Protecting the Innocent

I WON'T let you kill my mother!
~ Merida protecting Queen Elinor from being killed by King Fergus.

In any good story, or even in real life, there comes a time when the hero or heroine must protect an innocent person from severe danger,

whether it is from an enemy, a natural disaster, the list goes on. But it is npt always the hero who stands up for someone. Sometimes, the protagonist's best friend or a member of his or her family could defend the innocent, even the hero or heroine.

Sometimes, there is a secret bonus that a hero will have a saved soul for sacrificing his or her life.

There are many ways the protagonist can defend the innocent:

  • Fighting off an enemy.
  • Jumping between the person to be saved and the enemy, a falling rock, etc.
  • Pulling the victim out of the way.
  • Giving up his or her life for the person to rescue.
  • Standing up for the innocent person.



  • Richie Tozier attacking Pennywise/IT to save Billy Denbrough.






Ugly Gorillas! Ugly! Go Away!
~ Amy the talking Gorilla telling off the Grey Gorillas not to kill Peter Elliot.
Get away from my godson!
~ Sirius Black defending his godson Harry Potter
(Young Judy notices Gideon Grey and his lackey, Travis, intimidating a group of kids and pokes her head out from behind a box.) (Gideon: Give me your tickets right now, or I'm gonna kick your meek little sheep butt!) (Gideon roughly shoves a small black lamb.) (Girl Lamb: Ow! Cut it out, Gideon!) (Gideon swipes some tickets from the sheep's hands.) (Gideon, mockingly: Baa, baa! What are you gonna do, cry?) Hey! (Judy steps in to protect the kids.) You heard her. Cut it out. (Gideon: Nice costume, loser. What kind of crazy world are you living in where you think a bunny can be a cop?) (firmly) Kindly return my friend's tickets. (Gideon: Come and get 'em. But watch out, 'cause I'm a fox. Like you said in your dumb little stage play, us predators used to EAT prey! And our killer instincts are still in our "denna.") (Travis: Uh, I'm pretty much sure it's pronounced DNA.) (Gideon, giving Travis a sharp push: Don't tell me what I know, Travis.) You don't scare me, Gideon! (Suddenly, without warning, Gideon knocks Judy to the ground! The kids cry out and gasp.) (Gideon: Scared now?) (Travis: Look at her nose twitch.) (The bully, smiling maliciously, towers over Judy.) (Gideon: Cry, little baby bunny! Cry!) (Judy bravely kicks Gideon in the face, knocking him backward. The children gasp and Gideon rubs his sore tooth.) (Gideon: Oh, you don't know when to quit, do ya?) (SHWINK! Claws sprout from Gideon's fingers. Judy gasps. With an ugly snarl, the fox raises his arm and swipes at Judy, ripping a gash in her right cheek! The kids gasp once again and Gideon pins Judy to the ground.) (Gideon: I want you to remember this moment: The next time you think you will be ANYTHING more than just a stupid, carrot-farming dumb bunny!) (He lets Judy go and he and, with a mean laugh, walks off with Travis. As soon as the bullies are out of earshot, the kids run over to Judy, who is still wounded.) (Boy Lamb: That was bad.) (Girl Lamb: Are you okay, Judy?) (Judy pulls herself up.) Yeah, I'm okay. (She pulls out the tickets Gideon had stolen and gives it to the girl lamb.) Here you go. (Girl Lamb: Wow! You got our tickets!) (Boy Sheep: You're awesome, Judy.) (Girl Lamb: Yeah, that Gideon Grey doesn't know what he's talking about!) Well, he was right about one thing. (Judy stands tall and places her police hat on her head.) I don't know when to quit.
~ Young Judy Hopps protecting a group of children from Gideon Grey.
Take your hands off my children!
~ Cedric Brown protecting his children from Selma Thadius Quickly.
Run, Mowgli, Run!
~ Baloo, protecting Mowgli from Shere Khan.
Get away from my son!
~ Samson protecting Ryan from Kazar.
I promise, if I find out he's been mistreated in any way, I'll have this place shut down.
~ Will Rodman defending Caesar as he stands up to John Landon.
Put them down! Put my children down!
~ Helen Grace standing up to Mulgarath to save her children.
You filthy goddamn pock-marked fascist assholes! Take your hands off my lobby boy! (The lead inspector walks into the coach.) (Inspector: What's the problem?) This is outrageous! This young man works for me at the Grand Budapest hotel in Nebelsbad! (pause) (Inspector: Monsieur Gustave? My name is Henckels. I'm the son of Dr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Henckels-Bergersdofer. Don't you remeber me?) I know exactly who you are. It's uncanny. You're little Albert.) (Henckels: I'm terribly embarrassed. Release them.)
~ Gustave H. standing up against fascist officers to protect Zero.
You awful man, stay away from my son.
~ Marge Simpson telling Sideshow Bob to stay away from her son Bart.
(Jason and Glory arrive at the reception, to see Brad waiting) (Glory: This is not the way to handle this. You cannot march in here and pick up children without the proper notification; that's against the law! (turns to one of her staff) Call their mother.) (Brad: You don't need to call her!) You're not going in there. (Brad: Who do you think you are, huh?) Step down. (turns to the staff member) Call their mother. (Brad: Yeah, go ahead, call her. Tell her I'm done putting up with this.) (Glory: If you are those children's father, then you should act like it instead of acting like a fool!) (Brad: (takes a step forward) I want my kids! (Glory and her staff shoot back, but Jason steps closer to Brad.) Look, I don't know much about the law, but attempting to take your kids without authorization can get you in big trouble, so calm down and back off! (Brad pauses, then walks out of the reception.)
~ Jason Wilson standing up to Christine's ex-husband, Brad, to protect their children.
(Roscoe and Desoto advance menancingly on Oliver. Dodger runs in between them) (Roscoe: Get outta my way, Dodger!) That's enough, Roscoe! (Rita, Francis, Einstein and Tito also protect Oliver from the dobermans; Sykes' car horn honks)(Rita: Run along, Roscoe. You're master's calling.) (Roscoe & Desoto hesitate, then turn to leave) (Roscoe: C'mon, Desoto. [As the dobermans leave, Roscoe turns to the gang] We ain't finished, Dodger. You guys are gonna pay for this--starting with that cat.) (The dobermans leave. Tito yells after them as they go.) (Tito: Oh, yeah? You guys don't scare me! Come on and say it to my face! COME ON! COME ON! COME ON! Yeah, those creeps will think twice before hassling us, man.) Alright, kid, what'd I tell ya guys? Ol'Dodge can really pick them, huh?) (Dodger holds out his paw. Oliver swings for a high five, but Dodger gives him a too slow gesture.)
~ Dodger and the gang protecting Oliver from Roscoe and Desoto.
Chapman, get your hands off of my FRIEND!
~ Garfield attacking Happy Chapman who's threatening Odie with a shock collar.
~ Lars standing up to Cruella, refusing to make puppy-coat canvases for her.
(Jasmine is walking through the marketplace in disguise when she notices a hungry little boy reaching for an apple. She turns to him with sympathy.) Oh, you must be hungry. (Jasmine takes an apple and gives it to the boy.) Here you go. (As the boy scurries off, the fruit seller, a huge scary-looking man with a gruff voice, rises from his stall.) (Fruit Seller: You'd better be able to pay for that.) Pay? (The fruit seller grabs Jasmine roughly.) (Fruit Seller: No one steals from MY cart!) Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I don't have any money. (Fruit Seller: THIEF!) Please! If you let me go to the palace, I can get some from the Sultan. (Aladdin and Abu watch from the sidelines; they know what to do.) (Fruit Seller: Do you know what the penalty is for STEALING?) (As he speaks, the fruit seller roughly grabs Jasmine's arm, presses it down onto the stall, and pulls out a huge knife, poised to chop off her hand!) No! No, please! (A hand grabs the fruit seller's knife, blocking his blow. The rescuer is Aladdin.) (Aladdin: Thank you, kind sir. I'm so glad you found her.) (Aladdin turns to Jasmine.) (Aladdin: I've been looking all over for you.) What are you doing? (Aladdin, guiding Jasmine: Just play along.)
~ Jasmine being rescued by Aladdin from a wrathful Fruit Vender whom she unintentionally stole an apple from to give a hungry boy to, which leads to their relationship and romance.
(Hopper grabs Dot having discovered the bird is a decoy. He stomps to the crowd) (Hopper: WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?! Huh?!) (No one moves; Hopper turns his attention to Atta) (Hopper: Was it yours, Princess?) (Princess Atta, standing her ground with the girls behind her: Just get behind me, girls. It'll be OK) Leave her alone, Hopper! The bird was MY idea! I'M the one you want!
~ Flik standing up to Hopper, revealing the fake bird was his idea.
~ Dash Parr saving Violet from Syndrome's goons.
(Frollo locks the miller and his family inside their house with a spear; he turns to Phoebus) (Frollo: Burn it.) What?! (Frollo, handing Phoebus a torch: Until it smolders. These people are traitors and must be made examples of.) With all due respect, sir, I was not trained to murder the innocent. (Frollo: But you were trained to follow orders!) (Phoebus douses his torch in a water barrel; Frollo snarls with rage) (Frollo: Insolent coward!) (Frollo grabs another torch and touches the flame to the windmill. The entire structure is quickly engulfed in flame. Phoebus crashes through the window and brings the family outside to safety. Then Frollo's soldiers grab Phoebus) (Frollo: The sentence for insubordination is death, such a pity. You threw away a promising career.) Consider it my highest honor, sir.
~ Phoebus refusing to burn the innocent miller's house under Frollo's orders, then saves the family when Frollo sets the house on fire anyway. In response, Frollo attempts to have Phoebus executed, but not before Esmeralda intervenes with a distraction.
Hey, Mom! Mom, look. We gotta talk, okay? (Gabe: HEY! Can't you see she's servicing me and my friends?) Hey, hey! Don't talk about my mom like that, you bald-headed freak.
~ Percy Jackson standing up to Gabe Ugliano to protect his mother.
Hold it right there, Bucko! (Desmond Spellman turned around as he saw Casper and gave a confused look: Bucko?) (Wendy running up to Casper: Casper you came back!) (Desmond's henchmen grabbed Wendy) (Desmond zaps Wendy's aunts) (Casper being in shock for a moment) (Wendy trying to reach to Casper: Help!) (Desmond: That's right. The Oracle mention a ghost but never mention one so puny.) You leave Wendy alone!
~ Casper standing up to Desmond Spellman to save Wendy.
~ Moses trying to stop an Egyptain guard from sadistically whipping an elderly slave.
~ Quasimodo saving Esmeralda from being burned at the stake by Judge Frollo.
Kocoum, STOP!
~ Pocahonas trying to protect John Smith from Kocoum.
HEY! No one does that to my friend!
~ Woody, fighting Stinky Pete for hitting Buzz.
Stop it! So you'd hammer one of nature's innocent creatures?!
~ The Lorax defending Pipsqueak, the youngest Barbaloot from the Once-Ler
Not likely! (Negaduck: Too late Darkwing, you can't save both the girl and the city) Au contraire, mon Fraire, that is what heroes do best.
~ Darkwing Duck confronting Negaduck to save his daughter Gosalyn.
Get away from my kids!
~ Donald Duck fights evil shadows from attacking Huey,Dewey,Louie and Webby.
(Lt. Hedgecock and his SWAT aim their weapons at Robocop) (Kaplan: HEY, WAIT A SECOND!!) (Manson: He's a Cop for god's sake!) (Ramirez: Hedgecock, you can't do that!)
~ Kaplan, Manson and Ramirez refusing to destroy Robocop under Dick Jones' orders and alert Anne Lewis long enough to rescue Robocop from Lt. Hedgecock who carried on the orders.


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