(Jason Lee Scott shoots the sword of darkness with his blade blaster) It's all over, Tommy! (The Sword of darkness is destroyed and Tommy Oliver is freed from the evil spell and demorphs)
~ Jason Lee Scott destroys the Sword of Darkness, freeing Tommy Oliver from Rita Repulsa'a evil spell.
In any story (usually horror, science fiction or fantasy), the protagonist or someone he or she loves gets possessed by an entity (usually a witch, sorcerer, ghost, demon, alien, or other malevolent force). This is when someone has to free that person from the entity's possession, especially when it comes to saving that character from falling into the villain's clutches, removing the demon inside, or liberating him or her from the antagonist's thrall.


  • Kaa hypnotizes Mowgli and is about to eat him when Bagheera notices this and gives the snake a smack on the jaw, freeing the boy.
  • Rowan North, in ghost form, possesses Abby, who is about to throw Jillian out the window. Patty arrives in the nick of time to tackle Abby and give her a sharp slap across the face, freeing her from the demon inside.
  • Regan MacNeil was possessed by Pazuzu but she was free by Damian Karras who sacrifice his own life to save her.
  • Harry Potter gets possessed by Lord Voldemort, but he is freed by love and friendship.
  • Scuttle yanks off the shell necklace on Ursula/Vanessa's neck, causing it to break on the deck, giving Ariel her voice back and freeing Prince Eric from the sea witch's possession.
  • Karai gets brainwashed from the Shredder by using a brain worm, Leonardo tries to help her to fight it off but failed, however, Master Splinter uses his healing hand technique to free her from the Shredder's control.
  • Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang and Lois Lane were possessed from the 1600s witches Madelyn Hibbins, Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and Brianna Withridge, but Clark Kent/Superman manages to free them by destroying Isobel's Spell Book with his powers.
  • Shanti is hypnotized and about to be devoured by Kaa when Ranjan pulls her away and attacks the snake to free his friend.
  • Aladdin smashes Jafar's staff on the floor to free the Sultan from the sorcerer's power.
  • Kubo is possessed by the Garden of Eyes, but just as he's about to float into its maw, Beetle is able to blind the monster and free him.
  • Ash is possessed by the villainous King of Pokélantis. However, Pikachu was able to hear Ash's voice and zapped him with his thunderbolt attack, freeing him in the process.
  • Vida Rocca gets possessed and turned into a vampire by Necrolai, but Chip was able to remind her who she was and broke the spell.
  • Ginevra Weasley gets herself possessed by Tom Riddle's diary and was forced to open the chamber of secrets. However, Harry Potter was able to destroy the diary with the Basilisk fang and free her.
  • Darkwing Duck, Binkie Muddlefoot, Honker Muddlefoot and Launchpad McQuack are possessed by the Brainteasers, but Gosalyn Mallard manages to free them all.
  • Gohan, Goten and Trunks are infected by Baby. However, Kibito Kai uses the sacred water to free them from Baby's mind control.
  • Vegeta becomes possessed by Baby and was turned into a Tuffle in order to accomplish his plan for revenge. However, when Goku became a Super Saiyan 4, Baby lost full control of Vegeta when Goku blasted off his tail.
  • Bumblebee breaks Optimus Prime free from his Nemesis Prime persona when the young Autobot regains his voice in ''Transformers: The Last Knight''.
  • Optimal Optimus breaks Hot Rod free from his Rodimus Cron persona by removing the Matrix of Chaos from him.
  • Rad, Carlos, Alexis, Fred and Billy free High Wire and the Mini-Cons from Unicron's control.
  • Tommy Oliver is freed from Rita Repulsa's evil spell by Jason Lee Scott who destroyed the Sword of Darkness with his blade blaster.
  • The Undertaker frees Nicky Diamond Jr. from Captain Doody's possession with his signature taunt the throat cut.
  • King Richard snaps out of Sir Hiss' hypnosis and returns home, immediately reclaims his throne from his brother Prince John upon discovering his terrible deeds and has him, Sir Hiss and the Sheriff of Nottingham along with the Rhino Guards and Wolf Arrowmen arrest for their crimes against poor people.
  • Samurai Jack frees Ashi from her possession after he confesses his love for her.
  • Ed is freed from his anger state by Jonny 2x4, who pulls his shoe off with a pebble in it.
  • Blake Bradley telling Hunter that he is his brother and to shake it off in order to break the spell.
  • Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack free their parents and Lucius from Evelyn's hypno-goggles.
  • The Shitennou were finally fully released from Queen Metalia's control by their girlfriends Inner Senshi when they combined their own Sailor powers to perform Sailor Planet Attack.
  • Tuxedo Mask is freed from evil spell twice: First, he is freed from Queen Metalia's control by the four reformed generals. Second, he is freed from Black Lady's control by the Cutie Moon Rod.
  • Sailor Pluto's death breaks Chibiusa free from Wiseman's evil spell as Black Lady and she fully awakened as Sailor Chibi Moon, the Sailor Soldier of the Future Moon.
  • Sailor Moon frees Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto from Cyprine's mind-control using the Holy Grail.
  • Apollonir frees Drago from Spectra's command using the Dragon Proudia from Dan Kuso.
  • Spyro defeated and freed Cynder from the Malefor's corrupted fluence using the element of Convexity.
  • Twilight Sparkle saved Tempest Shadow from sucked into a vortex, using her act of friendship to free her from the Storm King's evil influence.
  • Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy free Robin from Slade's mind control, by showing him the rest of the movie they made for him
  • Tim Goodman frees Mewtwo from Howard Clifford's mind control by grabbing his mind possessing device off from him.


~ Patty giving Abby a wallop to free her from Rowan North's possession.
(Bumblebee: I-I am Bumblebee... Your oldest friend!) [Nemesis Prime halts his attack at the sound of the young Autobot's voice.] (Bumblebee: Optimus... I would lay down my life for you.) [Nemesis Prime's optics turn from purple to blue, indicating that Optimus Prime is back to his normal self.] Bumblebee... Your voice... I have not heard it since Cybertron fell. [The red mark on Optimus' face vanishes.] What have I done?
~ Bumblebee regains his voice in time to severe Quintessa's control over Nemesis Prime, thus allowing him to become Optimus Prime once more.
(Rad: High Wire!) [High Wire's eyes lights up again] (Alexis: The Mini-Cons are alive.) (Rad: They heard us. Let’s just hope they can shut down Unicron.) Hear us, Unicron. The Mini-Cons have united to oppose your war. We believe in peace, and if we must fight for it, we will. (Optimus: The children.) (Unicron: How dare you defy me again, Mini-Cons. Now you shall pay!)
~ Rad reawakens High Wire's true, friendly personality to severe Unicron's control over the Mini-Cons.
(Perceptor: Hold him down! We have got the Matrix of Chaos out of him.) [Optimal Optimus pulls Rodimus's chest open and pulls the Matrix of Chaos out of him] (Rodimus Cron/Unicron: No...stop...I am your god...) You're no one's god, Unicron.
~ Optimal Optimus removes the Matrix of Chaos from Rodimus Cron, freeing him from Unicron's control and turning him back to Hot Rod.
Hunter. Your name is Hunter. Your my brother! Come on man, shake it off.
~ Blake Bradley telling Hunter that he is his brother and to shake it off in order to break the spell.
Don't fight me, Drago!
~ Apollonir freeing Drago from Spectra's command by using the Dragon Proudia from Dan Kuso.
It's all over Tommy!
~ Jason Lee Scott destroying the Sword of Darkness with his blade blaster freeing Tommy Oliver from Rita Repulsa's evil spell.




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