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The Animation Spell

The Animation Spell is a magical ability that enable sorcerers and sorceresses to bring object to life, similar with the Cleaning Spell, albeit this enchantment used on other inanimate object like a statue or convert a fake creature into real one.


Once casted, any object under this spell would animate, move and breath like an actual living being. Animated objects not always retain their former nature prior to being animated, as some also had additional change in their appearance, like Balthazar's Eagle gains a new rear part of it's body, includes clawed feet and tail feathers, and Sun Lok's Dragon gains actual physical form of an actual Eastern dragon. In either case, animated object would became the caster's servant, and would do anything that their master asked without any second thought.

Beings brought to life by Spellcasters

  • Balthazar Blake:
    • Balthazar's Eagle

      Balthazar's Eagle - A giant metallic eagle statue from the Chrysler Building animated by the magical power of noble Merlinean sorcerer Balthazar Blake.
  • Sun Lok:
    • Sun Lok's Dragon

      Sun Lok's Dragon - A large dragon costume wielded by men during a Chinese festival in New York's Chinatown before being turned into an actual dragon by Morganian wizard Sun Lok using his own magic on his abdominal belt with a dragon symbol on it.
  • Maxim Horvath:
    • The Charging Bull

      Charging Bull - A big metallic bronze statue of a bull in Manhatten's Battery Park brought to life via the sorcery of renegade former Merlinean conjuror Maxim Horvath.
    • Horvath's Wolves

      Horvath's Wolves - A pack of gray wolves that were originally a photo of pack of gray wolves in Dave Stutler's wildlife calendar before being turned into real living wolves by Horvath's magic, and before being transformed into puppies and quickly reverted back into pictures by Balthzar.