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Heroic Overview

Good vs. Good is the opposite of Obstacles and Arguments, Putting the Foot Down, Facing the Enemy, Face to Face and Good Defeats Evil. This event occurs when two heroes fight each other because of a conflict, the two heroes can also fight in a friendly way when these two are training or are curious to see who is the strongest, a perfect example is when Goku and Vegeta are training on the planet of Beerus and Whis.


Tai Kamiya: We have to figure out what we're going to do next. Matt Ishida: Well isn't it obvious? We have to go search for all the others. Tai Kamiya: Yeah, right, but how are we supposed to do that? You heard what Frigimon said. Everyone landed on different islands. Unless you've got an airplane stashed around here someplace I think we're stuck. (Matt refuses to listen and crosses his arms with a hmph) Matt Ishida: So I guess we'll ask Frigimon for help. Tai Kamiya: Weren't you listening to me? He said they're scattered all over the place. He only has two arms, he's not an octopus. Matt Ishida: Then I'll have to make a raft out of some of these trees, okay? (Tai calms Matt down) Tai Kamiya: Matt, calm down. Wow, what's eating you, dude? I'm on your side. I'll help you get off this island if we have to build surfboards, okay? Look, the others will be fine without us for now. We gotta focus on the real deal. Matt Ishida (confused): Real Deal? Tai Kamiya: What, I gotta spell it out for you? We gotta know if this island's moving toward that place Devimon talked about. Matt Ishida (angry): That's not the real deal! (Matt grabs Tai by his shirt and shakes him as Agumon and Gabumon become concerned) You dufus, there's nothing more real than our friends, and finding them, and getting us all back home safe and don't you ever forget it! You wanna ditch your friends to go look for some faraway land, go ahead, but I'm not coming! I'll find T.K.! I'll find all of them. BY MYSELF! (Matt angrily leaves to the other direction) Tai Kamiya (angry): But Matt! Hey, come on, don't freak out on me! You're not getting away that easy! (Tai goes after Matt and attacks him on the ground as the two slam to the ground) Nobody runs away while I'm still talking, now listen! Maybe there's something across the ocean to help us find the others. Why do you have to get so bent out of shape? I know how you feel, Matt. (Matt punches Tai, knocking him off of him. Tai lands hard and Agumon and Gabumon run up to them) Matt Ishida: You haven't got a clue how I feel, Tai. YOU'RE ACTING LIKE SUCH A JERK! Tai Kamiya (angry): WHO'RE YOU CALLING A JERK, JERK? (Tai and Matt continue fighting and Agumon and Gabumon try to break up the fight) Agumon: Tai, stop that! Gabumon (to Agumon): What do we do? We have to stop them someway. (Tai and Matt rolling to the edge of a cliff as Tai lands on Matt and pulls his fist back and Matt tries to speaks as he sheds a tear) Matt Ishida (upset): It's T.K. He's out there on some strange island, and he's all alone. Tai Kamiya: That's it. Wow. Agumon: Matt, Tai, get away from that cliff! Both: Huh?
~ Tai Kamiya and Matt Ishida fighting about searching for the others or going back to Infinity Mountain.
(The Teen Titans have failed to stop Cinderblock and the guards keep watch as the prisoners return to their cells and Beast Boy returns to his human form) Beast Boy: Jailbreak? I don't see any jailbreak. Robin (frustrated): None of us would have seen one if Cyborg hadn't messed up! (Robin looks away) Cyborg (angry): Me? I messed up nothing! You got in my way! Robin (sternly): You were too far forward and Cinderblock got away because of it! Cyborg (gets really angry): You saying this is my fault? Robin: Want me to say it again? (Robin and Cyborg try picking for a fight, but Starfire stops the fight) Starfire: Stop! No more mean talking! (Robin and Cyborg turn their backs on her and each other) Beast Boy: Yeah. If you two are gonna fight, we need time to sell tickets. Raven: Cinderblock escaped. No amount of yelling will change that. So stop acting like idiots, and let's go home. (Robin and Cyborg throw each other a disdainful glance from over their shoulders) Both: Hmph! (Robin and Cyborg walk away, calm and firm) Robin: Loser. Cyborg: Jerk. (Robin and Cyborg get very angry) Both: WHAT DID YOU SAY?! (Robin and Cyborg start fighting again) Robin (becomes extremely angry): Do you have a problem, Tin Man? Cyborg (angry): Yeah! It's four feet tall and smells like cheap hair gel! (Robin gets very angry as Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy become scared) Robin (angry): Well, you're an oversized klutz and your feet smell like motor oil! (Beast Boy starts to cry) Cyborg (angry): You're bossy, you're rude, you got no taste in music! Robin: I don't even know why you're on this team! Cyborg (angrily): That makes two of us! I QUIT!! (Robin and the other Titans become shocked of what Cyborg has said and Cyborg angrily walks away)
~ Robin and Cyborg fighting after failing to stop Cinderblock, prompting Cyborg to quit the Titans.
(Gwen Tennyson: No, I won't help you!) If you won't use your powers to track him down, I'll just go find him myself! (Gwen: But it's Kevin!) Wake up and smell "the end of the world", Gwen! He's out of control! (Gwen: He's our friend!) (Ben gets into his cousin's face.) Was our friend! (Gwen: We'll figure out some way to save him!) He's too far gone. Either we save Kevin or we save the world. (Ben tries to leave, but Gwen blocks his way while charging her hands with mana.) (Gwen: I won't let you hurt him.) Outta my way. (Gwen gently pushes her cousin back with one hand.) (Gwen: He's come out of this kind of thing before. Remember what he was like when he was little?) Do you? (He pushes Gwen's hand aside.) He's worse now than he ever was, and you know it. (He walks out of the front door. Gwen stops him again by surrounding him with a mana bubble.) (Gwen: There has to be something we can do.) He's beyond our help. We have to think about the safety of everyone else. (Gwen: I'm not letting you out.) (With firm finality) Yes, you are. (He activates the Ultramatrix and transforms into Chromastone.) Chromastone! (Chromastone uses his powers to escape the bubble.) (Gwen: I won't let you do this!) (She fires a mana blast, only for Chromastone to absorb it and channel it into an ultraviolet beam, which he fires. Gwen dodges two beams and throws two mana blasts at Chromastone, who blocks the attacks. He fires more ultraviolet beams, but Gwen puts a mana shield to keep the blast at bay.) Go back inside, Gwen. There's no way you can beat Chromastone with your kind of powers. (He turns to leave.) (Gwen: Think so?) (She takes out her spell book.) (Gwen: Facio Gravis!) (Chromastone is then pulled down.) (Gwen: Now you'll stay here.) Yeah? What do you think Kevin's doing while you wasting my time?! (He fires more ultraviolet beams.) (Gwen: Fabecio Kai!) (Chromastone's beam melts into the ground, and Chromastone suffers the same effect until he transforms into Terraspin.) Terraspin! (Terraspin blows Gwen onto the house.) If you think for one second that Kevin wouldn't drain you dry... (Gwen: Ugh! Some friend you are! You won't even try to help him! What if it was you?) I'm not going to argue with you anymore, Gwen. (Gwen: Tardis Motis!) (Terraspin's strong winds start to slow down while Gwen uses mana stairs to descend. Once Terraspin's winds die, he transforms into NRG.) NRG! (NRG melts the floor, creating a wave of lava. When the wave disappears, Gwen is revealed to have been protected from certain death in her shield. But NRG's gone!) (Gwen: Ben?) (She hears a squeaky high-pitched voice.) Nanomech! (Gwen squints and sees that Ben had transformed into Nanomech while she was protecting herself from the lava wave NRG caused.) I dodged between the lava droplets. (Gwen: Cloudo Doris!) (Gwen squashes Nanomech in her spell book.) Aah! (Gwen: Game over, cousin. Check and mate.) (But the game's not over yet. Nanomech escapes from the book by transforming into the towering...) (Gwen: Way Big.) (Way Big uses his cosmic ray attack. Gwen forms a mana shield to stop the attack. She struggles to keep the shield up, but Way Big's cosmic ray breaks the shield to pieces. Gwen is knocked onto her back by the force. Way Big reverts back to Ben, who walks over to his defeated cousin.) (Gwen: Ugh...) You know why you lost? Because you care about not hurting me. And that's exactly why you can't do what it takes to deal with Kevin. (And with those words, Ben leaves his unconscious cousin on the ground.)
~ Ben Tennyson arguing with and fighting Gwen Tennyson about trying to redeem Ultimate Kevin or killing him to stop his power-hunting rampage.
(Eddy and Ed follow Edd: Hey! Where ya goin? You're headin back into the swamp! My bro don't live...) (Eddy reaching for Edd's shoulder but Edd slapping his hand away releasing his repressed rage) Don't you DARE touch me! A sap? Well excuse my sincerity, but thinking I had lost the only two people I have left in this world. (Eddy smiling, sure Edd's putting on an act: And?) It's surprising, because your stubborn, inane desire to shock, sandbag and swindle is what put us here in the first place! (Ed indignant: I helped too!) (Edd turns to Ed angrily. Edd then turns back to Eddy and resumes his rant.) You and your nefarious scams! (Eddy angry as well: Like you were picking daisies! You built the stupid thing!) If you had paid attention to what I said and not pushed the red button– (They bagin fight and Ed tells them to stop fighting: Stop! I demand you tickle each other right now!) (Edd and Eddy yelling: Stay out of it, Ed!) (Ed frightened at the sight of friends who are fighting: The evil dark side has consumed them both! Trouble! Bad! Pain!) I've had enough! (Edd kicks Eddy off.) I'm returning home! (Ed crawls on his knees and begs him to not go away: But we can't go home, Double D!) I'd rather face my consequences, Ed, than wander aimlessly with a so-called friend!" (As he storms off, Eddy's eyes fill with tears and Ed sobbing: Say it ain't so! We are three no more, Eddy! Like hop, skip, and no jump! Like up, up and no away! Like blah, blah without the other blah!) (Eddy snapping: FINE! GO HOME! I DON'T BLAME YA! 'CAUSE EVERYTHING WAS MY FAULT!)
~ Edd and Eddy's quarrel which puts their friendship to the test.
(Woody: Aw, great. How am I gonna convince those guys it was an accident?) (Suddenly, Buzz appears over the edge of the sun roof.) (Woody: Buzz!) (Buzz jumps down on the back seat to face Woody. He is furious.) (Woody: Buzz! Ha! You're alive! This is great! Oh, I'm saved! I'm saved. Andy will find you here; he'll take us back to the room; and then you can tell everyone that this was all just a big mistake.) (While Woody speaks, he removes the fly from Buzz's helmet and rubs it over.) (Woody: Huh? Right?) (No response from Buzz. Just an angry stare.) (Woody, weakly: Buddy?) (Buzz: I just want you to know that even though you tried to terminate me, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet.) (Woody: Oh. Well, that's good.) (Buzz, getting in Woody's face: But we're not on my planet, are we?) (Woody: No.) (Buzz lunges for Woody. The two toys fly off the seat and out the open side door of the van. Woody and Buzz hit the ground and roll under the van, locked in mortal combat.) (Woody: Okay! Come on! You want a piece of me?!) (POW! Buzz lands a punch that sends Woody's head spinning around. Woody lunges with all his might. He smacks Buzz in the face, making it squeak with every blow until Buzz manages to close his helmet on Woody's hand.) (Woody: Owwwww!) (Woody pounds on Buzz's chest with his free hand, activating Buzz's sampled voice buttons.) (Buzz's voice box: Buzz... Buzz... Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!) (Buzz grabs Woody's throat and reverses their position, planting a foot on Woody's back and painfully pulling on his arms.) (Woody: Aah-ow!) (Just then, two familiar voices ring out.) (Mrs. Davis: Next stop...) (Andy: Pizza Planet! Yeah!) (The toys stop fighting. Before they can react, the van drives off. Woody gasps.) (Woody: Andy!) (Woody starts to run in the direction of the van, but it drives out of sight, leaving Buzz and Woody stranded.)
~ Buzz Lightyear furiously fighting Woody in order to get revenge for being accidentally knocked out of Andy's window.
(Lincoln: [with the bathroom key] Ah, too many Flippees! Gotta pee!) (Clyde: Wait! I have to go, too! Gimme that key!) (Lincoln: Sorry. I got first dibs. Don't forget. I'm Executive Senior Supervising Manager.) (Clyde: Yeah, but Senior Executive Supervising Manager. I outrank you.) (Lincoln: Nuh-uh!) (Clyde: Yuh-huh! I had it first!) (Lincoln: Come on! I'm warning you!) (The two start fighting over the key.) (Lincoln: Let go! I had it first!) (The fight cloud ends with Clyde pinning Lincoln to the ground.) (Lincoln: Let go!) (Clyde: No way, man! I've had it with you. YOU'RE FIRED!) (Lincoln: You can't fire me! I'm firing you!)
~ Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride fighting when they can't decide who should use the restroom first, testing their friendship.
(Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup have distanced themselves into outer space out of depression. They sit around and stare into space.) Blossom: (stares angrily into space with her back turned to her sisters) Maybe if someone hadn't pushed Bubbles into the school... Buttercup: (turning to face Blossom) Ohh, look, she speaks. (walks up to Blossom) Well, maybe if someone hadn't insisted on walking home from school so we could run into the biggest liar in the universe! Blossom: (standing) We weren't allowed to use our powers, and you know it! Buttercup: Oh look, it's Ms. Goody-goody! Blossom: What was I supposed to do? We weren't going to get people to stop hating us by breaking rules! Buttercup: Oh yeah. And using our superpowers to make a (imitating Blossom) help-the-town-and-make-it-a-better-place-machine... WAS FOLLOWING RULES????!!!!! Blossom: I didn't see you putting up a fight! Buttercup: Well, you're gonna now! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! (Buttercup rushes Blossom, and the two go down in a rolling pile of violence. Bubbles watches on as they roll around.) Blossom: If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be in this stupid mess! Buttercup: Ohh, you stupid. Blossom: Ugh ... darn ... stupid ... Bubbles: (falling to her knees, crying) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! (Blossom and Buttercup stop fighting. Buttercups' face falls into the picture, and she begins to scream in pain and beat the ground like an angry child. Blossom is sitting on her back.) Buttercup: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Blossom: I'm not fighting with you, Buttercup! Buttercup: Oh, yeah? 'Cause you know I'll kick your butt. Blossom: No! Because I know that ... (growls, turns away) Ugh, never mind! I'm not fighting with you! And I'm not talking to you, EVER! Buttercup: Well, prepare yourself for a looooooong silence, girl. 'Cause we're going to spend the rest of our lives here, thanks to you! At least I got me a bed! (thumps face first into a rock.) (Blossom looks back angrily, but her anger melts into longing sadness as she looks upwards at that tiny blue planet. Her eyes waver, and she collapses into her arms in silent crying. Buttercup is curled into a ball on her bed. Her face is contorted in anger, but you can tell she's clenching her eyes shut from her tears. Bubbles is still crying, but stops for a moment as she glances for her sisters.)
~ Blossom and Buttercup fighting over whose fault it was for the problems they've caused at school while they're in outer space with Bubbles.
(The gang climb up the top of a cliff to see the Great Valley, only to discover a barren area with rocks and dirt) (Cera: THIS IS YOUR GREAT VALLEY?!?! You're CRAZY!!! I'm Leaving!) Cera, we have to keep following the bright circle. (Cera: I'm taking the easy way for once.) But it's the wrong way! (Cera: Who says?) My mother! (Cera: Then she was just a stupid longneck too.) TAKE THAT BACK! (Cera: Never!) TAKE IT BACK! (Cera: NO!) (Littlefoot attacks Cera, and they get into a fierce fight, as Ducky, Petrie and Spike shield their eyes) (Ducky, seeing Spike slipping: Spike!) (Petrie: Spike, stop! Don't fall!) (Cera, ramming into Littlefoot: YOU!) (Littlefoot is hurled against a rock, but gets back up and lunges towards Cera, grabbing her by the foreleg.) (Cera: LET GO OF MY LEG!) (The two continue brawling as Ducky, Petrie and Spike watch in horror.) (Ducky, seeing Spike cowering: Spike...) (Cera, attacking Littlefoot again: TAKE THAT!) (Littlefoot is slammed into the rock again, but she rams into him one more time. He gets back up in pain.) (Cera, walking away: HUMPH!) (Littlefoot glares back at her angrily, shedding a tear.) GO ON! GO THE WRONG WAY! WE NEVER WANTED YOU WITH US ANYWAY! (Calms down, then starts to climb back upward and tries to get the rest of the gang to come with him.) Come on. We have to keep going. (Ducky, Petrie and Spike stare at him sadly without saying a word. Littlefoot reassures them one more time.) Come on! (Spike starts following Cera while Ducky and Petrie stay behind watching Littlefoot.) (Ducky: Cera's way is easier.) (Petrie: I think so, too.) (Hurt and angry at their statements, Littlefoot frowns at them and climbs up the hill while the other three begin following Cera.)
~ Littlefoot fighting with Cera over which way to go and for the latter insulting his mother, despite the fact that she sacrificed her life to save both of them.
(Superman arrives at Gotham Port, where Batman is waiting for him.) (Batman: Well... here I am.) (Superman: Bruce, please. [As he speaks, Batman starts taking a few steps back.] I was wrong. You have to listen to me. Lex wants us--) (While he is trying to explain the situation, Superman accidentally activates one of Batman's traps: sonic emitters that stop Superman right in his tracks. However, Superman is able to quickly dispose of the devices by breaking a manhole in two and throwing at them. He continues to plead with Batman.) (Superman: You don't understand. There's no time!) (The two are right in each other's faces at this point.) (Batman: I understand!) (Superman demonstrates his strength to Batman by pushing him away with a light tap. However, this activates another one of Batman's traps, gattling guns, which begin to open fire on Superman. Superman disposes of the gattling guns quickly as well, by using his heat vision to cut through all of them. As Batman rises to his feet, Superman approaches him and lifts him into the air before tossing him like a ragdoll. Once Batman rises to his feet again, Superman tackles him through a building and then throws him into the Batsignal.) (Superman: Stay down! If I wanted it, you'd be dead already!) (Batman gets up and activates a smoke grenade before tossing it towards his opponent. Superman dashes through the lead-smoke cloud to find Batman gone. Now behind him, Batman fires a round from his riot gun, only for his opponent to catch it. However, it releases a cloud of Kryptonite gas, severely weakening him. Batman taunts him as he writhes in pain.) (Batman: Breathe it in. That's fear. You're not brave. [Superman, unable to do anything, recovers and tries to fight Batman, only for him to realize his powers have been suppressed when Batman blocks one of Superman's punches and keeps his arm there for several seconds.] Men are brave.) (Superman attacks Batman, who easily counters his attacks thanks to his superior fighting skills. Batman kicks him against a skylight and stomps down on him, crashing through it and onto the top floor of the building. Superman tries to regain his footing, but Batman gives him no such respite. He beats his foe senseless, flooring him with a powerful left cross. However, Superman senses the return of his powers and counters one of Batman's kicks, throwing Batman through a wall. The two combatants charge at one another. Batman swings Superman back against the wall and pummels him repeatedly; however, Superman's invulnerability begins to return, rendering Batman's assault ineffective. Batman eyes his steel glove and backs away nervously, knowing the tables have turned yet again. Superman shoves him down through the floor into an abandoned bathroom. Batman attempts to get up, but even in his weakened state, Superman easily overpowers him. Getting a hold on Batman's armored suit, he picks him up and flings him through several rows of urinal partitions. Batman, in extreme pain, lifts his head and loads another round in his gun. Superman races to beat him to it and leaps into the air, fist drawn back. He takes the next Kryptonite round full in the face, but not before landing a brutal punch to the side of Batman's head, shattering his helmet and sending him flying through the air. Batman recovers from the shock and gets to his feet, while Superman rolls over helplessly, engulfed by the toxic mist. Batman wrenches a sink basin from its porcelain pedestal and brings it down hard on the back of Superman's head, knocking him unconscious. Batman carries Superman to a staircase balcony and drops him over the edge, leaving him to plummet a dozen stories to the floor below, flat on his back. After grappling to the floor, Batman binds Superman's feet with a cable.) (Batman: I bet your parents taught you that you mean something, that you're here for a reason. My parents taught me a different lesson, dying in the gutter for no reason at all. [Batman then slams a button on his grapnel gun, pulling Superman towards him. He uses the momentum to swing Superman around, smashing him through a ring of concrete pillars.] They told me the world only makes sense if you force it to.) (With that, Batman pulls his Kryptonite spear out of the ground and approaches his fallen opponent. Meanwhile, a helicopter lands outside the building. Lois gets out of it and races into the building. Back inside, Batman kicks Superman onto his back.) (Batman: You were never a god. [He puts his foot on Superman's neck, choking him.] You were never even a man.) (Batman then used the spear to cut across Superman's face (making good on his promise to make Superman "bleed"), and raised it, preparing to deliver the killing blow...) (Superman: [straining] You're letting him... kill Martha...) (Shocked, Batman lowers the spear.) (Batman: What does that mean? Why did you say that name?) (Superman: [choking] Find... him... save... Martha!) (Upon hearing that name again, Batman mentally flashback to the night his parents died. Confused and enraged, Batman breathes fire.) (Batman: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?! MARTHA! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!) (Lois runs towards them both.) (Lois: Clark! Stop! Please! Stop!) (Batman: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!) (Lois: It's his mother's name! It's his mother's name.) (Now Batman gets it. Now he knows how wrong he was about Superman being a monstrous alien threat. He now realizes that Superman is in fact a selfless person pleading for his mother's life over his own. Furthermore, Batman sees the hypocrisy of his actions – that he has allowed Lex Luthor to twist his anger from the Black Zero Event and turn him into the very villain he swore to fight. Angered, ashamed and horrified at the monster that he was this close to becoming, Batman hurled aside the spear in disgust.)
~ The battle between Batman and Superman at Gotham Port.
I thought I'd find answers here. I was wrong. I've never felt so alone. (Kylo Ren: You're not alone.) Neither are you. (Rey and Ren reach out to each other through the Force and touch hands. Luke walks in and sees them touching hands.) (Luke: STOP!!!) (Rey and Ren look at a furious Luke. Luke uses the Force to destroy the hut they are in. Rey searches for Ren, who has vanished. She turns to Luke.) Is it true? Did you try to murder him?! (Luke: Leave this island, NOW!!) (Luke storms off into the rain, but Rey follows after him.) Stop! STOP!!! (She knocks Luke down in the back of the head with her quarterstaff.) Did you do it?! Did you create Kylo Ren?! (The two proceed to fight each other along the cliffside until Rey gets the upper hand, forcing Luke into submission with Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber.) Tell me the truth. (Luke: I saw darkness. I sensed it building in him. I'd seen it in moments during his training. But then I looked inside, and it was beyond what I ever imagined. Snoke had already turned his heart. He would bring destruction and pain and death, and the end of everything I love because of what he will become, and for the briefest moment of pure instinct, I thought I could stop it. It passed like a fleeting shadow, and I was left with shame and with consequence. And the last thing I saw were the eyes of a frightened boy whose Master had failed him.) You failed him by thinking his choice was made. It wasn't! There's still conflict in him. If he would turn from the dark side, that could shift the tide! This could be how we win! (Luke: This is not going to go the way you think.) It is. Just now, when we touched hands, I saw his future. As solid as I'm seeing you. If I go to him, Ben Solo will turn. (Luke: Rey... don't do this.) [offers Luke his father's lightsaber but Luke doesn't take it] Then he is our last hope.
~ Rey fighting Luke Skywalker as she demands to know if he had tried to murder Ben Solo.
(Dan put Death Ray along side with space monkey figure) You can leave now, Chris. I'd like spend time alone with my new toy. (Chris, sternly: Your new toy? Dan I was going to call in an answer the trivia question) You would have even known about the contest if I didn't tell you about it PLUS, I was the one who introduced you to space monkeys in the first place. (Chris sternly: I won the contest fair and square! The death ray is mine!) (Chris take Death Ray to Dan's shock) Is this really how you want to treat your best friend after all I've done for you!? (Chris leave, but Dan takes the empty pizza packages and one of them throws knocking Death Ray at the hands of Chris, but he catches it) Becareful! You broken my precious Death Ray! (Chris: Don't come any closer I drop it, I swear!) You wouldn't! (Dan is going to throw another package) (Chris: You sure you want to find out? Sorry Dan. This is my Death Ray (He open door by kick) and you can't have it. Means free to visit go. (Chris close door and leave) (Dan in anger broke package and storm off to outside) CHRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
~ Dan arguing with Chris about prizes which won.
(Oscar Pine and Ruby Rose are training hand to hand combat whilst Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren are looking on.) (Jaune: Man, Oz wasn't kidding. Oscar's picking up on this stuff fast.) (Oscar hits Ruby straight in her face. Ruby recoils from the blow and looks visibly angry.) (Oscar: Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!) (Ruby hits Oscar back and he lands a few feet away on the ground as Jaune and Nora wince.) (Ruby: Ha! Yes! I did it! [her brief moment of cheering is replaced with concern as she looks back] Oscar?) (Ozpin: [mentally] You forgot to engage your Aura, again.) (Oscar: Why didn't you tell me?) (Ozpin: [mentally] Because this method makes you less likely to forget.) (Oscar groans and gets to his feet.) (Ozpin: [mentally] Mind if I give it a shot?) (Oscar stiffens briefly while his eyes glow in a yellow light.) (Ozpin: Not bad, Miss Rose. But Oscar doesn't have the years of training that you do. Or I do.) (Oscar's body shimmers green as Ozpin engages their Aura. Jaune and Nora realize what Ruby is in for. Oscar determinedly approaches Ruby.) (Ruby: [nervously] Oh, ha, well, maybe we should uh... take a break.) (Ozpin attacks Ruby with a few punches aimed at her head, forcing her onto the defensive until he lands a blow to her face which knocks her back several feet. Ozpin closes the gap with a leap and kicks her in the face. Ruby leaps at Ozpin to throw a left cross which Ozpin evades by ducking and retaliates with a headbutt from below.) (Nora: Ouch.) (Ozpin: The next time you want to throw a left cross, remember to push off with the appropriate foot. And as always, do be aware of any openings.) (Ruby: [strained as she sits up] Gooooot it.)
~ Ruby Rose and Oscar Pine/Ozpin training in hand-to-hand combat.
(Timon: I can't believe we lost her again. This is the eight thousandth time!) (Pumbaa: Ooh!) (Timon: Timon: I thought you were gonna watch her!) (Pumbaa: Me? You were gonna watch her!) (Timon: I thought you were gonna watch her!) (Pumbaa: No, you were gonna watch her!) (Timon: You were gonna watch her!) (Pumbaa: Aah, watch this! [he leaps onto Timon]) (Timon: Oww! Take that, you creepy warthog! Say it! Say it!) (Pumbaa: Fat! Fat! Fatty fat fat!) (Timon and Pumbaa are all-out wrestling when Simba approaches. When he speaks, they leap to attention.) (Simba: What are you doing?) (Timon: Good question! Now let me ask one.) (Pumbaa: Hippo-thetically...) (Timon: Very hypo-thetical, there's this guy...) (Pumbaa: But he's not a lion...) (Timon: No! No, he's not a lion... yeesh. [Simba is looking amused.] Definitely not a lion. And, uh... uh... his daughter, um, say... vanished.) (Simba: Kiara is gone?) (Zazu flies into shot.) (Zazu: Sire! The Outsiders are on the attack... heading this way! It's war!) (Simba: Zazu! Find Kiara! We'll assemble the lionesses. Move! Now!)
~ Timon and Pumbaa engaging in both a verbal and physical argument when they discover that Kiara isn't in the den.
(Xander and his team step out of their van, trapped in traffic.) Gridlocked. (sees his target skyscraper.) There it is. (gives Serena a phone.) If you run into trouble, dial 9. It's an old Gibbons fail-safe. (Not far away, Xiang and his remaining team members, Talon and Hawk step out of their van, and face Xander, Serena, Adele, Nicks and Tennyson.) (Xiang: You crashed my party, and stole my dance partner! I'm gonna crash yours! Have fun.) (Nicks: This ain't a party, this is a race.) (Xiang, Talon, Serena and Adele run off, while Tennyson and Nicks get back into the van, leaving Hawk to face Xander.)
~ Xander Cage and his team engage in a race across Detroit against Xiang's team to get to Pandora's Box first.
(Doctor Strange helps Tony, now de-helmeted, to his feet; they're both panting a little from the exertion of their arrival on Titan.) (Tony Stark: To Doctor Strange] You alright? [Panting] That was close. I owe you one.) (Spider-Man descends from above in classically spider-like fashion.) (Peter Parker: Let me just say, if aliens wind up implanting eggs in my chest or something, and I eat one of you, I'm sorry.) (Tony Stark: [While pointing at Peter] I don't wanna hear another single pop culture out of you for the rest of the trip. You understand?) (Peter Parker: I'm trying to say that... something is coming.) (A grenade rolls into view, and Peter, Strange and Tony get thrown well back when it fires its energy pulse. Star-Lord, Drax, and Mantis appear in the doorway.) (Drax: THANOS!!!!) (He flings a blade at Doctor Strange, who neatly deflects it with a mystical shield, and in return sends the Cloak of Levitation at Drax's face, half-smothering him and throwing him to the floor. Star-Lord and Iron Man have a brief dogfight until a magnetic disc pins Iron Man face-first to a structure.) (Peter Parker: [Crawling backwards frantically from an anxious-looking Mantis] AH! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! PLEASE DON'T PUT YOUR EGGS IN ME!) (Spider-Man shoots web at Mantis in a panic, pinning arms to her body just before Star-Lord flies at him feet-first, kicking him away.) (Peter Quill: Stay down, clown!) (Star-Lord can't quite counter spider reflexes at first; he fires at Spider-Man, who extends his spider legs and leaps away, but an electric-like cord wraps around Spider-Man and his six new legs when he tries to attack, sending him rolling across the deck.) (Drax: [Struggling with the Cloak of Levitation] Die, blanket of death!) (Iron Man pulls free of the magnet; the Cloak pulls free of Drax as soon as Iron Man has a bead on his opponent and a foot on his torso. Star-Lord has Spider-Man in a head-lock, gun pointed at the smaller man's head. Doctor Strange has a mystical shield of golden energy up, and stands ready at the third point of the triangle. Mantis has struggled to her feet behind Star-Lord, still covered with webbing.) (Peter Quill: Alright, everybody, stay where you are, chill the F out! [Star-Lord powers off his helmet] I'm gonna ask you this one time. Where's Gamora?) (Tony Stark: [De-helmeting] Yeah, I'll do you one better. Who's Gamora?) (Drax: I'll do you one better! Why is Gamora?!) (Peter Quill: Tell me where the girl is, or I swear to you, I'm gonna French-fry this little freak.) (Tony Stark: Let's do it! You shoot my guy, I blast him. Let's go! [Tony extends his nano-tech cannon, looking uncannily like an electric shark about to eat Drax's face.] (Drax: Do it, Quill! I can take it.) (Mantis: No, he can't take it!) (Stephen Strange: [Completely deadpan] She's right. You can't.) (Peter Quill: Oh yeah? You don't wanna tell me where she is? That's fine. I'll kill all three of you and beat it out of Thanos myself. [To Spider-Man] Starting with you.) (Stephen Strange: Wait, what. Thanos? [Trying to inject clarity and sanity into the situation] Alright, let me ask you this one time: What master do you serve? (Peter Quill: What master do I serve? What am I supposed to say? "Jesus"?) (Tony Stark: [Getting it] You're from Earth?) (Peter Quill: I'm not from Earth. I'm from Missouri.) (Tony Stark: Yeah, that's on EARTH, dip-shit. What are you hassling us for?) (Peter Parker: [Sounding slightly crushed] So, you're not with Thanos?) (Peter Quill: [Indignantly] WITH Thanos?! No, I'm here to kill Thanos! He took my girl- Wai- who are you?) (Peter Parker: [De-helmets] We're the Avengers, man.) (Peter Quill: Oh.) (Mantis: You're the ones Thor told us about!) (Tony Stark: You know Thor!?) (Peter Quill: Yeah. Tall guy, not that good-looking, [Peter gives him an incredulous look] needed saving.) (Doctor Strange: [Pause] Where is he now?)
~ Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange battling Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis after arriving on Titan in a ringship.
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