Crystal Star

The Crystal Star was the second item that Serena Tsukino used to transform into Sailor Moon. It is used in the transformation Moon Crystal Power, Make Up and her healing power Moon Crystal Power.

It was created when Serena's broken Transformation Brooch merged with the Silver Crystal in episode 51 of the anime. In Act 13 of the manga, Queen Serenity left it for Serena in the Chamber of Prayer and Serena found it when she visited the restored Moon Castle after the defeat of Queen Metalia. Serena simply had to place the Silver Crystal inside the brooch to use it.


  • The gems on the compact represent the Inner Senshi. The moon in the middle represents Sailor Moon. From the top clockwise, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter.
  • In the anime, the Crystal Star was used to heal the Spectre sisters. It was also used to try to wake up Neo-Queen Serenity, but it did not work.
  • When the compact was sold by Bandai, It was called the "Miracle Romance Compact." The compact also came with "Shining Moon Powder."