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A Certain High School is an unnamed high school and is a school located in Academy City. It is the high school that Touma Kamijou is enrolled in and is currently a student at. It is a major key location in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series as many of the major characters are affiliated with the school.



The school looks like a typical Japanese high school with one large main building that is multiple stories high and has several other buildings surrounding it. Inside there are lockers for the students, a cafeteria, a faculty room, and an auditorium. The school also contains a parking lot for the staff and the roof is open and accesable to students during any time of day.

Outside there are many spots for students to eat at during lunch with one notably being close to a pond. There are many courts outside as well including one for tennis, a swimming pool on the right side of the school, and a semicirlce sports court on the left side of the school. In the light novels, Touma describes the school as having a new building on the front and an old building on the back.


Male students wear a white shirt and dark blue pants during the summer time as their standard uniform. Once the fall comes, then male students wear dark blue pants and a dark blue jacket. Female students typically where a white shirt with a ribbon on top and a dark colored skirt. Students can add other features to their uniforms like Motoharu Tsuchimikado does with gold chains.

Notable MembersEdit


  • Touma Kamijou - Class 7 Student
  • Motoharu Tsuchimikado - Class 7 Student
  • Pierce Aogami - Class 7 Student & Representative
  • Aisa Himegami - Class 7 Student
  • Seiri Fukiyose - Class 7 Student & Self-acting Representative
  • Headband Girl - Class 7 Student
  • Spikey-Haired Girl - Class 7 Student
  • Seria Kumokawa - Unknown Class Student
  • Numerous unnamed students

Teachers & StaffEdit

  • Aiho Yomikawa - Gym Teacher
  • Komo Tsukuyomi - Class 7 Teacher
  • Suama Oyafune - Math Teacher
  • Saigo - Student Counselor
  • Numerous unnamed teachers



  • In Volume 12, it is implied that originally Accelerator was to be transfered over to Yomikawa's class but following the Invasion of Academy City and becoming a member of GROUP, he was instead sent to Nagatenjouki Academy.
  • In New Testament Volume 5, it's implied that Mikoto Misaka wishes to take the enterance exam into the school (most likely for her hidden crush on Touma)
  • A Certain High School is similiar to Tokiwadai Middle School in that they are both key locations and many of the main characters are students of the school.