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The Blue Sky Kingdom is the homeland of Hime Shirayuki.

The Blue Sky Kingdom was a peaceful kingdom ruled by the King and the Queen, parents of Princess Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky.

Praying to Axia is a tradition that has been passed through generations. When it was Himelda's time to pray to Axia, she heard someone calling for help from inside the box. Without knowing its content, she opened the box. At that time, Phantom Empire were freed.

After Queen Mirage and her allies were freed, they quickly invaded the kingdom. Every citizen was defeated and trapped inside mirrors, including the Queen and the King. They are being kept inside the throne room.

After the invasion, the whole kingdom was changed by Queen Mirage according to her preferences.

Himelda, unable to fight against them, fled to Pikarigaoka with her caretaker, Ribbon. They started their journey to retrieve the kingdom back.

The kingdom is being guarded by several Saiark and Choiark. Due to Queen Mirage's influence, they become more powerful inside the kingdom and the power of the Pretty Cure are weakened.


  • Blue Sky Kingdom can be compared to Beauty and the Beast. The prince fell under a curse and was transformed into a Beast. The whole castle and all the servants were changed due to the curse as well.