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Beach House is the home of Steven Universe. and serves as the entrance to the Crystal Temple. it's appears in Steven Universe.


The Beach House is built over the entrance of the Crystal Temple. While Steven stays in the Beach House, the Crystal Gems have their own rooms within the Temple, accessible via the Temple Gate.

The house is a modestly-sized dwelling with one large interior room and an upper level. The upper level serves as Steven's bedroom while the main interior contains a lounge with a fireplace and a kitchen/bar. The door to the bathroom is located in the back left, past the fireplace, while the bathroom itself is built directly below the upper level. Outside is a balcony/deck with further seating and an umbrella. Hanging inside, above the door, is a picture of Rose Quartz.

The far side of the house's interior opens into the foyer of the Crystal Temple. Just outside the Temple Gate is a Warp Pad.


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