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~ Mr. Spacely firing George Jetson

Some of the fictional heroes or heroines lose their jobs.

In fiction, some heroes are portrayed having a job like regular people who have normal social lives outside of their job. There are times however, things doesn't gone smoothly during their jobs, either due to arguments with his/her bosses, being framed by rival/enemy, betrayal that done on purpose or accidental, or other misfortunes that resulting him/her being fired from their jobs.

Depend on the story's plot, the moment when he/she being fired would vary, ranging from mistake that done by him/her, frame-ups, or worse, part of conspiration that done by antagonists, either due to rivalries or the hero deemed to be endangered their plan due to risk of them uncover the truth or they may get their old jobs back.

Of course, there's a fix for it: Shortly before or after the story begins, the protagonist loses his comfortable ordinary job. This provides him with both a strong motivation to find a new source of income and a lot of free time to engage in more adventurous activities.

It provides drama and possible story hooks while removing possible limitations on the plot.

The downside is, as one can say, "how is it that your hero is still living in that gorgeous penthouse apartment two months later?".



  • The Circus Bugs: Lose their jobs for causing P.T. Flea to burn up from a flammable fly paper.
  • Mickey Mouse: Gets fired by Crazy Pete for blowing the deal of giving away a ten-footer Christmas tree to a poor family and gets his money taken away by Crazy Pete, then he and Pluto get kicked out by Crazy Pete who has his tree lot burn to the ground seconds later.
  • Mushu: Got fired by the Fa Ancestors for not protecting one of them years ago before Mulan was born. Later, is informed that he'll get fired when Mulan and Li Shang marry.
  • George Jetson: He gets fired from his boss Mr. Spacely sometimes after a misunderstanding or whenever he makes a mistake which turns out to be a disaster.
  • Osmosis Jones: Gets fired by Mayor Phlemming from the Frank Police Department for setting off the pill to pop a pimple and defying the mayor's irresponsibly idiotic mayoral reelection plan involving Frank to go to Buffalo for a chicken wing-eating contest.
  • Homer Simpson: Loses his job dozens of times from the Power Plant.
  • Spongebob Squarepants: got fired from his boss, Mr. Krabs at the Krusty Krab to make money.
    • He is fired from Weenie Hut by his boss Mr. Weiner for making Weenie Patties.
    • He is fired again, this time from Pizza Piehole by his boss Pizza Pete for making a Pizza Patty.
    • He is fired yet again, this time from his job at Taco Sombrero by his boss Señor Taco for making a messy Burrito Patty.
    • He is fired once more, this time from his job at the Wet Noodle by his boss Noodleman for making a Noodle Patty.
  • Patrick Star: gets fired from the Krusty Krab at the end of "That's No Lady"; he also gets fired from his job at Goofy Goober's.
  • Peter Griffin: Gets fired from the Pawtucket Brewery for causing an accident while playing with the forklift.
  • Glenn Quagmire: Gets dismissed from his job as a pilot after Peter sabotages his airplne by emptying the fuel tank, believing it will make his pickup truck fly, causing it to crash.
  • Stewie Griffin: Gets fired at a fast food restaurant called McBurgertown for eating food on the job. (Even though it was due to be thrown out anyway).
  • Brian Griffin: Gets fired from The New Yorker after he informs people he never graduated from college.
  • Dudley Puppy: Gets fired from T.U.F.F. for sabotaging the Country Fair while being hypnotized by Verminious Snaptrap.
  • Otto Man: He loses his job for causing numerous incidents in the Springfield town square and ramming the School bus into the statue of Jebediah Springfield.
  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: Gets fired from the Kwik-E Mart for selling expired and spoiled meat to the customers including his friend, Homer Simpson.
  • Mr. Mackey: Gets fired from his job for giving the marijuana to the class. (Which was actually Mr. Garrison who took and smoked it and he got very high).
  • Edna Krabappel: Gets fired from her job as a teacher by Principle Skinner after Bart spikes her coffee with liquor from confiscating their cell phones and thus getting her drunk.
  • Otto Man: He loses his job for causing numerous incidents in the Springfield town square and ramming the School bus into the statue of Jebediah Springfield.


  • Inspector Gadget: Gets fired by Chief Quimby after letting Dr. Claw's henchmen steal the Protoid Laser and causing damage at the Science Convention which was because of Dr. Claw's circuit override chip that was planted on his Gadget Hat by a disguised Brick and McKibble.
  • Peter Parker: He gets fired from his boss Mr. Aziz for being late and failing to deliver the pizzas on time due to his Spider-Man duties, along with ripping off the Joe's Pizza sticker off his helmet, enforcing the fact.
  • Shaggy and Scooby-Doo getting fired from their job at the airport, after eating contraband food.
  • April O'Neil: Gets fired from the TV Station by her boss Charles Pennington on his voicemail via her her now destroyed answering machine for disobeying his orders on the report of the nefarious Foot Clan in New York.
  • Eddie Brock: Gets fired for stealing a classified document while doing an interview on Dr. Carlton Drake at the Life Foundation.
  • Mr. Bean: Gets fired for using a video camera in a shoot of a war movie.
  • Dave Seville: He gets dismissed from his other job while showing a project as the chipmunks ruin his presentation boards by coloring on it.
  • Marty McFly's future self: in the original year 2015, old Marty McFly gets fired by the CusCo company supervisor Ito T. Fujitsu via a video telephone call for participating in Douglas J. Needles' illegal credit card scam and he was even given fax copies at his Hilldale house that says "YOU'RE FIRED!!!".
  • Professor Sherman Klump: Gets fired for letting the hamster he used to demonstrates the tainted fake youth formula while the real youth formula was stolen by the maniacal Buddy Love, mutates into a monster and attacks Dean Richmond violently.
  • Mary Jane Watson: Gets fired, because of bad views for her play and was replaced by a different actress named Andrea Rubin.
  • Scott Lang/Ant-Man: Gets fired from Baskin-Robbins for lying on his application form.
  • John Hammond: Gets fired as head of the InGen as result of Cathy Bowman getting wounded by a group of Compsognathus.
  • Steven Kovacs: Gets fired from his job for transmitting a video of Steven and Robin's private conversation onto multiple computers and insulting his boss (it was actually the Cable Guy, who transmitted it to multiple computers).





(Man: Parker. Parker! No, no, no, stop! Stop! (Peter quickly stops his bike, before getting off) Parker, you're late, man. Always late, huh?) I'm sorry, Mr. Aziz. There was a disturbance. (Mr. Aziz: Disturbance. Another disturbance. Always a disturbance with you. Come on, 21 minutes ago, in comes order. Harmattan, Burton & Smith. Eight extra-large deep-dish pizzas. In eight minutes, I am defaulting on Joe's 29-minute guarantee. Then, not only am I receiving no money for these pizzas, but I will lose the customer forever to Pizza Yurt. Look, you are my only hope, all right? You have to make it in time. Peter, you're a nice guy. But you're just not dependable. This is your last chance. You have to go 42 blocks in 7 1/2 minutes or your a** is fired. Go!) Pizza time. [Ticking Loudly] (Lady: You're late. I'm not paying for those.) (Aziz berates Peter for his failure on delivery) (Mr. Aziz: Joe's 29-minute guarantee is a promise, man. I know to you, Parker, a promise means nothing. But to me, it's serious.) It's serious to me too, Mr. Aziz. (Mr. Aziz: You're fired. Go.) Please, I need this job. (Mr. Aziz: You're fired.) Look, give me another chance. (Aziz refuses to give Peter a second chance and doesn't care since Peter is fired as he rips a Joe's Pizza sticker off of Peter's helmet, before leaving)
~ Aziz from Joe's Pizza gives Peter Parker one last chance to deliver pizzas, before being fired, due to his Spider-Man duties.
You certainly don't, pal, 'cause the good news is you're fired.
~ Blake to all the salesmen.
(Daffy: My chariot awaits. Yes! Bat- lights. Bat- conditioning. Bat- stereo. To the Duck Cave.) Now what are you doing? Stay away from that Batmobile! Come here! (Daffy: I'm allowed to steal. I'm a celebrity.) - Tell it to the judge! (Daffy: - Feeling pretty good about yourself?) - I am. (The Batmobile starts driving by itself) (Daffy: - You bested that dastardly duck?) - I did. (The Batmobile heads closer to a post) You're gonna offer your catch to the pretty executive?) Indeed. (The Batmobile crashes into a post while it's still driving) Miss Houghton! (Bugs and Kate see the Water Tower coming down towards them while D.J. smiles and Daffy Duck does a thumbs up) (Citizen 1: Get out of the way!) (Bugs puts himself up a little umbrella while Kate holds a surprised look before getting covered in water) (Citizen 2: Look out!) (Kate spits out a bit of water) (Bugs: Hey! What do you know? I found Nemo.) (Kate stares at D.J. with an angry look) (Daffy: I think she likes you.) Oops. (A Security Guard rips off all of Warner Bros. logos on his uniform also removing his badge) (Security Guard: Your father would be so ashamed of you.) (The Security Guard also wants his uniform handed over to him) But I was.... It was.... (The Warner Bros. gates shut after D.J. leaves)
~ D.J. Drake gets fired by having the Batmobile destroying the Water Tower of Warner Bros. Studio and loses his security guard uniform.
(Police Chief: Jones! In my office.) Hey, hey, who died? Other than Thrax, that is. (sees Leah) Brandy. I mean, Leah. What are you doing here? (Mayor Phlegmming, furious: You really did it now, Jones.) Mr. Mayor! I didn't see you back there. (Mayor Phlegmming: Disregarding orders, destruction, popping a pimple without a permit! What the heck were you doing there?!) (Jones is nervous) What was I doing? I was promoting good health, sir. (Mayor Phlegmming: Is that what you call it?) (Drix: Sir, he was a lethal virus. If we hadn't stopped him--) We'd be frying eggs off of Frank's dead butt! (Mayor Phlegmming: Watch it, kid, you'll cause a panic.) At least people oughta start thinking about what's going on in this body, instead of some stupid trip! (Mayor Phlegmming: Okay, Jones, you want us to start thinking? Well, here's a thought. YOU'RE FIRED!) (Ozzy becomes shocked) (Leah Estrogen: [also shocked] Mr. Mayor?) (Mayor Phlegmming: Your badge, mister.) (Ozzy sadly turns in his badge in to the Police Chief's desk) Figures. I finally do something right for Frank, and I get fired. (Ozzy hangs his head and sadly leaves out the door) (Leah Estrogen: Osmosis!) (Drix, trying to defend Ozzy: Please, without Jones, Frank could've been in mortal danger.) (Mayor Phlemming: Mortal danger? [chuckles] You'd love to prove that, wouldn't you, Mr. Drixenol? Keep your name in the New England Journal of Medicine? Son, do me a favor, read what it says on your arm.) (Drix: "For the temporary relief of symptoms--") (Mayor Phlemming: Exactly! Temporary! You're nothing but a wannabe. A placebo. A generic brand. Marked down, over-the-counter useless Tic-Tac. [Drix is shocked by the Mayor's words] NOW, GET OUT OF MY BODY!)
~ Osmosis Jones and Drix being fired from the police after setting off the pill to pop a pimple.
FIRED?! You can't fire me. I quit! (Chief Quimby thinks it's okay for Gadget to quit the Riverton Police Department, and Inspector Gadget gets confused as he tries to tell the Chief of what happened at the Science Convention.) Hmm... wait a second. I don't want to quit. Besides, Chief, it's not my fault. Look what Baxter found on me. (Inspector Gadget shows the Chief the circuit override chip to prove that he has found real evidence at the Science Convention.) A circuit override chip. (Unfortunately, an infuriated Chief Quimby refuses to listen and doesn't care since Inspector Gadget is fired.) (Chief Quimby, furious: I don't care! Claw stole the laser and you tarred and feathered the mayor in toothpaste... and caused $100,000 in damages.) (Chief Quimby becomes stern.) (Chief Quimby: Turn in your badge, Gadget.) (Inspector Gadget is shocked and stunned of what Quimby has said.) Oh, but, Chief, all I ever wanted to be... my entire life was a crime fighter. (Chief Quimby, still stern: Your badge.) (Inspector Gadget looks at his badge for the last time and gives his badge to the Chief as he places it on his desk and slides it to Quimby.) (Chief Quimby: Well, that'll be all... Mr. Gadget.) (Inspector Gadget leaves Quimby's office in depression, but looks at G2 one last time before leaving, knowing that she will be a better police officer than him. Inspector Gadget then has all of his stuff from his office put into a box and sadly leaves the Riverton Police Department, feeling that he is no longer a crime fighter anymore.)
~ Inspector Gadget being fired by Chief Quimby for failing to stop Claw and ruining the Science Convention.
~ Benson threatening to fire Mordecai and Rigby.
(Kay: We ought to run the old geezer right out of the castle.) (Sir Ector, putting his hand on Kay's mouth: Oh, no, no, no, no, Kay. No. He might cast an evil spell on all of us. Turn us all into stone. Shh. No. No telling what the old devil might do.) He's not an old devil. He--he's good. And his magic is good, too. (Ector and Kay have stern looks on their faces.) If you just leave him alone. (Sir Ector: Now look here, Wart. That's three more demerits.) (Sir Kay: Box his ears, Dad.) Just because you can't understand something, it--it doesn't mean it's wrong. (Sir Ector: Ten more demerits.) (Wart is on the verge of tears.) You may call the rules and nobody else can say anything. (Sir Ector got more angry at the Wart.) (Sir Ector: You said a plenty, boy! All that poppin' off just cooked your goose. Kay...from now on, young Hobbs is your squire.) (Kay is satisfied.) (Sir Ector: You hear that, Wart? Hobbs is going to be Kay's squire.) Ye-yes, sir. (Kay: That'll teach you to pop off, you little pipsqueak.) (Kay slashes a mop in half with his sword.)
~ Arthur Pendragon/Wart getting fired by Sir Ector from being Kay's squire.
~ Bob Parr getting fired from Insurance for injuring his boss Gilbert Huph in a rage for his refusal to help a mugged victim.
(Eric: Stewie, can I see you in my office for a second?) Oh, yeah what's up Eric, is everything okay? (Eric: Yeah, just come into my office. (Stewie goes with Eric, cut to his office) Stewie, Shiwanda said she saw you sneaking food.) Whaaaaaat..? (Eric: She said she saw you in the back of the kitchen sneaking a fish sandwich.) Oh come on, dude! Well, eh, Yes. Okay, but... but... the thing was five minutes past the throw-out time. (Eric: Well, be that as it may, Shiwanda took these pictures on her cellphone. (Eric gets out Shiwanda's cellphone, showing each picture of Stewie eating food on the job.) You're fired.)
~ Stewie Griffin gets fired from his job at a fast food restaurant McBurgertown for eating food on the job.
~ Mr. Humberfloob's catchphrase.
Goofy, I warned you. You're... FIRRRRRRRRRED! (echoes) (the workers drag Goofy away)
~ Goofy getting fired from goofing off and causing an accident at the toy factory.
(April O Neil's answering machine beeps) (Charles Pennington: April, It's Charles. I'm sorry. I know I don't know, how else to say this. You're fired April).
~ April O'Neil getting fired by his boss Charles Pennington for disobeying his orders.
Theo: Granted, yes, I admit that there's been a-a wee bit of damage to inventory, here, but if you'd just let me explain... (Carl: YOU'RE FIRED!) (Chet: Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, Carl, if you just give him one more chance, I promise that this will never, ever...) (Carl: You don't understand. YOU'RE fired. "You," plural. Youse. Y'all. Both of you! (slithers away with the other snails glaring at him in anger with Chet upset) Theo: Chet, I'm so sorry. (Chet becomes angry) You have to believe me, I did't mean for this to... (Chet: All my life. (laughs) All my life, I've defended you, covered for you, stood up for you, apologized to you, and this is what I get return. Dragged down with you on your sinking ship. A nice, comfy deck chair on the S.S. Theo! Aye-aye, Captain!) Theo: I'm really sorry. (Chet: What is wrong with you?!) (Meanwhile the crow is on the roof and sees Theo and Chet) Theo: I don't know. All I know is the other night, I'm standing above the 101, and all of a sudden... (Chet: It was a rhetorical question!) (The crow flies down and snatches Chet) Theo: Chet! (Chet: Help! The world is moving!)
~ Theo getting himself and Chet fired by Carl and the garden crew after destroying the tomato garden with the boy's tricycle.
Oh Cash! (Cash: Hey, Dixie) You come crawling back (Cash: Oh, uh, by the way, you can't, quit, you're fired.) Oh! What! You can't fire me! I already quit! Cash, you get back--(the door slams on her nose and mouth; just like Cash earlier) Now you've got me riled.
~ Dixie gets fired of Cash which she actually quits but the reason why because Copper now joined the Singin' Starys.