The Accusation

Heroic Overview

In all media, A accusation or allegation and Facing charges is the act of the heroes or heroines being accused by persons for crime (for such as murderer, kidnapper, thieves, physical/psychologically/sexual abuser, arson, vandalism and anything), but he or she didn't do anything wrong or don't know anything.

Someone keeping on saying anything or don't listening to heroes and heroines to exiling him/her from home/planet/universe/current reality and never come back or file a case against him/her for all wrongdoing before went to jail, believing he/she joining the antagonists as a traitor. The protagonist was heartbroken and afraid their family/friends/people and others won't love him/her anymore and it time to move on.

How to deal with a false accusation:


Disney/Pixar Edit

  • Mayor Lionheart accused of turning predators into savage and imprisoning them, which he was framed by Dawn Bellwether.
  • Darkwing Duck is accused of many wrongdoings, such as stealing the tribe's amulet, threatening to blow up the theater, freeing the convicts of St. Canard, and a string of crimes committed in the city
  • Miranda Sanchez, Lizzie McGuire's friend, is accused of shoplifting a tube of lipstick at a store
  • Flik accused of he lying to Princess Atta and the other ants about the Circus Bugs being Warriors.
  • Woody accused of pushing Buzz out the window on purpose, which it is just an accident. However, he was accused again for throwing R.C. out of the moving truck, which he was only trying to rescue Buzz.
  • Jessie the Cowgirl accused of turning on the TV, which she was framed by Prospector (aka Stinky Pete).
  • Roger Rabbit accused of murdering Marvin Acme at the Acme Factory, which he was framed by Judge Doom.
  • Remy accused of catching him and his rat colony stealing food, which he was accidentally framed by Emile.
  • Tinkerbell accused of trying to kill Wendy Darling by Peter Pan and was banished from Neverland for a week as the result of her rudeness, selfishness and jealously.
  • John Darling, Michael Darling, and The Lost Boys accused of kidnapping Tiger Lily, which they were framed by Captain Hook.
  • In the 2019 live-action remake of Aladdin, Jasmine accuses Aladdin of stealing her mother's bracelet, when it was stolen by Aladdin's monkey Abu.
  • J. Thaddeous Toad was accused by Judgements for selling the stolen red motor car to Winkie which it turns out that, which he was framed by Mr. Winkie and the weasel gang did stole the red motor car.
  • Simba accused of the responsible behind the murder of his father Mufasa during the final climax, which he was framed by Scar in both the original 1994 animated version and the 2019 live-action remake of The Lion King.
    • Ironically, he himself accused Kovu of leading him into an ambush, which the latter was framed by Zira in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride.
  • Perry the Playtpus accused of every crime in the tri-state area, which he was framed by Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his Perry the Playtpus robot clones in the Phineas and Ferb episode, "Cheer Up Candace".
  • Esmeralda was accused of stealing coins by the Brutish and Oafish Guards, when she really earned them from dancing.

DreamWorks Edit

  • Sinbad accused of stealing the book, which he was framed by Eris.
  • Aaron accused Moses of caring about the Hebrew slaves only after learning that he was one of them, after Moses failed to convince Rameses to free the Hebrews.
  • Oh accused for sending his party invitation to the entire galaxy so Gorg could find and destroy all the Boov.

Transformers Edit

  • The Autobots accused of caused the battle of Chicago five years prior, which they're save the earth and humanity and it was the Decepticons and Dylan Gould who were responsible for causing it in the first place, no thanks to Sentinel Prime.
  • Bumblebee accused of destroying Charlie's house, which it is just an accident.

Paramount/Nickelodeon Edit

  • Jimmy Neutron accused of a reckless act with his jetpack, which it is just an accident.
  • Timmy Turner accused of vandalizing the Turner family house, which he was framed by Vicky.
  • Drake Parker and Josh Nichols accused of selling the stolen Gary Coleman grills, which Buddy & Guy stole and posed themselves as salesman to allow the boys to sell the grills.
  • Doug Funnie was accused of cheating on his English test (which turned out to be done by Chalky Studebaker) and stealing Mr. Bone's Yodeling trophy, which he was framed by Roger Klotz
  • Sam Manson and Tucker Foley accused of vandalizing the school cafeteria, which they were framed by the third ghost clone and Dash Baxter.
  • Arnold Shortman accused of mooning Principal Wartz, which he was accidently framed by Harold, Stinky and Sid.
  • Stu Pickles accused of losing Angelica Pickles, which he was framed by Rex Pester.

Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation Edit

  • Boog accused of driving forest animals to the hunting grounds, which it's just an accident.

20th Century FoxEdit

  • Jack Dawson was accused of stealing the Heart Of The Ocean diamond necklace, which he didn't do as he was framed by Cal Hockley.

Others Edit

  • Bryan Mills accused of murdering his ex-wife Lenore Mills, which he was framed by Stuart St. John.
  • Littlefoot accused of wasting water in the river, which he was caused by the bullies Hyp, Nod, and Mutt.
  • Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Shaggy Rogers accused of vandalizing Coolsville High School, which they were framed by Principal Needle (The Dark Specter).
  • Commissioner Gordon accused of stealing the money and taking bribes from the warehouse, which he was framed by Rupert Thorne and Gil Mason.
  • Cloud Strife and his friends are accused of massacring at the Battle Arena, which they were framed by Dyne Barret's best friend.
  • The Iron Giant accused of vaporizing Hogarth, which the Giant didn't mean to.
  • Krusty the Clown accused of robbing the Kwik-E-Mart, which he was framed by Sideshow Bob.
  • Spike the Bulldog accused of stealing George and Joan's chicken, which he was framed by Tom Cat.
  • The Power Rangers accused of sabotaging the school's water fountain with laundry detergent soap, which they were framed by Twin-Man and his Ranger clones.
  • Tom Robinson accused and breaks down, when he told Atticus Finch that he did not rape Mayella Ewell.
  • Stanley Ipkiss accused of stealing the money from the Edge City Bank, which he was framed by Dorian Tyrell and his henchmen.
  • Jim Craig accused of setting Harrison's colt loose, which he was framed by Curly.
  • Ben Throttle accused of killing Malcolm Corley, which he was framed by Adrian Ripburger.
  • Underdog accused of committing crimes in the city, including stealing Sweet Polly Purebreed's purse and the Mayor's cigar, which he was framed by his evil doppleganger, Tap Tap, the Chiseler in the Underdog episode, "From Hopeless to helpless".
  • Sam, Clover and Alex accused of robbing every bank in Beverly Hills, which they were framed by Macker and his evil robot versions of Sam, Clover and Alex in the Totally Spies episode, "The Fugitives".
  • Mario accused of using Graffiti in Isle Delfino, which he was framed by Bowser Jr. disguised as Shadow Mario in Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Santa Claus accused of the disappearance of Grandma Spankenheimer, which he was framed by Cousin Mel.
  • The Powerpuff Girls accused for all of the crimes in Townsville City, which they were framed by the crooks disguised as the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Brody Romero accused of stealing Principal Hastings' compass, which he was framed by Victor and Vincent. Brody didn't actually do anything wrong, it was actually Victor's net that flung the compass in Brody's bag and Brody was scared to tell the truth.
  • Batman accused of killing Nora Fries, which he was framed by Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy wanted to become the only woman in Mr. Freeze's life and Batman was able to save Nora and exposes her betrayal to Freeze.
  • Axel Foley accused of shooting Uncle Dave Thornton, which he was framed by Ellis DeWald.
  • Garfield accused of eating an entire cheesecake, which he was framed by a baby wolf.
  • Leni Loud accused of stealing scarves, which she was framed by Ms. Carmichael's son.
  • Marc Anthony accused of eating Pussyfoot, which he was framed by Claude cat in "Feline Frame-Up".
  • Kyle Broflovski accused of spreading poop in the whole bathroom, which he was accidentally framed by Mr. Hankey.
  • Cadey Herone accused of writing mean things about other people in the "Burn Book", which she, along with Karen Smith and Gretchen Weiners were framed by Regina George
  • Wendy Testaburger accused of threatening to beat Eric Cartman up after school, even though Wendy tried to explain that Cartman said horrible comments about her presentation about Breast Cancer.
  • Butters Stotch accused of cussing at his parents on the phone, which he was framed by Eric Cartman.
  • Bart Simpson accused of a prank at the Easter Festival, which he was framed by Groundskeeper Willie who should be the one has fired. He was also accused of stealing the money from the church collection basket
  • Mike Banning accused of the attempted assassination of the President Trumbull and his betrayal, which he was framed Wade Jennings.
  • Danny Cat and his friends were accused of flooding the Mammoth Studios, when they were framed by Darla Dimple.
  • Green Lantern accused of destroying a planet, which he was framed by Kanjar Ro.
  • Rowf and Snitter are accused of carrying the bubonic plague after Digby Driver posted a news article about them contracting the plague during their escape from the A.R.S.E. laboratory.
  • George Beard and Harold Hutchins accused of committing crimes, which they were framed by their evil counterparts from an alternate universe.
  • Ahsoka Tano was accused of bombing the Jedi Temple, which she was framed by Barriss Offee.
  • Steven Kovacs accused of possession of stolen property, which he was actually framed by the Cable Guy.


(Judy Hopps: Mayor Lionheart, you have the right to remain silent. Anything... ) You don't understand. I was trying TO PROTECT THE CITY! (Judy Hopps, accuses Mayor Lionheart of caring for his job and nothing more: You were just trying to protect your job.) (Mayor Lionheart trying to warm Judy Hopps about predators becoming mysterious savage) No. Listen, we still don't know why this is happening. It could destroy Zootopia.
~ Mayor Lionheart accused of turning predators into savage and imprisoned them, which he was framed by Dawn Bellwether.
(Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! (louder) SpongeBob!) Yes, Mr. Krabs?! You called me? (Mr. Krabs: Can you step into the dining room for one moment, son?) (SpongeBob jumps out of the kitchen) Huah! Wha-wha-wha-wha-huah! Front and center, and ready for duty, sir! (Gasps as he sees the Bikini Bottom Police Sergeant with Ivy and his smashed-up mailbox) (Ivy: That's the man who smashed my mailbox, officer!) (Mr. Krabs: Well?) No, Mr. Krabs, I'd never do something like that! (Mr. Krabs: Of course you wouldn't! It's just this loser's word against yours, boy-o. They can't convict you for that.) Phew. (Evelyn: He ruined my fountain!) (Cara: Yeah, yeah! That's the guy!) (Bikini Bottom Police Sergeant: Mr. SquarePants, I'm afraid you're under arrest.) (Cuffs SpongeBob and drags him out of the restaurant) But—but, Mr. Krabs, I didn't do anything. I was framed! It wasn't me! (screams)
~ Spongebob Squarepants accused of the destruction it had caused to Bikini Bottom, which he was framed by Spongy Spongy.
(Reilly, giving Boog a furious glare: You! You did this!) (All the Woodland animals approach Boog with contempt.) What? What'd I do? (Reilly: You dragged us down to the hunting grounds!) (Maria: Yeah! Where are we gonna hide?!) (Serge: We're sitting ducks out here!) (Buddy: And it's open season!)
~ Boog accused of driving all of forest animals to the hunting grounds, which it's just an accident.
(Humpty Dumpty: OKay, I've got everything. We did it. Come on, let's go!) How could you do this to me?! (Humpty Dumpty: I did you a favor! We can finally get out of here!) This is the money of the people! This is all they have! (Puss in Boots get garbed by Comandante and he accidentally accidentally scratched on his face) (Comandante: You disgrace those boots!) Comandante, please, I can explain! (Comandante: Arrest them!)
~ Puss in Boots accused of stealing the money from the town's bank, which he was framed and betrayed by Humpty Dumpty.
(Moses' first attempt at convincing Rameses to free the Hebrews only results with Rameses doubling their workload and blaming Moses. Moses and Tzipporah walk several hard working slaves. An old man looks up and sees Moses.) (Old man: It's Moses.) (The old man throws a handful of mud at Moses. The mud hits Moses in the face and falls to the ground.) (Tzipporah: Moses!) (A crowd of angry Hebrews surround Moses. Aaron, Moses' older brother steps forward.) So, Moses, how does it feel when you get struck to the ground? (Moses: I didn't mean to cause you more pain. I'm just trying to do as God told me.) God? When did God start caring about any of us? In fact, Moses, when did you start caring about slaves? Was when you found out that you were one of us? (Tzipporah: Don't listen to him.) (Moses: No, he's right. I did not see because I did not wish to see.) Oh, you didn't see because you didn't wish to see. Ah! Well, that makes everything fine then, doesn't it? (Moses and Aaron's sister Miriam steps towards Aaron, unimpressed.) (Miriam: Aaron! You shame yourself.)
~ Aaron accuses Moses of caring about the Hebrew slaves only after learning that he was one of them.
(Mrs. Turner confiscates Timmy's magic TV remote as she believes that Timmy had defied her and gives it to Vicky to prevent Timmy from using it.) (Mrs. Turner: Here, Vicky. Take this. We're going to have a word with our irresponsible son.) (Vicky: Have a nice violent talk. (points at Timmy) I'll see you tommorrow.) (Vicky laughs wickedly and leaves.) Hey wait! That's my remote! (Timmy tries to stop Vicky, but an infuriated Mr. Turner catches him and furiously yells at him for his disobedience and his destructive behavior.) (Mr. Turner, extremely angry: Which you deliberately used to disobey us, and then you busted up the house and wrote that lie on the wall! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!) (Mr. Turner drops Timmy to the floor and Timmy gets up as he tries to prove his innocence by explaining to his parents that Vicky is the true culprit.) But...It's not my fault. It's Vicky's. She's evil. She's always being mean to me and always getting me into trouble. (Unfortunately, Mr. and Mrs. Turner still refused to listen to their son about Vicky.) (Mrs. Turner, sternly: Oh? Did she turn on your TV? Did she give you this bazooka?) (Mr. Turner, trying to use the rocket launcher to fire at Dinkleberg's house: Which I can't fire at the Dinkleberg's house because it's out of ammo?) Well, no. (Mr. Turner, angrily: Then why should we believe anything you say?) (Timmy becomes depressed as Mr. and Mrs. Turner once again don't believe their son with Timmy losing his parents' trust and Mr. and Mrs. Turner leave Timmy's destroyed bedroom in anger to go get more ammo for the rocket launcher.) (Mr. Turner, leaving Timmy's destroyed bedroom in anger with his wife: When I get back from the ammo store, YOU ARE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE, YOUNG MAN!) (Mr. Turner angrily leaves and Vicky takes her chance to humiliate Timmy.) (Vicky: Wow. I've never seen you so miserable. I should take another picture.) (Vicky takes a picture of Timmy being miserable after his enraged parents yelled at him and gives it to Timmy.) (Vicky: One for you and one for the internet.) (Vicky puts a bo-peep costume on Timmy and takes a picture of him and leaves.)
~ Timmy Turner accused of vandalizing the Turner family house, which he was framed by Vicky.
(Hogarth checks to see if the Giant is alright) (Hogarth Hughes: Hey, what's wrong? [the Giant thinks there is nothing wrong] As I was saying, TAKE THIS! [the Iron Giant uses his eye beam to fire while Hogarth uses his toy gun, but Dean saves Hogarth to prevent him from getting hurt] What happened? What was that for?) (Dean McCoppin: Sssh! Stay down and follow me. [Dean and Hogarth try to hide, but the Giant finds the two and Dean becomes angry] GET BACK! [the Giant didn't mean to hurt Hogarth and tries to help, but Dean won't let it happen] I SAID GET BACK! I MEAN IT!) No, stop why? (Hogarth Hughes: It was an accident. He's our friend.) (Dean McCoppin, sternly: He's a piece of hardware, Hogarth. Why do you think the army was here? He's a weapon. A big gun that walks!) I not gun. (Dean McCoppin: YEAH! WHAT'S THAT, HUH?! [points at the big hole the Giant's beam left on the school bus] YOU ALMOST DID THAT TO HOGARTH!!!) No. (He becomes sad and runs away) (Hogarth Hughes: Come back!) (Dean McCoppin: Hogarth. [tries to stop Hogarth] Hey stop!) (Hogarth refuses to listen and tries to find the Giant) (Hogarth Hughes: Giant, come back!) (Dean picks up Hogarth's toy gun) (Dean McCoppin: It was being defensive. He reacted to the gun.)
~ The Iron Giant accused of vaporizing Hogarth, which the Giant didn't mean to.
(Krusty takes off his coat, hangs it up and gets himself a drink and then sits on his chair. Suddenly Krusty hears a loud knock. The Springfield Police Department break into Krusty's house and tackle Krusty to the ground as an officer holds him at gunpoint.) Hey, hey, what's goin' on here? (Chief Clancy Wiggum: Krusty the Clown, you're under arrest for armed robbery. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say-- Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.) What is this, a joke?
~ Krusty the Clown accused of robbing the Kwik-E-Mart, which he was framed by Sideshow Bob.
(Danny and Dani leave to catch the third ghost clone by Vlad, leaving Sam and Tucker behind) (Both: Three. Two. One.) (Mr. Lancer barges in and sees the cafeteria trashed) (Mr. Lancer, shocked and angry: To Kill a Mockingbird People! Who started this?) (Dash points at Sam and Tucker.) (Both: We'll get the mop.)
~ Sam Manson and Tucker Foley accused of vandalizing the school cafeteria, which they were framed by the third ghost clone and Dash Baxter.
(Sarabi: It's not true. Tell me it's not true.) It's true. (Scar: You see, He admits it! Murderer!) No. It was an accident. (Scar: If it weren't for you, Mufasa would still be alive. It's your fault he's dead; do you deny it?) No. (Scar: Then... you're... guilty.) No. I'm not a murderer. (Scar: Oh, Simba, you're in trouble again. But this time, Daddy isn't here to save you. And now EVERYONE.. KNOWS... WHY!)
~ Simba accused of the responsible behind the murder of his father Mufasa during the final climax, which he was framed by Scar.
(Max and Duke arrive at a yellow house where Duke used to live.) (Duke: There it is!) Well, go on up. Go scratch at that door. (With a hesitant expression, Duke starts up the driveway) (Duke: Remember that sausage factory? That was fun, huh?) Are you stalling? (Duke: No! Why do ya think that? Let's have a long talk of why you think I'm stalling?) Duke, you have nothing to be nervous about. Your owner's gonna be thrilled to see you. (Duke glances off) (Duke: Okay. (he slowly walks towards the house) Huh. That car is new.) (As Duke lumbers by the porch, a cat pops out of a pot and hisses at the dogs) (Reginald: Can I help you?) (Duke: No, we're good. Thanks.) (Reginald: You're not good. You look dirty. And I'm gonna have to ask you to get off my lawn before I get...what you have.) (Duke: This is MY lawn.) (Max gets the feeling that something doesn't seem right) Duke, maybe we should go. (Duke: And why would Fred get a cat? He hates cats! That's one of the things I love about him!) (Reginald: Fred? The old guy? He, um...He died.) (Max and Duke stare in shock) Duke, maybe I made a mistake saying we should come here! Let's go. (Ignoring Max, Duke angrily turns back to Reginald) (Duke: You're a liar! Max, cats lie all the time. Don't fall for it.) (Duke spots a blue SUV pulling into the driveway and a family gets out) (Duke: Who are they? Hey! This is my home! GO AWAY!) (Duke barks fiercely at the family, who scatter back into the car. The father dials a phone call) Duke, it's time to go! (Duke continues to bark and snarl at the family.) Duke, let's go! C'mon! This isn't your home anymore! (Duke: Why did you bring me here, Max?!) Wait a minute. This is my fault? You know, I was trying to help you! (Duke: You were trying to get rid of me!) (Max scowls) Y'know what, Duke? I don't need this. (Max turns to leave) I'll see you later.
~ Max was accused by Duke of trying to get rid of him again, when he was only trying to reunite Duke with his previous owner with no ill intention, only to learn he died and a new family has moved into his house.
(Commissioner Gordon opens the door and is surprised that Gil Mason had come to visit.) Mr. Mason! You must be psychic, we were just talking about you! Come in! Come in! (Gil goes inside and takes his fedora off.) (Barbara Gordon: Hey Gil, what's doing?) Another tip on a case? (Gil Mason: Believe me Jim, I don't wanna be here. But I thought it would be best coming from me.) (Gordon becomes shocked.) What is it, what's wrong? (Gil begins to arrest Gordon.) (Gil Mason: James Gordon, I have a warrant for your arrest.) (Gordon takes the warrant, and believes it is some kind of joke.) He, this is a joke, right? (Barbara Gordon: On what charges?) (Gil Mason: Accepting bribes.) (Gordon becomes shocked.) You can't be serious! (The police arrest Gordon.) (Gil Mason: The department has reason to believe that you've been taking money from Rupert Thorne. For years.) (Barbara Gordon, shocked: What? Dad's never taken a bribe in his life!) (Gil Mason: I'm sorry, Barb. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say...) I know my rights, Gil. (The police take Gordon to prison as they escort him to the police car.) (Barbara Gordon: Dad!) (Gil puts his fedora back on.) Don't worry, Barbara. It's all a mistake. You'll see. (Reporters: Commissioner, do you have a statement? What about....) (Gil Mason: I'm sorry, Barbara. I really am.) (Barbara backs away and Gil leaves.) (Reporters: Commissioner! Just a statement! What about these corruption charges? Are they true? Please.) (The police take Gordon away as Barbara becomes shocked and horrified about it. Suddenly, reporters flash cameras at her.) (Reporters: Ms. Gordon....) (Barbara goes back inside and slams the door.)
~ Commissioner Gordon accused of stealing the money and taking bribes from the warehouse, which he was framed by Rupert Thorne and Gil Mason.
(Drew and Charlotte are driving by Stu's house where they see the commotion.) (Charlotte Pickles: Hold on, Jonathan. There's an alarming crowd at my in-law's indicating either a yard sale or a family tragedy. Let me get back to you.) (Drew and Charlotte stop the car and get out as Rex asks him.) (Rex Pester: Hey, Mr. Pickles, how does it feel knowing your brother lost your only daughter?) (Drew gets mad.) (Drew Pickles, enraged: HE WHAT?!) (Rex Pester: Share your pain.) (Drew's face turns red as he furiously lunges at Stu and fights him.) YOU'RE BREAKING MY ARM! (Drew Pickles: ONLY CAUSE I CAN'T REACH YOUR NECK!) (Didi, Charlotte, Chaz, Howard, Betty and the other adults try to break up the fight, Rex goes back to his camera to explain the missing kids.) (Rex Pester: And there you have it. 2 sour Pickles and: young Tammy, baby Dale, the twins Bill and Jill, little Chunky, and poor Amelia, all vanished without a trace. I'm Rex Pester, and I'll be back with more "Big Action News"!)
~ Stu Pickles accused of losing Angelica, which he was framed by Rex Pester.
(Woody gets out of the display glass and confronts Jessie for turning on the TV.) (Woody, furious: What is your problem? Look, I'm sorry I can't help you guys out. Really, I am. But you didn't have to go and pull a stunt like that.) What, you think I did that? (Woody: Oh, right, right. Yeah, the TV just happened to turn on, and the remote magically ended up in front of you.) You callin' me a liar?! (Woody: Well, if the boot fits.) Say that again. (Woody, sternly: If the boo-T fits.) Okay, cowboy. (Bullseye hides in a jar and Jessie tackles Woody and begins to fight him and Bullseye watches in fear.) YAAAH!! How do ya like that?! Take it back! TAKE IT BACK! (Jessie pulls Woody.) (Woody: Don't think just 'cause you're a girl! I'm gonna take it easy on ya! Yaaah!) (Stinky Pete breaks up the fight.) (Stinky Pete: Jessie, Woody, you stop this at once! I don't know how that television turned on, but fighting about it isn't helping anything.) (Woody: If I had both my arms.) (Stinky Pete: Well, the fact is, you don't, Woody. So I suggest you just wait until morning. The cleaner will come, fix your arm.) (Woody: And then I'm outta here! [Bullseye becomes afraid.] Oh, no, no. Bullseye. Don't take it that way. It's just that Andy.) (Jessie leaves with Bullseye in disgust.) Andy, Andy, Andy. That's all he ever talks about. (Woody becomes depressed.)
~ Jessie was accused by Woody for turning on the TV which sabotages his escape and his chance to get his arm back, which she was framed by the Prospector.
(FBI Agent 1: Excuse us.) (FBI Agent 2: We didn't mean to interrupt your money fight.) (Drake and Josh stop fighting with their money.) (FBI Agent 1: But, a friend of ours told us that you were selling Gary Coleman grills.) (Josh Nichols: Your friend is wise.) (Drake Parker: So, how many you want?) (FBI Agent 2: Well, tell you what.) (FBI Agent 1: We'll take them all.) (Drake Parker, confused: You want all of them?) (The FBI Agents pull out their badges.) (FBI Agent 1: That's right.) (Josh Nichols: Sorry, we only accept cash.) (FBI Agent 2: These are badges.) (Drake and Josh become confused.) (Drake Parker: Dude, cash only.) (FBI Agent 2: I don't think you understand.) (The FBI Agents begin to arrest Drake and Josh for selling stolen products.) (FBI Agent 1: Drake Parker and Josh Nichols?) (Drake Parker: Yes?) (Josh Nichols: Yeah?) (FBI Agent 1: Your under arrest, possession in sale of stolen property.) (Drake and Josh become shocked.) (Drake Parker, shocked: Stolen, the grills?) (FBI Agent 2: That's right.) (Josh Nichols: But, we were just selling them by these two guys.) (Drake Parker: Yeah, we didn't know they were stolen.) (FBI Agent 1: Right.) (Despite Drake and Josh confessing that they didn't know the grills were stolen, the FBI arrests them anyway as they handcuff them.) (FBI Agent 2: Sure, come with us, please.) (The FBI handcuff the boys.) (Josh Nichols, nervous: Drake?) (Drake Parker: Yeah?) (Josh Nichols: I've read about prison.) (Drake Parker: And?) (Josh Nichols: It ain't fun.) (The FBI take Drake and Josh away to jail.)
~ Drake Parker and Josh Nichols accused of selling the stolen Gary Coleman grills by the FBI, which the boys were unaware of.
(Dorian's thugs drop Stanley onto Lt. Kellaway and Detective Doyle runs up to Kellaway.) (Lt. Mitch Kellaway: God, get him off of me!) (Doyle moves Stanley away from Kellaway and Kellaway removes the duck tape off his mouth.) (Lt. Mitch Kellaway: Ipkiss!) (Stanley becomes confused and nervous.) Wait, I can explain everything! (Kellaway pulls out a rubber green mask from Stanley's jacket as he and Doyle believe that Stanley is the culprit they've been looking for.) (Lt. Mitch Kellaway: Oh yeah, you can explain everything? [shows Stanley the rubber green mask] Explain this! [Before Stanley can try to prove his innocence, Kellaway and Doyle grab Stanley to jail.] Get him up! Come on, let's go. I got a cell for you, pal!) (The prison guards escorts Stanley to his cell and lock him up there as Stanley begins to suffer depression.)
~ Stanley Ipkiss has been accused of stealing the money from the Edge City Bank, for which he was framed by Dorian Tyrell and his henchmen.
(Steven is in an important presentation.) (Ray: Stevie, you did it, man. You put our cajones on the table and you slam-dunked it.) (Steven gives a thumbs up.) Way to go.) (Ray: Now they'll probably give him my job. On to the next order of business.) (Steven's co-worker interrupts the presentation.) (Steven's co-worker: Steven, I need to talk to you.) (Steven tells his co-worker to not interrupt the presentation.) (Ray: We have to find an architect.) (Steven's co-worker goes to Steven.) (Steven's co-worker: I really need to talk to you.) It shall wait. (To make matters worse, the police arrive to arrest Steven.) (Police Officer 1: Is there a Steven Kovacs in here?) Uh, yeah. I'm Steven Kovacs here, what's the problem? (The police begin to arrest Steven.) (Police Officer 1: You're under arrest, son.) (Ray: What did he do?) (Police Officer 1: For receiving stolen property.) (Steven becomes shocked.) What? I don't know anything about this. (The police hold Steven at gunpoint as they handcuff him.) Wait a minute I- (The police cut him off.) (Police Officer 1: Do not speak until spoken to.) (Police Officer 2: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, maybe against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, do you understand?) I didn't accept any stolen goods. (Cable Guy (echoing): Deluxe Karaoke Machine, Big Screen TV, Cream in his pants.) (The police take Steven away.)
~ Steven Kovacs has been accused for possession of stolen property, for which he was framed by the Cable Guy.
(Cartman leaves Butters' house, but he brings a deck chair with popcorn and a soda and sets it up on Butters' front yard. Then two cars pull up as Butters' infuriated parents storm into their house as they confront Butters for what he did.) Hi, Mom and Dad! (Stephen Stotch, furious: DON'T YOU "HI, MOM AND DAD!" US, YOU LITTLE PUNK!!!) (Stephen begins to punch Butters.) Ow! Dad? (Linda Stotch, extremely angry: YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE TROUBLE YOU'RE IN, MISTER!) (Linda punches Butters.) Ah! What did I do?! What did I do?! (Stephen Stotch, angrily: YOU THINK YOU'RE TOUGH NOW?! ANSWER ME!!!) (A belt is heard as Butters is being brutally attacked by his enraged parents.) Aaaa!! (Eric Cartman: Aw, man, if I was older, I would totally start jacking off right now.)
~ Butters Stotch is accused for cussing at his parents on the phone, which he was framed by Eric Cartman.
(Principal Wartz confronts Arnold in his office.) But Principal Wartz, I told you, I didn't do anything! (Principal Wartz: Well that maybe, but you saw the hooligans who did do it.) Yeah? (Principal Wartz: Ah-ha! Now were getting somewhere! Just give me their names: last name, first name.) I can't do that. (Principal Wartz, sternly: This isn't a joke, young man. You think exposing portions of your anatomy to your school principal is funny?) Well, I guess it depends. (Principal Wartz: Depends on what?) The situation. (Principal Wartz gets mad.) (Principal Wartz, angrily: Mooning is not funny! It's not a game! You may think it's a harmless school yard prank, but let me assure you: it is NOT! Someone could put an eye out!) Because of mooning? (Principal Wartz: I'll ask the questions here. Now for the last time, you tell me the names of the boys who exposed themselves.) (Arnold becomes shocked.) I can't do that Principal Wartz. (Principal Wartz: Of course you can. It's easy.) If I told you, then I'd be ratting out on the guys. And I can't do that. (Principal Wartz has no choice but to give Arnold detention.) (Principal Wartz: I'm assigning you detention.) Detention? But why? (Principal Wartz: Failure to cooperate. I want to see you every day after school in my office for the next four weeks.) Four weeks? But I- (Principal Wartz, cutting him off: That is all. [begins to call someone on the phone] Now what's the name of our art teacher? Ms. Flunt, yes. Ask her to come in here please, would you? And tell her to bring her sketchpad.)
~ Arnold Shortman is accused for mooning Principal Wartz, which he was accidently framed by Harold, Stinky and Sid.
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