Donkey Kong Island serves as the home of Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong the rest of the Kong family and homeword of Kong species.

The island was depicted in the shape of DK's head varied with landscapes consisting of jungles, ruins, forests, beaches, caves, big glaciers and even a desert. However, because villains had previously occupied the island, industrial-themed locations have also appeared; including mines and factories. In the video game Donkey Kong Country Returns and games after it, much of the island’s terrain had been changed for reasons unknown. A colossal volcano now sits in the center of the island where the DK head formation use to be, and the big glacier mountains have disappeared, having been replaced by fossil-filled canyons.

Despite its beauty and preservation, Donkey Kong Island is a target of covet for various villainous organizations. The island was routinely invaded by the Kremling Krew, Tiki Tak Tribe and Snowmads, although it has always been defended by DK and his friends.



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