The Mayor of Halloween Town: How horrible our Christmas will be.
Jack Skellington: No! How jolly!
The Mayor of Halloween Town: Oh. How jolly our Christmas will be.
~ The Mayor of Halloween Town and Jack Skellington.

This is a special category for items, songs/themes, locations/locations and benevolent phenomena of all kinds that turn out to be Contradictory are either an opposite of a normally friendly career, or even race, or even appearance, or are true promises in a sense, or are surprising despite whatever silly. adorable, or harmless sounding name they process alone.

The common themes include but are not limited to: heavens/Heaven-dimensions, light forms, hospitals, amusement parks, dollhouses, puppets, toys, churches or other places of reverence.

There are the things that are supposed to represent joy, innocence and friendship donning a theme then what is expected of them no different from what contradictory gooddoers or even their villainous counterparts are in a similar fashion.

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