A Friendship Trinket is an object that is kept by one or two characters to symbolise their friendship or trust towards another character.

The item is often something the friends had since they were children such as hair ornaments, necklaces or something that has been split in half for them to share. It can also be given as a token of gratitude after one character saves or helps another.

If this precious keepsake is lost, stolen or damaged expect the owner to try to frantically recover or fix it that their relationship with their friend will be severed if they don't.


  • Stu Pickles gives Tommy a special pocket watch to remind him the responsibility his son now has as a big brother.
  • Sid gives Diego a coral necklace much to his embarrassment and Shira's amusement.
  • Oscar gives Angie a pearl necklace with her grandmother's pearl on it. He is later given back the necklace as a way to let him know that Don Lino and his mob kidnapped Angie.
  • Pocahontas is given her mother's necklace by her father.
  • Anakin Skywalker gives Padme Amidala a japor snippet as it would bring her good fortune.
  • Vanellope gives Ralph a cookie medal she made with the words "You're my Hero" written on it.
  • Anakin Skywalker gives Padme Amidala a japor snippet necklace which is to bring her good fortune. Later, after Padme dies, she is seen holding the necklace during her funeral.


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