts to snap at Molly.) I SAID NOT NOW, RIGHT, I SAID! (Miles begins to hit his own daughter, but Keiko stops him.) (Keiko O'Brien, worried for Miles: Miles, what are you doing?) (Keiko picks up Molly, who is crying of what her father was gonna do to her.) I didn't mean to. I'm sorry. (Miles leaves and Keiko tries to calm Molly down.)
~ Miles O'Brien's raging breakdown, when he snaps at Molly for pestering him and he almost hits her.
(Dendy: We’ll just run the simulation again. And this time, K.O., try to—) (Unfortunately, K.O. is unable to control his rage and transforms into T.K.O. as Dendy falls to the ground.) It’s T.K.O.! (Dendy: Fascinating. Test subject’s turbonic energy readings are…) (T.K.O. interrupts Dendy's fascination.) That’s all K.O. is to you, huh—a lab rat?! (Dendy: A guinea pig would be more apt.) (T.K.O. laughs.) You know, it’s funny. You can’t have a lab rat without a lab! (T.K.O. throws a chair at Dendy's monitor and Dendy becomes shocked.) (Dendy: My monitor! It’s okay. I’ve planned for such a contingency.) (Dendy pushes a button to trap T.K.O..) What is this? (Dendy: Just a little emergency containment unit, you’ll) (T.K.O. tries to bust out of the containment.) Still think you’re in control here, huh? Well, I got news for you, science baby — I’m running the experiment now. (Dendy: Uh-oh.) (Dendy tries to get T.K.O..) And I want to know what happens when I do this! (T.K.O. destroys Dendy's incubator.) (Dendy: My incubator!) And this! (T.K.O. smashes her plasma orb.) (Dendy: My plas-a-ma orb!) (T.K.O. laughs crazy as he begins to the destroy Dendy's observatory.) (Dendy: Get out of my observatory!) (T.K.O. destroys another machinery and steps on a toy brick.) You! (T.K.O. growls.) (Dendy: T.K.O. is out of control. What should I—[Grunts] Huh?)
~ K.O.'s raging breakdown as he sees Gar's Bodega on fire and is unable to save his friends in Dendy's simulation.
~ Angelica Pickles throwing a temper tantrum after her father, Drew punished her for wrecking his home office before running away.
(With Sunset repeatedly toss the rings into the rig, making Flim and Flam bored) (Flim, unenthusiastically: Uh, wow.) (Flam, unenthusiastically: So close.) (Twilight and Sunset groans) I can't feel my fingers anymore. (Twilight flips the pages as fast she could, and she drew a picture of herself and Sunset holding a stuffed parakeet) (Twilight Sparkle: It all looks the same! Is this real life? How long have we been here?) (Flim: Um, hey, listen, lady.) (Flam: Uh, how about you just take a parakeet and go home?) (Sunset loses her temper and snaps at Flim and Flam) IT'S NOT ABOUT THE PARAKEET!! (Twilight is surprised as Sunset slapped the stuffed parakeet out of Flam's hands, as Sandalwood and Golden Hazel heard her)
~ Sunset Shimmer's breakdown at Flim and Flam, who offered her a free-prize out and she refuses, as she slapped the stuffed parakeet out of his hands and flew straight to the little boy's arms.
(Thomas has just saved the diggers from getting blown up by the dynamite, but seconds after being rightly applauded for his bravery, a furious voice booms) THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE! (Thomas: Uh-oh.) WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT NOW?! I thought you could learn to be more responsible if I sent you to work here! (Thomas: [desperately] But, sir, this time, it's really NOT my fault! I...) (Sir Topham Hatt, still furious, refuses to listen) NO, THOMAS! I'VE HAD QUITE ENOUGH OF YOUR EXCUSES! GO TO YOUR SHED IMMEDIATELY, AND YOU CAN STAY THERE FOR THE REST OF THE AFTERNOON! AND EVERYONE ELSE CAN GET BACK TO WORK! (Sir Topham Hatt storms off, leaving Thomas sulking in shame)
~ Sir Thopham Hatt's furious breakdown, thinking mistakenly that Thomas was chasing Ryan with the dynamite (even though Thomas was actually trying to save everybody from getting blown up) and cruelly sending him to his shed for nothing.
(Principal Wartz, sternly: Well, well, well, so you just keep pushing your luck mister. I'm afraid it's another week of suspension for you.) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
~ Harold Berman's breakdown after Principal Wartz catches him and extends his suspension even further.
WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!! M-M-M-MY SWEET LITTLE VIDEL IS DEAD?! (Mr. Satan and Bee begin to weep.) My poor Videl. How could Buu do that to her? Darn him. He was my friend. (Mr. Satan begins to cry about the death of his daughter and angrily confronts Gohan for not protecting his daughter.) What's wrong with you? Why didn't you protect my little girl, huh? What kind of boyfriend are you, huh, pal? (Gohan: I wasn't there.) (Goten: Hey, don't worry sir, she'll come back to life.) Huh? (Mr. Satan jumps towards Goten and shakes him as he believes that Goten is joking.) What are you talking about? She's dead, you little imp! How are you gonna bring her back to life? (Mr. Satan shakes Goten harder as he still believes that Goten is joking and Mr. Satan doesn't actually know about the Dragon Balls.) No joking around! This is my daughter we're talking about. (Goten becomes annoyed.) (Goten: I'm not joking!!!)
~ Mr. Satan's breakdown, as he discovers that his daughter, Videl has been killed by Super Buu.
(Natasha: We've been hunting Thanos for three weeks now. Deep Space scans and satellites, and we got nothing.) (Steve: Tony, you fought him.) Who told you that? I didn't fight him. No, he wiped my face with a planet while the Bleecker Street Magician gave away the stone. That's what happened. There was no fight. (Steve: Did he give you any clues, any coordinates, anything?) Pfft! I saw this coming a few years back. I had a vision. I didn't wanna believe it. Thought I was dreaming. (Steve: Tony, I'm gonna need you to focus.) And I needed you. As in past tense. That trumps what you need. It's too late buddy. Sorry. You know what I need. (Tony stands, pushing things off the table with a clatter. Everyone winces at the loud noise.) I need to shave. And I believe I remember telling you, Cap.) (Tony goes for Steve. Rhodey quickly comes in front of him, trying to stop him.) (Rhodey: Tony, Tony, Tony, stop!) Otherwise what we needed was a suit of armor around the world! Remember that? Wether it impacted our "precious freedoms" or not, that's what we needed! (Steve: Well, that didn't work out, did it?) I said, "we'll lose". You said, "We'll do that together too." And guess what, cap? We lost. And you weren't there. But that's what we do, right? Our best work after the fact? We're the Avengers, we're the Avengers. Not the Prevengers, right? (Rhodey: Okay, you made your point. Just sit down, OK?) Nah, nah, nah. [He pushes Rhodey away] Here's my point. (Rhodey: Sit down!) [Referring to Carol] She's great, by the way. We need you. You're new blood. (Rhodey: Tony!) Bunch of tired old mills! I got nothing for you, cap! I got no coordinates, no clues, no strategies, no options, zero, zip, nada. No trust. Liar. (Steve looks affected by Tony's words. The old friends just gaze at each other. After a moment, Tony rips his Arc Reactor from his chest and shoves it into Steve's hand.) Here, take this. You find him, and you put that on. You hide. (Tony falls to the ground. Steve is by his side and everyone is starting to gather around him.) (Steve: Tony!) I'm fine. I... (Tony falls into a heap, unconscious.)
~ Tony Stark's breakdown at Steve Rogers, outraged that his attempts to have a unified force capable of defending the planet from outside threats (the Ultron Program, the Sokovia Accords) was opposed by Steve at every turn and how, when the Infinity War happened, he fought it relatively alone with none of his teammates (particularly Steve) there with him.
(Dylan Mee: I get it now, okay? I get why you can't stand me!) Okay. All right. (Dylan Mee: No. At least now I know the real reason why you hate me! Look, I heard you admit it to her! Like you were talking about cornflakes. You hate me!) (Dylan runs upstairs and Benjamin becomes confused.) I hate you? Wait second. (Benjamin follows Dylan.) Okay, we've had some problems, man, but we've figuring it out, okay? (Dylan Mee: Oh, that is BULLSHIT! Admit it! You wish I wasn't here! With that expression in my eyes? I heard you!) Hold on! Enough with the drama, all right? Knock it off! You misheard me! (Dylan Mee: I can't stand it here! Look, can't you see that?) No, but thank you for telling me, again! I keep forgetting, it's all about you! (Dylan starts to feel guilty.) Why don't I just pack us up? We'll just go on the road together. We could be hobos. (Dylan Mee: Because you wasted all our money! Some of that belonged to me, Dad!) I didn't waste our money. I thought you liked it here. And I'm sorry, I thought your friends would come out and visit you, man. I called them all myself and I invited them. And I'm sorry, I thought you and Lily were friends. I thought, I thought, I thought, I thought this was... I mean, I thought you liked me! I thought this was a dream come true for all of us. (Dylan Mee, upset: It's your dream! You can't force a dream on someone else, Dad!) Yes, I can, I can force a dream on you! (Dylan Mee: Why are you yelling?) (Benjamin starts to explode in rage at Dylan.) Because it's a good dream! And it's got cool animals in it and some pretty great people, too! (Dylan becomes close to tears.) And because I'm your father and I'm the only one you've got! And the line of people in this world who really care about you ends here! So stop moping around this place, man! And pick up a shovel and dig a hole! Do something! You just sit here and feel sorry for yourself, man! Help me with your sister! HELP ME, DAMN IT! (Dylan Mee, furious: HELP ME, DAMN IT! HELP ME!) (Benjamin stops fighting with Dylan.) I'm sorry that your mother got sick when she did. Believe me. I'm sorry that you didn't get more of a childhood, man. That's just how that one went. But we live here with a seven-year-old girl who still believes in the Easter Bunny. What are we gonna do? (Dylan Mee: You never ask me how I'm doing. You never even taught me how to shave.) (Dylan storms off to his room. and Benjamin follows him.) Wait, you wanna know how to shave? (Benjamin bangs on Dylan's door.) I would love to teach you how to shave! Let's shave! (Rosie comes out of her room and becomes confused.) (Rosie Mee: What about the Easter Bunny?)
~ Benjamin Mee lashes at his son, Dylan Mee for not being happy.
(The Marshes are having dinner and Sharon glances at Randy and then onto Stan.) Stanley? Well? Do you wanna tell your father about what happened at school today? (Stan Marsh: Um... Oh- Oh, I... flunked my math quiz.) Noo, the other thing! (Randy Marsh, confused: What other thing? What happened at school today?) (Stan Marsh: Oh, the school shooting?) Yes, the school shooting! (Stan Marsh: Oh yeah, some kid shot up the school.) (Randy Marsh: Who shot up the schoo- [pauses] was it you?) (Stan Marsh: No.) (Randy Marsh: Did you get shot?) (Stan Marsh: No.) (Randy Marsh: Oh... Well, what's this about failing a math quiz?) (Sharon starts to go ballistic in front of her family as Randy becomes afraid and Shelley and Stan stare at her.) ARE YOU SERIOUS?! DID YOU NOT HEAR WHAT YOUR CHILD SAID?! KIDS DIED AT HIS SCHOOL! (Randy Marsh, nervous: I'm sorry, Sharon. I...) WHY ARE YOU ALL ACTING LIKE THIS IS NORMAL? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! (Sharon goes upstairs in rage, shocking Stan, Shelley and Randy.) (Stan Marsh, shocked: What's up Mom's ass?)
~ Sharon Marsh's breakdown after hearing about the shooting at school.
(Two men stand by Stan and his locker as the fourth graders, including Kyle and Wendy look on as one of them has a large trash bag and is wearing a face mask.) (Dr. Chinstrap: Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Chinstrap. I'm a hoarding specialist, and today we're gonna help Stan clean out his locker. Alright, let's go ahead and see inside your locker, Stan.) (Stan opens his locker and several items fall out, shocking everybody, including Wendy, who breaks down crying and hides her face with her notebook.) What, come on, it's not that bad. (Dr. Chinstrap: Now, as part of Stan's therapy, we need to make sure we don't throw away anything he doesn't want us to. Stan needs to feel like he is in control or his psychosis will come out.) My psychosis? Look, it isn't that big a deal, I'll just throw this stuff away. (Dr. Chinstrap: Okay, great. How about we start with this?) (Dr. Chinstrap takes a small box out of his locker.) Well, no, that's my pencil box. I need my pencil box. (Dr. Chinstrap: Okay, okay, we'll put that right here on the floor. Now how about this? [takes out a bent toothbrush] Broken toothbrush.) Well... it's good to have that, because sometimes I really wanna brush after lunch, and I- (Dr. Chinstrap, cutting him off: But it's broken.) Yeah, but it works perfectly fine and I- (Dr. Chinstrap: Okay, okay. Broken toothbrush is going right here, by the pencil box. [sets it down] Now how about this? [pulls out a clear sandwich bag with rotten food in it] Old sandwich in a baggie filled with maggots.) (The class become disgusted as two more men wearing face masks arrive with more trash bags.) Well, that, I mean, yeah, I mean... I kinda need that. Let's, let's just keep that. (Dr. Chinstrap: It's full of maggots, Stan. Can we throw it away?) Well, I might need it if I every have to, you know, like- (Dr. Chinstrap: The maggots are crawling down my hand and biting my wrist, Stan. Can we throw this away?) Well, I- I guess so, but... (Dr. Chinstrap throws the baggie into the large trash that the assistant is holding.) Whoa-whoa-wait, this is all happening a little fast. Can we just slow down? (Kyle, Cartman and Kenny become concerned of Stan.) (Dr. Chinstrap: Now how about this empty aspirin bottle?) Well no, don't throw that out. (Dr. Chinstrap: Can we throw out these wadded up papers, then?) (Dr. Chinstrap sweeps up a bunch of loose papers as Stan becomes alarmed and begins to gather up the loose papers.) No, because there could be something written on one of them that's important and uh-! No, don't take my empty bottle-! (Stan takes the bottle away from Dr. Chinstrap and the assistant pulls out the baggie.) G-give me back my sandwich! (Stan grabs the baggie and reaches for another sheet and Stan discovers that Wendy was right, there is something wrong with him as Cartman does a cuckoo sound and makes a circle on Stan's right ear.) (Kyle Broflovski, worried: Dude. What's wrong with you?) I don't... I don't know. (Kyle Broflovski: Maybe you should go talk to the counselor.)
~ Stan Marsh's breakdown after realizing that he has a compulsive hoarding disorder.
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