Bomber Nebula is the galaxy serves as main home of Planet Bomber where is main map in some Bomberman games because of other planets and 3nd world in Super Bomberman 5.

This galaxy is known by 5 planets as planet forest, volcanic planet, water planet, desert planet and ice planet. When Bagura and other villains invade this galaxy, ever have spaceships, space stations and black holes.

The galaxy is coveted by Bagura when same tried conquer it. First steal 5 Mother Computer Chips divided in 5 pieces with help of Dastardly Bombers, second he free 4 Dark Force Bombers imprisoned inside Blue Crystals and third he cover all planets with his shadowy threat (include Planet Bomber). But Shiro and Kuro ever leaving space station to defeat Bagura and his evil Bombers.

In Super Bomberman 5, five planets this galaxy formed part of Terrorin World and where Pirate Bomber & Muscle Bomber are found.


  • Earthen Star:
  • Fiery Star:
  • Water Star:
  • Dry Star:
  • Snow Star:


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