The Casino Night Zone

The Casino Night Zone

The Casino Night Zone is a breath-taking and magical modern city-like gambling casino Zone and one of the well-known locations and levels in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. This glittering, gambling theme park-like town that never sleeps, is geographically located elsewhere on West Side Island, where the cool Blue Speedster Sonic met and became friends with his aspiring young sidekick Miles "Tails" Prowler during his adventures while the egomaniacal scientist Doctor Ivo Robotnik and his Badniks forces are out there in the city causing trouble. This city's jackpot machineries and other consonantal items within it caters to that very amazing isle with tourism money.

This ever-visited locale is always shown set during night time with carefree and electrifying colors, making it a delightful view to behold. Casino Night Zone displays a pinball-based level design with many known gimmicks such as spring catapults, bumpers, pinball flippers and slot machines (complete with the spinning pictures. It is flooded with endless amount of Rings/Power Rings (especially within the slot machines that will grant the players to have a few or many if they win with the right combinations).

This awesome place itself has made the Casino-themed Zone trope unforgettably paradigmatic within the Sonic the Hedgehog videogame franchise and it has made multiple appearances throughout the games, while many later games have various Zones based of it. The Casino Night Zone is also featured as a racetrack in Sonic Drift 2, as well as a rebound stage in Sonic Generations as well as a pinball minigame DLC on the said game's console versions, and representing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as a stage on its 3DS version.

The Casino Night Zone consists of two standard Acts with a boss fight at the end of Act 2 as shown in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (with the seemingly stylish Cather Eggman version of the evil Doctor Eggman's Egg Mobile at the boss fight).

The Casino Night Zone is mostly known to hardily contain any enemies, yet it has a single bumper enemy per Act.


  • It is never stated if Doctor Eggman is the architect behind the creation of the Casino Night Zone, and it is possible that the place was constructed by somebody other than him.
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