Church of the Holy Light

The Church of the Holy Light is an organization that is associated with the Alliance. It is a religious organization dedicated to the virtues of the light and responsible for teaching them to various students.


It is currently unknown how or when the church itself was founded but it's members have a purpose in trying to spread goodness. The priests of the church is to provide is to use the Light to heal, restore peace, and protect during times of war. The Paladins are the enforcers of its laws and the exact examples of its teachings. The Church sends its priest all over the world to spread wisdom and comfort of the Holy Light. These people are there to help with practical matters from building houses to settling disputes to scaring enemies. These priests and crusaders are protecting the weak, dispense justice, bringing peace, and to vanquish evil from the darkest corners of the world.

The General ideology of this religious organization is to be good in all actions.

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