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Amity Park is a fictional town and the home of Danny Phantom. It is the main setting for most of the episodes of the supernatural science-fantasy superhero TV series Danny Phantom.

Mainly due to the Fentons' ghost portal, Amity Park has become a hotspot for ghost activity.


Amity Park is depicted as a moderately large urban city, reminiscent of Chicago, San Francisco, or Philadelphia. The city has several downtown areas with modern skyscrapers.

Amity Park is home to an observatory, City Hall, a major research lab, museum, school system, fire and police departments, restaurants, and stores, including a shopping mall.

A river runs next to the city, separating it from nearby towns. Amity Park is confirmed to be across the river from Elmerton.


Central United States

During "Reality Trip", Danny Phantom and his friends travel cross-country to find the "Reality Gems" located in Florida, Nevada, and California. Danny first travels to Florida to find the first gem, which is closer to the central U.S. than Nevada or California. This is also supported by two other episodes in the series.

In "Memory Blank", Lancer points his stick towards the Louisiana area of the United States. Also in "Urban Jungle", the roots spread from the Great Lakes region of the United States to the rest of the world. This hints that, possibly, "Lake Eerie" (seen in "Girls' Night Out" and "Claw of the Wild") actually replaces the real Lake Erie.

The body of water next to Amity Park could have very well been Lake Michigan. In the episode "Double Cross My Heart", Elliot mentions being from Michigan, revealing that Amity Park is located outside of Michigan.

Another implication that Amity Park is located in the central United States is the episode "Bitter Reunions", where Danny and his family accompany his father, Jack Fenton, on a road trip to Wisconsin for his college reunion.

Western United States

In the episode "Fanning the Flames", Mr. Lancer mentions the Northwestern Standardized Testing. While this could mean that Amity Park is located in Oregon or Washington, it could also refer to Northwestern University which is in Evanston, Illinois. Many episodes did suggest Amity Park having beaches and even palm trees, suggesting that Amity Park is on the west coast (for example, the bus scene from "Forever Phantom") or within California (where the show is produced).


  • Amity Park takes its name from Amityville, New York, a town on Long Island that serves as the location of the 1977 novel and 1979 movie series The Amityville Horror.
  • Amity Park has at least 5 newspapers: Amity Park Chronicle, Amity Park Journal, Amity Park Daily, Amity Park Angle, and Amity Park News.
  • Despite not giving a clear statement on Amity Park's exact location and state, there have been several clues that hint towards a possible location in the central United States. The only states it is not located in are: California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin.